Practical, Simple, Cost Effective Wedding Decoration Ideas

You want to add a special touch to your wedding ceremony or reception but don't have the budget to splurge on hiring a wedding planner or any expensive decorators. Here are some of the things you could do. Sometimes placing a tree with hanging pomanders like the one below is all you need. It is big enough to demand attention, it functions as decoration, wishing tree for your guests to leave their well wishes and a great backdrop for photography. How to make pomanders - DIY Instructions here.

decorated with glass lantern wishing tree
Huge tree with pomanders
big tree nature
Pomanders for outdoor wedding

With enough planning, you can have both beauty and practicality at the same time. Desserts such as cup cakes, biscotti, fondue fountain, lollies, puffs can be an eye candy too. Try thinking about the theme color to make the dessert spread more presentable. Just remember to make sure that if the containers have covers, they are easy to open. Nicely wrapped or labelled wedding favors can be arranged creatively; in a wooden bowl/ boxes with dried flowers for a rustic feel, display like a gourmet stall, on trays of different heights etc.

cup cake, pastries, rustic box
Desserts are practical form of decor. Wooden boxes give it a rustic feel. Prepare serving trays with different heights.
black ribbon choc spread
Chocolate fondue and arrangement of brown-color themed wedding favors

lemon drink, caramel popcorn
Both the lemonade and popcorn treat blend in perfectly

kuih candies cakes
Yellow dessert table decorated with balloons

Here are some photobooth backdrop ideas. Growing up in a multicultural community I am sure you have seen the pelamin (Malay weddings) or a mandap (for Indian weddings) where the bride and groom sit on a couch or chair during the wedding ceremony. Now how about using this concept for your photo-booth decor. A white couch embellished with drapes, paper wheels, flower garland, ribbon... it'll look stunning.

hanging paper fan curtain
Pelamin style photobooth
rustic suitcase, used frames photos
Start collecting antiques from your parents or grand parents for this vintage photobooth - bicycle, suit case, photo frame...
faded chair, table with spread legs
Get hold of any collectibles, old and rusty also can!


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Talented Wedding Photographer - SimplyBenji Photography

Inspired by fashion-based photography, Benji uses the contemporary photography approach to produce images that are creative with an artistic touch. You will love the color correlation. Fashion photography is the visual narrative of beauty and creativity. Hence having the props, clothes and theme well thought of before the shoot will definitely help. In the examples below; you can see classy shots with stylish attire, hair, makeup and matching background. Very original and spontaneous result for the Casual Fun Theme.  

Benji is constantly innovating his techniques to help turn your visualized ideas into the image of your dreams. His shots are well coordinated. I think the background color combined with the colors of the couples' clothes plus the right positioning created a tasteful picture. For an effective result, he builds the composition that brings out a personal message.

It will be more memorable to have a collection of crazy, journalistic, creative photos. Benji captures candid moments naturally. There are no rules as to how to pose, be spontaneous and you will be surprised with the outcome.

sitting on the window pane
Classy shots with stylish attire, hair, makeup and matching background
The mood of happiness and love.
Full view of the grand ballroom captured stylishly.
hugging on the grass
Just be spontaneous

black ring box display
Creative image with an artistic touch

pose like a male model
Love the color correlation
you are right my wife
Fun and casual shot

lets sign the papers
A well planned composition

blue bow tie ribbon toy

looking at the blissful couple kiss

bride groom holding hand mr mrs
Contemporary photography - creativity and beauty

sitting on red stool makeup
A wedding day as it unfolds

Sep 2014
Gorgeous pics and photo montage, SimplyBenji Photography! Thank you for capturing those beautiful moments. There were a lot of effort that went behind the scene, but you made the photos looked so effortless.
Jul 2014
Dear Ben, My husband and I would like to convey our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for a job well done. We are extremely glad for all the photos. Since the first day we met, everything has been pleasant and accommodating. Thank you so much for coming all the way from Kepong to Dangi for the wedding shoot. You are the most humble and kindest photographer I have came across. You truly captured all the beautiful moments on our big day that we will treasure for the rest of our life. It is extremely beautiful, we loved it very much. Thank you once again for making the most important day in our live, exceptionally beautiful. We are looking forward for family portrait in future, I'm sure it will be amazing.

SimplyBenji Photography
FB Page:
Add: Putra Heights, Subang Jaya
Tel: 016-338 0208

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Strive For the Best Shot | Benson Yin Photography

The images produced by a photographer are evidence of his/ her dedication towards a photography assignment. Benson Yin would spend the time and effort in creating the best circumstances for the perfect shot. A stunning picture with the right color stands out immediately. This takes a creative eye and lots of patience waiting for the right moment, which cannot be created using a photo editor, at least naturally. I think he is sensitive to the color and condition change in nature; hence the beautiful outdoor scenes.

