Review of The Raw Note Entertainment's Wedding Live Band

Many readers have asked my recommendation for a good wedding live band. I must say I am amazed by The Raw Note's in-tune singing. Each of their vocalist sings at the right pitch in a unique musical style and technique. It does not come as a surprise because the vocalists are professional singers who have produced their own albums.

Watching the band perform live at the Setia City Convention Centre was a great experience. I could feel the strong emotions this talented live band created that brought so much enjoyment to the crowd. My husband praised the band's immaculate singing skill when he first heard them played from outside, even before entering the wedding reception ballroom. While the pronunciation of some English words may not be perfect, Si Hui who was the female vocalist has the stage presence to pull off every song with her charisma and good singing. She was also the emcee for the night. Appeared poised and confident, she definitely knew what was going on. Si Hui did a good job at keeping the crowd informed about the ceremony, she made sure there was interaction to retain their focus.

We particularly adore the keyboardist cum singer, Chris. His singing was effortless yet rich with very accurate pitch control. The guitarist Joel was really good. His mastery of bluesy jazz riffs make for easy and comfortable listening. Perfect for wedding events. I am no great musician, however from the response of the guests; the big applause and engagement, you know that this is the wedding live band to go to.

chris has a great voice
Watching The Raw Note Entertainment performed at Setia City Convention Centre was a great experience
raw note band
Female Vocalist cum emcee: Si Hui in a 4 piece band

 The band's live performance

shah alam
Setia City Convention Centre Hall has a great ambiance with ample space for a live band

Dynamic intonation by Vocalist: Debbie

Accurate pitch control, rich vocal and Keyboard performance by Chris
Cover of Jacky Cheung's 妳的名字我的姓氏 (Your First Name my Last Name)

Vocalist: June - 4 piece band

Sassy Vocalist: Jyin - 3 piece band

For something different, get the Raw Note Entertainment's very reasonably priced package which includes a live band, an emcee and a magician to amuse your guests with some fun tricks and illusions before and during the wedding reception. It is not over-the-top extravagant performance but sufficiently entertaining to hold the audience's attention.


all black event

I have done some research about the Raw Note and found very pleasant reviews about this wedding entertainment service provider. The most consistent feedback is about the versatility of their vocalists line-up. Take a listen carefully to the videos I have posted on this blog entry and it will be known to you what the others have been talking about. They have more talented front-liners with a big range of vocal flexibility and ability compared to other bands. Together with top-notch customer service, professionalism, spontaneity to adapt and an affordable price, The Raw Note Entertainment is definitely worth your consideration.

Aug 2013
We really love the versatility of what their vocalists’ voices can do! From the latest radio hits, nostalgic oldies, swingin’ jazz numbers, groovy RnB songs, and all-time popular rock songs, they are able to present them at the best you could expect. They have more than 8 talented front-lines with different type of voice ability for you to choose from, and they definitely have all the top musicians from the scene as their back-lines! One thing that is really convincing is their affordable price where professional, polite and patient customer servicing attitude comes along together. That really makes the whole package worth more than it! We were actually kinda worried about the music volume (as some of us will think that having a band playing on the stage while having dinner will be quite noisy and annoying) but we were surprised that they actually adjusted the volume of the whole performance to a very ear-friendly level where we can hear every bit clearly and still be able to talk without yelling at each other! After the whole dinner, Joanna’s guests claimed that they were really impressed with The Raw Note’s performance!
Nov 2012
THE RAW NOTE is possibly the most versatile live band I've seen and heard. They can sing in any languages (english, cantonese and mandarin). I would call them if I have guests from varied background.

The Raw Note Entertainment

most versatile band

FB Page:
Tel: 016-207 0957
Contact Person: Janice
Rates: from RM3xxx

Other services: Sound system rental, emcees, dancers, magicians and clowns.

BS | Armadale Weddings

I have been researching about bridal shops (BS) in Malaysia and found numerous constructive advices from fellow BTBs. Collectively, you will be able to filter out the non-appealing ones and focus on the aspects you care about the most. Hereby I give you the research outcome and two cents worth of my review.

Armadale Weddings
Thumbs up for Armadale's outstanding customer satisfaction in terms of service, quality of gowns and photography. Recently, brides have recommended photographer Covan. His work has been described as awesome. PG Edwin Tan's work has always been impressive. Comments have it that you have to pay a hefty amount for their wedding packages but they are worth every penny. 

