No. 1 Shuttler's Choice: Anovia Bridal, Penang

The Star has reported that Penang is now the hotspot for wedding photo-shoot. Hong Kong actor Lam Ming Lok and his fiancee made their way to Anovia Penang, Malaysia to have their wedding photos taken. The island is a highly recommended location due to its multicultural scenes. National pride Dato' Lee Chong Wei and long time girlfriend Mew Choo (former country’s top woman singles shuttler) have decided to tie the knot and their pre-wedding photographs were taken by Anovia Penang's Kelvin Chuah.  

Anovia provides Made to Measure service for brides who want tailor-made gowns that fit them perfectly. Their MTM (Wedding Acronym) designer gown collection is by Daniel and Leslie Design.

The bridal shop is a heritage mansion in Penang which has a lovely garden with beautiful sculptures, statues and water fountain. The grounds could be transformed to suit every couple’s dream garden wedding. Anovia Bridal will also customize the entire wedding set-up from decorations, florist, cakes, caterer to entertainment. The place could comfortably host an elegant garden wedding for 80 guests.

Anovia Bridal will be able to invite the Registrar from National Registration Department (JPN) to conduct the solemnization of your marriage in their chapel or garden. The Anovia Chapel is right next to the main heritage bungalow. The chapel-like building presents a setting for your photo-shoot as well as the place to celebrate the exchange of vows.

Anovia Bridal, Penang
Add: 18 Jalan Bagan Jermal, 10250 George Town, Penang, Malaysia
Tel: +604-2299996

looks wonder night scene wedding photo
Lights hanging down from the trees like shooting stars. The bridal mansion and the little white chapel by the side.
Anovia Garden
The setting of a garden wedding at the Anovia Garden
The bridal shop has a collection of exclusive gowns. The customers were impressed with the free gift by Anovia. However the package may not be very flexible as there is no free upgrade even though the client paid a premium price.

Hui O @ Aug 2012: Service bad not as professional as it looks ! not flexible the package cannot like free upgrade even though u spend a lot.
Sin yee @ Jul 2012: Got my FREE gift here :) very nice! Thanks Anovia :)
Joey @ Mar 2012: Exclusive gowns.

Chong Wei and Mew Choo's Pre-wedding Photoshoot  
Photos by: Kelvin Chuah - Anovia Bridal Penang
nice view
Seizing the scenic Sepang Golden Palm Tree Resort's view
closeup, scarf at neck
elegant photo
Sentimental moment of two great athletes and lovers - Chong Wei and Mew Choo
badminton outfit, love story
Didn't know Chong Wei had that in him. He's quite a poser.
heritage mansion as the backdrop in penang
Lam and fiancee's wedding portrait at the beautiful garden with the heritage mansion as the backdrop
hong kong actor in malaysia posing wedding photo
In front of Anovia's chapel
Cheong Fatt Tze (a powerful Nanyang industrialist)
Posing at the historical once home of Cheong Fatt Tze (a powerful Nanyang industrialist)
flying wedding dress in blue,

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MUA | Ester Chun

Ester is a hardworking lady. Started her profession in 2006, she has been featured in magazines, MUA (Wedding Acronym) for TV/ road shows, events and of course weddings, participated and won Label:beauty/ makeup competitions. Makeup trends change every year, however there are no rules to govern how eccentric it can go. Having been involved in creative, so called Avant Garde makeup herself, Ester is an experimenter of bold colors and innovative techniques. The unconventional can one day become the norm, who knows. Of course wedding is a formal occasion to many and brides usually want to play safe. However a tinge of creativity might brighten up your look.

