Vegetarian Wedding | Kechara Oasis VIVA Home, Jalan Loke Yew

From Kechara Oasis’ perspective, promoting vegetarianism is equivalent to promoting non-violence through respecting the lives of all living beings. They use fresh ingredients supplied by local producers to make mouth-watering dishes from the Himalayans, infused with local Malaysian flavours and spices, glazed in the influences of the Vietnamese, Chinese and Western fare which would appeal to the health conscious diners. Their auspicious vegetarian wedding menus feature nine courses bearing symbolic meanings and best wishes for the couple as they embark on their journey of wedded bliss together. The wedding food served is good especially the butter mushroom. Those who enjoy lighter meals would find the simple yet stylish dishes very delicious.

With a sleek and calm ambiance, the restaurant is surrounded by Himalayan artifacts and Buddhist ornaments with a rich sandalwood scent, equipped with modern lighting and audio-visual, karaoke system, and a stage. Kechara Oasis can handle intimate wedding reception as well as grand, full scale 50 table celebration. The design of the banquet hall is nice comparable to a hotel ballroom. As there is no alcoholic beverages served here in this restaurant, you can expect a less rowdy and more peaceful wedding celebration.

red chairs dark modern hall
black stage backdrop with stars names of couple
spiritual restaurant vegetarian
Himalayan artifacts
red table standing glass | Mar 2012
mock meat platter
Wedding banquet dishes: Madala of 4-Prosperity
Seafood Soup
Steamed Cod Fish with Ginger Mint
Yam Basket (Lotus Root and Macadamia Nuts)
not for the meat lovers
Golden Duck with Buns
Three Types of Mushroom with Dao Bao
Xiang Chun Fried Rice
Two Varieties of Pastry
Chilled Longan with Sea Coconut
napkin folding favor box
three cakes stack glasses

Feb 2015
Walk into Kechara Oasis in Viva Home (Cheras) and be greeted by an atmospheric Tibetan themed d├ęcor, shrouded by Buddism-related ornaments and a rich sandalwood scent that promotes serenity and calmness. Kechara Oasis is a modernised vegetarian restaurant inspired by H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche whose life goals include encouraging the art of vegetarianism and making delicious and appealing vegetarian diet readily available to all. The dishes that are simple yet stylish, injected with harmonious flavours and a balance of colours and contrasts as well as textures inspired by Chinese, Tibetan, Vietnamese, Nepali and Western cuisines.
Sep 2013
Came here for wedding dinner. Food served are good. Butter mushroom is very very good
Mar 2012
Kechara Oasis's atmosphere is comparable to a hotel or big restaurant. The couple has selected this huge hall for their wedding banquet of 35 tables, the air ventilation was great. I enjoyed the vegetarian lunch dishes. After enjoying a meal, it is time to give my remarks. I think the dishes taste light, this is I guess the basic requirement of healthy vegetarian food now! But for meat lovers, this vegetarian cuisine would not be able to satisfy their taste bud. Also in ethnic Chinese banquets, usually alcoholic beverages will be served but it is not allowed here. Therefore there are no rowdy toasting sessions, it provides a more peaceful environment for the guests to enjoy the food.

Kechara Oasis New Age Vegetarian Restaurant

staffs of kechara professional

FB Page:
Add: Lot 2.08 2nd Floor, West Wing, Viva Home Mall, 85 Jalan Loke Yew, 55200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-9284 1818 

Wedding Package 2015:
from RM688++ per table
Cheaper package for weekdays banquet from RM398++ per table

Capacity: 500 pax

chan sow lin maluri cheras

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LC Catering | Johor Bahru

Looking for a good and recommended caterer for your wedding reception, or party? Here's one suggested by the Johorians, LC Catering. It is well known for its ayam penyet, nasi serai, nasi arab, butter prawn and satay. Other dishes may not be as delicious according to some patrons. Hire LC Catering's team of experienced staff and food catering experts for your wedding at home, venue of your choice or at their nicely decorated hall, Sangkar Kristal Banquet Hall.

nasi serai sambal arab prawns
professional service catering deli food

REVIEWS (LC Catering)
Nasi serai, nasi arab, Ayam penyet, butter prawn are nice. The price is getting more expensive and the food is not that tasty, just average. Sambal is not spicy enough.
Delicious chicken chop and ayam penyet. Superb food and service. The satay here is really delicious but stingy on the cucumber and onion.
Dec 2012
LC Catering is good and recommended buffet caterer.

