Bridal Studio Rating

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I have been researching about BS'es in Malaysia and found numerous constructive advices from fellow BTBs. Collectively, you will be able to filter out the non-appealing ones and focus on the aspects you care about the most. Hereby I give you the research outcome and two cents worth of my review (References).

                                1♥ : horrendous
                                2♥ : barely making it
                                3♥ : average - nothing to shout about
                                4♥ : better than average, special in certain ways
                                5♥ : good overall
                                6♥ : EXCELLENTE!! 
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PG | Daren Chong

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Clients of Daren Chong are impressed with his photography and work ethics. He would go the extra mile beyond his duty to optimize the result. Some other remarks were that he's friendly, approachable, passionate about the things he does, professional and he delivers great service. He possesses the skill to put the couple at ease during photo-taking. Darren's pre-wedding photo-shoot and editing skill is amazing, the actual wedding day photography is decent not as brilliant. Nonetheless he is on the fast track to success.

His packages include a video besides photo slideshow. He uploaded a few videos on vimeo:

I found his work when I was researching for my wedding and was captivated hence this post.

Mar 2012
As for Daren, his photos are amazing and dynamic. But with great photos, comes great charges $$$ Check out his masterpieces at 
kimmie18 @ 2011 says:
"Daren's contact is You can also access his FB "Daren Chong Photography".Daren took my pre wedding photos in Melbourne last year and my AD early this year.
His service is superb as he's not calculative and he goes the extra mile.He's very easy going too!
He made me 2 pre wedding slideshows and it contains video too, rather than just photos."
leowjp Jul 2011 says:
"I got my pre n ad taken by daren. He is good. Worth it too... No regrets."

Tempura says:
"i've met both Daren & Mun Keat and they are both friendly and approachable...i like Daren's pre wed style and Mun Keat's AD photography style...However given much consideration on time and budget constraint i decided to hire the same photog for both my pre wed and AD...i've picked Daren as i've heard alot of good remarks and compliments bout him being not calculative, passionate and professional...not that i've heard bad remarks bout Mun Keat but i've heard he's alwiz bz and timing is packed, that leaves little room for meeting and discussion with him as communication is rather crucial for wedding photography..."

"Just to share with you that I just had my pre wedding shooting by Daren Chong and i'm truly impressed with his work & photography style...he's very easy to work with, approachable & professional too!"
skye @ Apr 2011 says:
"i felt that Daren is superb with pre-wedding but just ok on AD shots. "

Daren Chong Photography
FB page:

dramatic super duper long veil, fun shot
Daren Chong's pre-wedding collection: It's very pleasant to gaze at pretty images like these. I like the first one, super dramatic!

PG | Mun Keat Ho

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Mun Keat
Mun Keat is another inspiring talent. He received great commendation and admiration from couples he had worked with. From the input I compiled so far, he appeared to be a widely favored photographer. This expert is heavily booked up, and you have to make a reservation well in advance. It might be difficult to get a slot. I tried inquiring unfortunately he is not available on the day of my wedding, his assistant Celeste then referred me to a Senior Photographer of Frame Studio; Ndrew.

I have browsed through Mun Keat's highly acclaimed art work and was amazed. He is able to photograph the lovers' character and indicative mood. Almost similar to acting in a movie of their real-life stories; you have the romantic comedy, the drama, thriller, fantasy... It requires detailed execution of art directing by MK himself. They are simply awesome!

Cannot decide between a bridal shop and professional photographer for your pre-wedding pictures, this article may render a little help: Bridal Shop vs Photojournalism.

Jan 2013:
wedding was in Malaysia but it looks like in oversea. I love the mood so much, the pictures can tell the story even I m not in there. I checked with my friend, she said munkeat is the best attitude person she ever met. He really passion in photography.

Forum discussions:
skye @ Jan 2011 says:
"i saw mun keat's work .... stunning ! daren's good too but mk impress me more."

"I really adored the photos that Mun Keat took for my bridesmaid for her R.O.M. and decided to meet up with him sometime in August last year. Stella, my wedding planner arranged the meeting and after viewing his portfolio, I booked him as my wedding photographer. He is friendly (extremely smiley!) and comes across as someone who is genuine. Plus he has a good sense of humour."

