Venues for Small Wedding

More couples now prefer a small wedding because they want to celebrate that special day with people that they care about instead of distant relatives, friends whom they barely know. Moreover small weddings are more cost effective. You can go for a venue of your dreams, whether it is a place with an exotic view, a romantic resort tucked away on a remote island, or the restaurant with the most mouth watering dishes. There are more options because there is a huge difference in paying for a party of 30 compared to say 500 people. You can do so much organizing a small scale wedding, it is so much more personal. Having a small number of close friends and relative means you can design a menu that include their collective favorites. Invite them to participate in the fun, games, dance...

Here is a list of venues each with its own uniqueness. What you want is a private place for your guests to enjoy not only the food but the company of others. Hence big halls which require you to share the space are not ideal. Besides having the banquet indoor you can choose the outdoor venue such as poolside, terrace, garden, beach, deck and so on. Usually complimentary items/ banquet benefits come with 10 or 20 tables or more. With fewer tables, you have to arrange the additional stuff yourself or discuss with the person-in-charge about bundling them with extra cost.

Lakesight at Kelana Jaya

white chairs decorated with green sashes
Picturesque lake view wedding

Picture a pristine lakeside view as the scenic backdrop for your wedding, Lakesight in Plaza Kelana Jaya is a venue with a modern charm for civil registration of marriage, wedding celebrations, and private events. For a hassle-free event management, you can get their all-in package which comes with customized decorations, planning services, sound system, complimentary invitation cards, etc.
Capacity: 30-150 pax

Ciao Ristorante, KL

lanterns on the grass
Already nicely decorated venue with a lawn for your romantic outdoor wedding

You will fall in love with this place the first time you see it. Ciao Ristorante has a very pretty, romantic environment and relaxed ambiance for weddings. The place is already beautifully decorated with a tinge of rustic Italian feel, you don't have to spend a fortune on decor. Their buffet dishes are actually quite tasty. The restaurant serves Italian food.

Outdoor Spaces at Ciao:
  • Canopy (300 pax) - A fixed covered stage (sized L18ft x D15ft x H10ft/centre)
  • Glass House - seating capacity of 80 pax theatre style. The Air-conditioned glass house is available only for R.O.M ceremony
  • Room C (30 pax) Overlooking the golf course, with folding glass doors connecting to room D.
  • Room D (40 pax) - with a rustic wine cellar.

Indoor: Room A (90 pax), Room V (Veranda, 40 pax), Room E (30 pax)

Westin Langkawi Resort

wedding aisle is superb
The Float

The Float at Westin Langkawi, a magical venue stretching into the ocean, will provide the most memorable experience as the bride and groom walk towards the jetty, exchange their vows and receive blessings from everyone surrounded by the spectacular view of the Andaman Sea. Couples may opt to have their wedding by the beach of the resort amidst the romantic sunset. Overlooking the sea, The Splash wooden deck is an ideal outdoor location to host private dinners or cocktail receptions. The Tide, alfresco venue with sea view, ideal for buffet or set menu

Capacity: Poolside, The Splash (40 pax), The Float (20 pax), Beach (30 pax and above), The Tide (80 pax)

Set within 10 acres of lush tropical gardens at the edge of a lake, Gita Bayu is available for your wedding ceremony, party and reception. The floating pavilion on the lake can be used for an intimate wedding if you have a small crowd. With the gardens, wooden structures typical of traditional South-East Asian architecture, Gita Bayu is the perfect venue for those who enjoy a peaceful environment out of the buzzing city. The wedding package is cheaper compared to other similar venues.
Capacity: 40 - 230 pax

Orchid Conservatory Room, Majestic Hotel KL

fresh flower scent

Showcasing a hanging garden and orchidscape within a glass atrium, this botanical wonder is one of its kind in the country. The Orchid Conservatory features a seasonal range of phalaenopsis orchids; with thousands of stunning large-petaled blooms displayed in a re-creation of their natural habitat. Bookings may be made for Bridal Shower Tea, intimate wedding/ engagement lunches or dinners for up to 15 persons in this gorgeous setting which smells refreshing. ROM and wedding ceremony can be arranged as well. The food is simply yummy. Scrumptious menu with beautiful presentation.
Capacity: Up to 15 pax

Bankers Club, Jalan Imbi KL

grand chandelier top down view

The attraction of Bankers Club; at the lounge you will find the magnificent rich nyatoh wood handcrafted by local artisans, the graceful cantilevered staircase goes up to the elegant Gallery Dining Room. With precious crystal chandeliers, this luxurious venue exudes a soothing and gentle charm. Finding a parking space will be a challenge in that area. Food is delicious in good portion. Response of PIC can be improved.

