Two Of Us Signature Studio Puchong & SS2

Two Of Us Bridal Gallery started their business in Puchong and opened a branch at the famous-for-bridal-shops SS2. The shop is managed by the owners Katherine and PQ Chua the photographer therefore you can expect more personal services. Probably one of the few honest bridal shops you find these days, they are really hard working people, friendly and helpful. One good thing about them is they will never pester you to choose extra photos or get additional items so that they can earn more money from you, like some other bridal shops.

The package is a little expensive nearly 5K gives you basic items like 5 gowns, 3 for PS and 2 for AD, only one album is given and one big photo frame. You can get freebies like 5 images and 10 pcs extra photo gift cards. The package does not include banner and guest book. It's a studio and not a bridal shop anyway.

Photographer Chua and his assistant are quite professional. Customers are happy with the photoshoot process which is relaxed and fun. And the photos turned out great. Normally will take up to 1000 shots in a day.

There is only a limited selection of gowns. White gowns really pretty, evening gowns so so. They have a lot of new gowns with their in-house designer working on new designs almost every month. Pricing is reasonable. Its SS2 branch has designer gowns which require extra payment, display price is RM1-2K but can be negotiated.

The layout of the album is nice too. Customers like their photography style. Concept is special and great, and the quality is there. Definitely worth the money paid. However the shop may take a longer time to process the album. After sales service is sometimes questionable, due to the overwhelming number of customers, they cannot pay attention to all.

Oct 2017
What a great team with good photography skill!! Benson is very attentive and Will try his best to fulfill our requirement.
Dec 2015
What i like about this shop is that they have a number of mermaid gown that can fit plusize figure whereby most shop only have mermaid dress fit to petite body figure and are usually in zip design instead of ribbon tying at the back. Ribbon tying will enable more flexibility thus even bigger body figure also can fit in. For men they have white & black suit for those with bigger body size or big belly but not overly big la ya. Thomas size is the biggest size already. The main reason why I decided to choose Two of Us is because during that time they offer me RM 2888 (inclusive of 3 gown + 1 casual gown rental for prewedding photoshoot inclusive of mua, 2 gown for actual day, 30 photos with 2 album print and etc). Their package also allow for all gown to be taken out for outdoor shooting. Certain bridal show do not allow full outdoor shoot unless you top up more money.