Sangkar Kristal Banquet Hall
Dewan Bankuet Sangkar Kristal's wedding package is complete with classy hall/ furniture setting, nice decoration and presentation but is quite costly. It is a great venue to hold a wedding. Their staffs are helpful and friendly too. The food is the best; namely nasi minyak, nasi serai, ayam penyet, ayam masak merah, sate, kambing golek. Wedding banquet held at the upper floor is not so old-citizen, wheelchair friendly as guests have to climb the stairs. Parking is easy. 

wedding catering hall
malay wedding chandelier
red ketupat groom bride in red
dome set reception food
water melon curry nasi arab ayam
Wedding dishes served in a dome. Nasi serai with ayam goreng berempah, sambal sotong, beef curry and veggie. Nasi Arab cooked with beef, served with veggie and tandoori chicken. Kuih and fruits stack.
dessert peanut sauce masak merah
Sate ayam+daging and peanut sauce. Kuih and fruits. Nasi minyak, ayam masak merah.
orang round ceiling light
Sangkar Kristal Banquet Hall (upper floor)

REVIEWS (Dewan Banquet Sangkar Kristal)
Nice decorated restaurant. staff yg very helpful n mesra. must try the ayam penyet n kambing golek. nasi serai is good. Parking senang. Makan sedap. Nice place to hold a wedding event.
May 2013
dia buat 2 pengantin sekali dan berlangsung di Sangkar Kristal LC Catering dekat Jalan Serampang jalan ke Giant Leisure Mall tu. memang terbaik lah sape yang wat wedding kat situ. dia siap pakej lengkap. bayo jelah sume siap. memang class lah sape buat wedding kat situ. class dari segi persembahan masa majlis dan class jugak bab nak keluarkan duit sebab kat situ memang mahal. tapi dewannya tingkat atas dan kalau orang tua ke orang sakit kaki ke memang hazab sikitlah nak nak mendaki tangga yang curam tu. terus terpukau dengan dekorasi dewan tersebut. pelamin, meja makan beradab, meja dan kerusi tetamu dan semua-semualah. makanan lah best. selalu gi kenduri kawen memang akan tengok makanan lah kan. selain nasi minyak sume mesti nak tengok makanan lain-lain. pusingan pertama haruslah nasi minyaknya dan lauk wajib cik zira amek mesti kepak ayam masak merah. sangat suka! lauk-lauk lain pun amek jugak. habiskan satu pinggan tu. pusingan kedua makan sate ayam+daging dengan kuah kacangnya. pusingan ketiga kuih-muih dan buah-buahan.

LC Catering 
FB Page:

No. 340, Jln Balau, (Jln Tebrau), Tmn Melodies, 80250 Johor Bahru, Johor Darul Takzim.
Tel : 07-335 7355 / 07-334 8355
Fax : 07-334 8355
En. Mizi (H/P : 017-777 1005)

Pelangi Golf Driving Range, Jalan Serampang, Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor Bahru, Johor Darul Takzim.   
Tn. Hj. Zaini (H/P : 012-770 8606)                  

Wedding Package 2011: from RM25 per pax

Offers Malay, Chinese and Indian Cuisine

taman melodies johor caltex

pelangi golf driving range istana
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Photoshoot in Fun and Scenic Taiwan by VIVI BRIDE

My hubby just told me his ex-colleague, who's getting hitched bought a custom made wedding dress, flew to Taiwan for her pre-wed PS and paid for all the photos taken. It cost a bomb. Then I found myself busy researching for such overseas packages. Why didn't I think of that? We could have planned a trip to Hong Kong or Taiwan, set aside the first two days for photoshoot and the rest of it sight-seeing the country. Reading the experience from the to-be-weds, I know they enjoyed the entire process. There are some very scenic and beautiful places in Taiwan for photo taking.