Capacity: Gallery (100 pax), Gallery II (30 pax), Tang Room (150 pax), up to 300 pax

Top Hat Restaurant, KL

best food in town
Songket Room. Colonial design.

Top Hat is housed in one of the few colonial bungalows still remaining in the city, with a delightful garden and a pond. The restaurant, relaxed, stylish and classic, has a distinctive air of a graceful past. The menu includes classic Western dishes with a subtle touch of Asian flavors, local Malaysian and Nyonya dishes. They are famous for their tasty food. Top Hat was awarded Malaysia's Best Restaurants for five consecutive years by the Malaysian Tatler.

Capacity: Sutera Private Room (12 pax), Batik Room (25 pax), Pua Private Room (upstairs, 25pax), Kebaya Private Room + Balcony (upstairs, 40-56 pax), Garden/ Outdoor (200 pax)

Tropicana Golf and Country Resort

modern place for wedding
The Green Rooms cater for small weddings
small at the club house
Spanish Courtyard

This golf resort is surrounded by lush greenery. There are various venue options to hold your wedding reception/ ceremony; Golf terrace, poolside, Spanish Courtyard, Green Rooms or the Ballrooms. You will be able to have the view of the golf course and the beautiful landscape with outdoor weddings. Highly recommended by other BTBs, the service provided has been excellent. The rooms are modern, comfortable and new with impressive lighting and equipments.

Capacity: Banquet: Spanish Courtyard (80 pax), poolside terrace, Greens I (80 pax), up to 900 pax

The Ming Room at Bangsar Shopping Centre

modern black and red

The Ming Room Chinese Restaurant at BSC looks fairly new with modern Chinese artwork, design and nice table settings. The wedding food is good, the best part is, it comes with absolutely unique and pretty presentation. You won't get the boring same old menus at a regular Chinese restaurant, the dishes will surprise you. Some of the dishes are individually served. It provides private rooms for smaller guests reception. Food is Non-halal.
Capacity: Main Hall (150 pax), with 6 private rooms, total up to 300 pax

White & Lacy, Damansara Jaya

Paulynn is an experienced designer (20+ years of dress making) who specializes in lace dresses and details. She would take a good look at her clients' body type before working on the design. White & Lacy's services include one-off creations, made to measure dressmaking and off the rack gowns for rental or purchase. Additional services include jewelry, custom made shoes, hair and makeup. They also have bridesmaids, evening gowns and traditional Chinese dresses.

Paulynn is vocal about her recommendations which would fit her clients better based on her experience. Of course you can disagree or add some of your own ideas. There is only a small collection of dresses to try on from her boutique. Custom made dresses cost at least RM800 depending on material and workmanship. Cheaper options are simple chiffon, full lace from RM2.2K onwards. With her attention to details, experience and genuine advice, you will leave the shop satisfied.