Currently, the owner of this bridal shop has change and man the new owner is so much better in terms of customer service. I am so glad that the previous owner bid good bye (i know I sound bad but really the previous owner humiliate me and made me feel so mad). Anyway, another benefit of the bridal shop is that they have quite a number of lace gown and modern gown in their normal gown range. Thus, you don’t have to pay extra for new design gown. However, they limit how many time you can try the gown which is one time and before purchasing the package you can only try up to 4 gowns if not mistaken.Since I have taken picture with them, I can comment a little bit on their style… They are pretty flexible in the style and are open for suggestion. They took a lot of shot so you can choose the best. I really like the picture outcome.... However I don’t quite like the previous makeup artist because she never wash her brush bag but she has resign. Aside from that I think her makeup and hairstyling is really good.
Dec 2013
I started surveying a few bridal shops early this year. Two Of Us Signature Studio (SS2 branch) was my first one to visit as it was the nearest bridal shop from my house. After talking to the staff there, R, who appeared to be one of the bosses of Two of Us, he told me that their shop is different from other bridal shops. And the bosses run the shop by themselves, one as a photographer, another one as a videographer etc. Therefore, they claim that they are able to provide good service as this is their own business. I saw their samples of photography, no doubt they were really good. The photos were unique, unlike other bridal shop where they take photos based on number of poses. They told me usually they will take up to 1000 shots per day. Everything seems good to me but only the package is a little expensive. I thought if they can provide good service and good photography, why not spend a lil' more?
I went to survey the bridal fair in Midvalley too. But none of them interests me. In the end, around March, I went to sign the package at their Puchong branch, which was the first branch they opened. I looked through their gowns, honestly, there's only a limited selection of gowns. But the lady in charge there, K, told me that they are not like other bridal shops which have thousands of gowns for you to choose but not all are available. So I gained some trusts with them after hearing what they said, and expected to be really happy and satisfied. I signed only the most basic package, which already cost me nearly RM5k, and arranged for the gown fitting and photoshoot day. Their package basically only gives you 5 gowns, 3 for PS and 2 for AD. Only one album is given and one big photoframe. K gave me only free extra 5 images and 10 pcs extra photo gift cards. I regretted not to negotiate for more things before I signed the package! After that only I realised that the package did not include a banner and a guest book. :( It's a studio and not a bridal shop anyway.
When I went for the gown fitting in May, I thought it was K who was going to guide me through the whole process, but she was busy entertaining other customers and asked their makeup artist to choose the gowns together with me. I started to feel unhappy about it because I have discussed with K about the kind of gowns that I like, the types of photography that I prefer etc, but now I have to say it all over again with another new staff which I haven't met. But fine. I tell myself it's okay, I only do this once in my life time, I have to be happy.
It got worse during the photoshoot day! I don't feel good at all after I got home. I have prepared some props to use them during that day. But the photographer, C, told me to put aside first and continued with the photography. After that, both of us have forgotten about to use the props that we prepared. Wasted my effort on preparing them the few days before. Sigh. Despite all those, C and his assistant looked quite professional, and probably they really are, as it was not so bad throughout the whole process, it was quite relaxed and fun too.
After a week or two, we went back to the studio to choose our photos. We need to choose 50 photos from as many as 400+ photos. Luckily we spent only an hour half. One good thing about them is they will never ask you to choose extra so that they can earn more money from you, just like some of other bridal shop. I was quite happy with the photos anyway.

In around October, I went to choose two gowns for my actual day in the Puchong branch. One white gown and one evening gown. Honestly, their gowns are really, really limited. There were none that I really liked. I have no choice but to go back to SS2's branch to get their designer gowns, which I have to pay extra to rent the gowns there. And it was there that I finally found my dream wedding dress! Their white gowns there are really pretty. But evening gowns are so-so only. After negotiating the price with them, they charged me cheaper than the displayed price, which is between RM1-2k for two gowns. Hmm.. I decided to pay for it since that day is the most important day of my life. I deserve to wear a wedding gown that I want! :P

I only got to see the layout of my album in mid-November, which is quite late as they have promised to give me my album on the first week of December, which is less than 2 weeks before my wedding. I requested a few months ago to get my album middle of November, they told me okay but I think they forgot about it and when I asked them why wasn't the album ready, the person in charge told me they follow according to the time planned. Ok fine. What if I have a lot of things to amend in the layout and how would they do it in time? But anyway, the layout turned out good. Was satisfied with it. At least I feel it is worthwhile after all the money we paid.
Oct 2013
Why I chose to visit: Less popular compared to other bridal shops - was hoping to find a different/unique gown. Also, had positive reviews on their honesty.
Experience: They gave me a good head start in finding my wedding gown, as this is the first shop I've visited. They have lots of new gowns, with their in-house designer working on new designs almost every month. Pricing is reasonable, no haggling required - what you pay is what you get. One of the few honest bridal shops I come across in terms of sales & products. Would have booked them, but couldn't find any dress that I truly love.
May 2013
I've been to MV bridal fair, Two of us offer me 4800 net with FOC 200.00 cash voucher and 24''x36'' enlarge print worth (RM500). Seem like their packages photo look different quanlity. Ya, I agreed by u they seems easier heart to... and their packages with no hidden charges.
Sep 2013
I got Two of Us for my AD in JB, quite helpful and friendly. Photo quality is satisfactory :)
Jul 2012
I signed up with them for my Pre Wedding shoot. They are a team of gf(katherine) manages the business and bf (chua) as the main photographer. I like the photography work and they are really hard working people. The photographer, make up artist and Katherine (which i like to refer her as the stylist) all came along for the shoot. In terms of pricing i got the special first 20 couple package early this year. But they really did more than what i paid for. If you're looking for no fuss ( not the 2-3 album, 5-6 dresses sort) they are the one for u =). selected my pics last month, now patiently waiting for them. I wish i could show u some pic tht i took with my phone but its un-ethical of me to do that. Do drop in and have a look, Katherine is very friendly.
Jul 2013
You know what, i signed up for their package after reading all the good comments written here. I thought maybe it is good to share my experience with you all here so you can decide for yourself.
Before i sign up, they‘ll promote how professional n how great they are compared to other bridal shops. They said they will consult you everything for shooting, like contributing ideas, making ur album unique etc. I thought, wow, their concept is really special & great! But, once u signed up, i would say it is a whole different story! Apart from the empty promises, u will have to share every comments n demands you have with them, if not they will just do it casually. N also, photos will give u last minutes. They would say the photographer r too busy & many other reasons..
I personally think that the photos quality is there, but then the after sales service is horrible. I felt like it was so hard to get their attention after u sign up. I think they bite off more than they can chew, too many customers at once and they can't handle it properly.
Anyway, this is my personal experience with this bridal shop. Maybe i'm the one who is not so lucky. You guys can go see for yourself.
Dec 2013
photoshoot at two of us signature studio puchong
Photoshoot day
photo shooting
Pre-wedding photo end product.
couple shot
posing in the middle of the road


looking at each other
salon shooting
white pleated gown flower
walking under the sun among buildings

Actual Day
wedding in a church
drawing the lips

Two Of Us Bridal Gallery


FB Page:
SS Two:
Add: 67, Jalan ss 2/72, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: +603-7874 8288

Add: E2-25, IOI Boulevard, Jalan Kenari 5, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Selangor
Tel: +603-8075 5288
+6012-327 5366 (Katherine)

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  1. I would like to share my experience with TWO OF US SIGNATURE STUDIO SS2 so that other couples who are looking for pre-wedding package have a reference before sign up package with them. Before I sign up package with two of us, I did some research via internet and mostly all the customer giving positive feedback.

    We are quite impress with the customer samples that are shown to us in their studio, as their concept are more to natural and fresh feel, overall photo shooting skills looks professional and convincing. On top of that, they are quite good in capturing couples with casual wear which both of us really like of. This made them quite different from other commercialize bridal shop. Although I know they have very very very limited gown selection, we decide to give it a go and sign up package with them because we like the entire photography concept.

    After we signed up the package with them, everything seems to turn out to different story. First of all, the assistant who arrange gown fitting and pre-wedding photo shoot resigned, nobody follow up until I visited the studio on my next appointment. We need to discuss and go through the whole process again with the photographer (because both assistant resigned at the same time)

    Chua is our photographer and we enjoyed the photoshoot, however the outcome isn't as impressive as how we expected. They hire freelance make up artists and I am so unlucky to have one that did not done a great job on my make up and hair. The make up artists is not professional as bridal hairdo was way too simple and the make up was horrible.

    During photoshoot, there are no assistant except Chua. Nobody assists in lighting nor arrange the messy veil or gown and I need to do it myself. When it is windy and the hair goes messy, the mua was standing very far away instead of helping me with the touch up of hair and make up.

    When it comes to photo editing, the assistant loses his patience when we request the things to be edited. It is common sense to smoothen the skin for the couples in the photos and when it was requested to do so, he will answer "Oh? You like to look fake like traditional pre wedding photoshoot?". We are very unhappy with this kind of attitude.

    As for the actual day, I need to change my selected gown and re-select another gown again just in a day before my wedding because my selected gown modified and tailored badly. At this moment I am so disappointed and frustrated with them that I regret chosen them. I guess during all these years the team had lost their passion in this industry.

    Anyway, not everything was bad. Photographer Chua is very professional in photo shooting session. We enjoyed every moment of it, although the outcome is not very impressive but the quality is still there.


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