AVANI Sepang Gold Coast Resort

Take your wedding ceremony outdoor to the soft sensuous caresses of the sea breeze and bronzing kisses from the glorious sun on the sandy beach or the deck. The Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort & Spa is the nearest beach venue from the Klang Valley with a view which is truly nice and romantic. It's no wonder badminton champion Dato Lee Chong Wei and the missus held their ROM ceremony here. The resort's tropical beachfront garden, elegantly manicured to suit custom designed celebrations, is a great location for a relaxed ceremony as well.

The magical moment happens at sunset. You can catch a panoramic view of the breathtaking sunset uninterrupted from anywhere. An entrance fee of RM300 has to be paid by the photography crew who wishes to capture the beautiful scenery of the resort. The options of places to shoot are not many and shooting at some areas are prohibited. You can get some nice backdrop from the Garden, bench, the beach and rocks, amazing view of the villas but the sea water is murky. Also beware of flies. 

Jun 2013 

golden palm tree resort
walk down the aisle
A relaxed and elegant ceremony by the beach
murky water in golden palm resort sepang
Nice view of the villas but the sea water is murky.
slanting bamboo
out of city venue
Garden @ Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort
wedding sunset view
Lovely outdoor wedding on the deck by the beach
sepang rocks gown train
Photo by Cliff Choong.
ceremony is hot
Marriage Solemnization of Dato Lee Chong Wei and Mew Choo. Photo by Anovia.
magnificent view of sunset from anywhere
Breathtaking sunset which is uninterrupted from anywhere.

Jul 2013
We took a walk down the beach accompanied by the scorching Malaysian sun. The water was green and murky. It did not even come close to how the water looked like on the official website. The magic only comes in the evening when the sun is setting. This resort is blessed with an amazing view of the sunset. The view was so breath-taking that we even saw a couple who came just for the sunset for their wedding photo shoot.
Nice view of the Golden Palm Tree hotel...quite romantic. Simply beautiful sunsets! Lovely weather and ambiance but the view of the sea is rather disappointing. Palm Beach is a nice resort with amazing interior. A beach which the most near from kl. The festive of flies. Madness! |Warning| NEVER come to this place for Pre wedding photo shoot. Only few places allow to take photo. WHY never inform earlier? WTF?! No info in website?!
Mar 2011
That place is very muddy. The sea water is brown colour! I wanted a romantic seaside feels and thought this would be the perfect place to be, turned out, I was not very satisfied...In order for you to take pictures here, you'll need to pay RM300 admission fee, they would give you a few little things like mug, mineral water, chocolate as souvenir which were totally useless to me,  Additionally, it doesn't seem like it has much nice "scenes" to shoot anyway, the scenes are very limited... 1st we shot at the "rumah buruk" outside the entrance (that is for free). and then only we entered the resort. at the resort there, we had a few shots at the small garden & the bench, and then the beach and the rock, that's it. gone my RM300. I wouldn't advice this place unless you're really up to it coz of some special reason, otherwise I think you can have a even more perfect & nicer shots taken in free places like Port Dickson? 

AVANI Sepang Gold Coast Resort (formerly The Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort & Spa)

forms the shape of palm tree
The resort stretches out from the Sepang coastline, almost a kilometer into the sheltered waters of the Straits of Malacca with 392 luxuriously appointed sea villas that shape a palm tree.

Website: http://www.avanihotels.com/sepang/
Add: No. 67, Jalan Pantai Bagan Lalang, Kg Bagan Lalang, 43950 Sungai Pelek, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
Tel: +603 3182 3600
Email: sepang@avanihotels.com

Wedding Package 2015/16: from RM150+ per pax

Capacity: 650 pax


sepang town kg bagan lalang

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  1. Golden Palm tree (avani sepang), it's 1588++ per table (if more than 300pax) but they have minimum room requirement- 30rooms.


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