Feb 2014
Paulynn's feedback stood out among the rest. Spotting my natural asymmetrical posture due to nasty sculiosis almost immediately after I tried on one of her dresses, she honestly rebuffed my idea of considering a halter neckline. Instead, she recommended boat neck for me and rather loose-fitting waistline to cover-up the deformity. On top of that, she even urged me to decide by October to avoid last minute panic (based on her past experience with many frantic brides who lost excessive weight or indecisive ones who requested her to make major amendment just 2 months before the wedding). WOW. After some chat on the cost, I left the boutique rather impressed.
My overall experience with her has been very positive from the beginning til end. My dress was ready by December except for the hem where she explained that an accurate continuous stretch of lace is required so that the train would look seamless. She allowed me to have my dress kept at her boutique until a week before the big day to 'preserve' so as to speak.
Custom made wedding dress by Paulynn cost at least RM800, depending on the materials selected and workmanship required. Some of the cheaper options were simple chiffon while some which would cost more were full lace (expect from RM2.2k onwards). Any fancy add-ons such as beads, hand- stitches crotchets, transformative gown / 2 piece dress cost nothing below RM3k.
Mar 2013
I am proud to say that i am one of the satisfied clients of White & Lacy BS. Got married 2 years ago and had my gown made by Paulynn. This woman is an incredible designer. Actually, i didn't know about White & Lacy but my friend recommended me to Paulynn because it was her that have her gown made. Since she was my bestfriend i trusted her taste and i'm so glad with the results. For my wedding gown, Paulynn made me a replica of pronovia gown as per my instructions because pronovia is my favorite since i was very young.
Feb 2011
after checking various boutiques' portfolios, I have decided to make White & Lacy my preferred boutique for my made to measure wedding dress. The handwork is exquisite and they specialize in lace dresses, and I want a lacy wedding dress, with sleeves since it's a church wedding. Then we left for W&L. The area is very unassuming and a bit run down, but at closer look you can see the signboard for the boutique. Going up the stairs I had to smile because the walls were painted lavender (my favourite colour). We went in and met Paulynn and she is amazing with 20+ years of experience under her belt. She sat down to business, took a good look at my body type and started drawing designs. Since she is mostly custom making dresses, she didnt really have a selection of dresses to try on. The figure she quoted us was much higher than my budget (then again, on hindsight I really underestimated my custom made dress budget), but we went for it. My mom also picked out for me the off-white vintage, French lace (I love it too, but much more expensive T.T).
Bottom line, I don't regret going zeroing in on White & Lacy.
Jan 2011
I ended up at Paulynn Chan's White and Lacy boutique. Just the day before, I commissioned her to make dresses for my mum and my three bridesmaids. She made my wedding planner's wedding dress as well as another friend's wedding dress. Unfortunately, there wasn't anything for me to try on in her boutique but I had a conversation with her about how I wanted the cheongsam to look like and she quickly drew the design on the spot. The corresponding price that was quoted was more than reasonable. Most importantly, I felt Paulynn had an expert opinion and wasn't afraid to share it. I knew she wasn't going to dress me in something that looked hideous on me. We discussed colours and materials and the type of lace for the cheongsam. Once I left, I felt at reassured that I've made the right choice and that my cheongsam is going to look nice! 
Feb 2014 - Wedding dress custom made by Paulynn
Silhouette: Half sheath, A-line, Neckline: Bateau (boat neck)
Waistline: Natural waist, Sleeve style: Cap sleeve, Train length: Sweep
Material: Full Lace (plain without beads), Special feature: Orange sash tied to the back
orange sash white gown
walking down the aisle camera

outdoor wedding dress

Lace details

lace details
couple posing


qipao nice red
flower accessories

White & Lacy
Add: 30A Jalan SS22/25, Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
Tel: Paulynn - (+60) 03-7729 5262 or (+60) 012-212 5262
Business hours: Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 6pm (by appointment only)

White Label Bridal Shoes

White Label was founded by Malaysian designer Hazel Lui in 2008. The brand is dedicated to making bridal shoes for Malaysian brides. It offers gowns and ready made, made-to-measure shoes with sizes from US 3-9 (Euro 34-40). Selected designs are available in different heights. Custom-made service is available for alterations from existing designs to different color/ height/ small amendments. It takes 3-4 weeks to make the shoes.

People love the special touch Hazel puts into each of her design, some with unique colors combination, and the use of special material such as lace, glitter mesh, satin to give the shoes an elegant feel. Usually minor alterations can be done to the original small collection of designs which look somewhat similar. If you like her designs and have the budget for it, the shoes are perfect for your wedding event. The price starts at RM190.

You can order them online. Let them know your shoe size by following these measuring instructions. They will courier the shoes to your doorstep. Otherwise visit their showrooms, details below at the info section.

get the right size of custom made shoes

May 2014 shoes!! so in love with ur touch...!
Love the combi colors!
Nov 2013
pada BTB yang tempah baju kahwin dengan mak andam, biasa diaorg akan sediakan kasut. tetapi kalau takde saiz camneee?kalau tak chumel macam mana??camne tuu..dan kalau yang buat baju kahwin sendiri?? tapi yang penting comfort la kan. kalo rasa ada peruntukan lebih tu, I can suggest where to look for a wedding shoes. ada online tapi diaorg pun ada butik sendiri. happy browsing - whitelabel shoes- cantik -cantik kasut diaa.
Apr 2011
Sangat2 tertarik dengan wedding shoes die. Lacey2 gitu.. Tapi xde bling2 plak..terjumpa la blogshop yg menjual wedding shoes ni! Wow, cantek tau, ade yg bekenan! Tapi xbanyak sgt choice and quite expensive. Tapi kalau b2b dah ada budget untuk wedding shoes boleh la jenguk2 kat blogshop ni --> White Label

