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Armadale is one of the most talked about bridal houses around. Their packages come with amazing photography, a big selection of new and gorgeous gowns to choose from and structured yet pleasant service. On the other hand Armadale does not provide a lot of the supplementary items such as bridal bouquet, car decoration, albums and framed photos of various sizes in the package but they do have them available on ala carte basis.

Gathering insights from the comments/ reviews; Armadale adopts a brilliant business model, partnering with above average photographers/ videographer, there is no hidden cost for real as the cost has already been included in the initial price quoted and all hi-res photos will be returned. They are not calculative about working extra hours to get the job done. They deliver the photos on time.

Jasmine the Wedding Consultant is helpful in assisting the clients pick their gowns. She allows time and space and is not pushy at all. It gives you the peace of mind because she gets things done speedily for instance gown alteration if required.

Joanne who has a very good eye for gowns selection, focuses on gowns while overlooking the management of the company and ensures plans runs as scheduled/ promised.

Photographer Covan Loh's work is subtle and artistic in my opinion. It is nostalgic looking at the romantic images he captures. Covan's smile is contagious, he can get the couples to smile naturally. His easy going, flexible character and determination to get the best shots make him a much sought-after wedding photographer.

I think videographer Foong produces videos that tell a story personal to the engaged pair. Playful, composed, sensitive, sociable... brides/ grooms and family are able to watch the playback of the priceless moments and characteristics that define them. He is proficient in capturing funny and touching scenes which make many cry. They want to watch the video over and over again.

Their MUAs create natural bridal styles that suit photography purposes.

Armadale's dresses are in good condition, some are strikingly beautiful. They have a big variety of gowns to choose from.

Jun 2014
My husband and i would like to convey our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for a job well done.We are extremely glad we choose Armadale.With no doubt ,you guys are the best in the industry. The Armadale experience has been amazing.Since day 1 i stepped into your place , everyone has been so pleasant and accommodating.
Joanne Lew and Jasmine Hue ,thank you so much for being so sweet and calm especially during my bridezilla moments.jasmine hue you have been very patient and entertained all my request.It been a pleasuring dealing with you ladies.
Dear Edwin Tan, You are an exceptionally amazing photographer. You take the most beautiful pictures. Thank you so much for coming all the way to dubai for the pre wedding shoot.Your one of the most humble and kindest photographer i have ever came across. Please thank agnes on my behalf,for all her magic making me look like a beautiful bride.My family and in laws keep complementing your pictures,they are truly amazed by your work.You and foong truly captured all the beautiful moments on our big day that we will treasure for the rest of our life.
Dear Liew Szet Foong, You can't imagine how much everyone loved the video.So many compliments from all our guest.My family and friends told me they watch the video over and over. It is extremely beautiful,it really made many people cry.Michael and i loved it very much. Thank you once again Armadale,for making the most important day in our live,exceptionally beautiful.We are looking forward to see the rest,I'm sure it will be amazing.
Jun 2014
Dear Joanne,
Glad you finally received the thank you card from us. Now for our heartfelt thanks and appreciation.
First of all, if it wasn’t for our good friend, Connie Law, our paths wouldn’t have crossed. Since it was a great challenge to organise a wedding from a million miles away, it was a great relieve when Jay and I decided to sign up with Armadale Weddings. Little did we know that we had a huge challenge in front of us with us not meeting with yourself, Covan Loh, our photographer and Foong, our videographer, until a week before the big day!
Thank you for being so patient with us, bearing with my little impossible requests throughout the whole process, even managing to alter and delivering your gown for our London event, with the simple measurements I could give you. Risky but it worked! Love most of the beautiful gowns, it was impossible to decide.
All the images of gowns and countless messages on whatsapp til late nights just so we could short list and decide on the gowns. That is going the extra mile and further
Thank you for spending the whole day with us, allowing us to choose the gowns and not rushing us:
© Jasmine & Joanne for helping me with trying on the gowns and getting alterations done speedily. The childhood montage you made Jasmine, was so lovely, there were tears and laughter all around.
© Covan for pre-wedding: it was a fun day out, ultimately we enjoyed your company thoroughly, your smile is contagious and even getting Jay to smile throughout the whole shoot. Your easy going manner, flexibility and creative ways of making us smile and pose for the camera.
© Covan for the big day: for once again being patient and spending the whole day with us and even extending your time capturing memorable moments of us and our guests.
© Foong for the big day: Thank you for spending all day with us and spending time to prepare the same day edit video for the evening in record time. Capturing funny and touching moments throughout the day. We love it!
© Joanne for overseeing it all, negotiating and for making it all possible for us.
Lastly, thank you to the whole team who spent Valentine’s Day 2014 with us, making it truly special and memorable! We really appreciate your efforts, love the service and we wish you all the best and more weddings to come.
Rebecca & Jay
Apr 2014
Dear Armadale Team,
We owe you one... You guys did an amazing job.
Thank you Jasmine for your patience and second to none great fashion sense of helping me to select strikingly beautiful gowns for prewedding and actual day. I received ample of compliments for the gowns you have chosen for me, especially the march in ball gown. The dress was just perfect.
To Covan, thank you for the wonderful pictures that you have taken for us. Our family and friends like the album very much and we both appreciate your patience and hard work in getting our best shots. We both know is not an easy job especially when the weather was so hot.
Last but not least, thanks to Adeline for putting together mesmerizing photo album. Your work is just great!
Thanks again for the wonderful job. We would definitely recommend Armadale to anyone who is looking for bridal shop service.
Nee & Fu Yee