A member of the Official WPPI (Wedding&Portrait Photographers International) and SWPP (Society of Wedding Portrait Photographers), United Kingdom, Benson is recognized for his Signature style: Fine Art HDR and Vintage Faded. On top of that he was awarded the Bronze Award - for the People& Portrait Category (International Loupe Award 2012).

wife hugging hubby in the woods
The right time of the season, the right moment
wait for goats to gather
Benson strives for the best shot
japan wodden house bridge
This image is more fantastic with the sun setting at the back
kiss almost purple flowers
vintage fine art image
Benson's Signature style: Fine Art HDR and Vintage Faded
eiffel tower paris kiss bride

Taking wedding photos is a great passion and something Benson enjoys doing. He believes that precious moments are priceless. They need to be captured correctly. You know what's going on in the photos he captures because they tell a story - of love, promise, passion and joy. An experienced wedding actual day photographer, Benson had photographed beautiful garden, beach, traditional, church weddings, etc locally and overseas.

cheering the couple yeh
getting ready to toss bride in red
crying bride
cartier big diamond
thick eye lashes looking down

Don't miss the chance of catching the gorgeous autumn leaves scenes in Kyoto, Japan. In preparing for winter, trees begin to change to yellow and orange colors as the green fades away. So we can enjoy the beautiful colors of autumn leaves. Join Benson Yin Photography for the upcoming Kyoto Pre-Wedding Photography Session. You can also get to experience and take photos at the Japanese temples, shrines, gardens, geisha tradition, shops, restaurants and festivals.

For details of the package click here: Kyoto Autumn Pre-wedding (Nov23- Dec1 2015)

kyoto autumn love pre-wedding benson yin

May 2014
Pre-wedding decided at Colmar Tropicale mainly due to the cooler weather and shorter transport time compared to Aust, Europe etc. Photographer is Benson Yin at extremely good rates.
Dec 2013
Good wedding photographer. Used him for my wedding. Reasonably priced and good work ethic.

Benson Yin Photography

getting ready to shoot shoot shoot

Facebook Page:
Tel: +6012-222 2519
Rates: starts from RM3xxx for pre-wedding, actual day 3xxx (photo+video)

Photography Services: Actual day wedding (garden, beach, traditional, church wedding, etc.), local and overseas pre-wedding, family, newborn/ maternity and corporate events.

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Photography at Marina Bay Singapore

Singapore's Marina Bay is a popular choice of location for pre-wedding photography. The Waterfront Promenade forms part of the 11.7km waterfront route around Marina Reservoir, linking Gardens by the Bay, Marina Barrage and the new Sports Hub. You can also photograph along the lower-level timber boardwalk, right down to the water's edge. Everything is very well connected.

Design guidelines for Marina Bay have required a variety of development intensities and building heights for the area, especially along the waterfront where developments are being kept low. This safeguards views to and from individual buildings, enhances their attractiveness and creates a pleasant and aesthetic skyline for the district.

Tower locations in Marina Bay are also orchestrated to create space and breathtaking vistas towards the waterfront and major open spaces. By night, the skyline will glow and sparkle with beautifully-lit building crowns and facades to create memorable night scenes.

Further along, Marina Boulevard is a tropical walk with flowering shrubs and shade trees. Here, you can pause at a Breeze Shelter from where you can capture the view from a cool and breezy rest point. At night, the promenade is lit with attractive night lighting.

birds eye view of helix, garden, promonade

dense high rise bay architecture
marina promenade at night
Photo: Edwin Tan Armadale. Timber boardwalk at Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade

3 buildings hotel yellow lights
Marina Bay Sands

posing artistic singapore
ArtScience Museum

At the other end, there is The Helix pedestrian bridge from Bayfront to Marina Centre. The double-helix structure resembles the structure of DNA, the basic building block of life, symbolising 'life and continuity', 'renewal', 'everlasting abundance' and 'growth', very auspicious for the happy wedding occasion.

Next to The Helix, Singapore's first art park, the Youth Olympic Park which comes alive with coloured LED (Light-Emitting Diode) lights at night, accentuating the various contemporary structures and installations against the lighted Singapore city skyline, making this park a visual treat for photography.  

sign of life renewal auspicious LED
Photo: Noel Salazar. The Helix @ Marina Bay

As a waterfront ‘Garden City by the Bay', Marina Bay enhances the image of Singapore as a garden city.  Bay South — the largest waterfront garden — is where you’ll find the futuristic-looking Supertrees, vertical gardens measuring up to 16 storeys that add a surprising and surreal feel to the landscape.

garden city by the bay wedding shoot
Photo: Edwin Tan Photography. Supertrees at Garden City by the Bay
have to pay entrance fee
Cloud Forest in Garden City

Marina Bay
Add: 45 Maxwell Road, The URA Centre, Singapore 069118
Tel: +65 63293535
Fax: +65 62203201

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Culinary Capers | Delivery, Catering, Classes, Healthy Food

Culinary Capers' aim is to teach you how to maintain a healthy weight, look and feel better, reduce stress & suffering; have more energy, nourish your spirit and basically to help you to become a more holistic and happier human being by means of FOOD. They keep food as natural as possible by deliberately avoiding complicated food preparation - the only way to maintain freshness of a dish. All kinds of vegetables, grains, nuts, and pulses are readily available, means more innovative cooking methods.

