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Choosing the right photographer for your wedding cannot be taken lightly. Wedding photos are investments you deserve and a very important commemoration. After gifts are opened, the scrumptious food and drinks your guests relished at the banquet, you want to look at the pictures and smile at those special moments which mark the beginning of your married life. Trust me you don't want it to be a disappointment.

Sometimes you can't explain what is good photography. Sean captures photos that are filled with the uniqueness that would immediately leave a lasting memory on you. With sufficient amount of artistry, control of lighting and creative angle he is able to create balanced compositions with the maximum impact. He knows how to create not only beautifully composed images, but also the dynamic romantic quirks, notions and emotional moments.

The best part is Sean Lim provides amazing wedding photography service with an affordable price. His customers are very comfortable with his communication style, friendly personality, professionalism and continued enthusiasm. Working with Sean is fun. He is someone whom you can trust to find the right shot. You don't have to worry about the details. You could, but you don't have to. He will guide you (pose, angle, lighting, direction...) in producing the images that are as individual as you and your better half.

Jul 2013
Photographer with nice, affordable and more consistent photo quality. Sean is definitely one of those top on the list - we do like his work. Need not worry about his professionalism, attitude and delivery of photos. He is very dependable.
Oct 2012
I must say thank you again! Me and my hubby love the pictures a lots! Thanks for all the efforts, catch up with you soon.
Oct 2010
I engaged Sean for my pre-wedding and actual day. He charges very reasonably. To be frank, I did not have much faith in him for my pre-wedding shooting as he had not done much PS. However, the results of my pre-wedding shoot turned out to be excellent. I posted in my FB and got more than 30 likes! On top of the good results, I have to admit that I really enjoyed the shooting session. He's very easy-going.... It was supposed to be a half day shooting, but he did not mind shooting until about 2... in fact, it was me who requested to stop due to the extreme hot weather. He's really professional. He did his homework on the location prior to the shooting. Coz of the good job, I even gave up on taking another PS and engaged him as my photographer of the bride side dinner, which was just over last Saturday. It was great seeing him again after about 8 months! All members of my family commented that he's very friendly and professional. They all thought we were friends! Yes, after the PS, I really take him like a friend...
I'm also a loyal fan to his website. Photos in his website speaks everything. You should refer to his work. On top of that, he really has no air... and I'm sure anybody can get along well with him. I always believe communication is key in a photoshoot. You wouldn't want to deal with some high profile photographers with attitude problem, I'm sure!
Good luck.. All I could say is he's really a good choice.

incredible waves
WOW! Incredible waves.
couple holding baloons
The beach is always romantic
lovely shot
A heart warming shot of the couple enjoying a walk together
prewedding shot
having fun behind door
Very natural
standing on the pond
Love the perspective

back to school

artistic work
it's too touching
Here comes the tissue paper
to capture more details
Leaving the childhood home "for good".
sitting on groom lap
Cannot stop laughing - a blissful bride
thanks to sean lim
Big THANK YOU to the photographer for capturing the stunning wedding venue and details!

Sean Lim JX Photography
Tel: 013-325 1272 

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