Customers returned from Taiwan seemed to praise Vivi Bride Taipei and its crew for the wonderful service rendered. They must have done an amazing job. Basically pre-wedding package includes the albums, gowns, photography, certain number of poses (shots) and other freebies. The BS will inform the customer what are the additional charges, like MUA's (Wedding Acronym) service during the PS, transportation, courier costs, additional poses, extra hours, ampoules... It may occur to you that they are inclusive in the package, so some clients expressed dissatisfaction about the items being excluded.

All in all, with their excellent photography, high quality printing, incredible sceneries and fun adventure, the Taiwan package is something worth considering. Paying for the flight, accommodation, food, traveling and all is expected. There are two Malaysian branches namely Jalan Loke Yew and JB. The one at Jln Loke Yew did not receive as good reviews though. Some customers were unhappy about the unprofessional PGs and service. The smartest thing to do is to have every detail in black and white.

Calvin and Lynn's Love Story
A Singaporean couple who traveled to Taiwan for their pre-wedding PS with VIVI Bride. You can browse through more pictures and fun episodes prepping for their wedding here:

photoshoot in taiwa
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MUA | Camelia Loh

Camelia has stopped offering makeup services at the moment. 

She supplies free handmade accessories in her makeup packages to match the bridal look of the day. Brides who had Camelia Loh as their MUA recommended her skills. Two of them; Sook Teeng and Lisa commented on WEDresearch, they were very pleased with her positive attitude, passion towards the things she does and professionalism. Mei Ling ( wrote a review about the makeup trial session with Miss Camelia that the initial makeup was too heavy for her and her FH's liking. However on the actual day, she was happy that Camelia managed to cover the blemishes on her face well.

Camelia may not be as well known, she is working passionately to build her career in the makeup field. If her profile tickles your fancy, go ahead and book a trial session. You can save a few bucks. Be communicative of your needs and it won't go wrong.

wedding trial makeup
From left: Makeup trial, actual day makeup and hairstyle ('s Mei Ling)
camelia makeup
Lisa with the AD makeup by Camelia
happy bride
Sook Teeng's wedding day

Actual comments about Camelia Loh:
"She has used too much base and powder on me - which probably suit a catwalk model more than a bride. Her reason is that I would need more to even up my skin tone in order to look better in photos. I like the colours that she used though."
"During the actual wedding day, my skin broke out due to stress. I was afraid that I won't look good in the photos. Camelia calmed me down and used her makeup skills to cover my flaws."

Lisa @ April 2012 says:
"I engaged camelia for my Bali pre-wedding and actual day. Her make up is natural and with positive attitude. My mum and the bridesmaid happy with her make up too, you can refer her latest porfolio at =) "

Sook Teeng @ April 2012 says:
"Hi, I also one of the bride who engaged camelia for my ROM and wedding actual day make up sessions recently. I am very satisfy with her make up skills and passions to her works. I really admire her excellent make up skills especially in covering my dark eye bags on my actual day as I was lack of sleep before my wedding. I do recommend her make up services to many of my relatives and friends before and they do agree her talent in make up skills. You may also refer to my latest wedding actual day photos at"

Other samples of bridal makeup:
before after bridal makeup
skinny slim bride
thin bride

Camelia Loh
FB page:
Tel: 016-9645531
Rates: 2 sessions about RM800, single sessions at RM450, touch-up stay back: RM200

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Faye's Bridal House, Jalan Loke Yew KL

Faye's in Jalan Loke Yew was previously Love Vision (there is a Love Vision in SS2 PJ as well). Anyway, all of them are under the same roof, Touch Wedding Group. There is no doubt about Faye's PGs' professionalism. All the brides were very thrilled particularly with Hanz' photography skill. One common problem seems to occur in BSes; the segregation of VIP, VVIP, super VIP, designer gowns... and what not.

