Bora Ombak Wedding @ Ampang

This award winning Balinese Themed Restaurant has the tranquility and ambiance best for a romantic garden wedding. The couple's grand entrance will be accompanied by attendants in traditional Balinese attire. You can choose the venue of the gorgeous outdoor garden setting or the indoor which is air conditioned and can be decorated according to the theme of the day. The food they serve is superb. The concerns as pointed out by a guest to the wedding reception held there were the not so well-trained staffs and the sub-standard food presentation.
Jan 2013

wedding at night outdoor
wedding theme fairy tale
The stage can be decorated to match your wedding theme
facing the guests

fresh air
Nice garden wedding
modern venue for small wedding
A contemporary wedding venue with Balinese flavor

Feb 2012
Wedding at Bora Ombak
Music Video by Momenthis Production
Feb 2013

wear maroon wedding attire to contrast
in elevated trays
for the arrival of wedding entourage
comfortable indoor wedding
Indoor air-conditioned wedding setting

balinese costume grand entrance
The grand march-in is accompanied by attendants dressed in traditional Balinese costume

Jun 2013
i attend a funtion in bora ombak like 2 weeks ago, a wedding funtion at night time, the staff is not well educated n well train, the food prezantation is not up to a standard for a place that clasified as 5 star restaurant to some people, the food is cool, the rendang doesnt look like rendang but more like a messy serunding where by you cant see a cube of beef like normal rendang, there is no desert accept for fruit, not coffe n tea, accept teh tarik in plastic container... after heard tht my frenz spend like rm 55 plus2, is really expensive with the service tht they provided, u can hv a better place n a better quality somewhere else...

Jan 2013
first impression is.. "woahhh, Bamboo". lol... it's best scenery for hangging out. i went to this place for my best friend wedding, it suppose to held outdoor, but poor weather condition makes the whole plan became indoor wedding, but it still fantastic, they organize the whole wedding became a good capture memories. thumbs up for bora ombak.
May 2011
Kenduri yang kedua pulak dekat Bora Ombak,Ampang. Selalu dengar orang duk sebut-sebut Bora Ombak, Bora Ombak. Apa ada dengan Bora Ombak tu kan?????? Ngeh, semalam dapat dah sampai kat Bora Ombak tu. Habis satu Bora Ombak tu kena reserved sebab kenduri Kak Nurza. Makanan dia, terbaikkk. Memang sedap lauk-lauk untuk nasi minyak dia. So,sesiapa yang ada duit lebih-lebih sampai melimpah ruah tu, boleh lah buat kenduri kawin kat Bora Ombak.
Nov 2010
been there for one of malaysia celebrity's wedding..Food was great, n d place like been in garden wedding..nice atmosphere..

Bora Ombak Cafe + Wedding

FB Page:
Add: G1 Persiaran Mamanda 1, Ampang Point, 68000 Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-4251 6303
Tue - Sun: 5:00 pm - 12:00 am

Seating Capacity: 450 pax

Wedding Packages 2014:

RM19++ per pax

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