SG Bridal Johor Bahru

Founded by Kenneth Lau, a professional photographer with 18 years experience, SG Bridal is one of the more talked about bridal houses in JB. The qualified photographers (THE ROYAL PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY, WEDDING & PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY INTERNATIONAL, HASSELBLAD MASTERS) are able to capture fantastic images. Some photos may appear too dramatic or have been edited too much for one's taste, but you can always request them to adjust the photography to suit your style. 

Not a big selection of gowns to choose from, you will be able to find more classic dresses that are timeless instead of fashionable pieces which could go out of date in the future. Customer service is good generally and price wise, ok for the quality of their work. 

Apr 2011
SG Bridal do not allow price reduction no matter how u bargain. They can let u add and deduct things from package. Like for me I didn't want the big wedding photo. I upgraded the page and pose. Then I add on silverprints and I think they give me free page too.

I do agree that their collection of gowns is quite limited, but the way kelvin was able to capture the couple in the photos was fantastic!! I was given a few choices for my indoor gowns and the girls was telling me that I look better in 1 of the gowns... at first glance it didn't have the WOW factor but the album with the pic was totally different...
Before I signed up with SG bridal, I was also very particular to have dramatic and unique pieces of gowns for my photoshoot... but later to realise that, that will also mean more photos to select afterwards and remove/omit when you are limited by the no. of poses for your album. But of coz you can always top up the no. of pages and pay $$ for more poses to be included.

I think SG Bridal customer service is good to a big extend la... Imagine I neg my package from 1pm to about 9pm. They did not give me bad attitude. I do agree that their gown is quite limited but I would say classic. I am not a trend follower for wedding gown because when seems fashionable now might be outdated in the future. For me, I want a classic gown that bring out my beauty. For me, the willingness to let u try is already very good. From my understanding most bridal shop dun let ppl try out their gown. I have yet to go for their phototaking as I postponed my wedding. However, I am a XL and they do have gown for me.

They have affordable packages.
May 2011

Actual day in S'pore
1 Wedding gown
2 Evening gown
2 coat for groom
1 bouquet
Car deco
(I have one more wedding dinner in Thailand and they allow me to take the gowns there without extra charge)

Photo shoot
1 indoor + 1 outdoor (Sultan garden)
7 sets of costumes with accesseries
7 makeups and hairdos.
7 coats for groom

Take backs
12" x 30" crosspage album, 13pages 32 poses (Silverprint)
8" x 10" mother's album, 10pages 21poses
8" x 10" table top frame X 2
4R photos / Bookmarks X 200
20" x 40" Photo frame
DVD montage
CDR (selected poses) Written as 4R, but they say can print till 8R...

Free gifts
Roll up poster
Guest book
Crystal table top photo

RM 4688
Provide Photo Session
• 2 WG (indoor) + 2 WG (outdoor)
• 3 EG
• 1 Traditional Costume
• Groom coat will change according to Bride’s gown

Provide on AD
• 1 Rom dress
• 1 WG, 1 Tea Dress, 2 EG
• 2 Coat
• Car Decorations with Bear
• Hair Accessories
• Hand Bouquet

• 18 x 24 Crosspage (12 pages) (30poses) with SIlverprint & 七彩边
• 8R album (Full) (21poses)
• 11 x 14 Table Top frame x 2
• 24 x 30 or 20 x 40 Photo Frame x 1
• DVD Montage (2 Songs) (40 poses)
• CD-R (Selected Poses) (4R)
• Guest Book x 1
• CD-cover x 1
• 30 x 60 Poster

actual day photo
Actual day photography
white prince charming
Indoor shooting
shirtless groom photo rose
red black dress
Destination: Italy
prewedding photo holding hands
night stars in the sky
nice building architecture
hold your breath!
nice colors like drawing

SG Bridal House
Add: No.108, Jalan Harimau Tarum, Taman Century, 80250 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Tel: +607-333 8813
Fax: +607-331 8392


singapore jb taman century

Luscious Brides: Custom-made Gown Delivery

Luscious Brides is an online boutique based in Ipoh. They sell tailor made, brand new ready made wedding dresses, evening, traditional Chinese, bridesmaids gowns online. Starting prices are as low as RM399 to below RM2K. Why rent a gown while you can own one at an affordable price?