Sample Slideshows of Photos by Munkeat

Mun Keat and Adam Ong formed Frame[S]tudio in Aug 2010. Teamwork strengthens the chain. I can imagine how knowledge sharing among people of various expertise is able to bring the team into greater heights.

wedding through glasses in the mood for love | Pre-wedding art direction and photography

groom pulling bride crossing the road
bride and groom at balcony at the back

carrying the bride sideway
Terry and Grace's Wedding (Koh Samui Beach)

wedding booklet | Actual day coverage

MunKeat Photography
Tel: +6012 6531806
FB Page:

Music For a Romantic Event

It will be uplifting for friends and family to experience the joy and romantic element of your big day. Music is a very useful tool to set the right mood for this.

Jazz music is calm, smooth very suited for a romantic event. Jazz performer, Debbie (in the video below) improvises the song in her individual ways. The performance is successful because she collaborates well with the musicians and interacts with the crowd using her own interpretation of the tune. Jazz involves some alteration of melody, sometimes with conflicting and interruption of the rhythms. She is able to capture the emotions embodied in the music by swinging melodiously.

The effects created by Saxophone playing stir up strong feelings and go right to your heart. The way saxophone player, Sharil holds the note in a linear way for a while then vibrates the tone to increase the intensity is quite captivating. The approaches such as flutter tonguing - the effect that creates a growling, raspy sound, split tones, attack and release are what make sax music so sexy. It gets people to have profound and dramatic mood transitions.

A String Quartet is a musical ensemble of four string instruments consisting of two violins, a viola and a cello. The first violin which provides the melody is the leader. The second violin is quieter, it harmonizes well. To carry a more majestic tone, the cellist plays the base line. The viola has a thicker sound than the violin. It is able to fill in the harmonies between the crystal violin and forceful cello. The use of stringed orchestral instruments creates great intensity of expression. A piece like "Canon in D" can spark off the emotions of a blissful marriage.

When You Say Nothing at All - Debbie
A Moment Like This - Jyin
最浪漫的事 - Shin Yee
When you tell me That you Love Me - June
Have I told you lately - Saxophone by Sharil
Canon in D - String Quartet
They Can't Take That Away From Me - Debbie & Jon

They Can't Take That Away From Me - Debbie & Jon

妳的名字我的姓氏 - Chris

The Raw Note Entertainment

FB Page:
Tel: 016-207 0957
Contact Person: Janice

Amazing Results by Popular Chris Fong Make Up

The older post I wrote about Chris Fong became the undisputed most popular bridal makeup artist page of WEDresearch wedding blog. It fetched in total of 1510 hits, the all time highest with the most Facebook LIKES. Hence there's little reason for me not to write another blog review on this popular MUA. I was initially drawn to her by the "before and after" makeup photos on her official websites. The transformation was unbelievably amazing. I thought she created wonders with her proficient fingers.

With this post I have carried out a more in depth study and gathered better understanding on her bridal styling. Chris understands every bride's desire to be beautiful and to photograph well. She is going to make you look like the best version of yourself not someone barely recognizable. After a session of careful analysis on the results she delivered, I am now more convinced of the reason she's so widely admired. The bridal makeup is not over-applied. Chris contours the bride's facial and eyes attributes to compose an outstanding look intensifying their own natural beauty. 

Read the actual brides' reviews and understand their perceptions of Chris Fong. Brides loved the natural makeup and fantastic hairdo she created which turned them into a classic beauty. She is very talented and professional in conforming to the situation at hand. No more puffy eyes! The computing term WYSIWYG is the acronym for "What you see is what you get". Likewise Chris' deliverable is WYAIWYG which is "What you ask is what you get". Her customers seemed to receive the styling they requested with high satisfaction.

