Airbrush and Traditional Makeup by Raynis Chow

The makeup trends now are in creating a natural, elegant and shimmering look. Besides usage of the best tools and product, a make-up artist's (MUA) technique is also crucial in producing an excellent result.

There is a lot of hype around Airbrush makeup these days. The airbrushing sprays a very fine mist that allows a consistent application of foundation which sits evenly on the skin. This technique utilizes a small makeup air compressor, an airbrush gun, and special airbrush foundation. Because of the fine misted spray, airbrush makeup is finer than your regular foundation, like tiny pixels being applied instead of a big patch of color.

Take a look at some of Raynis's work. She gave the bride a flawless yet natural coverage using airbrush makeup. It is able to achieve a more polished look when sprayed on properly, ideal for high definition camera. You can see the smooth and seamless blending on the face as well as the neck. 

so nice!

Traditional Makeup is the application of foundation, whether it is in liquid, cream or a powder form using a foundation brush, sponge or a duo fiber brush. Traditional foundation is more opaque, has a richer coverage and is of thicker consistency. It takes more patience to achieve better results as the MUA has to be very precise and the hand-blending can be more time consuming. Raynis is proficient in working on different skin textures and imperfections using her meticulous brush technique. This method is more flexible when it comes to controlling the intensity of the coverage. Because there are many cosmetic companies developing traditional foundation, there is an array of products that may be used spanning from light to full coverage, oil-free, etc.


The ability to blend in the foundation and colors with precision is what matters

Every bride has her own personal style when it comes to wearing makeup, also depending on your skin condition and preference, Raynis will be able to advise you on the type of makeup suitable for you. Airbrush, traditional or combined, the correct application is more important. Raynis Chow's skillfulness has been acknowledged by her clients. Her work is so amazing that the bride gasped in awe and was truly touched by the beautiful makeup and hair.

Oct 2012
I super love the make-up artist. But her charges are higher because she uses high end products and I don't need to talk about her skill, OMG!
Jun 2012
The make up artist did such a great job, I love love love the make up she did for me! She was doing my hair while chatting with me, seemed like she wasn't putting much effort. But when she was done and I looked into the mirror, I gasped! I didn't know my hair can be so beautiful!!!!! She made it seemed so effortless! I felt so touched looking at myself in the mirror after the make up and hair. She made me looking like a Hong Kong beauty pageant T_T so pretty!!!! *perasan mode on* Was so reluctant to undo the hair, camwhore gao gao first! Amazing! How she did it?!

outdoor photoshoot

absolutely glamourous
Raynis is able to advise you on the type of makeup to use

outdoor wedding makeup

best in class

hair clips
Such amazing hair, how did she do it?

free tendrils

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