Hair and Makeup Techniques by Jessica's Makeup Zone

Jessica is a professional of technique. She uses various elaborate techniques to create the desired bridal look. To make the eye makeup look more natural, Jessica applies earthy tones and deep three-dimensional gradient eye contour, combined with smearing technique. She uses both classic and airbrush makeup. It is best to let her assess your skin and decide on the method to achieve the best result. For the hair she works with creative lines and dimensions, the hair-do will look good at any angles. I love the way she creates unique patterns that make the hairdo stand out.

elegant blue dress
Jessica creates unique patterns that make the hairdo stand out.

is the best
She uses various elaborate techniques to create the desired bridal look.

magic hands


great makeup technique
To make the makeup look more natural, Jessica uses earthy tones and three-dimensional eye contour.
eyes accentuation

best in town

kl mua

beautiful little roses
Love this hairstyle

big rose many loops

Depending on your preference you can choose the youthful princess look, the noble royal or the elegant stylish, Jessica's skills will definitely impress you. You want your bridal look to exhibit a special kind of charisma. Jessica's forte is in adding a special touch to each style. For example using accessories, creating exquisite shapes and patterns to the hair and giving the bride a fresh and flattering makeup. More makeup is not necessarily better. The secret is the right product and technique. She blends the color well by smearing, tapping, with the right tools or her fingers, using more lightweight products for a natural finish.

Youthful princess look - with loose side pony and hair accessories

low cut dress



perfect bridal makeup

high bun

crown braid and long hair piece
Jessica would add beautiful and unique patterns to the hair-do

Jessica's Makeup Zone

drawing the lips

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