They provide cooking classes, workshop, wellness programs, culinary tours, delivery, catering services. Cheerful Geeta Jayabalan, owner of Culinary Capers has a great passion for healthy living. Her creations, primarily of Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Northern Indian food are very delicious and at the same time wholesome.

purple and green dip with chips
Beetroot and yoghurt dip

yummy and health conscious
Left: Mesclun Greens with Gingerflower, Mint & Peanuts served with Thai dressing
Right: Muhammara (Roasted Red pepper Spread with Crispy Lavash Bread)

cabbage lettuce corn roll
Assorted vegetarian wraps

quinoa salad grains
Left: Spicy yoghurt fish & long grained basmathi rice layered & steamed to perfection in the "dum" style in an authentic Indian Thandhi
Right: Quinoa, Sprouted Grains & Mixed Veg Salad

banana leaft gives it the fragrance
theyumlist. Steamed Fish in Coriander Paste wrapped in a banana leaf and Basmathi Spinach & Spring Onion Rice.
tofu pesto mix
Cold Soba Salad with Edamame Pesto

Nov 2012
Catering, cooking classes, bazaars, personal chef, wellness programs, culinary tours and small events are all organized by the bright and cheerful Geeta Jayabalan, owner and originator of Culinary Capers. Having a passion for healthy living, this theme of wholesomeness is infused through all of her tasty creations. Although her menu is ever expanding, and draws on a variety of sources, a combination of Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Northern Indian food are her primary inspirations. We savoured a number of Culinary Capers’ signature dishes. It’s no secret that I could make a meal out of dips, breads and red wine so the five nourishing blends sampled could easily have me contented for an entire meal. One of the benefits of healthy eating is that high fibre dishes fill you for a longer period so you’re not likely to overindulge.
Reason to order:  Delicious healthy food at reasonable prices. Excellent choice for catering small events. Convenient delivery to your home or personal chef in your kitchen.  Muhammara (roasted red pepper dip) with feta topped Khoubiz, Wheat Berry Salad, Quinoa Salad, Cold Quinoa Salad.

Culinary Capers

culinary capers chef
FB Page:
Tel: 03-2093 5789 / 2092 5985 (Nora), 012-218 6656 (Geeta)

During Office Hours : (9am – 6pm ) to place your orders.

Please also have the following information at hand when you place your orders :
- the description of the items selected
- the quantity you require ( if you are not sure inform them the no of pax & they will advise accordingly )
- Date you want to take delivery. Orders must be a minimum of RM100.

Collection will be at: No 5 Jalan Tunku Putra, Off Jalan Duta 50480 KL (near the old Indian High Commission). If you really cannot pick up they will do delivery but there will be an extra charge depending on the area. All food is 100% halal.

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Hikaru Entertainment

With over 10 years of experience and nearly a thousand wedding performances, Hikaru Entertainment has become a strong force in Malaysian music industry and is growing. I think the band is unique in an elegant way. The playing of violin provides you the wonderful string sound which creates a nice, classy atmosphere for your celebration. On top of that they take each show seriously in terms of style, outfit, their spirited singing and playing of musical instruments. They have an extremely versatile and varied repertoire list which include sentimental love songs, also uptempo groovy numbers, top 40 club hits, jazzy classic tunes and even ethnic songs in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, Malay, Korean, Japanese, Indian, and even some Latin and French songs.

Hikaru Live Band creates a classy atmosphere with their performance

hikaru band grand

Let Hikaru's Shanghai Jazz Band take you back in time to the golden era of Shanghai elegance with nostalgic Chinese tunes from yesteryears. Wearing glamorous attire fit for the grandest occasion, the band brings life to the classic songs by giving them a fun and flirtatious interpretation. I guess this is the reason why the Shanghai Jazz Band is constantly in demand.

with mink coat glamour dress and hat
The popular Shanghai Jazz Band

Hikaru Entertainment is there to dazzle with their versatility in carrying different themes such as Broadway, Masquerade, Beach and Retro, they have String Quartet as well. Each thematic performance the band conveys has very unique look and feel, selection of repertoire that matches the mood of the wedding event. This is what creates the 'wow' factor. Guests will be impressed when they see something fresh or outstanding. 

magician hat black white patterns dress
Creates the WOW factor

Oct 2012
Through out the years of my wedding photography assignment, I've the honor to work with many live band performers. I believe all of them are good performers as I can see most guests enjoyed their performance during the event, be it luncheon or banquet. However, as for myself, I found the voice of a performer, Ching from HIKARU entertainment is really amazing, perhaps I should say it's very attractive to me.
I met her in one of my wedding photography assignment in July 2012, I love listening to every song she sang, which made me enjoy of my shooting even more during the entire function.
If you are looking for great voice, great music for your event or function, I think HIKARU Entertainment is a good choice, remember to request for Ching to be one of the singer :)

Hikaru Entertainment

lovely band costume dress up

FB Page: 
Add: 1-2, Jalan PJS 8/11, Dataran Mentari, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor D.E.
Tel: +6017-237 7033 (Ms. Ching), +6012-348 1635 (Grace)

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