If you have a slightly looser budget, this is a good bargain. The wedding gowns are gorgeous but the collection of evening gown is limited. They have gowns from designer Carven Ong ( , Keith Kee ( and their own in-house designers. The Armadale brides have been saying how they loved their gown collection and you can choose any gowns. In term of service, the sales assistants (SA) in this bridal house have shown very promising customer orientation. There are also no hidden charges. The owner of Armadale, Joanne has a good eye for gown selection and you don't have to worry that you can't find the wedding dress that fits you. You are in safe hands.

The differences are Armadale:
1. Includes ampoule and fake eye lashes (which the regular wedding packages don't) - ~RM100
2. Gives you back all photo soft copies without extra charge - This usually costs ~RM1.5 - 2K

Depending on what you want, this may be a more reasonably priced option for you.

Dec 2013
Armadale Weddings service is very good and professional. Jasmine Hue was our wedding consultant and she was very helpful when I was picking gowns for my pre-wedding photoshoot and for my AD. She allows time and space for me to make up my mind and was not pushy. They have some variety of bridal gowns to choose from. Agnes Yip was our make-up artist during our pre-wedding photoshoot, her make-up style was good in the sense that it suited for photography purpose, hair-do was done well. Edwin Tan was our chosen photographer who works for Armadale Weddings and we enjoyed working with him. He is a very patient photographer. He guided us on how to pose and was also very open to our ideas. He is also creative, funny and makes us feel relax and comfortable during the photo shoot.
Sep 2013
Armadale adopts a very brilliant business model which impresses me personally. By partnering with above-average/reputable photographers & videographer while offering the rental of limited collection of designer's apparels at flat rate, i.e. no hidden cost for extra photo or so-called V.I.P. dresses as all hi-res photos are returned and all dresses as just as exclusive.
Not only clients get the best of both worlds but the peace of mind on the quality and straight-forward service, i.e. no extra headache on top of worrying about 'what props to use', 'what to wear', 'where to shoot' etc.
Also, another very commendable attitude that we really like about the team was their outstanding dedication and hospitality in giving their best to their clients. When our session actually exceeded 5 hours, we expected to get slapped with an extra bill for overtime (which is typical of many other 'award-winning / high profile' photographers). Instead, Edwin Tan offered to buy us lunch. Joanne, the owner of Armadale, has very good eye for gown selection. In fact, she took the trouble to call me up just to try out a new dress which she believed was a better choice for me and indeed it was!
Aug 2013
i took my package with Armadale Weddings during 2011 (RM3888). They provide great service and advise. You definitely don need to worry about add money becos they wont push you to add this add that, this is what i like about Armadale
Feb 2013
jus received our album yesterday. it was fantastic end to end service (PS to final delivery)
all well done from 13 Dec 12 til 26 Feb 13... slightly more than 2 mths.
the owner Joanne actually called me up last week to notify me that new dresses are arrived and let me have a 2nd go of gown selection despite having selected my AD dresses a week before.
excellent service from Armadale =)

Nov 2012
I'm one of Armadale bride, and so far i'm very happy with their services, even though I have settled the full payment for pre-wed photography months before I collect my album and etc. My photographer is Covan and I did engaged him for my AD photography as well. I'm really satisfied with the outcome of the photos, the album layout design and their services so far. Judy and Jasmine have been really helpful during the whole process and when choosing gown too. Their gowns are lovely too.

Apr 2012
I found out abt Armadale Weddings. They r located at Damansara Heights, quite secluded area, but very cosy and private in a way. Not very commercialized kind like those BS at ss2. Since my actual day is ard d corner, they make arrangement efficiently n I managed to hv my pre-wedding shoot taken again within short period of time. Not only they do not categorized their gowns, they dont practise hidden charges too. I got all my photos back in high resolutions :wub: N they r all fantastic!!! My fiance n I were super pleased. Their staff r all very helpful n friendly even after we settled d balance payment. Although I've paid for d other BS for my actual day services, I rather let it forfeited n go for Armadale Weddings. Their professionalism were indeed very impressive.
During my actual wedding day, I've shown both pics n albums from d other BS n Armadale. All my guests love d one from Armadale. Which I felt truly worth it :cheers:
So for all d brides-to-be out there, pls pls pls do not waste your time on those extremely commercialized BS out there. Go directly to Armadale Weddings. I can assure all of u that u wouldn't b regret!

