Jenny Sun Photography

Jenny Sun's strength is her talent in capturing her clients' candid moments through her romantic eyes. Her true passion combining great skills and honest approach give her the competitive advantage. She graduated from a 4-year degree in Graphic Design at University of Technology, Sydney, then pursued a profession in the design field before being actively involved in photography.

This I'm sure is a career that she would have no regrets getting into. Fellow photographers have praised her outstanding abilities online. Jenny currently provides wedding photography services mainly in Australia and Malaysia, also other parts of the world. Comments have it that her work is colorful, bright and full of emotions. The way she works with colors is absolutely tasteful.

People were amazed by her technique of shooting the couples against the sunlight which brings out their happiness colorfully. There is even the word "sun" in her name. True enough she has a vibrant and sunny personality.

Malaysian Customers:
modern wedding
Edah and Yau Chung's Wedding
Wedding Dress: Chiffon & Lace (strapless silk satin mermaid wedding gown with sweetheart neckline)
Location: Tenggiri, Bangsar, Malaysia
Photographer: Jenny Sun

Sunny and Bright Shots:

wedding photography

 Jenny's Favourite Shoots:
wedding portrai on lawn
sydney wedding portrait

Australian Customers:
hugging kisses

wedding ceremony outside taken from above
Shae & Richie's Wedding
Venue: Long Reef Golf Course

Comments about Jenny Sun:
simplypeachy @ May 2012 says:
"Jenny really captured the abundance of love and emotion from the day and makes you feel like you were there and I just love that. Thank you Jenny for capturing and sharing on your blog such a wonderful celebration that really makes you want to get up and give your loved ones a call or a cuddle."

teng wei @ 2010 says: 
"Jenny Sun Photography has that style that many couples dream after."

Karissa @ Feb 2012 says:
"Every year I try to do a course in photography to keep me fresh & up-to-date. So as soon as the Jenny Sun workshop came up- I booked very quickly as I knew this would sell out. This workshop didnt disappoint. I learnt better shooting techniques, stuff on work/ life balance business skills. Yes just about EVERYTHING. I would go as far as saying this was the best course I have ever been to!! Jenny was like one of us, she fitted in with everyone & was interested in everyone. I guess honestly the photography industry can be shallow like most professions & the “who’s who” can think their better & only associate with ” those sort of people” even though Jenny is a “who who” of the Australian industry shes is so not like that just cruisey, friendly & cute."

Forum with loads of comments -

Jenny Sun Photography

photographer siting on flowers

FB page:

AD wedding collections: from RM4,800 (half to full day coverage, as well as tailor made menus such as premium designer albums, and deluxe prints and canvases)
Pre-wedding collections: from RM2,200.

Wedding collections: fr $3,800
Engagement/pre-wedding collections: fr $650.

MUA | Yen Makeup

Yen started her career in 2005. She is a graduate in makeup, hairstyling and nail art studies. She also furthered her skill in Taiwan. Having Taiwanese styling influence in her grooming method, she is determined to woo her clients with her distinctive craft. Yen uses trusted brands like EsteeLauder, I-Michee (U.S.A), BeautyMaker Kevin (Taiwan), Stage Cosmetics (Italy).

Some girls just work well with makeup. The before-after transformation is obvious and they look absolutely stunning, superstar-like after a touch by the MUA. I think you would spot less difference with ladies who have big or even puffy eyes and deep features. The challenge is then to camouflage the eye bags! Yen was able to dramatically change the looks of her brides. Some are less prominent but overall I think she possesses the know-how to groom in a favorable manner.

