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Thanks for visiting wedresearch. Are you a researching bride, you were a bride or google brought you here by chance? The cyber world is simply amazing, you can now search just about anything and the answer will be right in front of you on the monitor. It's frustrating however that at times I ended up on some bogus sites. Information is stored in multiple locations, a particular forum may contain a few different threads of a same topic, comments are scattered all over the place. For instance, of all 30 comments in a forum topic, maybe only a couple of them are actually useful. Don't you wish the relevant data is filtered out and then presented to you in one page?

Now here's the deal. I'm sure you have inquired about or dealt with a wedding vendor in some ways. Why not share the experience. Similarly, when downloading a movie/song from any P2P file sharing application, someone has to seed (feed the data) for the downloaders (leeches) to get it. Contribution can be made by writing a comment. You don't have to be a registered blogger to comment, simply select; Anonymous or Name/URL. Otherwise, email me at Sounds good?

If everyone provides one useful piece of information, it saves fellow BTB's effort big time, shortlisting from the sea of available options. Perhaps you have attended a wedding recently, how did the food taste, did you have problems with the service, were you comfortable with the ambiance or you thought the reception went pretty well? How would you rate the overall service rendered by the BS (Wedding Acronym), did the photography standard meet your expectation, or was there a 'wow' factor, did you like the makeup/ styling and gowns selection? You are happily married and your AD photos were a big disappointment, feel free to inform us what went wrong. Was the MUA you hired worth the money spent?

I underwent the laborious wedding planning myself. Listing down the qualities, rates, contact, pictures, comments, of each vendor helps me get a better assessment. My thought is keeping all this information to myself would be such a waste.

MUA | Mae Liew

For a list of other MUAs, click here please.

Mae is known for beautifying and making sure that Label:celebrities look their best on the cover of fashion magazines. Having worked with international stars such as Tavia Yeung, Sa Ding Ding, Janet Hsieh, designer Beatrice Looi and other top models, her skill is not something you need to worry about. She provides makeup classes as well at the Art of Mae Atelier Workshop, a company she founded.

I find her makeup style to be very vibrant, having the versatility that caters to individual needs. Some more flashy, others plainer or classier. With her advance professional experience, she is able to create a bridal look preferred by the bride, taking into consideration the dress she is going to wear. BTBs commented she is punctual, friendly and definitely worth the price you are paying for.

Found some great feedback about Mae but some are rather old comments, hence if you have engaged her recently, your review about this MUA is very much appreciated.

before after
glam look
Wedding gown: Beatrice Looi (
MUA: Mae Liew
PG: John Ong
Janet Hsieh (Host of Discovery Travel and Living Channel), Amber Chia (Malaysian Model) and Sa Ding Ding (Chinese folk singer)
Janet Hsieh (Host of Discovery Travel and Living Channel), Amber Chia (Malaysian Model) and Sa Ding Ding (Chinese folk singer)

Tavia Yeung, TVB actress
pure bride
silky smooth makeup
mature couple
kissing bride in the car
drinking tea
bridal heavy makeup
Bridal makeup and hairdo by Mae Liew (

Comments and discussions:
blubell_82 @ 2011 says:
"I am not sure whether you heard of Mae Liew, she might be not as sought-after as some famous MUA because, she is simply too low profile, but I can assure you that, she is a very great MUA for your big day. Experience wise, well, she normally works for Beatrice Looi (Msia famous designer) projects, and in fact, her works are more on magazine fashion shooting (Newtide, Nuyou and etc, you name it ), model portrait shooting etc. Attitude wise, surprisingly she is very outgoing (a lil bit funny & mischievous sometimes), professional and nice. Pay wise, ok she is definitely not the cheapest one, nor the low-end side, but definitely worth every penny you paid. So yes, it depends on your budget. Her makeup is more towards natural & elegant style, she will actually suggest the style after viewing your wedding gown and listen to your preferences. My personal experience with her? Well, all of our guests complimented my makeup & hairstyle on my big day, to be very honest, thanks to Mae, I do look stunning on that night"
Joanne babe @ 2011 says:
Mine is RM1,300 [by Mae Liew]
bluepanda @ Nov 2011 says:
Mae Liew is very low profile and yet she is famous in magazine fashion, model potrait all that. She also the make up artist for MyFM anniversary show. Mae Liew will go for a more natural and elegant style of make up,and she uses shu uemura products and other branded products. Partially this contribute to her charges as well, but still worth it. She is very very punctual. She reached 1 hour earlier for both of my sessions. She made my day great and stunning. She has a workshop named as 'the art of mae atelier'

