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Inspired by fashion-based photography, Benji uses the contemporary photography approach to produce images that are creative with an artistic touch. You will love the color correlation. Fashion photography is the visual narrative of beauty and creativity. Hence having the props, clothes and theme well thought of before the shoot will definitely help. In the examples below; you can see classy shots with stylish attire, hair, makeup and matching background. Very original and spontaneous result for the Casual Fun Theme.  

Benji is constantly innovating his techniques to help turn your visualized ideas into the image of your dreams. His shots are well coordinated. I think the background color combined with the colors of the couples' clothes plus the right positioning created a tasteful picture. For an effective result, he builds the composition that brings out a personal message.

It will be more memorable to have a collection of crazy, journalistic, creative photos. Benji captures candid moments naturally. There are no rules as to how to pose, be spontaneous and you will be surprised with the outcome.

sitting on the window pane
Classy shots with stylish attire, hair, makeup and matching background
The mood of happiness and love.
Full view of the grand ballroom captured stylishly.
hugging on the grass
Just be spontaneous

black ring box display
Creative image with an artistic touch

pose like a male model
Love the color correlation
you are right my wife
Fun and casual shot

lets sign the papers
A well planned composition

blue bow tie ribbon toy

looking at the blissful couple kiss

bride groom holding hand mr mrs
Contemporary photography - creativity and beauty

sitting on red stool makeup
A wedding day as it unfolds

Sep 2014
Gorgeous pics and photo montage, SimplyBenji Photography! Thank you for capturing those beautiful moments. There were a lot of effort that went behind the scene, but you made the photos looked so effortless.
Jul 2014
Dear Ben, My husband and I would like to convey our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for a job well done. We are extremely glad for all the photos. Since the first day we met, everything has been pleasant and accommodating. Thank you so much for coming all the way from Kepong to Dangi for the wedding shoot. You are the most humble and kindest photographer I have came across. You truly captured all the beautiful moments on our big day that we will treasure for the rest of our life. It is extremely beautiful, we loved it very much. Thank you once again for making the most important day in our live, exceptionally beautiful. We are looking forward for family portrait in future, I'm sure it will be amazing.

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Two Words - "I do" by Lea Salonga

This song is about a bride who walks down the aisle, remembers her past and heads towards the future. She gives me the goosebumps hearing her profoundly expressively voice. She was the singing voice of two Disney Princesses; Jasmine in Aladdin, and Fa Mulan in Mulan.

Two words - Lea Salonga

Lyrics of TWO WORDS
In a while, in a word,
Every moment now returns.
For a while, seen or heard,
How each memory softly burns.
Facing you who brings me new tomorrows,
I thank God for yesterdays,
How they led me to this very hour,
How they led me to this place...

Every touch, every smile,
You have given me in care.
Keep in heart, always I'll,
Now be treasuring everywhere.
And if life should come to just one question,
Do I hold this moment true?
No trace of sadness,
Always with gladness...
'I DO...'


Now a song that speaks of now and ever,
Beckons me to someone new,
Unexpected, unexplored, unseen,
Filled with promise coming through.
In a while, in a word,
You and I forever change,
Love so clear, never blurred,
Has me feeling wondrous, strange,
And if life should come to just one question,
Do I face each moment true?
No trace of sadness, always with gladness,
'I DO...'

Never with sadness...
Always with gladness...

At Lea's wedding, she sang the song to her husband. He was tearing uncontrollably, tissue paper is not good enough he had to wipe away the tears with his handkerchief. Rob is a big man with a soft heart. He tried to stay composed, but was emotionally affected continuously - in a good way. Such a sweet moment. Here goes the video link:

with MIL
rob chien lea long sleeve gown
wiping tears
Rob broke down in tears when Lea sung