I also find her hair-styling unique and I feel that she spends substantial amount of effort on it. If you think the high end MUAs are more reliable, Yen will definitely give other MUAs a run for their money. Her packages include nail art set. Why don't you research and see if my review is correct. Here's how to research for your bridal makeup artist.

superb hairstyling

with tiara

accessorised with hair pieces

feather hair pieces
plaits in front

amazing modern makeover

amazing before and after photo of bridal makeup
Before and after: This is amazing result!
sweet bridal look
Transformation of a bride

Comments about Yen:
Visitor of WEDresearch @ May 2012 says:
"Yen offers very good value for her make up package...i hired her as my MUA...see her service from her blog here:"

"Hi....I am a satisfied client of Yen...She charged me RM700 only for 2 makeover with 1 set of nail art...but that was last year, not sure if she has increased the price... "

Yen Makeup

This is Yen (Yen Makeup).

FB page :
Tel (sms) : 012 613 7324
Email :
Rates: RM1200 for 2 sessions
Deposit: RM500 to confirm booking
Trial Session: RM150 (will be waived upon confirmation)

The Club - Extra Super Tanker (文华轩) Bukit Utama

For a list of other wedding venue options, pop in here.

The Club at Bukit Utama is a Golf course and recreational venue for the people in Bandar Utama to unwind and relax. It's not a bad idea to host your wedding reception in a golf club as it provides the space, parking and comfortably serene environment. Extra Super Tanker (EST) Chinese restaurant is well-known for its scrumptious seafood. There's a branch situated right at the Club, another one at Damansara Kim. It basically offers the wedding package benefits of a regular Chinese restaurant such as free flow of soft drink, complimentary invitation cards, dummy cake, basic decoration, wedding favors, corkage waiver for more than a minimum number of tables, projector and screen.

The advantages of EST Bukit Utama are the two-storey parking lots, the reception hall gets the view of the club's swimming pool, pre-dinner cocktail party can be held at the pool side, cosy, splendid ambiance & pillarless, new, big, beautiful hall, hotel standard table cloth+chair covers and service. The PIC is nice. It provides a changing room. For hall rental, you can outsource to other caterers. EST: get 1 table free for every 10 tables purchased, and of course good food awaits you.

On the other hand, the negative aspects are the location can be confusing for people who are not familiar, EST: food quality is inconsistent sometimes, more pricey if you are comparing with other Chinese restaurants, but definitely cheaper than hotels.

the club extra super tanker
Bukit Utama Golf Course, the Club and the Extra Super Tanker Chinese Resataurant

carpeted ballroom
Extra Super Tanker wedding setting

Goofy @ Apr 2011 says: 
"i attended a wedding a few months back @ Extra Super Tanker Restaurant @ The Club, Bukit Utama (not far from Bandar Utama/Kota D'sara area). food and environment is great....  "
Hall renting at the Club: HR sgt bagus!!, hall baru, chantek, besar, can outsource caterers, got changing room, PA system+white screen inclusive, parking senang, although pricey but more worth it than tropicana or hotels, can choose which side of hall (facing pool or facing inside). jam area (mutiara damansara+pelangi apartments), agak susah nak carik becos jalan masuk kecik in between apartments, parking for guests charge rm1(6hrs) ala rm1 jeee..
somebody @ Sep 2010 says:
"I just attended a friend's wedding luncheon 18 Seo 2010, though everybody having positive feedback at this restaurant, surprisingly the foods, decoration and service didn't turn too well. Kinda disappointed really... i was first to shortlisted this, guess i need to re-consider it."
Sep 2010:
EST: We like this place cos it has a high ceiling ballroom with swimming pool view, and smokers can actually go out the the balcony to have a puff. Reception can be served at the balcony too, and there is ample of parking space. But the pricing is quite expensive for the menu, not worth for the price. The location abit inconvenient cos once you missed the slip road leading to The Club, you will have to make a big u-turn.
concern!!! @ Jul 2010 says:
Anyway, you may try the Extra super Tanker restaurant at The Club, Bukit Utama where they hv good food (personal preferences) and good enviroment too ..

