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the bridal team
The Passion and Emotions of Wedding | Valstasia Weddings
upm big tree rustic
Beautiful Western Rustic Charm |

The Wedding Barn 
dance away the night
Candid moment - Every smile, frown, hug, pose, tells a story  | RC Studio
laughter and joy
Fun-filled wedding photos by the best photographer | Andrew Koh Photography
bursting with emotions
The Moods of the Four Seasons 
conceptual photo
Levitation Photography - Defy gravity and float freely in the air
Bali dancing on waters
Creating fine art in Bali - dam, tide pool, temple, horse riding on beach
Langkawi lamp wall
Four Seasons Resort Langkawi - UNESCO GeoPark, private beach, artistic walls
moorish horses art
Palace of the Golden Horses - mythical ceiling art, horses statues, Moorish design
avatar lights
Luminescent qualities, color lighting at Penang Avatar Secret Garden
froghill penang wedding
Froghill at Kampung Guar Petai in Penang is Malaysia's Jiuzhaigou
petaling street prewedding
Love Birds Trail Petaling Street - Flea market, food, heritage and culture
arm wrestling
Cross Dressing
cave sunset
Amazing Photography Backdrop of Earth, Water, Air and Fire
slow shutter speed
Time Stood Still (Slow Shutter Speed, Panning)
lift wifey up
The Majestic Petronas Twin Towers from KLCC Park
Treehouse in the Forest @ Dusun Garden Fairies
sitting on a deck
Herbs, Spices and Rain Forest | Tropical Spice Garden, Penang
photobooth backdrop
Customized Photobooth Backdrop Ideas
Pre-Wedding Photography in Tokyo, Japan
clan jetties penang
Clan Jetties Water Villages on Stilts in Penang
templer park
Hilltop with 360° forest view | Templer Park Rainforest Retreat
Lake, English Cottage, Garden, Serenity | A-Park Puchong
painting like images
The Paintings of Love, Marriage and Relationship
red building in melaka
The Colorful and Historical Melaka
gate crashing
Tips for Actual Day Photography
baba house
A Glimpse of the Customs and Lavish lifestyle of a Rich Baba
beach view in KL
Gold Coast in Sepang - Palm Tree Shaped Sea Villas
temple photography
Spectacular Roofs, Pillars, Ornate Carvings and Embellishment | Thean Hou Temple KL
georgian mansion
1800s Georgian Mansion with Anglo-Indian Design | Suffolk House Penang
dried hay stack photo
Haystacks background for a rustic and country themed photoshoot
kellies castle perak keda
Dramatic sky for the myterious Kellie's Castle Perak
bukit tinggi cool photography
Grand European ballgown at French Village on Berjaya Hills
castle photography
Fairy tale themed photography with background of a castle
Merchants lane rustic
Ideas for vintage pre-wedding photo-shoot
light painted in circle
Astro, Celestial, stars, galaxies - Light painting technique
sunrise pangkor
Sunrise of Pulau Pangkor. Casual and relaxed morning.
lake garden hanging flower pots
LakeGardens KL: flowers, lake, trees
paris photoshoot
Sepia Tint effect for a vintage feel of the romantic Paris.
forest roof wedding
Location: FRIM. Trees that form a forest roof.
putrajaya bridge trees
Beautiful landscapes, landmark structures, parks, lake in Putrajaya.
free style
The bride and groom entourage posing free-style.
soak in waves
This is a nice capture of the wave but you will be soaking wet.
fine art in the car
FineArt Wedding Photography
trash the dress
"Trash the Dress" after wedding - symbolizes loyalty
pose like a model
Pose like a model
beautiful train gown
Flaunt your beautiful gown
sunset langkawi
Gorgeous sunset as backdrop
golf course wedding
Golf course view for the golf enthusiasts.
paddy field blue sky
Paddyfield, blue sky and white clouds.
sakura wedding purple
Photos with Sakura (Cherry Blossom)

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