Destination Wedding in Mauritius

Mauritius is a spectacular island in the Indian Ocean surrounded by coral reefs, amazing lagoons and incredible natural beauty. It is home to some of the best resorts in the world; very romantic, with a sun-drenched, white-sand beach setting for your intimate dream wedding. The marriage of two non-residents of Mauritius can be conducted at other private premises for a payment of Rs5000. More information can be found here:

Take advantage of the opportunity to capture some one-in-a-lifetime images of your destination wedding by hiring an experienced and skillful photographer like Hong of Fabulous Moments to perform the important task. The challenges of destination wedding are you will be in a location that is vastly different from home, you are not familiar with the environment and how it actually looks like. With some prep work, exploring the church and its surrounding ahead of time to figure out the perfect angle, natural lighting, etc. Hong is determined to capture the most beautiful shots without being disruptive to the ceremony. Arriving early before the bride, he managed to photograph the majestic architecture of the church artistically and lots of happy faces during the guests arrival. Some churches have certain rules such as: photographers are not allowed to be at the front and so on. Hong is aware of where he should be at critical moments to get a good dynamic angle of the event. The shots of the march-in, flower girls, bride's maids, solemnization, emotions of the parents and orders of service were spot on.

wedding destination
guests waiting for wedding service to start
wonderful wedding
Emotions of family witnessing the special occasion
say i do
The moment when you say "I do"
Lots of hugs and kisses

By visiting sites away from the actual location, you can get more variety of photography backdrop. Some shots here were taken at the Grand Baie Beach, nearby the church. It has a scenic sea view with crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean. Hong would be able to schedule time in between events to seize the spectacular views and take a couple of portraiture from different beautiful angles. How often will you be in a such magical place with stunning scenery while wearing a wedding gown? Therefore you have to work with a photographer who is meticulous in planning and time management. For instance, timing the photo-shoot during sunset will result in more gorgeous and dramatic images. Taking into consideration unique areas for photography like the walkway that stretches out to the sea, stunning rocks, the horizon, Hong captured the landscapes and structures cohesively with his eye for detail. 

photo by fabulous moments
Hong seized the spectacular views nearby
exotic view
More dramatic shot of the sky together with an exotic backdrop
rocks on the beach
Beautiful horizon

Good details will add to the story of the wedding.

adjusting the bride dress
walking out of the hotel
Detail of the surrounding
a great detail for memory
A wedding remembrance

Throwing a Mauritian wedding at the beach can be very fun because it is easier for people to mingle around. Hong did not miss the chance to take photos of the guests enjoying this very relaxed celebration. The memorable images of the light moment everyone shared, the flattering close-up shots of the bride, the wonderful experience will be engraved in the couple's mind forever. 

with beautiful beach view
Wedding reception venue and table setting
dancing under the moonlight
The couple sharing an intimate moment
having a drink or two
Guests chit-chatting

Wedding Photographer: Fabulous Moments by Hong Photography
Tel: +6012-3190385
Email: info@fabulous-moments.comOther photos of the lovely wedding in Mauritius:
Church Wedding: La Salette Church Grand Baie (Notre Dame de la Salette)
Wedding Reception: Intercontinental hotel Balaclava Fort

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