Other weddings:

Kevin and Vien's Wedding Reception

The Club - Bukit Utama Golf Course
Add: No 1, Club Drive,Bukit Utama, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor 47800
Tel: 03 7726 8877
Fax: 03 7728 6551
E-mail :

Opening Hours: 7:00 am - 10:00 pm daily

Wedding Menu package 2013 (at the ballroom):  RM 838 - 1328
  • 10% deposit to make reservation
  • The ballroom can fit up to 50 tables
Hall Rental Rates (4-8 hours)
RM3500+6% (RM3750nett). Deposit: RM1000

More than 750 parking bays available for visitors for a whole day event

Extra Super Tanker Fine Chinese Restaurant (文华轩) - serves non-halal food



    Bridal Information Hub - Part 2

    Earlier I urged visitors of WEDresearch to share their personal experience by commenting on the posts (Bridal Information Hub - Part 1). There are more and more people adding comments as "Anonymous". Here's a small request, would it be ok to provide a name or simply a nickname by selecting "Name/URL" at the "Comment as" section?  

    comment wedding topics

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    Press "Continue". If you have a personal wedding blog or website of your own, you may also add it under "URL". That way, I'm able to identify the individual and will not be confused. Now I'm not sure if the person who asked the question also provided some information. If you have a google or other accounts which can be used (LiveJournal, WordPress...) by all means select those.

    Secondly, I'm inviting more BTBs, ladies, guys, whoever it is, who find the information and research data offered here beneficial, please help provide us a piece of new knowledge or a link to your beautiful photos. You can also drop a comment on the respective vendor post.

    Thirdly, what topics would you like to add? Give me a little description on your subject of interest and I will start a post with the WEDresearch'es review, which will be open for discussion as well. 

    Join our community on Facebook. Everyone is welcome to share information in a group where people who have the same interest gather -

    My name is Le Ann, I will be the coordinator. I will make sure that the information of the same topic be in one place and not scattered everywhere. Let me know what is good and should be continued, areas of improvement or any other suggestions and wedding food for thought.


    Bridal Hair Accessories

    Fresh Flowers: To display a more natural bridal image you can adorn the hair with fresh flowers. Choose a hair-style that is loose and soft, or slightly messy.
    Loose up-style bridal hair accessorized with pink roses and simple necklace by Vy Makeup
    Peony and orchid are excellent too. by Gene Lim

    Princess Look: Rhinestone/ crystal tiara and everything sparkly. This royal makeover goes well with golden or silvery jewelry and gown. It can match the crown braid, beehive updo or all down hair style which is absolutely sweet.
    Sparkling princess look: medium sized tiara, luminous necklace and glowing eye makeup by Vy Makeup
    A bigger tiara looks good wrapped around a high up style/ beehive. By DorisSP

    English-themed: Birdcage veil, hat is timeless. This vintage style makes the bride look classy suited for a Western wedding ceremony or ROM party.
    White birdcage hat and lacy gloves for a Vintage bridal style by Missie Jo

    Traditional: Chinese wedding is all about the color RED. Indian wedding accessories are very elaborate [Check it out HERE: Indian Wedding Checklist].
    Classic Chinese S-shape front hair neat updo adorned with artificial red rose. Source: Missie Jo Bridal Makeup.
    Left: Gajra (flower garland). Right: hair jewelry (matha patti) with matching earrings and necklace by Femina Bridal

    Lace Hairband: Lace is very romantic, be it a full lace wedding gown or hair accessories. Celebrate LOVE on your big day with a lacy touch.
    Lacy hair band style by Evonne Goh

    Clips/ Pins: If you don't like so much fuss and prefer some simple decoration, go for a smaller hair piece like the hair clip, pin that match your dress. The accessories should harmonize with your hair design as well so that they will not look out of place.
    The floral clip that is aligned to the multi-layer plaits by Carmen Makeup
    An elegant hair piece to match the classy Chinese + Western wedding style by Carmen Makeup

    Korean Concept: Korean-style hair has a special kind of delicateness and grace. The hair is painstakingly put together, which requires a lot of hard work. To make sure the hair-do does not fall apart, it has to be fastened neatly. Usually small hairpins with flower or other decorative are used to make the hair style more presentable. 
    Loose fringe with a slight back bulge and gorgeous hair design By Desmond