Jess @ Apr 2012
thanks Chris, your make up and hairdo is fantastic and so professional, its very natural and the hairdo suit me well. love it love it love it.
Veron @ Nov 2010
I gave Chris Fong a "Wow...." Amazing.... I just woke up with puffy eyes and she actually turned a monster into a beauty!!
AnsonC @ Mar 2010
"Hi, my MUA was Chris Fong. I need to share this with you, she is very talented and professional, and I received a lot of compliments from my guests about how pretty but natural I look during my wedding dinner. I had short hair and had been really worried about how my look will turn out to be. 2 weeks before my wedding event Chris came to my house, and I shared my concern with her and told her that I did not want to wear fake long hair, she took note of my request and just asked me to get some hair piece that I like, which I did. And the whole effect turned out awesome! I also told her I wanted elegant, "bare" and natural look, I did not like heavy make up, and again she did a really good job. When we met, Chris went thru' all my gowns to have a better idea of how to design my makeup and hairdo."

Brides were absolutely delighted with the results crafted by Chris as they were complimented about how pretty they looked. With her experience, she is able to turn a concern or problematic condition into an advantage. The anxious bride with short hair got an awesome bridal look with the right combination of hair piece, accessories, makeup and styling. Veron commented Chris got rid of her puffy eyes and turned her from a monster into a beauty. Btw she is not at all a monster :) (photo below)

young cute looking
Bride: Veron
Sultry beauty bride
Bride: Connie. The natural makeup that is able to bring out the raw beauty in her.
choker necklace pearls long curls
Bride: Jesslyn. Matching hair chain, pearl choker, half down soft curls, glamorous makeup and the princess gown.
side curly pony, looks elegant in orange dress
Bride: Viny. Chris made her eyes pop with radiance. Along with the side curly pony, she looks very elegant in that orange dress.
from plain jane to utmost gorgeous and glam, enhance facial attributes
Bride: Ya Yee. Superb and amazing result by Chris. She understands how to refine the eye contour and facial attributes in the right way.

match overal shade lip color, classy twisted loop updo wedding
Chris carefully draws the eye lining, matches the overall shade and lip color. She gave the bride a classy twisted loop updo.
single strap wedding dress, getting ready morning AD
glamorous happy occasion
versatile, soft, bold, funky, sweet, innocent, sexy
Pick your favorite hair style. I like the side low updo.

Chris Fong Bridal Makeup Services

FB page:
Tel: +6012-6866588
Package price:
2 sessions (2 makeup + 2 hairdo) for wedding day and reception starts at RM800, free ampoules, fake eyelashes.

Groom's Suit/ Attire

Men suits don't have the variety of and are not as fancy as bridal gowns. Nevertheless there are still many details to look into in finding the right suit for your wedding. If you want to look suave and sharp, choosing the right combination/ measurement of jacket, tie, #cravat, shirt, waistcoat (vest), pants that fits you is the way to go.

The basic difference between Tuxedo and Suit. Tuxedo shirts have pleated front and the jacket lapels are covered in satin material. Tux pants feature matching satin stripe going down the outer leg of the pants. It is suitable for semi formal events like prom, weddings, charity events, award ceremonies. Suit shirt has a plain front, long sleeves with full length buttoned. It is worn on more conservative and formal events like business meetings, weddings, funerals.

cummerbund front pleated shirt
Left: Satin strip on the tuxedo pants. Right: Tux shirt with pleated front and a cummerbund (waist sash).
notch peak shawl
Types of Lapels
satin puff floppy bow paisley ascot, cross tie
Tie and Cravat (neckband)
drawing of suits
Types of Pockets

2 1 or no vent blazer back
Types of Vents

korean slim fitting, bond charismatic
Left: Korean Slim men suit. Slim Peak Lapel.  A dart that contours to the body.
Right: Mr Bond is wearing a Tuxedo with Shawl Lapel. Padded shoulders. #Shawllapel

3-piece with tail, vest combined colors
3-piece suit. From Left:
Morning Suit Jacket with tail. Combination of a black suit, ivory waistcoat and cravat.
Black suit with brown waistcoat, tie and pocket square.
All grey suit, notch lapel #Notchlapel

white horse prince double breasted
Left: Two-button, Notch Lapel, non-vented white tuxedo features flap pockets and poly/wool blend.
Right: Double-breasted suit (overlapping front flaps and two columns of buttons), flap pockets, notch lapel

Here are some general rules of how your suit should fit. For instance, half inch of your shirt cuff is exposed, shoulder should be slightly sloping downward evenly, the width of the pants should be adjusted so they hang without any bulges, jacket is in the right length and should just cover the top of your rear end... 

syle guide shoulder pants length

The material to consider when tailoring a suit is Wool. Most modern suits are made of wool and it is perhaps the safest choice if you are unsure of the fabric to choose. It’s a very versatile fabric, comfortable, wrinkle-resistant, and has greater durability compared to others. Another characteristic that makes wool an ideal suit fabric is its ability to keep their wearers warm in cold weather and cool in warm weather.