you are the best chocolates
Feb 2014
Dear Jasmine, Nic and Foong,
Firstly, just wanted to thank you all for the fantastic job on Saturday! You guys were great, very professional (as mentioned also by our family and friends). Thank you for capturing the beautiful moments on our special today so that we can cherish the memories forever.
Nic – the actual day video was lovely. Everybody loved it and I did too! Thank you for putting it together on time. I love the shots you took, especially the candid ones. Cant wait to see the final pictures.
Jasmine, thank you for all the extra trouble you took prior to the day to get my gowns and accessories ready on time. Please also send our thanks to Edwin. It was fantastic to have him there to shoot as well.
Hugs and kisses to the Armadale family, we will not hesitate to recommend you to our family and friends.
Warmest regards,
Marena & Edmund
Dec 2013
Armadale Weddings service is very good and professional. Jasmine Hue was our wedding consultant and she was very helpful when I was picking gowns for my pre-wedding photoshoot and for my AD. She allows time and space for me to make up my mind and was not pushy. They have some variety of bridal gowns to choose from. Agnes Yip was our make-up artist during our pre-wedding photoshoot, her make-up style was good in the sense that it suited for photography purpose, hair-do was done well. Edwin Tan was our chosen photographer who works for Armadale Weddings and we enjoyed working with him. He is a very patient photographer. He guided us on how to pose and was also very open to our ideas. He is also creative, funny and makes us feel relax and comfortable during the photo shoot.
Sep 2013
Armadale adopts a very brilliant business model which impresses me personally. By partnering with above-average/reputable photographers & videographer while offering the rental of limited collection of designer's apparels at flat rate, i.e. no hidden cost for extra photo or so-called V.I.P. dresses as all hi-res photos are returned and all dresses as just as exclusive.
Not only clients get the best of both worlds but the peace of mind on the quality and straight-forward service, i.e. no extra headache on top of worrying about 'what props to use', 'what to wear', 'where to shoot' etc.
Also, another very commendable attitude that we really like about the team was their outstanding dedication and hospitality in giving their best to their clients. When our session actually exceeded 5 hours, we expected to get slapped with an extra bill for overtime (which is typical of many other 'award-winning / high profile' photographers). Instead, Edwin Tan offered to buy us lunch. Joanne, the owner of Armadale, has very good eye for gown selection. In fact, she took the trouble to call me up just to try out a new dress which she believed was a better choice for me and indeed it was!
Jan 2013
Some short review on the services provided by Armadale here based on personal experience =)
Some of our pics taken by Covan recently are posted by them here:
Summary of our personal remarks on session with him would be as follow (+ point / - point):
1. Minimal editing i.e. sharpening of image colour (+ +)
2. Not calculative with time / did not charge for extra hours (+ +)
3. Happy to try out new poses suggested by us (+ +)
4. Flexible meeting time for discussion prior to shooting (+)
5. Able to hit the perfect angle esp. in outdoors (+ + +)
6. On time delivery of pictures (+)
7. Repetitive poses in various locations / similar to other couples lol (-)
8. Good at shooting up-close & intimate shots but needs suggestions on creative shots taken from further distance
oh yea, most important plus point is that ALL photos are returned without reservations!

Photos by Covan
artistic shot
Subtle elegance
bride groom jumping running on the grass
Artistic and natural
photo by covan loh
beautiful sky
Gorgeous gown
classic style with bicycle

Armadale Weddings
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Add: Block F-G-03A, Neo Damansara,  1 , Jalan PJU 8/1 , Bandar Damansara Perdana, 47820 Selangor.
Tel: 03-7731 9100

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