    MUA | Meoki Tong

    Meoki Tong Academy Studio provides classes for aspiring makeup artists or individuals who wish to learn a thing or two more about makeup. Meoki is experienced and she coaches as well. Brides who engaged her for their wedding days concurred that she was punctual, and she did a great job. Each lady has distinctive bridal requirements. To be able to fulfill all that, she needs to be very attentive to details. It's important that the bride is satisfied with how she looks on the actual wedding day. Do you think she will do a great job making you up?

    Bridal Makeup by Meoki
    meoki tong natural makeup
    Jeff and Ann's wedding day (review below)
    Photographers: Edmund Tham & Jun Hui
    Makeup & hair: Meoki Tong (natural makeup, updo with side-swept fringe)
    sweet bride
    actual wedding day makeup
    Ivan and Ally's Wedding (PG:
    tea ceremony
    Amy and Desmond's wedding (review below)
    wedding and evening gown
    unique wedding gown
    bridal makeup and hair

    Reviews and comments:
    "Very punctual and I think she did a great job for my make-up. If you want her to do make-up for the rest of the bridal party, you better let her know the exact number of people in advance so that she can bring more assistants. Our scheduled bridal party photoshoot had to be cancelled because she had way too many to manage."
    "Very punctual, experienced & professional skill"
    jandann @ 2009 says:
    "Mine was Meoki Tong and I think she did a great job with my make-up. "

    Meoki Tong Academy Studio
    FB page:
    Add: 300 Jalan Midah Besar, Taman Midah, Cheras, 56000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Tel: 016-2006098
    Business Hours: Tuesday - Sunday ( on appointment basis)

    Mid Valley Wedding Expo Aug 2012

    Pre-wedding photos from a bridal house or DIY? Maybe this article could provide you some insight on what do you actually need: Bridal shop or Photojournalism. If you don't really fancy hunting your own dresses, finding a reputable photographer and makeup artist, worrying about photo printing & design, car decoration, flower bouquet, etc., please mark your calendar on 10-12 Aug for the Mid Valley Wedding Expo. This is the place you will go this August :)

    Wedding Expo
    Date : 10th (Friday) – 12th August (Sunday) 2012
    Time : 11am to 9pm
    Fee: Free Admission
    Venue : Hall 2, Mid Valley Exhibition Centre
    Expected visitors: 20,000
    No of booths: 95
    Website :

    midvalley wedding expo

    Bridal Houses and Studios, Photography, Videography, Wedding Venue Hotel Banquet and Restaurants, Gown/ Dress, Live Band, Gift/ Favours/ Cakes, Deco/ Florist, Wedding Planner, Bridal Makeup and Hair, Jewelry, Shoes, Face and Skincare, Beauty and Slimming, Honeymoon, Vacation, Tailor made wedding suits and tuxedo services

    Participating Bridal Hosues (New addition, Existing, Withdrawn)
    Artiz Studio Korea
    Aspial Wedding
    Bridal Concept
    De Casamia Bridal Gallery
    Eminent France Taipei
    Just Married Bridal Gallery
    Keep Gallery Wedding Studio
    Lasposa Bridal Gallery
    Life Gallery
    Love Vision Wedding Studio
    Micasa Bridal House
    Monliza Wedding Castle
    Picaso Brides
    Posh Wedding
    Precious Bridal House
    Marry Merry
    Red Bliss  
    Tom Collection
    Touch Collection
    Vogue Collection
    Wedding Couture

    Jalan Loke Yew

    Faye's Wedding Studio
    Ivory Romance
    Red Sense
    Tom Wedding City
    Touch Wedding Studio

    Jalan Ipoh
    Dior Pink
    GTC Bridal Gallery
    Taipei Taipan Wedding Studio
    Universal Studio