Cotton can absorb sweat and keep you cool in hot weather. This fabric is quite practical as it’s machine-washable. However 100 percent cotton tends to crease and wrinkle somewhat easily.

A linen suit is lightweight and will keep you very cool but it creases very easily.

Tweed is a heavy fabric that makes it easy for the wearer to keep warm but you will be sweating in hot weather.

wool cotton linen polyester

tweed color cofort crease


MUA | Ann Ong

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Ann Ong Make Up Studio
She did the makeup for my sister's wedding AD. I like her technique, the face doesn't look too dense on the verge of cracking, but is able to to bring out the bride's natural beauty. She is a versatile hair-stylist, you have to tell her how you want to wear your hair; updo, long, bangs, curl, beehive, crown braid, bun, french twist... I don't quite fancy some of the hair styles on her website though, very much depending on the bride's fashion interest. I think she is good in a conventional way.

Bridal makeup charges: 
1. RM800 - Two sessions within a day 
2. RM900 - Two sessions in two different days
3. RM300 - One Session; eg: engagements, ROMs
- Makeup trial costs RM80 (not refundable) without hairdo.
- Additional charge for outstation.
- Reservation is secured with a payment of RM200.

Some feedback gathered denotes her manner of makeup is too light and insufficient to cover certain skin blemishes. Girls who pick her will be able to keep away from looking artificial and having excessive cosmetics on their face. Ann can make you shine by magnifying your pretty features but not over doing it. Brides who favor this technique praised her for the result. You have to communicate with her about the hair styling preferred as she uses simple hair accessories.

Contact Details:
Tel: 012-9877328
websites:  (old site)

short hair bride
Natural make-up, some consider too light (by Ann)

Where to Buy Your Dream Wedding Dress Online -

When I was looking for my wedding dress I was clueless of the various sources available, hence I went straight to the bridal shops, which is the most standard option I guess. Little did I know that online shopping can be not only easy, but there are also more choices and the price is very attractive. My concern was the reliability of making a purchase on the Internet. Now more and more people are open to this method and the experience can be a wonderful one. Make sure it is not a dodgy website with a load of pop-up ads and check the reviews from other clients.

transparent lacy top belt
You can be as choosy as you want and search for your favorite design

Looking for your wedding gown in bridal boutiques is a lot of hard work. You have to browse through racks of dresses, shop by shop. Now take a look at how shopping on can make your life so much easier. You can view by category then narrow the search by price, back details, color, array, fabric, train, neckline, season, silhouette, sleeve length and waist to get the design of your dreams. Mouse over for back view.

click on the one you like

When you click on a specific item, you will be directed to a page that allows you to select Production Time, Color and Size. For reference click on the COLOR/SIZE CHARTS and MEASURING GUIDE buttons. I am particularly intrigued by the big variety of color choices. By selecting "Custom Made", your dress will be personally tailored to your exact measurements. Mouse over the picture to zoom in.

measuring guide, return policy shop online

Next, register and enter your shipping address.  Before finalizing your order, the Shipping method/ cost, Payment method (Amazon Payments, Credit Card, Paypal or Bank Transfer) and Details of the order will be displayed. Their Online Customer Service can be reached at: for other queries and assistance.

Aug 2014
I literally had 3 weeks to get a dress and Tiger assisted and made This possible! My family cannot believe the price that was paid for such an amazing dress!! I'm so excited for my wedding in Santorini, Greece! Thank you so much for making my special day, that much more special! (The dress fit like a glove! I just have to get some small alterations that piece everything together!) thanks again!

Jul 2014
Very good services! Five star to Tiger. The hole "finding you're perfect dress" thing went so well, I would never have the patient to go through all the styles without their help and I'm so glade that I have find the best one for myself. Can't wait to wear it.

