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Lawrence creates beautiful images that reflect the passion of wedding. He is constantly looking for unique details in his composition. The way he plays with angle and light, captures emotion, seizes the amazing moments makes the difference. The special day is filled with emotions of the passionate bridal team, joyful family & friends and the enthusiastic couple. With the effects added and photo edited, the image produced is very eye catching - a piece of fine art.

Every bride and groom wishes their wedding photos to have something unique that represents them, their story. Valstasia Weddings specializes in capturing pictures that look artistic, romantic and special for the couple. Lawrence allows his clients to convey their individuality. Whether it is the special location, a pair of stunning shoes, the quirky things that you always wanted to do or a dramatic scene, the result will truly amaze you. Shooting at a location that means something to you can take you down memory lane, besides making your wedding album more meaningful.  I think he has envisioned how the scenes would turn out when they were happening.

Valstasia captures the passion of wedding

The passion, joy, and special moments of wedding


happy bride

melaka red house up the stairs
Lawrence envisions the scenes as they are happening

christ church wedding shoot
He plays with angle to produce a beautiful composition

purple puffy dress sitting on beige couch

sunset dirty muddy sand gown
Don't be afraid to get your beautiful gown dirty. The amazing skyline and effects of the beach are truly worth it. #flauntthedress.

in a circle white room

no kiss yet tea boh plantation

long legs exposed
You have a pair of gorgeous shoes and endless legs; flaunt them.

transparent umbrella mink dress
Quirky ideas are the best.

cloudy rocks walking couple

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