10 Elements of Great Wedding Photos

If you ask a photographer what makes a great photo, he/ she might suggest an image that has great composition (rule of thirds, symmetry, framing), captures emotion, unique, leaves something to the imagination, captures detail, has nice perspectives, etc. would look good. However to a non-technical person the photo must be attractive and captures the essence of the wedding. I think great wedding images should contain these elements illustrated by photos taken from WLoon Photography.

1. The expression of the couple being in love. When in love, they look a each other with passion something one cannot pretend. It's more natural if the shot is taken when the bride and groom-to-be do not pose or fake a smile but just enjoy the moment. These photos can help rekindle the romance many years down the road.

couple spending time together
lying on the floor picnic

2. That special moment. When the moment passes by it's gone forever hence the photographer has to shoot at the right time. Wooi Loon is able to photograph a scene that tells a story beautifully. It takes lots of experience, photography and observation skills to achieve the photo-journalistic outcome on a hectic wedding day when so much is happening simultaneously.  

toss flower who is the lucky girl
The bouquet is up in the air waiting to be caught. The bride watches who is the lucky gal.
unique wedding
The bride smiles as her groom gets busy with the mini helicopter holding the wedding rings :) 

3. Uniqueness. From unique lighting to artistic framing, there are many ways to create an interesting image. The pale color, subtle and artistic effects of the following picture turns the normally mundane face-to-face shot into an amazing and original scene.

blur romantic image

4. The environment such as a lovely venue, beautiful structures, the nature, perspectives in good composition. Wooi Loon would go on-site to feel the location and get inspired before the shooting.

bride lifting her gown
Wooi Loon captures a lovely perspective of the arches

5. Creativity always adds a special touch to the photo. Photographer who thinks outside the box can produce far greater images. Getting married should be fun so be creative and bring in the humor, wittiness, playfulness...

cyclist hand sign love
This adds so much extra fun to the wedding photograph
witty fun pouring paint on gown
Very witty "Trash-the-dress" shot

6. Portraiture has been an important part of wedding photography. The stunning bride wants her painstakingly done makeup and hair to be shown in the wedding photos. And it's also the perfect time to take a family portrait by a professional photographer. Wooi Loon makes sure that the portraits of the groom, bride, family, friends and groups are taken beautifully.

clear shot

7. Detail. The details such as of the wedding rings, shoes or decorations are sometimes overlooked as everyone is preoccupied with interactions and activities on the busy day. This wedding bands close-up shot by Wooi Loon creates an attractive scene capturing the detail of the rings with bubbles at the background.

bubble of water

8. Unique color and lighting.

sitting on the grass
kimono japanese umbrella
Juxtaposition contrasting colors of the bright umbrella and the dark background. What a pretty sight.

9. People's Emotions. Wedding is the time when a lot of people gets emotional - how happy are the bride and groom the second they're announced husband and wife, the excitement of family and friends witnessing the couple walk down the aisle, and the "wicked" look on the bridesmaids' faces getting ready for the door games, etc. 

marquee wedding
laughing happy

10. Photo that looks good. Period.

sunset album
A nice and stylish photo for your wedding album

Not only does he capture accurate and high quality photos, Wooi Loon is also someone who is professional and patient. I am sure you wouldn't find so many positive comments about an irresponsible or even a mediocre photographer. From the feedback I got on my website, I am more convinced about the importance of a photographer with integrity, what's more a talented one.

Feb 2017
Pre-wedding photography
* I am more than happy to have my pre-wedding photo-shoot done with Wooi Loon and Wen Xian
* I get all original photos, 1 photo canvas, slide show, 60 edited photos and 1 photo book
* It was more like travelling with 2 trust-able friends; chatting, laughing, enjoying !
* Don't worry about how to pose, Wooi Loon demonstrated different poses. Hahaha, he is talented!
* Even though it was chilly cold, Wen Xian also made sure we looked fabulous all time.
Love this series  ♥♥♥
Mar 2014
I truly adore this travel photographer Wooi Loon for his natural and romantic wedding shots. He traveled to many countries and loved capturing happy faces of different people. Whenever you need a travel buddy and official photographer at the same time, just call him and he will surely say yes! But of course you have to check his busy schedule. Whether it's a pre wedding shot or on-the-day coverage, all his shots are really sweet and dreamy. I couldn't get enough of these lovely photos!!!
Jun 2013
Wooi Loon is a young guys who really in love with photographing. He’s not those photographer that only want to make money from the clients. We listed 5 locations in Penang for the shooting session and he actually go to all 5 locations personally to have the first feeling of the locations. After that he called and meet up with us and discussed on the locations and talked to us. After the discussion we have sort listed 3 locations which are Clan Jetty, China House & Straits Quay.

WLoon Photography (伟伦)
Website: http://www.wloon.com
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/wlooncom
Tel: +6012-434 8235 (WhatsApp ready)
Email: wloon.com@gmail.com

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Favourite Whitney Houston Wedding Songs

American Idol judge Simon Cowell criticized contestants for tackling Whitney's iconic songs without doing justice to the legendary singer. Whitney Houston had one of the greatest voices of all time. In this video she delivered a touching performance of the signature hit "I Will Always Love You" from the movie The Bodyguard (1992). Kevin Costner looked dashing back then, Whitney stunning. It is a lovely film with a tasteful soundtrack and lead single "I Will Always Love You". The single became the best-selling single by a female artist in the US. The song also became a global success, hitting number-one in almost all countries, and one of the best-selling singles of all time with 12 million copies sold.

Whitney Houston's "I will always love you"

Whitney Houston and R&B singer Bobby Brown were married on July 18, 1992 on the grounds of Whitney's home in Mendham, New Jersey.

bobby brown high neck wedding gown
Whitney and Bobby's wedding

She will always be remembered through her songs. Click and play below love songs perfect for your wedding.

Songwriters: Phillips, Pam; Dunne, James

Whitney Houston & Jermaine Jackson - Nobody Loves Me Like You Do
Like a candle burning bright
Love is glowing in your eyes
A flame to light our way
That burns brighter everyday
But now I have you
Nobody loves me like you do

Like a leaf upon the wind
I could find no place to land
I dreamed the hours away
And wondered everyday
Do dreams come true
And nobody loves me like you do

What if I'd never met you
Where would I be right now
Funny how life just falls in place somehow
You've touched my heart in places
That I never even knew
'Cause nobody loves me like you do

I was words without a tune
I was a song still unsung
A poem with know rhyme
A dancer out of time
But now there's you
Baby, nobody loves me like you do

What if I'd never met you
Where would I be right now
Funny how life just falls in place somehow
You've touched my heart in places
That I never even knew
Nobody loves me, nobody loves me
Nobody loves me like you do
Nobody loves me like you do

I Believe in You and Me – Whitney Houston Song Lyrics
I believe in you and me, I believe that we will be, In love eternally, Well as far as I can see
You will always be the one for me, Oh yes you will
And I believe in dreams again, I believe that love will never end, And like the river finds the sea
I was lost, now I'm free, Cos I believe in you and me, I will never leave your side
I will never hurt your pride, When all the chips are down, See I will always be around
Just to be right where you are, My love, you know I love you, I will never leave you out
I will always let you in, To places no ones ever been, Deep inside, cant you see
That I believe in you and me, Maybe I'm a fool
To feel the way I do, But I will play the fool forever, Just to be with you forever
I believe in miracles, And loves a miracle, Baby youre my dream come true, I was lost, now I'm free,
I believe in you and me, See I was lost, now I'm free, cause I believe in you and me.

Reference: en.wikipedia.org
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KENNFOO WEDDINGS - Redefining Elegance

In the midst of researching and appraising the photographer for my own wedding, I have come across the artistic Kenn Foo. His wedding collection left me an impression that ART literally lives in the photographs. The image archive (on his website and Facebook page) is like a gallery filled with masterpieces, every single one of them requires a substantial amount of skill and creativity to produce. Unquestionably attractive and admirable.

He is an artist with amazing creative vision. Kenn works his shots spontaneously by visualizing on-site taking into consideration the available ambient light and the background. Once the conditions are studied, he would then create the story-book wedding shot blending in that special "moment". Inspiration from other photographers are also essential at times to allow him to create new ideas and concepts. Combining his artistic fine tuning effort post-capture, the final works of fine art are simply stunning.

awards of excellence wppi
WPPI 2011. 8 x 10 SECOND HALF PRINT COMPETITION, Engagement Category - Awards of Excellence
Print title: The Ship, The Gulls and us
bronze award
Left: CREATIVE ASIA AWARDS 2011, Bride and Groom Category - Bronze Award
Print title: La Porte Rouge
Right: CREATIVE ASIA AWARDS 2011, Bride and Groom Category - Bronze Award
Print title: Beneath The Leirion Roof
created through artistic eyes of the photographer
One of his classics, the images of a love story created through Kenn's artistic eyes.
beautiful architecture sun set intimate moment
Intimate moment in front of a beautiful architecture while the sun sets.
small town in tuscany
This is a behind the scenes shot. Kenn was there posing the couple, having some fun with them as well :)
Taken at one of the small towns in Tuscany, Italy. 

The series of destination wedding journeys in the past to seize the scenes of Singapore, Bali, Japan, Australia and Italy were very successful. Subsequently KENNFOO Weddings launched the Crossing Continents 2013. I have always been curious about how a destination shooting works. KENNFOO's Crossing Continents Tour destination consists of 2 – 3 couples. The shooting date and locations for each couple will be scheduled differently to suit their preference. Accommodation, transportation & entrance fees are to be borne by the couples separately. In addition a very detailed itinerary of what to expect from the photo-shoot is provided. With that, photographer and models (the couples) will be stress free as they can estimate the time needed from one location to another. It is like a romantic getaway in a land away from home, and is supposed to be a hassle free vacation!

Video of Behind The Scenes - KENNFOO's destination pre-wedding Italy 2012
(Rome, Florence & Sienna) by JXS Wedding Cinematography

Leo and Belle - Bali, Indonesia

half print competition awards bride and groom
WPPI 2011. 8 x 10 SECOND HALF PRINT COMPETITION, Bride and Groom Category - Awards of Excellence
Print title: The Light Ahead of Us
bride alone award wppi
WPPI 2011. 8 x 10 SECOND HALF PRINT COMPETITION, Bride Alone Category - Awards of Excellence
Print title: The Sanctum
beautiful background
yellow gown, groom sitting down

A big segment of his clients are from Singapore! (Or Malaysians working in Singapore). Hence traveling to Singapore for assignments is quite a norm. This fast rising photography star in the northern region gets as many customers in Klang Valley as he does in Penang. He is widely appreciated not only in Malaysia alone. His work left footprints on the hearts of many. It came as no surprise that Kenn was one of the notable photographers who made the list of Asia Top 30 Wedding Photographer (You Must Know) by Signature Weddings Magazine in conjunction with the Signature Weddings Magazine Photography Issue.

top photographer, kenn foo

Kenn shoots good quality photos, without questions. His customers were very impressed and grateful for the awesome shots. Photos of the actual wedding celebration reflect elegance and spontaneity. Bridal shops in general set a limitation to the number of photos you get, for example you can only select 50 copies. They will not give you back the images even the un-edited ones. Unlike the bridal studio, you will get back all the pictures soft copies from KENNFOO's wedding packages. You can have the whole set of photographs, some portraits showing your face clearly while there are others that focus on special backgrounds such as beautiful landscape, or structure. 

Million Thanks! Awesome, we both like it so much, cant wait to see all the photo!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks Kenn, the actual day shots were great...
Crystal Chan
Great Job Kenneith Michelle Foo! EVERYONE is very pleased with your fantastic work! You have definitely carved a good reputation here in the Chan & Stewart Family members!

wearing earring with two hands, putting the shoes on
artistic display, facing each other, reflection of the shoes on wedding
bride look absolutely happy, being squized
eating pastries filled with goody, holding a paper fan
bride kissing groom, bride maids impressed
lighted reception backdrop

Kennfoo Weddings

signature pony and dark glasses
From Left: The amazing shots are results of his hard labor of love for art, Behind KENNFOO's lens, Kenn looking smart with his signature back pony.

Website: http://www.kennfoo.com
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/KennfooWeddings
Email: info@kennfoo.com
MSN: ahiruhachi@hotmail.com 
Tel: +6012 471 1020
Location: Penang (outstation fee is applied)
A member of WPPI and WPPM

Packages starts at: RM3,600 – RM4,800
Destination package investment starts at RM7,000 (Inclusive of airfare for Kenn and Makeup artist)

*Express Confirmation Price: You are entitled to a 20% discount on each package should you book your slot within 10 days after receiving the price list
*Kenn will be the photographer for all packages
*KennFoo's signature fine art prints are only available for engagement/pre wedding packages
*Actual wedding day photos are kept as ‘original’ as possible

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Bridal Gown Rental at Absolute Bride

Absolute Bride offers beautiful good quality wedding gowns for rent at reasonable prices. They have an in-house designer who has 20 years of experience in the bridal fashion industry. I believe with their attractive collection, you will be able to find your preferred bridal or evening dress. It is highly recommended by former brides as the rental price is really affordable for the quality they provide. Take a look at what other brides say about this bridal gallery.

Nov 2016
A great team and very professional at what they do. Beautiful and stunning collection of gowns and kwa. The fantastic customer service will put any bride to be at ease. Highly recommend this bridal studio. Do check out their photography package too. Lovely team, I can't say enough :)
Oct 2016
There are wide range of beautiful elegant gowns at Absolute Bride. I like the patience and detailed explanation and suggestions from its wedding consultant. It would be better if you can provide hair accessories matching the gowns for actual wedding day. Highly recommended bridal studio in Malaysia. I will definitely recommend bride-to-be to have a look at Absolute Bride.

ballgown, crystal joints
mermaid cut, turtle neck, hair band with flower
folded like fan with split bustier
fluffy dress, empire cut, beaded slim
gown rental in kl
slim, strapless, lace mermaid dress

Absolute Bride Bridal Gallery
Website: http://www.absolutebride.com.my
Email: enquiry@absolutebride.com.my
Tel 010-766 6983

51, Mezzanine Floor, Jalan SS2/64, 47300, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Business Hour:
Tuesday - Saturday 11am-8pm
Sunday & Selected Public Holidays 11am-6pm

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Rustic and Charming House Rental at Sekeping Seapark

A serene house with minimalistic design quietly hidden in a housing estate at Seapark, PJ, the Sekeping Seapark will come in handy for your wedding needs. It has 4 bedrooms to provide comfortable accommodation for relative/ friends from outstation. The open air concept together with its calm surrounding would create a relaxing home-stay experience. However I think the back to basic design, concrete panels and the clay brickwalls occur to me to be too rustic for my taste. Nevertheless everyone who stepped foot inside this artistically designed house, praised its charming, clean and inviting atmosphere.

If you are looking for a venue for the bachelorette (bachelor) get-together before the big day, a homestay, or a place to pick up the bride this could be a good option. It is furnished with the basic kitchen appliances if you want to cook up something. Otherwise the nearby shops are just 5-15 minutes walk away. The beds are equipped with mosquito nets so you won't be woken up by the blood hungry insects in the middle of the night.

 Wedding Ceremony by The Wedding Barn | May 2016

Fetch the bride- door games

Tea Ceremony

Other photos:

Rustic concrete bed

wedding even having fun in the rented house
Light filled courtyard

before chut mun, chip san leong at bungalow
Bride prepping
house rental in klang valley

Unique interior designs of the house and an amazing peacefulness. I love the serenity of this place. But I am also in love with its minimalist yet awesome interiors and use of space. The location is just far from restaurants though but it doesn't matter. Also, there are plenty of mosquitos but they provide mosquito nets and spray.
Located at an housing area, the Sekeping Seapark is not hard to find given the unique brickwall that surrounded the house. The photos on their official websites look so much better than the real place. The house looks very normal in reality and the unique bricks area for photoshooting is actually quite small compared to the advertised one.

bluewhitenoon@Oct 2012
Another guest house by Sekeping Retreats,  i'm so impressed with the raw finish design of clay brick wall, concrete & iron structure. love it~

Sekeping Seapark (Formerly known as the Seapark Brickhouse) by Sekeping Retreats

Website: http://www.sekeping.com/seapark/
Address: 1, Jalan 21/2, 46300 Seapark Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
Tel: 017-2075977 (Ms. Q)
Email: manager@sekeping.com

In the house:
4 bedrooms
Living room with 2 seating areas
An open-air courtyard
A lounge & dining area with kitchen (light cooking)
Powder room
Stove, fridge, microwave oven
Filtered and hot drinking water
TV with Astro channels
Computer with WIFI internet access
Books and magazines
Car porch for 2 cars
Bicycles to explore the neighbourhood
24-hour housekeeping service
(including buying of food and drive to LRT station)

Rates per night
Per room per day: from RM210

Check-in after 2pm, check-out before 12 noon

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