May 2014
This place is amazing! I bought a wedding dress from cocomelody and couldn't be more thrilled about everything.  I checked in and they saw me promptly at appointment time. I looked through  several their wedding dress books and  try some on. Tiger,the manager who worked with me yesterday,he picked some really nice dress that exactly what I want to, i know this guy knows their stuffs very well and can trust. . I was worry about the price, because the dress is quite hight quality and looks really gorgeous, but after I asked the retail price ,I decide to buy that immediately, the price can even more cheaper than I was expect !
Dec 2014
I ordered a wedding dress and it corresponds to one hundred percent of my expectations. it was in the time made that was given.I can only recommend the shop.

Aug 2014
Hello, I ordered from Germany a dress here. It's just wonderful. The service is absolutely great and the contact is super cute. Great quality and super fit. I had my dress not as great as it is actually presented. Really amazing. Many, many thanks again!

May 2014
I received my dress, it is so beautiful and suitable for me and lets me have to admire this company's business,and they offer a friendly as well as professional service.
Originally, I only want to buy the dress, but now I think I'll order the wedding which my own with them

dense lace sleeveless side bun
looking side down, purple bouquet

logo pink

California Store:
Netherlands Store:

MUA | Aivy Yong - Part 1

There's another more updated post about Aivy Yong here.

Aivy is characterized as skillful, professional, punctual and able to fulfill the customer's requirements. Brides are happy with the results so far. She uses the air-brush technique which is spraying microdots of liquid foundation masking your face to not exaggerate the pores, giving it a more natural look. Do be mindful, this technique may not compliment your skin, my advice is test it first, book one round of trial with Aivy. It can work wonders covering blemishes evenly which cannot be achieved by traditional makeup.

For a list of other bridal makeup and hairstyling artists, click here

Reviews about Aivy:
visitor of WEDresearch @ Mar 2012 says:
"Makeup artist I settled with Aivy Yong, as I think her price is fair and she's good at airbrush makeup-going for trial on 6th april..I rarely wear makeup so it's ok with me.."

cover all break out pimples blemishes
perfect bridal makeup

detailed intritacate hair piece, big beads
Stan and Bee pre-wedding PS
PG: Andrew Yep
MUA: Aivy Yong
Contact Details:  
Mobile: +6012 3226398
Location: Publika Solaris Dutamas

side swept bridal hair, clean smooth complexion
Soothing and sweet air brush makeup by Aivy

Nuptial Initial

I was checking out some wedding forums and I came across postings with sentences that went something like this; "Me and my FH went to this BS in SS2 and I like the EG there. I heard their MUA is brilliant. My AD is on 28th Sept." A little abbreviations certainly help. Here are some examples below. If you have more please add to the list by commenting. Thanks.

AD - Actual Day
CMT - Cut, Make and Trim
BF - Boyfriend
BM - Bridesmaid or Best Man 
BS - bridal shop/ bridal studio
BTB - Bride to Be
CS - Cheong Sam
EG - Evening Gown
FG - Flower Girl
FH - Future Husband
FI - Fiance/e or "Future Intended"
(F)FIL - (Future) Father In Law
(F)MIL - (Future) Mother In Law
FOB - Father of the Bride
FOG - Father of the Groom
GF - Girlfriend
GM - Groomsman/ Groomsmen
HM - Honeymoon
B2B - Husband to Be
MOB - Mother of the Bride
MOG - Mother of the Groom
MOH - Maid of Honor/ Matron of Honor
MTM - Made to Measure
MUA - Make-Up Artist
OTR - Off the Rack
PIC - Person in Charge
PS - Photo Shoot
PG - Photographer
PP - Post Processing
RB - Ring Bearer
ROM - Registration of Marriage
RTW - Ready to Wear
SA - Sales Assistant, the BS planner who will be assisting you throughout the service delivery process
SO - Significant Other
STD - Save The Date
WB - Wedding Band
WG - Wedding Gown
VG - Videographer

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It's Our Decision

To many of us marriage is a very important milestone of our lives. LOVE is usually the reason. If love is a feeling, then the only thing we can do is enjoy it when it comes and hope for it to come back soon when it is not there. If love, however is a decision, it becomes something I can choose to have at any moment of my life. We then begin to be less self-centered and more other-centered. We decide to grow in love and put the need to listen ahead of the solution to the problem. I focus my attention on your goodness. I can choose to focus on my beloved not just when our romance is at its peak, but when I feel angry, resentful, hurt or depressed. We choose to be active participants of our relationship and reveal the true good/ bad feelings through communication, we choose to have a love affair that lasts a lifetime.