    Armadale Wedding
    Enya Mareine Boutique Gallery
    My Dream Wedding

    City Image
    Glamlabel Studio
    My Wedding House

    House of Picaso
    MOCO Bridal Gallery (Puchong)
    Stareast Wedding (Sunway)
    Pretty Pictures (Sri Hartamas)

    My Wedding House, Mahkota Cheras

    The group's prized photographer, Danny is managing another branch, now moved to Mahkota Cheras. My Wedding House has since attract couples who admire Danny's amazing skill, MUA Peggy's expertise, and the SA's (Wedding Acronym) helpfulness. You can freely pick all the gowns available in the bridal shop for your pre-wedding shoot, no segregation of VVIP or that sort. Feedback about this BS has been very positive and I believe good customer service goes a long way. 

    Peng Soon & May May’s Pre-wedding slideshow

    Photos by PG Danny
    beach pre wedding image
    grand hotel wedding photo
    cute pre-wedding photo

    Other Samples
    bride in red dress
    sweet bride in korean hairstyle
    flower grass backdrop
    rock wedding photo
    pre wedding in port dickson pd negeri sembilan
    Port Dickson

    Comments About My Wedding House Cheras  
    chloebluez @ Sep 2010 says:
    "Dear all brides and brides to be.. i have just sign up a TOMs package at Cheras branch (opposite Leisure Mall) one.. i actually visit some BS before i decide to sign up with TOM..  Actually i only sign up the package on the 3rd visit. 1st time i went there to survey the price and package; den i shortlisted a few BS went with my hubby for 2nd time; den on the 3rd time only i went there to sign up the package. the whole Cheras branch is actually handle by PG Danny & MUA Peggy  so i manage to get them both as my PG & MUA without extra charges  Peggy & Danny were both very helpful and friendly which make me and my hubby feel so comfortable until he agree to sign up with them LOL.. i really looking forward for the trying gown session as at Cheras branch there will not be divided to VIP, VVIP, SVIP or designer.. which means to say i can choose any gowns hanging there without extra charges HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~~~~ anyway, overall the package is quite worth although it is not sign during the MV Fair   actually wat really attract us in TOM is the private outdoor they have which is so convenient for us and avoid ourselves from going far far away to get nice outdoor picture. therefore, it is recommended for couple to dun wan rushing around on the shooting day especially for those who are easy sweat. "
    "i guess u all must have some misunderstanding. it is totally depends on which TOM's branch you went to. because i've done the research for all the loke yew BS & d cheras TOM. what happened is this. Loke yew branch is more to quantity where 1 day they will shoot 2-3 couples per session but cheaper and you get more stuffs; Cheras TOM is more exclusive where they only shoot 1 couple per day but more expensive and you get less things. However, Cheras TOM would not divide their gown into those VVIP, SVIP or designer gown. As for appoint Danny as PG, ppl who sign up at loke yew branch will need to specially appoint Danny as PG and it depends on his schedule to serve; while those who sign up at Cheras TOM, Danny will automatically be your PG & Peggy as your MUA. this is because Danny and Peggy are the only persons in charge in Cheras branch, therefore, anything they promise you would definately delivered. As for the SA who at Loke Yew branch and promise you alot of things, tis might not be delivered at the end of the day due to diff schedule and understanding. that is the reason why i sign up at Cheras TOM but not Loke Yew HQ. Personally, i've seen their shooting session coincidently, i can assure that they only shoot 1 couple per day. Danny also mentioned to me that they only shoot 15 couple per month due to their privilege service, i believe him because as a famous PG as him, every word come out from his mouth worth. Especially if he is the one who told me he will be my PG and that is the reason why i am so satisfied with my package."

    My Wedding House (Cheras)
    Add: No. 13-2 Jalan Mahkota Residence 2, Bandar Mahkota Cheras, 43200 Cheras, Selangor
    Tel: DANNY: 012-6551668 PEGGY: 017-2991668
    FB page:

    Tue - Sat: 11:00 am - 8:00 pm
    Sun: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm