The Floating Pavilion at Gita Bayu in Seri Kembangan

Capacity: 230 pax | Set within a lush tropical gardens at the edge of a lake, Gita Bayu is available for your wedding ceremony, party and reception. The floating pavilion on the lake can be used for an intimate wedding if you have a smaller crowd as it is quite small but very stunning. Walk down the floating pavilion-aisle, family members can be seated on the open deck, while the rest takes shelter at the adjoining covered pavilion.

Also take advantage of their picturesque gardens, wooden architecture to create the perfect photo opportunity. The clubhouse (Kebun Mimpi) which has a steeply pitched roof typical of traditional South-East Asian architecture provides a range of event facilities for your wedding events. Wonderful venue, PIC Ms Sia & James are helpful.

Gita Bayu was formerly a rubber estate which has been turned into a low-density development, with bungalow lots, townhouse units, garden and hill villas and condominium. It is a gated area, so you have to register at the guard house before entering. | Jun 2017 | Butterfly themed wedding
The Floating pavilion is simply stunning.
Walk down the floating pavilion-aisle, family members are seated on the limited space, while the rest takes shelter at the adjoining covered pavilion.
Lovely butterflies decor for the lakeside outdoor ROM ceremony
Dinner setting at the Club house
Nice backdrop for photography, pitched roof building
Balinese design (Mar 2014)
small place for wedding
Beautiful but small floating pavilion
floral decor with candles
feel of kampung

clubhouse | Jun 2016
Finger food for the ROM ceremony
Dinner reception buffet food: Mash potatoes, Salmon, Lamb, Kuih Nyonya

guests chairs
Outdoor wedding ceremony (sheltered)
nice venue
serene location
seri kembangan good wedding package
Kebun Mimpi Club house

Mar 2017
We got married last Sunday at Kebun Mimpi Gita Bayu. It was my fairytale wedding come true. Amazing backdrop by mother nature..
Dec 2016
We got married here last month and i couldn't have asked for better. Everybody commented and said what a wonderful venue. Ms Sia & James were so helpful. I would definitely Gita Bayu to everyone. It's PERFECT!
Jun 2016
Good food, exceptionally good hosts! However, disappointing that music had to be stopped at 10:30pm. If you allow dinner parties, music should be allowed until later, perhaps in a lower tone. I know it's a residential club but it's an understanding of both parties or else deny dinner parties altogether
Jun 2016
The perfect place for garden wedding. My God-brother tied the knot! wedding reception held at Gita Bayu Club House. Love the nature environment here. fresh air, ambience of tranquility and peace. The floating pavilion is uncovered. the food is really good. Love the mash potatoes and salmon. Mushroom soup, drank like two bowls. so good! Salad, fried rice, fried kuey teow, lamb, prawns, sotong, mix vege, nyonya kuih, fruits, cheese cake.
Jan 2014
the venue can be used for any private events (for up to 200pax). There is also a floating pavilion which you can use for your solemnisation or if you have a smaller crowd. It costs 59++ per pax for lunch/dinner.
Sep 2012
Established in 1996 by Yee Seng Heights Sdn Bhd, Gita Bayu was formerly a rubber estate that spanned 47ha. Planned as a low-density development, Gita Bayu currently accommodates 200 bungalow lots, 100 townhouse units, 31 cluster-bungalow garden villas and 54 hill villas condominium and bungalow units.
Credit should be given to Yee Seng for engaging distinguished Thai architect Lek Bunnag and Bangkok-based American landscape architect Bill Bensley for creating the lakeside clubhouse. Dubbed Kebun Mimpi, the clubhouse has a steeply pitched roof typical of traditional South-East Asian architecture. And this distinctive roof design is also utilised by Dall for the Quintet houses.

Gita Bayu

wedding ideal place

FB Page:
Add: No.2 Jalan Bayu 1, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Malaysia
Tel: +603 8945 5560 (Hunting) | +6017 9892 560 (General) | +603 8943 1805 (Restaurant & Events)
Events: (Ms. Sia / Ms. Nora) +6017-8888 755

Wedding Packages 2014: from RM59.90++ per pax
Wedding Package: from RM 59.90++ per PAX | Min: 40 PAX, Max: 230 PAX
- Rental of Venue
- Assistance by Event Organizer
- Tables & Chairs
- Cutlery & Glass ware
- Buffet Dinner or Lunch
- Sound System
- Wireless Microphones
- Small floral table centerpieces
- table numbering
- Announcement Signage
- Complimentary Parking
- Complimentary Pre-Wedding Photo Shooting on premises
- Waiters & Food Attendants
Confirmed 100 PAX:
- 1 VIP table with chair covers
- complimentary food tasting 2PAX
- 2x waived Corkage Charge

Wedding Ceremony: Addon - RM1000 | Seated: 50 PAX, Standing: 80 PAX
- Rental of Floating Pavilion
- Assistance by Event Organizer
- Waiters & Food Attendants
- Complimentary Parking
- Tables & Chairs (if required)
- 1 Bowl of Fruit Punch
- Tidbits
- Fruit Platter
- Technician on standby(if required)

Capacity: 230 pax

seri kembangan


  1. Wedding at Gita Bayu suffers from bad management. To be specific, it is the bad management skill of the sole manager of the wedding venue at Gita Bayu named Hafiz. He lacks ability to keep customers informed and was late at delivering his promise. Not only that, when confronted, he even unnecessarily said that everything was not his mistake since the management has the right to rebuke the date if needed, as stated in the term and conditions and even mentioned he would still win the case should we decide to bring the case to court because we haven't paid the downpayment (which obviously shows that he lacks of sound customer service as he succumb to "defensive" mode when unable to explain the situation well). Logically, how can we make a downpayment when we are yet to receive an invoice from him?

    It started end of 2014 when we met Hafiz to understand more about the value. He told us that he can help us to book a date and we only have to pay next year, in 2015. Even we were being sceptical about making a deal without black & white, but we proceed anyway since he sounded convincing and knew what he was doing.

    Hence I waited for an invoice. We changed the date in the middle. He said okay and he even gave us a list of available dates to choose from. So, we chose one, but that was the last we heard from him. We also stated that he should informed us if and when the date become unavailable. The invoice never came. I checked my email, again and again. I could not wait any longer and I emailed him to ask for the progress of the invoice.

    He now told me that he could not give me the date. He did not even have the courtesy to inform us when the date suddenly became unavailable. He was even started to be defensive about why he could not attend to us. He said that he was busy and he is currently talking a customer. He has no courtesy to attend to a problem that was caused by his lack of foresight.

    We called him and he started to be rude, lacking in all sort of customer service. It was an unpleasant event. Rudely he said and I quote "So, now.. If you want to cancel the booking, I can cancel. No problem". Not even a sorry was uttered. Not even a slightest guilt was shown. Now, we are half a year away from our proposed date, without a venue, thanks to a manager who is not up to his task. So, to bride-to-be(s), I suggest avoiding Gita Bayu for its management is not up to his task.

  2. thank you, almost wanted to organise it there until i read your post! life saver!

  3. thank you for the review to save bride/groom-to-be


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