The Art of Mae Atelier Workshop
FB page:
Add: No 6, 1st Floor, Jalan SD13/1, 52200
Tel: +603 6148 5228
Mobile: +6012 268 1879
Rates: 2 sessions (day + reception) at RM1300

MUA | Doris SP

A newer version of blog post on Doris SP.

She is a Taiwanese who made Malaysia her permanent home. DorisSP has been a professional bridal makeup artist for over ten years. Her experience and skill brought her contented customers who continuously praised her for the excellent result on their big days.

The makeup is sufficiently heavy to make the brides stand out under camera flashes and none of them complain it's cakey. Doris uses a big variation of hair accessories, it's no wonder she owns an online accessories shop, Hanada Paradise. I believe she has a bigger collection, you just have to discuss the hair pieces or style of your preference for her to create your desired look. Her charges are not exactly cheap, have a trial run and if you are happy with the result, go for it. It is a once a life-time thing anyway.

before after doris sp
glam look
cover up
cover up pimples
very big set of eyes
sweet bride
Pictures taken from Doris SP's websites: before & after comparison, bridal looks
sexy look
MUA: Doris SP, PG: Grace (Stories)

Actual comments and discussions:

"I am glad to introduce my MUA ( Make-Up Artist), Doris for my pre-wedding shoot. I really like her touch as she wouldn't make you looks like Marilyn Monroe or Lady La La ( I don't mine if I do look like Princess Diane..HAHA). She will keep asking if I am okey with this and that or what type of make up or hairdo that I prefer. I do love all the touch-up on me cause I look so natural and not overdone. Doris is actually a Taiwanese. So you might have language gap with her if you totally can't speak mandarin."
sungurl83 @ Nov 2011 says:
"what about my MUA? Doris-SP...she's done great on my actual day...highly recommended for all brides-to-be...u gals can visit her website for more information & reference."
alisson chee  @ Nov 2011 says:
"Every one also hope that herself can be a wonderfull, gorgeous & a pretty bride. Doris SP is the only answer & is your solutions who able to help you fulfill your any requirement. Doris SP, she is just excellent among the others make up artist (M.U.A.) I have do many research for the M.U.A. during the time l'm preparing for my wedding. Maybe I'm a person who are a bit high requirement, many M.U.A. blog, webpages, facebook i have been review but still can't find one who can fit my requirement. Hehehe. Untill i found Doris SP blog, 1st time i view her blog & the 1st feeling to me is like woowww..... she is amazing. Her hand is like a magican can help you to transform, transform & transform. OMG....For sure every one will agree the way u look that day is a pretty & wonderfull bride. I was just like her so much."
childish_gal81 @ Nov 2011 says:
"she was my MUA for my pre wedding photos it till a single bit..especially on my eye brow and eye makeup. She really enhanced my features very well without looking over did..double thumbs up!! Her creativity in hair do really amazed me...really recommended..btw, i heard she already left Monliza and now a full time makeup artist on her own...Anyway ,wish her all the best..highly recommended for the bride to be.."
CuteCuteDream @ 2011 says:
"Woman looks most pretty on their wedding day. its 100% correct provided that you have a good MUA. I did it with Doris SP. oops.gif Haha, sound like i'm selling Chinese Medicine (膏药)here. Try it only u know. I still remember when i shown Doris's blog to my mom and sis, they were so surprise with all these Before & After looks in her blog."

Doris SP Makeup
FB page:
Tel: 012 3715052
Rates: about RM1688 for 2 sessions (morning + reception), additional RM200 for staying back (touchup+hairdo)

PG | Robin Ng

One of the first few wedding photography websites I stumbled across was Robin Ng's. Not having been introduced to too many professional PGs, I was amazed and happy at how the local experts have advanced so much in the craft. The love birds in the photos snapped by Robin appear to be enjoying the moment. Some so natural they even resemble models posing for magazine adverts. He has been described as very friendly and skillful in directing his clients to be as comfortable as possible.