Brides who engaged her have expressed their appreciation for the job well done. She is the hot topic now on widely visited Malaysia Brides forum. Ester excels at creating the look that satisfies her customers and their family/ FMIL, "yi-ma-gu-cheh". That shows she is such a versatile MUA. Her capability is indisputable because 10 out 10 of her clients approve her skill. Her rates are Label:reasonable as well. To me, she makes hassle-free hair which sits in one place and there's less vitality to it. Just be communicative about your desired style, and you will end up a gleaming bride. Ester Chun is definitely a great option which fulfill the skill, service and price factors.

ester chun mua for bride
ester chun wedding makeup
hairband with white ribbon
big ribbon

Comments about Ester:
Magic_moon @ Oct 2010 says: 
"just wanna sharing my experience with my MUA – Ester Chun. She punctually arrived my hse at morning 6am lei…but Im still haven’t ready yet, she still patience to waiting for me...(feel so “pai sei”)..hehe…finally done at all, I very like the overall makeup & hair do, & she had special do the hair accessories for matching my wedding gown. As for the dinner, the first hair do was princess look to match with my can can wedding gown..For the second gown, it is a simple & elegant look to match with abit chinese style gown. ..Overall, I'm very satisfy with her service. Not sure how to express my gratitude to her ..With her great make up skill, I feel so confident that night, I received so many compliments that night ... Her price are reasonable and negotiable. Highly recommeded to all bride to be"

angellove @ Oct 2010 says: 
"My MUA is Ester Chun too. She is really great, done the good job on my actual day, love her so much." 

aRwan @ Oct 2011 says:
Ester Chun is my MUA for my big day..She did a fantastic make up and hair styling for me.. *Thumbs Up* Must try her !!!! You may browse thru her job in this link :

angel12 @ Mar 2012 says: 
"Im so happy to had Ester Chun be my AD MUA on my wedding day because i booked her very early bird on last year. I really love her work so much, she done the awesome makeup & hair do on my big day, received alot compliment from the guest during my wedding :-) Beside that she is really friendly & nice MUA, help me arrange all the rundown too...really thanks her help so much. highly recommended to all bride to be. "
Wind_s says: 
"She did a marvelous job for me on my AD make up day. She's very nice and skilled. I like what she did for my day and night make up..Lot of my guests commented my makeup is looked really natural. Everyone said I gorgeous!! I'm satisfied with her work on my wedding. "

cat23 says:
"I used Ester as my MUA for our engagement photo shoot last year and we're very pleased with her work. She was the most reasonably priced of all the MUA I've enquired and she's also a very nice girl"

Ester Chun Makeup
Tel: +6012-275 2488
Location: Sunway Giza Mall Kota Damansara
Blog and Booked dates:
Rates: ~RM900 for 2 sessions

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Gowns Trees

Dissatisfaction and complaints targeted to the popular bridal shops in town is nothing new. Clients were unhappy with either the service, photographer or makeup artist's skill-set, small or old selection of gowns. This is where Gowns Trees boutique - wedding specialist comes into existence to save the day. The existing local market is filled with qualified and highly talented professionals such as photographer, videographer, make up artist, decorator, etc. Gowns Trees partners with these high quality wedding vendors to provide the complete professional service in various areas.

Their aim is to make DIY (do-it-yourself) wedding affordable and hassle-free to everyone. It opens their clients to more choices from the creme of the crop in the industry. Generally a bridal shop has a team of photographers, cinematographers, make-up artists... attached to it. The freedom to hand-pick the individual from other companies you want to work with is absent. On the contrary in Gowns Trees, the wedding service providers are chosen from a big list with careful scrutiny to meet every specific requirement.

Do you have problems finding a suitable wedding gown? What are the most common issues you encounter... cutting, material, too much/ too little embellishments, neckline, sizes? Describe your dream wedding gown.

floral top, drop shoulder frail

Gowns Trees seeks to become a multifaceted Gowns Specialist, one that is distinctive. They provide professional services related to gowns, for example, you can:
  • Rent from their collection of wedding/ evening gowns, traditional wear of different sizes
  • Buy from the off-the-rack selection
  • Tailor-make the gown of your dreams to perfection, with explicit design
  • Customize, alter the gowns to fit you like a glove, etc. 

sewing wedding dress
Gowns Trees tailor makes-to-measure, alters, customizes your perfect fitted gown
short cheongsam for sales
boutique wedding
tulle, slim, rainbow, lace

Unlike bridal shops, their gown service is more personal. Experienced in-house designer and image consultant are there to assist with your customizable options. Every gown is skillfully crafted or selected to cater for a range of specifications; the modern embellished gown for a posh wedding reception, covered or high neckline dresses for a religious ceremony, long train with elaborate designs such as 3D flowers for walking down the aisle, small, large sizes for the petite and big.

transparent back with string
Designs for an elegant celebration or modest wedding ceremony
empire cut ribbon circle pattern
3D flowers embellished long train and front
for the petite size
Nice gowns for the petite size
makeup doris sp, lawn
Gown by Gowns Trees
Photography by Michael Ngu

The customized service involves thorough communication with the bride/ groom-to-be to gather their likes, dislikes and personal ideas. Gowns Trees takes pleasure in working with creative customers with a concept of their own. Subsequently with the participation of their partners the idea grows into a plan that fits the requests which is professionally executed. I have heard enough of bad encounters occurring in bridal shops with their rigid "rules" and hidden agendas. Instead embark on a personalized experience that accommodates your needs with expert guidance by Gowns Trees.

spectacular image
Fancy evening gowns for a spectacular night
yellow green orange photoshoot
Gown by Gowns Trees
Photography by Michael Ngu
collection in the bridal shop

Apr 2014
The shop was new when one of my bridesmaid and I first visited, so it had limited choices of bridal wear. Their designs are very unique and made us go "WOW"!, but the rental prices made is go "WOW" as well. Custom made is available, and you may want to bring your mom/mom-in-law here to rent their cheongsams - they're gorgeous, although expensive. They even have bridal car decoration services and since they newly opened, they encouraged their customers to take photo of themselves in their gowns and tag them on Facebook. When doing so, customers get to enjoy a certain discount rate. *photo taking is allowed in bridal shop*

Gowns Trees

specialist in wedding

FB Page:
Add: 67-G, Jalan PJU 5/20, 47180 Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: 03-6143 3433

Fashion Designer: Jyenah Che
Image Consultant: November Che
Brand Manager: Chua Sze Han

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Bridal House - Touch Collection Wedding Studio SS2

Touch Collection Wedding Studio is the third brand under the Touch Group of Bridal Houses. It was initially named Vangogh. The packages are more expensive, it offers an exquisite collection of designer gowns though not plenty, and the photographs it produces are really good.

Touch Group owns a few subsidiaries namely:
  1. Touch Wedding Studio (Jln Loke Yew moved to Jalan Pudu) - First and signature branch
  2. Fayes Bridal House (Jln Loke Yew) - Stopped
  3. Touch Collection Wedding Studio (SS2)
  4. Love Vision Wedding Studio (SS2)
  5. Life Gallery (SS2)
  6. Taipei Taipan (Jln Ipoh) - Stopped
I'm not sure what happened behind the scene or to its management, Vangogh was later renamed to Touch Collection. With the departure of their high profile PGs (Wedding Acronym) and reallocation of staffs, some customers experienced unsatisfactory services. Overall brides are still impressed with their wedding gowns and service of particular SAs, PGs. MUAs - refer to threads below. The gowns are so attractive that the brides don't mind one or two tiny glitches with their service, which is normal I think.

flag poles
Seng Photography
touch colletion studion ss2
old shop
small people
FB page: by TOUCH COLLECTION - Yih Photo
Lipson and Jessy Pre-wedding montage by Touch Collection SS2
MUA: Celine
PG: Kurt and Lee Ying