I've heard a lot about SAs at BS (nuptial initials) misleading BTBs into upgrading their gowns from what's provided in the purchased package. If you want newer, better quality gowns, you have to top up. As mentioned by noni below, she has been misguided and ended in the section where all the attractive designer gowns are. The section she can pick from is only limited to the SVIP corner which is quite limited in their selection.

Have a read about previous happy and disgruntled customers' review about Faye's Bridal below. You may have a better idea about what you would expect. Some brides walked away very satisfied. It all depends on whether or not the BS could meet your expectation. Nevertheless be prepared to be wowed by their amazing and unique photography craft.

all white couple
black and white wedding image
bride sleeping on a jetty
dramatic wedding picture
destination wedding
crazy pose
prewedding in melaka
Photos courtesy of Fayes Bridal
Jul 2013
I tried A LOT of dresses before finally finding the perfect one at Faye’s Bridal House, at Jalan Loke Yew. We ended up taking a basic bridal studio photography package (which we were sure we didn’t want) with them too because it makes more monetary sense than just renting the dress alone. I was pleased with their service and quite enjoyed the pictures from the studio shoot :)
ms_loke @ May 2010 says:
"We felt that the make up artist was not prefessional in performing her task. She put so thick make up on my fb face, as for mine it does not enhance my feature, all i see was just thick and white on my face. I did confronted her on the make up, she told me it's supposed to be like this. We went PD for the shooting,she wasnt very helpful too in helping us on the 'prop' like throwing the veil, etc. Lots of the time, the photographer have to ask her to come over to help. When come to payment (after the photo shoots), she requested us to pay for 100%. Yes, it's our fault that we did not negotiated for partial payment initially. So, all brides to be, remember to put in your receipt that you want partial payment. the photographer, Hanz was great. he was really professional. but the make up artist, Eliana or consultant, May was that 'friendly to deal with'. So, if anyone of you are going to LV, Loke Yew, do choose for Hanz and please becareful with the make up artist and consultant that was just mentioned." 

natalyn @ May 2010 says:
"Hanz was also my photographer, he was really patient n nice... thankfylly idin hv a problem w my MUA though i did feel a bit over made-up but my MUA did try to listen to me la.... iwas also one of those blur enough to give full payment upfront, finally when we did photo selection n they told us wat we'll be getting it wasn't really wat we signed up for leh... in tat aspect i reli felt cheated, end up we top up coz d initial package was reli 'lau ya'."

bluepanda says:
"Hi all, I am a bride from Faye's Bridal House...I do agree that Hanz is great and professional...My MUA also great, sales consultant also great...I think the most important thing is that communication is definitely needed before they take your photoshoot. Tell the PG, MUA and sales consultant on what is your expectation...Overall, I am happy with my photoshoot, gowns and makeup"

bbs.mylovingu - about Faye's Bridal (translated version)
e Zero 123 @ 2011 says:
"I just finished my wedding photographer and makeup artist are good, we are very satisfied. . . Tomorrow to go to the photo selection. . . My makeup artist Angie, the photographer is Hanz."
noni @ 2011 says:
"I have signed up package with Faye's too. Photo-shooting was ok, the photographer (Kenneth) is good, very creative & fun. We were quite doubtful when we first met him, as he looks too young to be a professional photographer, but he proved us wrong. I myself who love photography is very impressed with his works."
"Most critically, if you package include Super-VIP range gowns, make sure you are also given the chance to view VIP range. Mine was super VIP range. The S-VIP range gowns are placed together with designer range at 1st floor, while VIP range at ground floor. Their S-VIP choices are quite limited, the consultant kept letting me try on the designer gowns (of course without telling me the truth first). When I finally chosen, then only she told me those were designer gowns, & we are to pay additional for each designer gowns that I chosen. We have to pay RM300 per piece of designer gown...our initially attractive package became not so much attractive anymore, with RM1K extra. I felt cheated & fed up!"