A List of Photographers

Robin puts in additional effort to make sure things are in place. I suppose there is a reason why experienced PGs can demand higher rates. First you have an impressive portfolio, your credibility is spread by word of mouth or through cyberspace, you are readily approachable and provide professional personalized service. Getting new business will be the last thing you worry about.

Robin's technical skill is well-developed, the pictures are natural and journalistic. The only ingredient I feel somewhat lacking is the artistic effect. I always like images which are more creative/ unique. If this guy catches your interest, check out his portfolio/ information here. 

Pre-wedding Collection:
enjoy photoshoot
Pre-wed shot in Ipoh
Cameron Highlands
sydney wedding
Pre-wed photography in other countries

Jeff & Chen Yee Pre wedding shoot by Robin Ng

Actual Day Collection:
garden wedding at bandar botanic
Garden wedding at Bandar Botanic, Klang
outdoor wedding in aussie
Outdoor wedding in Australia
bride happy
Wedding at Double Tree, Hilton - journalistic shot of the newly weds having fun
listening to preacher in church
Church wedding

jojo11 @ 2010 says:
"i hired robin for my actual day on the 11th of feb, and he was fantastic... he managed to do a express dvd slideshow which was even more fantastic than what my bridal studio provided... n even thou alot of u might think he's only 1 photographer, but he managed to get everything we wanted and put in 120% effort n energy into that one whole day... we had 32 tables for dinner and a church n tea ceremony in the morning... also managed to squeeze taking some snap shots outside..would recommend him for prewedding n actual day.. i think freelance photographers are so much more personlised than bridal studios and regreted that i didnt do my prewedding with a freelance... (this is my express dvd slideshow..)" 

cat23 @ Mar 2011 says:
"If anyone needs a good photographer, I can recommend someone who's professional and very friendly! He's Robin Ng He did our engagement shoot last year and he also did my cousin's wedding this year. Everyone was really happy with his work! I think he's reasonably priced as well"

Robin Ng Photography
FB page:
Tel: 012 6623257
Booked dates:
Rates: from RM3.5K

Iconic and Scenic Locations Around the World

Pont des Arts - Love Lock Bridge, Paris, France.
Tourists attach love locks with their names written on them to the railing of this pedestrian bridge, then throw the key into the Seine river, as a romantic gesture. Now this practice is discouraged as the bridge can no longer withstand the weight of the locks. Selfies are welcome!
paris pont de arts malaysia photoshoot

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France
Constructed with a mass of wrought iron, the lattice tower rises 300 meters tall (984 feet), is now an iconic tourist destination in Paris. There is a viewing area up the tower for you to enjoy the spectacular views of Paris.
dramatic tower cloud hedge

Romantic Gondola ride through the canals of Venice, Italy: 40 minutes ride at €80 per gondola
head on groom's shoulder row boat

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan (Lake Temple), Bali, Indonesia
This beautiful temple is located in the plateau area with cool temperature and surrounded by hills with a lakeside view.
bali black white pagoda kiss

Tide pools at Tanah Lot, Bali, Indonesia
The Tanah Lot Temple is surrounded by sea water in the morning during high tide. Tide pools appear in the evening when it is low tide, which is gorgeous, especially when the sun sets. 
green moss puddle

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore
Marina Bay enhances the image of Singapore as a 'Garden City'. You’ll find the futuristic-looking Supertrees, vertical gardens measuring up to 16 storeys that add a surreal feel to the landscape.
blue tall fake trees electric

Henderson Waves Bridge, Singapore
274 metre-long pedestrian bridge that spans Henderson Road to connect Mount Faber Park to Telok Blangah Hill Park. It has a unique curved ribs structure. 
curved ribs structure high tech

The Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia
Limestone stacks formed by erosion - harsh weather turned soft limestone into caves, then arches which collapsed leaving rock stacks.
limestone stacks

Dendy Street Beach, south of Middle Brighton, Melbourne, Australia
The beach features 82 colourful bathing boxes
Photo by: Benson Yin
melbourne dendy st beach benson yin

Santorini, Greece
Santorini is essentially what remains after an enormous volcanic eruption. This island slopes downward to the Aegean Sea. Several towns are perched along the cliff. The view is breathtaking.
aegean sea slopes downward town

Cherry Blossoms (near Tokyo Tower) in Tokyo, Japan
The sakura starts blooming around March during Springtime in Tokyo. Check the forecast HERE before preparing your trip.
cherry tree couple blue sky

Cameron Highlands Tea Plantations, Malaysia
Drive up this hill to capture the spectacular tea plantation views. Visit the Cameron Valley Bharat Tea Plantation or the BOH Tea Plantations. 
big piece of tea trees never ending

UNESCO World Heritage Melaka, Malaysia
The Red Square in Melaka town is where the historical red painted buildings and structures are located. Among them are Stadthuys (used to be Dutch administrative building), Christ Church, Tan Beng Swee Clock Tower, Queen Victoria Fountain from the British colonial time.  
red structures melaka

Downtown Macau, China
Grand Lisboa Hotel, Casino and entertainment complex is the tallest building and a famous landmark in Macau.
Photo by Benson Yin
grand lisboa glass fan landmark

The Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral, Macau
In 2005, the ruins have been designated as part of Macau's UNESCO World Heritage Site. Macau was one of the earliest European colonies in Asia.
macau unesco heritage colonial


MUA | Remy Ngan

Flexible, creative, adaptable; are some adjectives to describe her. She manages to work around unconventional facial features and make them beautiful in their own ways. Remy Ngan is skillful in creating a look which is comfortable to the eyes. You don't want layers of thick makeup masking your face on your wedding day. Her clients commented that she doesn't just cover the face but "paints" it like an artist. This requires detailed use of different color tones and concentration at the right place.

List of all makeup artists and hair-stylists

After studying her portfolio, I have to say Remy Ngan's handiwork is delicate. The hairdo she produces is sleek yet it does not look fixated. The makeup appears rather light but the brides are absolutely shining in their Label:natural beauty. I particularly like the eye makeup; it's real, can't spot obvious thick, dark or unnatural lines. The eyes are well accented and the liner/ mascara/ shadow blended in nicely.

Remy is professional in her job, bubbly and nice in person - so say the clients.

Sample photos and slideshows:

Billy & Sharon's wedding day
MUA: by Remy Ngan
PG: Edmund Tham and Kenneth Wong

Edmund and Wenny's Wedding:
natural hair and makeup
PG: Edwin Tan & Eugene Kok (assistant)
MUA and hair: Remy Ngan

remy ngan
sweet bride
low updo
traditional chinese kua
bride reflection
mimi FB: Some glowing bridal looks created by Remy
last photo - Bride in an empire cut wedding gown - bride's comments below - bride's comments below

For more samples:

Actual comments and discussions:
@ May 2012 says:
"Remy is not just brilliant at her job, she has this bubbly, happy personality that you can't help but love. That somehow made the start of my wedding day so much more calmer...knowing that I was in good hands. And she truly made me feel beautiful - and I still looked like me! Remy working her magic! It was at least 2 hours long...and I'm quite fidgety. Good thing I had my sis and girlfriends nearby.  The make up was very natural; the hairstyle felt formal enough for a wedding but relaxed enough for me. I really liked the result! The hairstyle really stayed up the whole morning and afternoon, although it was not pulled severely off my face."
saltvinegar @ May 2011 says:
i loved Remy! I had 3 MUA's and she was definitely the best. Perhaps you've read on my blog cos i've posted it on this forum before. She just makes me feel relaxed and confident and pretty.
dorlisa @ 2010 says:
"Remy, she's professional, bubbly, creative and whats best of her is she knows how to handle my face. Why do i say that? Because i have engage w a few make up artist for my pre wedding shoot, they are not very skill in handlin my face features, or flexible i would say. A good make up artist should be good in playing her palette colors to bring out the beauty of ur face and enhance it and hide the flaws of certain features. I have a non-chinese face though i am pure chinese, high nose, but my flaw is my teeth is quite "forward", and my chin is quite "forward and short too. When i smile widely, my gums clearly show, so is really really bad if all these shown in the photographs. But Remy did a really wonderful and superb job in makin all these less obvious in my photographs. Of coz a good photographer will also do boost ur makeup too. :) She's creative in her hairdo, often opt w a more natural one than the "all tied up and stiff" hairdo."

lorrieseneca says:
"Remy make up is so simple but looking great. she is good and professional.She is really nice lady."
saltvinegar says:
"Natural make-up to hide my imperfections and unconventional facial features, beautiful yet simple  hairdo, what more can a bride ask for? It almost looks effortless. It helped so much that she had a great eye of aesthetics in general." 

Remy Ngan - Mimi Makeup
FB page:
Tel: 012 4387723
Add: C-3-17, Centrio Pantai Hillpark. no.1, Jalan pantai murni, 59200 KL
Rates: 1 session at RM900, 2 sessions at RM1.5K, touch-up and hairstyle change: RM300
Mustard Boutique's location: 35-2, Jalan PJU 5/11, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, PJ (sells clothes, bag, accessories...)

Bridal Shop vs DIY Photography

Bridal Shop Package
The advantages of engaging a bridal shop are it takes care of the gowns for PS (Photoshoot) as well as AD (Actual Day) (Be familiarized with some handy abbreviations: Nuptial Initial), PS makeup, album, framed photos and many more. If you prefer hassle-free all in one packages, opt for the BS that gives you the best deal within your budget. I did some studies here: [List:] bridal shop, comparing the gowns, photography, service.
  • Albums: Big and small (Casing: briefcase usually leather)
  • Photos: Fixed number of poses (eg: 50 poses) are returned and edited. Extra charge for additional photos.
  • Framed photos: 1 big and 2 small
  • Photos for distribution aka Jimui photos (4R)
  • PhotoShoot Make-up and hair-do for the bride and simple styling for the groom
  • Photography (outdoor+indoor): wedding gowns, evening gowns + traditional wear + accessories for the bride, suits + traditional costume for groom
  • Actual Day: wedding gown + evening gown, accessories (bride), and suits (groom), bouquet, car decoration
  • Outdoor location: 1-2 locations (entrance fee not included). The soon-to-weds usually drive the PG, MUA and (or VG) to the site.
  • Photo Montage: 1 DVD slide show + background song of your choice
Other freebies:
Music Video DVD which consists of video clips taken during the photographing session. It depends whether the BS provides this service, Mini album (2R), Bunting (1 or 2 photo of your choice), Calendar, Guest book, Magazine that contains your pre-wedding pictures.

consist of gowns AD photoshoot car decor album
All-in-one package: PG, MUA, EG, WG, album, photos...

DIY Photography
If you hire a standalone PG, it is then necessary to go hunt for [List:] gowns and [List:] MUA yourself. Factoring in also the albums, printing, etc. the total cost could be greater but you'd end up with higher standard photo-journalistic memories... if the PG is of good caliber. Study the makeup and hair style you like before hand so that you know exactly what you want and can communicate with the MUA appropriately.
low updo great makeup not overdone
Natural airbrush makeup and hair. Simple is best. MUA: Raynis Chow
elegant fancy hair
Be a diva on your wedding day. It is the time to shine. MUA: Doris SP

If you value photography artistry and quality a lot, hiring a professional wedding PG is the way to go. BS (Bridal Shop) PG usually makes you hold your expression in corny poses, most of the shots. This lacks spontaneity and creates stiffness in your face. Wedding photojournalism produces images which depict the situation in a narrative way. The situation is illustrated by, for instance a wedding ceremony, love story, a date, fun adventures, or simply a romantic experience. The level of creativity and quality in the result depends very much on individual photographer's knowledge and experience.
  • Photo-journalistic and more simplistic/ natural album
  • All photo soft copies are returned
  • Have to hunt for gown, attire, MUA, actual day stuff separately
Refer to: [List:] Photographer. In choosing the right PG, you may consider his/ her work ethics, experience, reputation, awards received, certification, charges, whether or not you can work together and like his/ her work, ask some samples of the full collection not only the selected ones. 

spending quality time
Wedding photojournalism - captures the couple enjoying the moment instead of stiff pose (H+ Photography)