pink dusk satin shoes
Design: Sharona. Custom made pink dusk satin
angelina-lace netting rounded toe pump
Design: Angelina - with added lace netting, see through Rounded-toe pump
glitter ivory mesh fabric
Design: Cynthia. Double-bow peeptoe: 3.5 inch heel, in Glitter Ivory mesh fabric. RM228
custom made 3 inch heel
Left: Made to match the bride's Tiffany Blue theme. Design: Cynthia, custom-made to 3 inch heel. Contrast and Refreshing!
Right: Design: Latrina. 3.5 inch D'Orsay shoes with lace detail. RM228 with bow, RM208 without bow.
pleated peeptoe satin in glitter
Left: Design: Veron. 3.5" pointed-toe with anklestrap, RM198
Right: Design: Mabel. Pleated peektoe on 4" heel with inner platform. Satin in Glitter Champagne. RM218
strappy sandal crystalic chain
From Left-
Design: Dahlia. All-time favourite, Dahlia in Ivory satin, 3.5" heel, RM 228
Design: Tillie. Strappy sandal, with crystalic chain. 3" heel - RM188. 4" heel with platform - RM218
Design: Ladonna. Breathable see-through lace, 3.5"heel peeptoe, RM228

White Label Shoes

shoes in malaysia

FB Page:
Tel: +6016-662 0199  (sms/ whatsapp)

Show Unit:
TANGS store @ One Utama shopping mall
Address : 305, First Floor, N0.1 Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama City Centre,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Tel: 03-7726 9881
Mon-Thu, Sun 10 am-10pm
Fri & Sat 10 am-1030pm

MyStoryCase - Personalizing your Phone Case

Wedding is a momentous occasion worth commemorating. While planning a wedding, couples usually get their pre-wedding photography done for instance in places with breathtaking views, beautiful blossoms, magnificent beaches... wearing a lovely gown, suit or attire. Now besides storing the photos in albums, you can also have them printed on your phone case. Something you carry everywhere you go, what is more convenient than keeping your memory right on the phone.

MyStoryCase provides personalized 3D case where your photo is printed onto the case. Personalizing your case is about 'your story'. So select the photo or the best shot that you wish to remember! Use a high resolution photo if possible. Get a MyStoryCase to safeguard your phone as well as your happy memories as the color doesn't fade. It comes in tough (with silicone for extra protection) or standard version.

wedding photo cover

For a more subtle effect for remembrance, select images that center on a particular idea, objects or scenery instead. You can capture a photo of both of the bride/ groom's fingers forming a heart shape, then position the image using the user-friendly tool provided and voila... a pair of matching phone cases like this one. Be creative!

a pair of matching phone cases

Now you are entitled for 15% discount with a FACEBOOK 'Like'.

You may check out the available phone models here.

easy to use tool
A couple of easy steps to personalize your phone case

MyStoryCase provides FREE shipping worldwide. Your Personalized case will be delivered via courier or reliable postal service within the time agreed upon at purchase. You should be able to receive your case within 3 - 5 working days, once payment is completed.

FB Page:
Tel: 017-400 1123

Kelab Golf Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah (KGSAAS), Shah Alam

Built into the Kelab Golf Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah's clubhouse itself are the Royal Ballroom, VIP rooms, garden terrace to cater to wedding dinners/ lunches, ceremonies or garden events. There is a beautiful scenery of the golf course. The ballroom can accommodate 400 people suitable for a big/ medium size wedding. The wedding food is delicious. 

Dec 2017
Good place to hold your wedding reception and meetings. Beautiful scenery and good golf course
Nov 2017
Nice place with big halls..... My friend did his wedding there and it was great. | Jun 2015 |Jan 2012
nice view of the golf course
wedding photo ride
prewedding photography (Jul 2011)
rendang daging tok
malay wedding food
kelab golf sultan abdul aziz shah | Nov 2011
carpeted with table chair covers
royal ballroom

A traditional concept wedding was held on 4 March 2012 at Kelab Golf Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah. This video that shows the couple getting ready in the morning and then arriving at the club house with an electrifying song playing on the background. The bride is being carried on a sedan chair during the bride/groom march-in.

Video by iMoments

Kelab Golf Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah

entrance cars

Add: No.1, Rumah Kelab, Jalan Kelab Golf 13/6, 40100 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
For Banqueting:
Mr. Sharul Rezal Maktap (Manager, F&B)
Mobile No: 012-2641456
DID: 03-5512 3305
Fax: 03-5510 5860

Wedding Packages 2014:
Malay- Buffet: from 40++ per pax, Dome: from 480++ per table
Chinese: from RM488++ per table

Capacity: 400 pax