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top live band The raw note

Many readers have asked my recommendation for a good wedding live band. I must say I am amazed by The Raw Note's in-tune singing. Each of their vocalist sings at the right pitch in a unique musical style and technique. It does not come as a surprise because the vocalists are professional singers who have produced their own albums.

Watching the band perform live at the Setia City Convention Centre was a great experience. I could feel the strong emotions this talented live band created that brought so much enjoyment to the crowd. My husband praised the band's immaculate singing skill when he first heard them played from outside, even before entering the wedding reception ballroom. While the pronunciation of some English words may not be perfect, Si Hui who was the female vocalist has the stage presence to pull off every song with her charisma and good singing. She was also the emcee for the night. Appeared poised and confident, she definitely knew what was going on. Si Hui did a good job at keeping the crowd informed about the ceremony, she made sure there was interaction to retain their focus.

We particularly adore the keyboardist cum singer, Chris. His singing was effortless yet rich with very accurate pitch control. The guitarist Joel was really good. His mastery of bluesy jazz riffs make for easy and comfortable listening. Perfect for wedding events. I am no great musician, however from the response of the guests; the big applause and engagement, you know that this is the wedding live band to go to.

chris has a great voice
Watching The Raw Note Entertainment performed at Setia City Convention Centre was a great experience
raw note band
Female Vocalist cum emcee: Si Hui in a 4 piece band

 The band's live performance

shah alam
Setia City Convention Centre Hall has a great ambiance with ample space for a live band

Dynamic intonation by Vocalist: Debbie

Accurate pitch control, rich vocal and Keyboard performance by Chris
Cover of Jacky Cheung's 妳的名字我的姓氏 (Your First Name my Last Name)

Vocalist: June - 4 piece band

Sassy Vocalist: Jyin - 3 piece band

For something different, get the Raw Note Entertainment's very reasonably priced package which includes a live band, an emcee and a magician to amuse your guests with some fun tricks and illusions before and during the wedding reception. It is not over-the-top extravagant performance but sufficiently entertaining to hold the audience's attention.


all black event

I have done some research about the Raw Note and found very pleasant reviews about this wedding entertainment service provider. The most consistent feedback is about the versatility of their vocalists line-up. Take a listen carefully to the videos I have posted on this blog entry and it will be known to you what the others have been talking about. They have more talented front-liners with a big range of vocal flexibility and ability compared to other bands. Together with top-notch customer service, professionalism, spontaneity to adapt and an affordable price, The Raw Note Entertainment is definitely worth your consideration.

Aug 2013
We really love the versatility of what their vocalists’ voices can do! From the latest radio hits, nostalgic oldies, swingin’ jazz numbers, groovy RnB songs, and all-time popular rock songs, they are able to present them at the best you could expect. They have more than 8 talented front-lines with different type of voice ability for you to choose from, and they definitely have all the top musicians from the scene as their back-lines! One thing that is really convincing is their affordable price where professional, polite and patient customer servicing attitude comes along together. That really makes the whole package worth more than it! We were actually kinda worried about the music volume (as some of us will think that having a band playing on the stage while having dinner will be quite noisy and annoying) but we were surprised that they actually adjusted the volume of the whole performance to a very ear-friendly level where we can hear every bit clearly and still be able to talk without yelling at each other! After the whole dinner, Joanna’s guests claimed that they were really impressed with The Raw Note’s performance!
Nov 2012
THE RAW NOTE is possibly the most versatile live band I've seen and heard. They can sing in any languages (english, cantonese and mandarin). I would call them if I have guests from varied background.

The Raw Note Entertainment

most versatile band

FB Page:
Tel: 016-207 0957
Contact Person: Janice
Rates: from RM3xxx

Other services: Sound system rental, emcees, dancers, magicians and clowns.

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