Wedding Flowers Inspirations, Samples and Price Guide

Sunny Days Low arrangement with 8 Candles RM600-900
1 Tall arrangement with 8 Candle RM550

Flowers from Summer Pots (2018): Bouquet from RM150. Corsage from RM6. Car Decoration, Bridal Handbouquet @ RM120 & Below, 6 Corsages, Loose Flowers For Hair x 1 Set, Following Car Ribbon (2pcs) at RM380:
bridal bouquet price malaysia
Bloom2U: babys breath bouquet: RM150. Flower bouquet from RM200. Corsages as low as RM20/ pc:
wedding flowers packages
Lavender Flora | Bridal bouquet from RM110. Corsage from RM9. Head flower (wreath) from RM40:
flower wreath price

roses dress
Red roses bouquet
tulips bouquet
Tulips bridal bouquet
orchid pink red ribbon
Pink Orchid
orchid magenta cascading
Cascading magenta orchid
white dahlia posy wedding
White dahlia
peony centerpieces
Peony centerpieces
pink peony bouquet
Pink peony
calla lily pink white
Calla lily posy
while calla lily
White calla lily
babys breath brides maid bouquet
Baby's breath bridesmaids bouquet
baby's breath reception table
Baby's breath wedding decor
hydreangea green
Light green hydrangeas centerpieces
blue hydrangea
Hydrangea in shades of blue
Ranunculus wedding bouquet plum purple
Ranunculus - pink plum purple
Yellow and white ranunculus
daisy white red leave
White daisy
lavender bouquet many
Lavender bouquet
succulent wedding assorted
Anemone bouquet
Anemone bouquet
Sweet William
Sweet William
Purple Eustoma, lilac Freesia, white rose
Purple Eustoma, lilac Freesia, white rose    

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