Armadale Weddings:
FB Page:
Address: Block F-G-03A, Neo Damansara,  1 , Jalan PJU 8/1 , Bandar Damansara Perdana, 47820 Selangor.
Tel: 03-7731 9100
                                    Service: 6
                                    Photography: 6
                                    Make-up and styling: 5
                                    Gown: 5
                                    BS environment: 5

                                1♥ : horrendous
                                2♥ : barely making it
                                3♥ : average - nothing to shout about
                                4♥ : better than average, special in certain ways
                                5♥ : good overall
                                6♥ : EXCELLENTE!! 

Photos by Covan Loh:

rustic romantic
very subtle beauty
nice lake view
nolstalgic image
covan loh pg
vintage classic

Rumah Kebaya Malaysia

Puan Sitti Nurs is the fashion designer and the lady behind Rumah Kebaya Malaysia (RKM). This kebaya specialist studio not only provides custom-made services and rental of kebaya, it also caters to Pelamin decoration, Make up services and Photography. RKM wishes to deliver a very personal service to their customers and an appointment has to be made beforehand to arrange for a private session with them. For custom-made gowns, RKM will take care of the material such as the fabric and embellishments. Fabric from the clients will not be accepted. Usually the gown will be ready in about 6 months time.  

Sitti Nurs is a specialist in kebaya whose workmanship is absolutely neat, attractive and unpredictable, something really unique and refreshing. Some of her work are like a combination of modern and traditional Malay wedding gowns. Her taste is exquisite. You just have to tell her a rough idea about your dream gown and she will chalk out a classic design specific to your needs. She makes sure she receives the green light on the sketch before proceeding with making it. Her customers love the detailing, color, design of the dresses made by Sitti. The cutting and details make the bride looks slimmer and taller. You can also rent from their ready-made collection if you are not able to book the custom-made one in time.

two piece

golden blue white

blue white pink
RKM provide bridal make-up services

inspired by western bridal gown

long sleeve and skirt
Feb 2012

keris baju set
fitting kebaya
pre wedding shoot

Feb 2013
1st time masa memula dengar,masa di pameran pengantin (yang ke berapa tak ingat dah),masa tu macam, eh? Rumah Kebaya Malaysia? Jual baju kebaya ke di tengah-tengah pameran pengantin? Sekali bila masuk je,wah,ohsem! Serius cantik! Ni kalau ada rezeki lebih ni sanggup ku labur wang ni! Nama pun RKM, sah-sah mereka ni spesialis dalam pembikinan Baju Kebaya! Lebih-lebih lagi Baju Kebaya ni baju tradisional Melayu kita. Memang rugi sangat lah kalau xmerasa pakai sekali seumur hidup kan?
Berbalik pada bakal-bakal pengantin, kalau diperhatikan kebanyakan fesyen resepsi mahupun tandang, ramai memilih pakai chiffon / lace yang penuh beads / mutiara naga tu kan? RKM ni pun tak terlepas dari trend sebegini!
Jul 2012
Semalam I teman my friend pergi Rumah Kebaya Malaysia. saje nak survey2. dah lame teringin nak pergi actually tp dulu diorang buat kat usj. so, I slalu bertangguh utk pergi sbb I xtau jalan usj. heheh. now diorang dah bukak kat seksyen 7, shah alam. bile I pergi ya Allah cantik2 nye sume baju!!! tension I tau!! haha... dgn package2 diorang yg affordable. plus kat sitti n her staff tasha sangat la baiknye. lame jugak la lepak kat sane smlm. sembang2 gn kak sitti n tasha. they are sooo nice n peramah. kak sitti sgt lembut n chumel!
Feb 2012
Saya dan Rayza telah ke Rumah Kebaya Malaysia dan membuat tempahan dengan mereka. Founder adalah Kak Sitti yang kecil molek adalah specialist in Kebaya, mempunyai hasil kerja yang kemas, menarik dan unpredictable. Mempunyai citarasa dalam pembuatan kebaya yang tinggi and sangat komited dengan kerjanya.  I only mentioned to her yang saya mahukan sesuatu yang tradisional and saya mahukan warna emas. So she proposed us to go for classic gold and I HEART IT!! Kak Sitti sketch design untuk baju saya dan Rayza and we both agreed with the design. Apa yang saya suka adalah Kak Sitti akan meminta kebenaran sebelum sketch. Sama ada saya setuju dengan designnya. Saya suka hubungan yang begitu sebab kadang-kadang ada sesetengah designer yang sentiasa rasa diri betul and tak nak dengar pendapat and apa kemahuan pengantin. Kak Sitti turut memberi tips pelamin, solekan and aksesori bagaimana yang bersesuaian untuk menaikkan seri pengantin semasa memakai pakaian yang saya tempah. Saya SANGAT JATUH CINTA DENGAN BAJU SAYA. More than what I expected. She also gave me the shoes yang kena dengan baju saya. I LOVE everything about the dress and the shoes. The detailing, color, design. ALL. And as I mentioned before, saya nampak slim and tinggi. ACHIEVE!! hahaha. So anyone apa yang boleh saya cakapkan adalah it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Kamu akan rasa SUPER SATISFIED and tak sabar-sabar untuk memakainya. Seriously. Oh ye, Rumah Kebaya Malaysia mempunyai kuota mereka sendiri. Mereka hanya mengambil tempahan untuk baju baru sebanyak 5 tempahan sahaja. Kebiasaanya mereka akan fully booked dalam kadar yang cepat. That is why saya dengan cepatnya tempah baju SUPER AWAL hahahah.   