Sep 2013
after that we went to the bridal fair in MV. the first booth we went was Touch Collection. their pictures seem ok ok, but the layout design of the album and the album material was not nice. after the lady explained the package to us, we say thanks we'll think abt it, then she say nonid think la! so good package take la! ..wth another o.m.g. ..then summore she call her boss and boss also so pushy! they really dont let us walk away and ys and i getting annoyed ade. then they say they will leave for a few minutes let us consider and they will come back. so we discussed.. their package was really good for the price they offered us really a lot of things, but their album was just not nice and they were a bit cinapek. the make-up artist summore wanna comment about my hair and say my eyes are 'lazy eyes'! haha way to go! after that they came back and we say we will come back tmr.. BUT, they stillll dowan to let us go! really dem pushy. and they got another guy to come and talk to us. and all the while we were speaking cantonese and a bit mandarin cos they dunno english. and this guy dun even know cantonese, serious communication breakdown! ys cannot tahan already and he straight away stand up say cannot. i saw him stand then i also stand and we just said thanks and walked away. wow! serious battlefield! cannot tahan these cinapek ppl.
Jan 2013
3rd brand under the Touch Group Bridal Houses, Touch collection is a great BS for me. They have collection of stunning designer gowns though it's not that many and packages here are expensive but I tell you, you won't regret paying such amount because of the quality of service given to you.
One last thing, if you go there make sure to look for PG Jade and MUA Bernard. They're the best!

Debby @Nov 2011 says:
"I signed up with them a couple of weeks ago and just went there for the photo picking session.
The package I chose was for RM3300, which includes the ff:
1) 5 gown + 5 coat Pre-Wed Shoot
2) indoor + 1 outdoor shooting (KL/PJ area)
3) 12'x18' album - 20 pg (30 poses + 10 mv)
4) 8'x 12' album - 20 pg (20 poses)
5) 24'x 60' - 1pcs (tex+frame)
6) 10'x 12' - 2pcs (tex+frame)
7) 4R - 100pcs (10 poses)
8) DVD 1 song (30 poses)
9) CDR (50poses+10mv) - from album
12)New Moon x1pcs
13)Guest Book - 2pcs

Wedding day:-
1) 1 wedding gown + 2 night gown + 2 groom's coat (with accessories)
2) 1 hand bouquet + 2 corsage
3) wedding day car decoration
"The photos were OK. I think they were pretty, although I looked rather old? But overall they look fine."

The BS had its challenging moments. With more and more bridal houses being set up in the SS2 bridal triangle, competition has become very intense. It's unbelievable how many bridal shops there are at that small area. In 2011, Touch Collection's lobby was set on fire believed to be a business rivalry arson. You can read more about the kinda dramatic tragedy that happened:

Touch Group is a strong and competitive chain. The way they drew in customers at the bridal fair was rather overwhelming.

Touch Collection Wedding Studio
FB page:
Add: 86, Jalan SS2/24, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor D. E., Malaysia.
Tel: 03-7877 8986


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RSA Network - Bar Services

An major consideration to make for your wedding reception is the beverages that you serve. The decision depends on your guests, how many of them are hard drinkers, non or moderate drinkers, if you prefer an assortment of liquor, non alcoholic mixed drinks and so on. Setting up a beverage station is growing in popularity. Whatever you settle on, let an expert handle the tedious tasks for you. RSA Network 'House of Spirits and Beers' and 'Event Management' specialize in providing bar services and supplying a wide range of beverages for special events such as weddings.

Are your friends/ family having a good time with the booze and dance? 
wedding event by RSA
Bar service by RSA
pedestal for people to hang out
glasses straw for guests
be creative beverage station for wedding
Be creative in the beverage station planning for your wedding

Go for an open bar concept if most of your guests enjoy drinking, a crowd who would expect different spirits, wine and many drinks of bubbly. The guests can go straight to the bar or have the waiters serve the drinks on trays. Setting up the bar requires proper planning; determine the types of mix drinks, select some popular premium brands to spoil your guests and understand bar etiquette.

