Saloma Theatre Bistro

The Malaysian Tourism Centre (MTC) is a one-stop centre for tourists to discover the local culture, traditional customs, have a taste of Malaysian cuisine and cultural performances. The main restaurant of the MTC, Saloma Theatre Restaurant has a seating capacity of 350 pax is fully equipped with audio and lighting system for your wedding function needs. Your guests will get to enjoy a delightful culinary experience with a variety of Malay and international fare. The restaurant is strategically located in the Golden Triangle, within the shopping, hotels for accommodation and business district.

The traditional Malay look of the place is classy and elegant with a beautiful surrounding. Shawn the wedding event manager is very friendly he makes the customer feels like a million bucks. He is willing to customize the wedding package food in order to cater to your needs. During food tasting, the restaurant will provide a score card for you to rate the food for future improvements. The food is ok not fantastic.

Apr 2014
Last Saturday we went back to Saloma for food tasting to decide what to be in the menu for our dinner reception. Shawn, the event manager are very welcoming person and we felt like million dollar guests that day, it was lovely. Even we are quite fuss about the food, he suggested a lot of dish that are not even in our package.
The food tasting is basically them serves 10 nominated people that you choose to sit on actual round table with dome set. They'll provide a score card for scoring and what to improve or change.
Feb 2014
The traditional malay look of the place, classy and elegant. Location is in the middle of KL, very near to KLCC. Food review by those who've been there was pretty ok.
Feb 2013
Location reception kat Saloma Bistro.. Tempat wedding yang mmg indah sesangat for me. Sekitar majlis di Saloma Bistro sangat indah.
Dec 2012
makanan ala buffet.... tp for me makanan so so ja.. x la sehebat spt nama tmptnya.

saloma theatre bistro Wedding reception in Feb 2013

wedding food
Buffet spread
saloma bungalow
Aug 2011

flower stand signage
Entrance and decor
white dress flowers
wedding guests
Banquet hall
malay wedding
wedding entertainment

Wedding reception of Eddy and Shima at Saloma Bistro videographed by Next Art

Saloma Theatre Restaurant


Add: Malaysia Tourism Centre (MTC), No. 139, Jalan Ampang, 68000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 03-2161 0122

Wedding Package 2014: RM80++ per pax

Capacity: 350 pax


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