SY & KY Wedding Photo Montage by Faye's Bridal (2011)
PG: Hanz
MUA: Ching Ching
Sales Supervisor: Florence

Faye's Bridal House (Touch Wedding Group) 
FB page:
Tel: 03-9222 9968
Add: 62G , Jalan Loke Yew, 55200 Kuala Lumpur
Business Hours : Tue - Sat: 11:00 am - 8:00 pm , Sun: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Ampoules at RM75 (3 bottles)
Fake eyelashes at RM30

My rating of Faye's:
                                    Service: 3
                                    Photography: 5
                                    Make-up and styling: 4
                                    Gown: 4
Price range: 3$ (Price list)
BS Rating

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MUA | Hebe Leng

BTBs in bridal forums mentioned they found Hebe through Belinda Chee's website. Hebe was Belinda's makeup artist when she did photoshoots for iFeel (a Chinese fashion magazine targeted for urban people age 15-30). Hebe Leng is good at taking note of the bride's requirements and producing a look which is best suited for her. She will know your face much better after a trial session. Makeup can really change how a woman looks, and there's always something new you can discover when different style is applied. I am still very amazed at how a plain Jane can turn into a supermodel after a few strokes, sweep, lines...

Satisfied brides (with comments below):
Rachel and Kenneth's Wedding (
differen makeup look for a bride
1st picture: Left side without makeup. Right side morning makeup.
2nd picture: Left side dinner makeup. Right side morning makeup.

Rachel's AD makeup by Hebe. Don't really fancy the this look though. I think the eyelashes are too obvious, makeup too glossy... I don't know.
Rachel's AD makeup by Hebe. Don't really fancy the this look though. I think the eyelashes are too obvious, makeup too glossy... I don't know.

Belinda and Joe's Wedding - Belinda Chee is a Malaysian actress, model and host.
belinda chee wedding makeup From left: makeup with a shade of purple (purple lip too). Classic hair updo. A photo I found on she looks like a cute little girl.
Makeup and by Hebe. From left: light purple eyeshadow and pink lip subtle look for church ceremony. More dramatic look with smokey eyes for wedding dinner.
Makeup and by Hebe. From left: light purple eyeshadow and pink lip subtle look for church ceremony. More dramatic look with smokey eyes for wedding dinner.

Jean and Alfect's Wedding:
Makeup and styling by Hebe Leng. The fake eyelashes, intensity of the eye makeup and lipstick make the bride look tastefully stylish. Makeup and styling by Hebe Leng. The fake eyelashes, intensity of the eye makeup and lipstick make the bride look tastefully stylish.

Comments from brides, pictures shown above:
Rachel @ 2010 says:
"She give a reasonable quotation, she charged RM980 for whole day makeup included 1 makeup and hairdo for Morning and 1 makeup and 2 hairdo for Night. So we decided to go for trial makeup. Hebe is a friendly girl, she give many recommendation and jot down color and eye lashes that we like during the trial makup session"
"Hebe is my makeup artist who taking my morning & night makeup and with her makeup I heard my groom told me "Your makeup very pretty today" once we met up in morning ceremony. Hebe Leng Studio provided manicure & pedicure service as well, but is taking care by her sister, therefore I have my manicure & pedicure here as well"
Belinda Chee says: 
"she’s really talented and creative especially with hairdos, and she’s very efficient and always on time!! Hebe and I had a short discussion before the wedding on all the different makeup and hairdos I wanted for both my weddings and she really just took off with the ideas, I don’t even remember requesting for anything special but she did her magic and thanks to her, I dare say, I looked great on both my big days!"
Jean @ 2009 says:
"My MUA call Hebe Leng. Firstly, have to thanks Nic introduce she to me. On my Actual day, Hebe Leng making me so pretty on that moment. I'm really like my actual day look. Thank you so much."

Other Samples:
heavy eye makeup. Not the conventional style with thick fringe.
From left: Heavy eye makeup. Not the conventional style with thick fringe.
kawaii makeup bride
Smooth makeup by Hebe Leng. Photos taken from her FB page. From left: kawaii doll look, formal look for a special day.

Hebe Leng Studio

FB page:
Add: A-11-1, Sunway Giza@ Dataran Sunway, Jalan PJU5/14, Kota Damansara,, 47810 PJ
Tel: 603-61417590
Rates: 2 sessions for RM1K

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Wedding Entertainment DIY Ideas

1. First Dance
You can get a crash course and choose a suitable dance routine if you are not already a dancer. It's a wedding tradition in the west. One of the dances to pick is the slow ballroom Rumba. Its steps are kept sensually compact with some bending and straitening of the knee to achieve the hip-swaying movements over the legs. Another one to consider is the Waltz which is a progressive ballroom dance where dancers glide in perpetual circles and are positioned close together.

Coach: 012-221 2030 (Sylvia) | Email: | Website

white sexy dress move hips

2. Learn a romantic song to sing/ play to your beloved
Fill your bride/ groom's eyes with tears by performing a touching love song. Check the List of songs HERE. For a change, play a traditional musical instrument such as the Chinese: Erhu, Pipa, Indian: Tabla, Sitar, Malay: Seruling, Rebana, Gamelan...

Music Academy for classes:
  • | Eswest Music conducts Piano, Pop Piano, Guitar, Violin, Keyboard, Saxophone, Pan Flute, Vocal, Chinese instruments: Gu-Zheng, Erhu, Pi-Pa, Yang-Qin, Di-Zi classes.
  • Naka Sutra Music Center:  MALAY TRADITIONAL MUSIC: Gamelan Melayu, Tak Lempung, Akordian, Gambus, Rebab, Sape, Paluan Kelantan / Melayu. INDIAN TRADITIONAL MUSIC: Tabla, Bansuri (Indian Flute), Sitar, Tawil etc. and others.

gamelan for wedding - Gamelan performance
entertain your wedding guest white dress
Learn how to play the Erhu, a Chinese traditional stringed instrument, to surprise your audience
violin bass cello fun The bride gives a performance playing the guitar and singing

3. Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle
Print a Customized Jigsaw Puzzle of your wedding portrait for your guests to put together and write their wishes at the back of each puzzle piece.

Printing Vendor:

wishes at the back of piece

4. Karaoke
Set up a karaoke session with a twist to prevent repeating boring tunes from a particular genre. Arrange with your friends/ relatives (who like to sing, or who is a karaoke kaki) before hand and prepare the songs. It is like an informal performance so they will be less nervous. If you could get a group of them to sing together, it will be super fun!

Karaoke system rental:
wedding entertainment gold shirt

5. Bollywood dance Flash Mob style
Flash Mob was initially mobilized by social media where a group of people come together in a public place, perform an unusual act for entertainment. To have a Bollywood Flash Mob in your wedding, you have to organize it with the participants to practice the dance steps. The interesting part is the act starts with one person, other dancers join in later gradually.

Dance Lessons: Bollywood Academy Malaysia

gif dance choreograph

6. Coloring and Message Poster
Prepare some color pencils for your guests to show off their creativity and artistic side.

creative fun different entertainment
Fill-me-in posters from

7. Growing Up Montage
I always find the childhood and growing up montage interesting because you get to see how the bride and groom looked like when they were young, how the couple met and became life partners.  

Tools to create wedding slideshows:
  • Smilebox (Free): Choose from a variety of slideshow designs, Add photos, videos, music and your own words. Then Email, post to Facebook, burn to DVD or load to a digital frame.
  • Free Bolide Slideshow Creator (Free): With Free Bolide Slideshow Creator you can save a photo slideshow as an AVI, MKV, FLV, MP4 or WMV video file or upload this file to Youtube or Facebook. Just drop many photos to the timeline, tell the program to add transition effects.
  • Foto2avi (Free): Foto2Avi can create video slideshows from photos or can be used as a regular video editor in order to cut or join video files. The video can be exported as a single video file, like avi/mkv/mp4/mpeg/flv or as DVD format
  • MS Powerpoint

Growing Up Montage with photos and videos by Ferris Wheel Studios

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