Wedding Diary - 2012 In a Nutshell

Happy new year 2013! I wish all researching couples success in the planning of your forthcoming wedding, to everyone else; that you will excel in what you love to do, feel good, be grateful and make the world a better place. 2012 has gone by with many joyful unions. I believe you have attended quite a few weddings yourselves. These people decided to make a commitment to each other through matrimony last year:

The wedding reception of Yusry KRU dan Lisa Surihani was held on 26 Feb 2012 at Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) and their Akad Nikah ceremony at Marriot Hotel Putrajaya on 23 Feb. The wedding team consists of a skillful bunch.

Photographer: Azmin Mohd (Pretty Peektures)
Videograper: Motion Peektures 
Makeup: Kay Azman
Wedding gown and attire: Cosry
Cake: pearlcakesevent
Wedding Planner: DMZS Events
Wedding Decorator: KS Entourage
Emcees: Faizal Ismail and Vanidah Imran
Catering: Pak Engku Kuzie Catering

wedding reception prep
Preparation for the wedding reception (Photos by Pretty Peektures)
akad nikah, reception at picc lisa
Wedding Dress Designer: Putra Aziz of Cosry.
Left: Reception at Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC).
Right: Akad Nikah ceremony.
all white chairs, round stage
lisa yusry
Akad nikah (marriage contract and religious ceremony)
lisa yellow simple dress, blue cardigan
romantic lovey after wedding
Post wedding photos
Photos by: reaslistbycopa
Location: Menara Mustapha Kamal, KL

Fasha Sandha and Rizal Ashram Ramli (Jejai),  had their marriage ceremony at the Crowne Plaza Mutiara Hotel on 27th April.

crowne mutiara kl, lacy floral veil, gorgeous wife, purple bersanding

On May 19, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg married his girlfriend of nine years, Priscilla Chan, at his home in California. Priscilla wore a dress from Claire Pettibone.

claire pettibone dress, smart, average looking bride

Drew Barrymore married her fiance, consultant Will Kopelman in a private ceremony at the Drew's home in Montecito, California. The pregnant bride's wedding dress was a Chanel.

wedding while pregnant, kopelman

Malaysian rock queen, Ella tied the knot at the age of 46 with pilot Azhar Ghazali, 30, in July 2012.

ella got married with pilot

Natalie Portman and longtime fiance Benjamin Millepied (who worked on the movie "Black Swan") made it official, in a private Jewish wedding ceremony in Big Sur, Calif.

natalie portman millepied, happy together

The wedding of Olympic Gold medalist Lin Dan and former China national champion Xie XingFang was held at at Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium where they competed at the 2008 Beijing Olympic games together.

pretty bride, groomsmen former badminto players

In October, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel got hitched and celebrated the nuptial in Puglia, Italy. Jessica did not wear the traditional white wedding gown but a custom made pink Giambattista Valli Haute Couture. Their unique wedding photo graced the cover of People's magazine.

justin jumping hysterically, bride looking pretty

Badminton world champion Datuk Lee Chong Wei and sweetheart Mew Choo held a romantic beach ROM ceremony on 8th of Oct at the Golden Palm Tree Resort in Sepang. The couple had two wedding receptions, both at the KL Convention Centre. The first dinner was held on Nov 9th, attended by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Raja Permaisuri, our Prime Minister, dignitaries and sports personalities. MC donned a designer wedding dress embedded with more than 10,000 Swarovski crystals created by D&L Couture. The second dinner reception happened the following night attended by the couple's family, and friends.

biggest wedding in malaysia chong wei

Oscar winning actress Kate Winslet has tied the knot with boyfriend Ned Rocknroll early December in a secret ceremony in New York.

square face bride and groom