Rumah Kebaya Malaysia
FB Page:
Add: 26B , Jalan Plumbum N7/N,Seksyen 7,40000,Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: +6017-208 9044 / +014-620 0198

Kebaya Rental Price: from RM599 - RM3500 (Depending on material, design and workmanship)  

Package Ruby: RM5999
  • Pelamin Sanding (10-15 feet, backdrop, stage, chairs, alat merenjis, pelamin decoration, bantal tangan & kaki, kipas, payung & arch)
  • Walkway 4pcs
  • 1 x Make up & Hair-styling / Hijab
  • Gown/ Baju for the bride and groom (From the Ready-made collection)
  • Accessories (Groom: Tanjak, Sampin & Bekung, Keris Keronsang) (Bride: Inner, Korset, Rantai, Veil, Crown & Tudung)  
Make-up Service:
from RM450 (makeup done at Rumah Kebaya Malaysia)
RM600 (makeup done at another location; bride's home, wedding venue...)

REVIEW: White House Wedding SS2

White House Wedding
FB page:
Add: 1, Jalan SS2/86, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel: 03-7874 6126

Positive reviews: To buy the gowns, pricing is surprisingly cheap. They range from RM799 to RM1699 for the bridal gowns (most made in China). The bridesmaids dresses range from RM100-200 and some evening gowns at RM499. Love the white gown with flowers at the chest lining which looks elegant.

Negative reviews: Not very extensive selection of gowns,  quite a lot of faux cubic zirconia (artificial/ synthetic cubic zirconia which is a type gemstone similar to diamond) on the bodices, which some brides may not like. 

bridezilla @ Jul 2012
Main aim - look for a dress. We were met by a Steven Cheong (whose name card says Operation Manager), a somewhat quiet and reserved character who took us upstairs on our request to see the gowns. (He probably thought we were spies, but what the heck, can't you see the ring on my finger?!) Not a very extensive selection from what I could see. Most of the gowns were A-line strapless tube tops with beaded bodices and an assortment of skirt materials - creamy thick satin, can can. I quite detest those layered skirts that remind me of anything except how I want to look like on my wedding day, so about half the selection is out. There were about 7-8 metal rows, and on my estimate of about 10 gowns a row, you've got about 70-80 gowns upstairs? And about 60% was white. Some use quite a lot of faux cubic zirconia on the bodices which again I don't quite like (and herein is the disclaimer - views expressed are the author's opinions and you can't kill sue murder fault anyone for having an opinion) Pricing? Surprisingly cheap. They tag the sale prices onto the gowns (which I initially mistook for rental prices!) - and they range from RM799 to RM1699 for the bridal gowns (most made in China). The bridesmaids dresses range from RM100-200 and I saw some evening gowns at RM499. Selection quite limited though.
mala @ May 2012
I love the white gown with flowers at the chest lining. It looked so elegant when I saw one of my friend wore it on her wedding day ! =)) They certainly do have a taste in their selection of gowns especially those simple yet elegant kind of gown.

shanghai pre-wedding photoshoot
Pre-wedding photoshoot in Shanghai, China. Bride wearing a lacy ballgown.
night view shanghai
Night shooting in Shanghai
crystal beads cameron highlands
Empire cut wedding gown with crystal beads. Photo taken in Cameron Highlands.
at dessert pre wedding
Green and yellow tones
sexy yellow wedding shoot gown
Dress with a plunging neckline
photo post processing
Some photo post processing
spanish veil
Spanish lace veil

Dynasty Dragon Seafood 皇龍海鲜大酒家 | SStwo Mall

This has been closed down
Positive Reviews: Nicely decorated, clean and bright. The place is quite spacious and comfortable with great view and well-decorated. They have a small rooftop pool outside of the restaurant, that can be used for cocktail party. Three small rooms can be opened up into one big room, which is appropriate for an intimate reception. One big room can accommodate up to 25 tables, whereas the common area (outside of the rooms) can accommodate up to 45 tables.  The dishes served was pretty good, in term of taste. The waiters are really helpful and polite. Parking is easy as they have a multi-level carpark. Price is acceptable.

Negative Reviews: Had difficulty finding the restaurant, which is located on the top floor of the mall. The Restaurant entrance is confusing. The mall looks new but empty. The reflection of the ceiling lights was pretty intense and too bright. Too many pillars in the hall. Might be able to hear the noise from another wedding celebration going-on in the common area and share the banquet hall with other married couples or walk-in guests if wedding is small. They do have a smaller banquet hall outside, the condition is not that ideal although it's more private compared to the rooms in the common area. Seafood is not very fresh.

Jun 2013
We arrived and parked, but had difficulty finding the restaurant, which is located on the top floor of the building. The mall itself looks new but empty. Our biggest concern was, the restaurant may close-down in a couple of months due to lack of patronage in the mall.
The restaurant in use is nicely decorated, clean and bright. The flooring was tiled all the way (the reflection of the ceiling lights were pretty intense for me), including the banquet rooms. They have a small rooftop pool outside of the restaurant, that can be used for cocktail hour on a non-rainy day. Three small banquet rooms can be opened up into one big room, which is appropriate for our intimate reception. One big banquet room can accommodate up to 25 tables, whereas the common area (outside of the banquet rooms) can accommodate up to 45 tables. This suggested that if we decide to have our celebration in the banquet rooms, we might be able to listen to another wedding celebration/commotion going-on in the common area (which is why I'm opposed to sharing banquet halls with other married couples or walk-in guests).
Price wise is acceptable, considering the good food reviews we found from the internet. Verdict: I believe this venue can be considered if we were having a big celebration. Although they do have a smaller banquet hall outside, the stench of cockroaches is unbearable, and my handsome saw a rat running in the area (eeks!) In addition, we can't accept the layout of the smaller banquet hall although it's more private compared to the banquet rooms in the common area.
Sep 2012
I am here, finally at 7.40 pm. This Restaurant entrance are confusing. Sigh. The dishes served that night was pretty good, in term of the taste. Freshest wise for seafood are not that fresh though. Example the fish was overcooked and the prawn in butter sauce was very thick and good, but the fresh was not that fresh. Nevertheless I enjoy my time with my colleagues and friends here.
Apr 2012
At night, we have a sumptuous wedding dinner at Dynasty Dragon Seafood Restaurant, SS2 Mall. the waiters there are really helpful and polite. the condition there is quite spacious and comfortable with great view and well-decorated.
Oct 2011
Dynasty Dragon @ SS2 Mall - this is new mall. The restaurant have branches in Summit as well. SS2 Mall will be newer, parking is easy as they have multi-level carpark. Fairly big I would say.
my fiance not really like Dynasty Dragon (he comments the lighting is too bright).
Mar 2011
We went SS2 mall dynasty dragon. too many pillars everywhere.
the food not bad. my fren just held her wedding dinner there.

chinese wedding ss2 mall
Entrance to the restaurant from the shopping mall
big hall, with pillars tile flooring, nice decoration
Big hall (common area) with pillars and tile flooring. Nicely decorated, clean and bright.
bright light dynasty dragon sstwo mall
intense reflection from the ceiling light
Intense reflection from the ceiling lights

pre-wedding photo album showcase

popiah snack outdoor wedding party
tall red tables, after rain Pool side cocktail party with some light refreshment
big sofa comfy seats for bride groom
stage decoration sstwo dynasty dragon
Photo by Dennis Lee Photography

Dynasty Dragon Seafood 皇龍海鲜大酒家 SStwo Mall
FB Page:
Add: L3-04, Third Floor, SStwo Mall, No. 40, Jalan SS2/72, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03-79546328 / 7328 / 8328
Fax: 03-7954 5328

Business Hours: Monday - Friday : 10.30am - 10.30pm
Saturday - Sunday : 9.30am - 10.30pm
GPS Coordinates: 3.120344, 101.626711

Wedding Packages: From RM728nett per table

Capacity: 150 tables + 40 tables (ballroom)


direction of how to go to banquet

Wedding Venue Packages/ Price

Package and venue details below were provided by helpful visitors of WEDresearch. If you have received any quotations recently from any wedding vendors feel free to email me at:

Use the browser "Search" to locate the venue you want to look for.


2016 Package Prices:
  • Impiana Hotel KLCC: Package Western: RM215nett per pax. Chinese: RM2202nett per table.
  • Mandarin Oriental KL: Package from RM2880++ per table
  • Park Royal Hotel KL: Package from RM1618nett per table
  • Royale Chula Damansara: from RM1908nett per table 
  • St Giles The Gardens Mid Valley: Package from RM2388nett per table
  • Shangri-La Hotel KL: Package from RM2798 per table
  • One 1World Hotel: Package RM2588nett per table

2015 Package Prices:
    • Park Royal Hotel KL: Package 2015 - from RM1328nett per table
    • Concorde Hotel, Jln Sultan Ismail KL: RM 1188++  
    • ALoft Sentral KL: Package 2015/16 - RM2088+ per table 
    • AVANI Sepang Gold Coast: Package 2015/16 - from RM150+ per pax
    • Double Tree Hilton KL: Package 2015/16 - from RM2188++ per table 
    • Armada Hotel, PJ: Package - from RM1088++ per table
    • Eastin Hotel, PJ: Package - from RM1488++ per table
    • e-City Hotel One City, Subang Jaya: Package - from RM1288 per table
    • Royale Chulan Damansara: Package from RM1688nett per table. Quotation and terms  
    • Saujana Hotel: Package RM2088 and RM2218nett.
    • KL Golf & Country Club (KLGCC), Bukit Kiara: Package 2015 - from RM1188++ per table
    • Tropicana Golf & Country Resort - RM 1300 (included tax and service charges)
    • Setia Convention Centre -  RM 1388++ (not including MC and PA system)
    • KL Convention Centre - RM 2500++ (not including MC and PA system)
    • Sin Choi Wah Restaurant, Kepong - RM 788 nett
    • The Roof, Bandar Utama Package 2015 - Stratosphere: fr RM7000++, Dining at Signature by the Hill: about RM180 per pax (eg: RM45,000 for 250 pax)
    • Tamarind Springs, Ampang - Mandi-Mandi Package: from RM80nett/ pax, Tamarind Springs Package: from RM140nett/ pax

    Venue Package Remarks Address
    Berjaya Times Square Silver - RM 1,488++
    Gold - RM 1,688++
    Diamond - RM 1,888++
    15 to 50 tables
    One World  RM 1,988++
    Oriental Group - Oriental Pavilion  RM 888 to RM 1,988 nett min 15 tables P1-04, Level 1 Podium, Jaya 33
    No.3, Jalan Semangat, Seksyen 13
    46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor 
    Oriental Group - ORIENTAL BANQUET    RM 888 to RM 1,988 nett min 15 tables 16, Jalan 19/1, Section 19,
     46200 Petaling Jaya 
    Oriental Group - MAJU PALACE
    (PORK FREE)   
    RM 788 to RM 1,288 nett min 20 tables Level 5, Maju Junction Mall 1001,
    Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur 
    Oriental Group - THE MING ROOM   RM 1,368 to RM 1,988 nett min 10 tables 3rd Floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre
    Bukit Bandaraya, 59000 KL 
    Oriental Group - NOBLE BANQUET   RM 888 to RM 1,988 nett min 20 tables
    235, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. 
    Oriental Group - NOBLE HOUSE  RM 888 to RM 1,988 nett min 20 tables No.19, Jalan Delima, Off Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur 
    Oriental Group - ORIENTAL VIVA   RM 888 to RM 1,988 nett min 20 tables 3rd Floor, Viva Home Shopping Mall
    Jalan Loke Yew, Kuala Lumpur 
    Oriental Group - NOBLE MANSION  RM 1,368 to RM 1,988 nett min 25 tables P1-01, Level 1 Podium, Plaza 33
    No. 1 Jalan Kemajuan, Seksyen 13
    46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan 
    Empire Hotel  RM 1,888 to RM 2,288 nett min 25 tables
    Palace of the Golden Horses Raja Sehari - RM 1,968 to RM 2,388 nett
    Maharaja - RM 1,968 to RM 2,388 nett
    Emperor - RM 2,188 to RM 2,588 nett
    Holiday Villa Subang RM 1,188 to RM 1,388 nett  min 20 tables 9, Jalan SS 12/1, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
    Renaissance KL RM 2,030 to RM 2,750 nett min 30 tables
    Pullman KL RM 1,560++ to RM 1,900++
    Sime Darby Convention Centre (SDCC) RM 988++ to RM 1,388++ min 20 tables Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club (KLGCC)
    No. 10, Jalan 1/70D,
    Bukit Kiara,
    60000 Kuala Lumpur
    Dynasty Dragon RM 788 to RM 1,188 nett Summit USJ, IOI Mall, Atria, Klang Parade, SS2 Mall, Kepong Brem Mall, Balakong C180
    Tai Thong Group RM 828 to RM 2,688 nett min 10 tables Subang Jaya, PJ, Bandar Puchong Jaya
    Grand Imperial Restaurant RM 1,088 to RM 2,268 nett
    Grand Imperial Bandar Sunway RM 1,388 to RM 2,288 nett
    Grand Imperial USJ 19 RM 899 to RM 1,299 nett
    Grand Imperial Casa Klang RM 838 to RM 1,398 nett

    2014 Package Prices:
    Hee Lai Ton Restaurant Pudu: RM668 - 1488 Nett
    Sunway Resort in Sunway: Chinese Menu Package from RM1988++
    Sunway Putra Hotel KL: Package  - from RM1570nett per table
    Eastin Hotel PJ: Package 2014 - from RM1388++ per table
    Swiss Garden Hotel Pudu Package 2014: from RM1388++ per table
    Cititel Hotel Midvalley Package: from RM999++ per table
    Vistana Hote KL Package: from RM1188++ per table

    2013 Prices:
    Eastin Hotel Penang Wedding Package 2013: Chinese 798++/ table, Chinese 988++/table, Buffet Vistana Hotel Penang Wedding package 2013
    Royale Bintang Hotel Seremban Wedding Package 2013
    Intercontinental Hotel KL Wedding Package 2013
    Swiss Garden KL Indian Wedding Package    

    Bankers Club KL Packages 2013
    Passion Road KL: Wedding Menu 2013
    Covershots, Plaza Kelana Jaya: Civil Ceremony + lunch for 50pax (menu), Civil Ceremony+lunch for 30pax 

    2012 Prices:
    Inc Tax
    Oriental Pearl Bukit Kiara
    Vistana Hotel KL
    Bridal room
    Wedding favor
    Melia Kuala Lumpur
    Bridal room
    Wedding favor
    Armada Hotel, PJ [function room, similar with meeting room. For ballroom, higher  number of pax needed]
    Bridal room
    2x deluxe room
    Wedding favor
    Marriott, Putrajaya
    Private Function Room
    The Saujana Hotel KL [ballroom]
    Bridal room
    2x deluxe room
    Wedding favor
    China Treasure Sime Darby CC
    Private Function Room
    Berjaya Hotel KL
    Bridal room
    Wedding favor
    Westin KL
    Bridal room
    Wedding favor
    Concorde Inn KLIA
    Mandarin Oriental KL
    Parkroyal KL
    Bridal room
    Wedding favor
    One World Hotel, BU
    Bridal room
    Wedding favor
    Prince Hotel KL
    Bridal room
    Wedding favor
    Avillion Port Dickson
    Need to add RM6250 for venue rental
    Only dinner package available
    Bridal room
    Wedding favor
    Impiana KLCC
    Bridal room
    Wedding favor
    ** All based on 9-course Chinese menu Ref: Info provided by SNK (WEDresearch visitor)

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