NEO Tamarind @ Jalan Sultan Ismail KL

NEO Tamarind is semi-open air with dining sections divided into AC glass rooms and alfresco. Quietly elegant, it sits on a hill like a lovers' nest hidden by green foliage. The interior, rustic-luxe and dramatic. Atmospheric enough to offer one the illusion of being out-of-town. Hypnotic liquid walls, a huge chandelier and the galactic bar all fashioned by the effects of water, fire, sounds and light give NEO Tamarind its high style as a 'neo-rotic' dining destination.

It is a restaurant with character and great food! The ambiance, truly beautiful. You will be welcomed by decorated walkways that make you feel relaxed just like a spa environment. The wooden path over a pond leading up to the entrance of the restaurant is pretty impressive. Your guests will be amazed by the details and effort they put in beautifying the venue.  

Feb 2014
I found Neo Tamarind. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!! BUT comes with a hefty price tag. When I looked at the menu, I knew it was enough to just tickle to tummy because Neo Tamarind is a high end place which serves Thai & Indonesian food at the portion of a western cuisine. Malaysians eat A LOT. Because there will be lots of elders, they wouldn’t be happy with the food.

So much in love with the simple classic setting in NEO Tamarind.
Nov 2013
The wedding dinner was held at Neo Tamarind, a modern Thai cuisine restaurant. It was my first time there so I was really excited about it! The decor on our way to the restaurant was really pretty. Its like walking in for a spa session! From the round paper tanglungs leading up to the wooden path entrance to the restaurant, we were welcomed with the beauty of tiny details of simplicity. The first thing we see on our left when we walked in is the kitchen. On our right is the photobooth in this huge high ceiling room. Damn majestic. yums~~~green tea ice cream and the mango and dry banana crumble taste really really good! It was a great night with delicious food and lovely friends!
Aug 2012
My one favourite detail of the entire wedding was that we picked Tamarind NEO for our intimate do because it truly reflected our personalities and that of our friends! It was a restaurant with character and great food. The best part of NEO was that it had a large open area with a long bar, which encouraged everyone to mingle. It was why we picked it as our wedding venue and as the evening went on, we knew without a doubt, that we made the right choice as our friends and family had a great time!
Nov 2013

sits on a hill
It sits on a hill hidden by green foliage.
to the restaurant
You will be amazed by the decorative details
huge chandelier can be photobooth room
High ceiling room with a huge chandelier can be made into a photobooth room
indo china food
The food is yummy
salmon tartare grilled angus beef
Wedding menu
pre-dinner drinks
indoor setting of neo tamarind

encourage people to mingle
It has a large open area with a long bar, which encourages everyone to mingle

romantic wedding dinner
black chair covers

NEO Tamarind

modern serene venue

FB Page:
Add: 19, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2148 3700

Capacity: Sit-down: 200 and Standing-cocktail: 300 pax


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