How much alcoholic beverage to serve? Get the professional advice from RSA Network to estimate the right amount for a local wedding function. Their catering bartenders will help you arrange the serving according to how you want it, if you inform them in advance. Setting consumption times such as pre-dinner, the toasting session, one hour during dinner for example can help save some expenses. Make sure the glasses are refilled by circulating wait-staffs during bar closure.

convenient for wedding bar
Mobile draft dispenser

Here's a guideline for 100 guests taken from (American standard). You can take out a couple of liquors and reduce the quantity. Asians are "lighter" drinkers I assume.

1 case = 12 bottles

Beer: 5 to 6 cases
Whiskey: 1 liter
Bourbon: 1 liter
Gin: 2 to 3 liters
Scotch: 2 liters
Light rum: 1 liter
Vodka: 5 liters
Tequila: 1 liter
Champagne: 1 to 1 1/2 cases
Red wine: 2 cases
White wine: 3 1/2 cases
Dry vermouth: 1 bottle
Sweet vermouth: 1 bottle

RSA offers a wide selection both online and offline at discounted prices. They can work out a package, and estimate based on your budget, either beer/ wines/ liquors. Feel free to talk/ contact them for the best arrangement according to your needs and budget. RSA Network is the official distributor of Sapporo Beer (Japan's oldest brand).

rsa networks
Best Genuine Whole-seller Award from I love Discount (2012).
macallan alcohol for wedding party
They sold over 210 Bottles with best remarks.
martell cordon bleu
selection of drinks for your guests
hennesy hard licor for wedding
imported premium from japan
RSA Network is the official distributor of Sapporo Beer

Take a look at some of the ideas for a bar or beverage station at your wedding.

bar tender, greenery decor chairs for people to sit
From artistically decorated station to open air garden wedding bar, it can be a fun part of your wedding

RSA also provides other event planning services such as canopy, catering, audio visual, photography, entertainment, DJ, emcee, sound system, etc.

tent, canopy seats cover blue theme
sexy ladies
wedding entertainment play music

With steady growth over the past years from a fledgling company operating to its present position as a small yet competitive industry operator, RSA Network functions as an all-rounder by maintaining strong focus in providing liquor supply, event management packages and tour packages as well. With the determination and commitment to constant forward movement in terms of service, quality and value for money, RSA Network has earned good reputation for satisfying the needs of the customers.

RSA Network (Affiliate)

event management, crown

FB Page:
Add: No. 167B, 2nd Level , Jalan Maharajalela, 50150 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +603-9224 2454
Marketing: +6012-345 1405 / +6016-215 1405

Price estimation:
Beer Barrel Promotion

  • Max 200 Pax: 3 Beer Barrels, 20 Bottles Liquors, bar settings (cloth/deco/display), bartender, glasses, ice cubes will be in the range of MYR 4000-5000 (depends on the type/brand of liquors)
  • Special budget promo: (Max 300 pax) 5 beer barrels, bartender, bar settings (cloth/ deco), recyclable plastic beer mugs, ice cubes is - at MYR 3250

Awards: Best Genuine Whole-seller Award from I love Discount (2012). Sold over 210 Bottles with best remarks.

RSA Network House of Spirits and Beers
  • Wine Whole seller/Supplier
  • Beers/Stout Whole seller/Supplier   
  • Liquors /Brandy Whole seller/Supplier
  • Beer Barrels Supplier
  • Beer Tab provider
Event management
  • Private Parties (One Stop Solution)
  • Wedding , Anniversary, Birthday,etc
  • Corporate Events
  • Company Outing / Team Building /Annual Dinner
  • Road Show / Product Launching/Grand Opening
  • Audio Visual / Photography
  • Entertainment, DJ, MC, Sound System
  • Catering / Canopy
  • Scheduling / Budgeting
  • Coordinating Transportation / Utilities
Tour Management
  • Customized Tour (tailor Made)
  • Inland/overseas Tour
  • India, South & North Tour
  • Euro Tour
  • Thailand/Indonesia Tour
  • Hotel Reservation
  • Vehicle Renting/Leasing   

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