You can place your order by emailing []. Delivery is FREE within Peninsular Malaysia. They could replicate almost any dress, just send them the photo of the gown you fancy.

Apr 2014
Luscious Brides - almost any picture I found online and sent to her, she would send me a quotation and after payment, she would start working on it. It's like she could replicate almost any dress I sent. If she can't do it, she will let you know her limitations too. I'm also very happy with her pricing as it is affordable. My main white gown cost me RM850 and my peach evening gown cost me RM950. Processing time takes up to one month.

single strap
lacy top with waist accessories
chiffon overlay
Evening gown
can be altered
bridesmaid's dresses

umbrella covering the bride
Actual bride
sequened lace wedding gown
traditional wedding dress

Luscious Brides
FB Page:

Charles Cake and Confectioneries

Charles's home-baked cakes fresh from the oven and confectioneries can be customized to satisfy your wedding needs. Charles does not have any certification in culinary arts or baking, but he does have a never ending passion for baking.

The rainbow cake, tiramisu, strawberry shortcake and chocolate banana cake are amazing. Choose the flavor that you like and let Charles know your desired cake design. Try the rainbow cake which has six sponge layers of different colors, each layer filled with lemon cream cheese frosting. The sponge cake has a light vanilla flavor and the texture is extremely light. I am sure the taste would impress you.

peony decor
Dessert table
macaroons dessert wedding cake and dessert table: macaroons, rainbow cakes, strawberry shortcakes
wedding tiramisu cake
Rainbow cake and Tiramisu Cake
caremel banana cake
Japanese Strawberry Shortcake and Caramel Banana Cake

Jun 2013   
Wedding Cake and Dessert. Non other than Charles Home Bake! We love his rainbow cakes and fondant cake! He will be in charging of the dessert table as well as our wedding cake.
Apr 2013
We enjoyed the cakes tremendously! We had rainbow cake, tiramisu, strawberry shortcake and chocolate banana cake and they were all amazing!

Rainbow Cake. It consists of six sponge layers, each spotting a vibrant colour. The sponge layers are being separated from one another with a delicious spread of lemon cream cheese frosting. The sponge layers have a light hint of vanilla, and the texture is so light and airy!

Tiramisu Cake. It reminds us of Alexis/Su Chan’s tiramisu cake as it is coated with a layer of caramelized mixed nuts. I think Charles version of tiramisu is non-alcoholic, though we prefer it to have more “kick”.

Japanese Strawberry Shortcake is actually a layered sponge cake with a strawberry and whipped cream filling, and whipped cream frosting. It is truly a beautiful layered cake that is light and delicious.  We like the nice and light strawberry taste very much!

Caramel Banana Cake. We think Charles has already master “the perfect sponge cake recipe”, if there is any. There are some beautiful cream cheese and banana filling inside with a nice nut crunch layer outside.

Some other confectionery for your dessert table, wedding favor or pre-dinner finger food.

pink ombre roses design cake
Left: Chocolate Banana - Dense and rich chocolate cake layered with cocoa mousse and sweet banana, covered with creamy chocolate ganache.
Right: Rainbow cake with pink ombre roses design
choc mint
Cakes in jar! Left to right: Chocolate mint cookies, strawberry, banana flavor
soft cream puff
Left: Rainbow cake customized with extra berries and finger biscuit.
Right: Crispy Shell Cream Puff - Unlike the usual soft cream puffs, these cream puffs are topped with a crunchy biscuit-like crust, filled with light vanilla pastry cream.

*Do place your order at least 3 days before the collection date, the earlier the better. For customized fondant cake, 1 week before collection date. Any special flavor, ingredients or decoration you want to add on the cakes, you can let them know.

Price will be depending on the size, flavor of the cakes and ingredient used. They provide DELIVERY SERVICE at a flat rate of RM15 in KL and most area of Selangor.

Charles Cake and Confectioneries
FB Page:
Add: Jalan Indah 2/10, Taman Universiti Indah, 43300 Seri Kembangan
Tel: 017-680 8920

Colmar Tropicale or The French Village, Berjaya Hills

Set in a beautiful lush greenery landscape, with serene and tranquil surrounding, the Berjaya Hills is a decent venue for wedding photography and celebrations. The Colmar Tropicale transports you into a whole new world of French-inspired architecture amidst the serenity and coolness of the Hills. With its vibrantly painted buildings and colorful roofs, cobblestone pathways, and facades with various designs the resort is captivating in a different way. This location exerts an imaginary realm for a fairytale wedding which is one of a kind in Malaysia. Be it a spellbinding outdoor ceremony or a mesmerizing grand dinner at their pillarless ballroom, it will be a special occasion.

Colmar Tropicale, Berjaya Hills is also a great background for your wedding photography with its quaint and picturesque architecture. There are a few photoshoot spots such as the pedestrian street with its unique buildings (hotel, restaurants, souvenir shops...), the pond at the entrance with swans and koi fish, Japanese Village and Botanical Garden. The Japanese Village is nice but the Botanical Garden is not very well maintained, both is located some distance away where transport is provided by the resort. Requests on all wedding photography and filming or videotaping at the resort can be made through the PR & Communications Department at 09–221 3666. All requests on the shooting at Colmar Tropicale, Berjaya Hills are subject to approval by the Management with a fee.
Mar 2012

orange skirt
posing at brick walls
looks like a palace
The entrance looks very nice
Jun 2013

grand wedding gown
different colors and design
Buildings of different designs and color inspired by French villages
Nov 2012

bukit tinggi cafe
berjaya hills

Gardens and nature:

coy fish pond
Japanese Tea House
black and white swan
Pond at the entrance with swans (black and white) and koi


not furnished yet
french wedding in malaysia
red table cloth

Jan 2013
Colmar tropicale ,tempat yang sangit cantik pemandangannya..Colmar Tropicale adalah sebuah temapt yang bertemakan perkampungan Perancis yang terletak di Berjaya Hills Resort, Bukit Tinggi, Pahang, Malaysia. Ia terletak 2,600 kaki (790 m) di atas paras laut di 80 ekar (320,000 m2) forestland semulajadi. Pembangunan ini diilhamkan oleh bandar asal Colmar di Alsace, Perancis, dengan unsur-unsur yang diambil dari kampung-kampung sekitarnya seperti Riquewihr, Turckheim dan Kaysersberg.Menakjubkan betul tak.Ramai dikalanga photographer suka datang dekat sini untuk take pic pemandangan dan binatang liar dekat sini.Siapa yang sukakan keindahan alam semula jadi jom pegi ke sini..saya & en tunang dah kamu bila lagi...
Jan 2012
Colmar Tropicale is a French-themed Resort located in Bukit Tinggi, Pahang. The buildings are supposed to be an imitation of the buildings in the old town of Colmar, France which is the most beautiful city in Europe.
It takes  slightly more than an hour to drive to this place from Kuala Lumpur. Despite its location on a hill, it can be hot during the afternoons. You'll only get to enjoy the coolness towards the late evening. This resort is very different from others in Malaysia. The vibrantly painted buildings with  colorful roofs, cobblestone pathway and and multi-designed facades are indeed a feast to the eyes. Basically, the resort consists of one stretch of pedestrian street  with multi-colored buildings lined up on both sides of it. These buildings house the hotel reception, souvenir shops, restaurants, the hotel rooms and suites.
If you drive there, you'll be ushered to the basement car park which is located behind the right row of buildings as vehicles are not allowed into the pedestrian street. These buildings are attractive at first glance but if you'd care to look at the details, you'll find the finishing on some buildings a little crude and "artificial". An attraction around the entrance area is a pond with swans and koi fish. There are a number of activities you can do around the resort. Transport is provided if you want to go to the Japanese Village and Botanical Garden. The Japanese Village is quite a nice place. The Botanical Garden is just nearby. The Botanical Garden is not very well maintained.

Colmar Tropicale, Berjaya Hills - A French-themed Resort

berjaya hills

FB Page:
Add: KM48, Persimpangan Bertingkat Lebuhraya Karak, 28750 Bukit Tinggi, Bentong, Pahang
Tel: + 60 (9)-221 3666
Fax: + 60 (9)-221 3828
Entrance fee: RM12 per pax

Wedding Dinner 5 Course Fusion Set / Buffet Dinner (Menu from RM78.00++ per person onwards. Buffet dinner requires a minimum of 40 guests.)

Wedding Ceremony - from RM9888.00++ (Max 50 guests)

Wedding Photography: from RM400 onwards
1. Location : Colmar Square only
    Duration : Maximum 4 hours only
    Fee : RM 400.00 nett
2. Location : Colmar Square, Japanese Village
    Duration : Maximum 8 hours only
    Fee : RM 600.00 nett

Only a maximum of 5 persons are allowed. Additional person is required to pay the entrance fee at RM 12.00 nett per person accordingly. Should the shooting continue beyond the specified time, extra charges based on an hourly basis at RM 75.00 for package '1' and RM40.00 for package '2'. For day use room will be RM 150 surcharge

Capacity for Sit-down banquet:
Convention Centre: 500 pax 
Alsace Ballroom: 150 pax
Le Chavelier: 400 pax

sit down banquet
Convention Centre
dimension banquet


four face buddha

Saloma Theatre Bistro, Jalan Ampang KL

The Malaysian Tourism Centre (MTC) is a one-stop centre for tourists to discover the local culture, traditional customs, have a taste of Malaysian cuisine and cultural performances. The main restaurant of the MTC, Saloma Theatre Restaurant has a seating capacity of 350 pax is fully equipped with audio and lighting system for your wedding function needs. Your guests will get to enjoy a delightful culinary experience with a variety of Malay and international fare. The restaurant is strategically located in the Golden Triangle, within the shopping, hotels for accommodation and business district.

The traditional Malay look of the place is classy and elegant with a beautiful surrounding. Shawn the wedding event manager is very friendly he makes the customer feels like a million bucks. They will customize the wedding package food to cater to your needs. During food tasting, the restaurant will provide a score card for you to rate the food for future improvements. The food is ok not fantastic.

Mar 2017
The wedding reception we held for our son was held on 4 March 2017. It went well and professionally handled by the crew of Saloma headed by Farid and the Wedding Planner headed by Zack and Natasha. Our guest were happy with the foods prepared by Saloma. The crew and kitchen hands handled the event with dedication. The chef was on hand from the start until the end of our program to ensure ample supply of f&b. Kudos to Saloma and Cinta Anggun.
However, despite the above, the private parking operator adjacent took the opportunity to steal the tunder by "illegally" charging our guest and robbing them RM3 per car without issuing official receipt. This was despite our arrangement with Saloma, free parking during the event.
Nevertheless, again, Well Done Farid of Saloma and Zack and Tasha of Cinta Anggun. To us, money well spent.
Apr 2014
Last Saturday we went back to Saloma for food tasting to decide what to be in the menu for our dinner reception. Shawn, the event manager are very welcoming person and we felt like million dollar guests that day, it was lovely. Even we are quite fuss about the food, he suggested a lot of dish that are not even in our package.
The food tasting is basically them serves 10 nominated people that you choose to sit on actual round table with dome set. They'll provide a score card for scoring and what to improve or change.
Feb 2014
The traditional malay look of the place, classy and elegant. Location is in the middle of KL, very near to KLCC. Food review by those who've been there was pretty ok.
Feb 2013
Location reception kat Saloma Bistro.. Tempat wedding yang mmg indah sesangat for me. Sekitar majlis di Saloma Bistro sangat indah.
Dec 2012
makanan ala buffet.... tp for me makanan so so ja.. x la sehebat spt nama tmptnya.

saloma theatre bistro Wedding reception in Feb 2013

wedding food
Buffet spread
saloma bungalow
Aug 2011

flower stand signage
Entrance and decor
white dress flowers
wedding guests
Banquet hall
malay wedding
wedding entertainment

Wedding reception of Eddy and Shima at Saloma Bistro videographed by Next Art

Saloma Theatre Restaurant


FB Page:
Add: Malaysia Tourism Centre (MTC), No. 139, Jalan Ampang, 68000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 03-2161 0122

Wedding Package 2017:
RM48++ per pax (lunch)
RM80++ per pax (dinner)

Capacity: 350 pax


jalan pinang twin towers