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The pre-wedding collection is classily sensual result of creative lighting and artistic composition and editing. With a vision of what to shoot, Ronnie captures every moment to create an impact. The timing of the shots is planned; when raindrops style the glass window, the sun sets on the horizon, the weather changes and the clouds take various forms. Different time of the day renders different outcome. Whether it is the dramatic sky or a soft ambient light, he positions the shot to connect to his concept making good use of the environment. The images flourish into something artistically beautiful.

romance behind the glass

rc studio
Artistic composition and editing

Dramatic scene on a dark cloudy day

surreal dreamlike
It flourishes into something artistically beautiful

nice photo
Ronnie positions his shot to connect to his concept
Wedding Videography: Compilation of amazing snippets

ronnie chan


so nice
Lovely artwork which feels like a traditional Chinese art

Ronnie's actual day photos are filled with beautiful candid moments. The spontaneous emotions captured are really precious. Every smile, frown, pose and a hug in the photos tells a story. It is non-verbal and self-explanatory. I think the photos are truthful, they let you feel what is beneath the surface... the love, joy and warmth.

candid photography
Every emotion tells a story even a frown

bride and groom

wedding dance
The candid moment captured is really precious

bride mom
A hug that will make you cry

Ronnie is a photographer who appreciates beauty. He has a vision for what he wants his shots to turn out. They are unique, stunning with a touch of elegance and very artistic. His clients adore his artwork. Most importantly every significant moment is captured. He is also responsible, committed and on time! Check out the reviews about Ronnie Chan Studio.

Apr 2016
I got to know Ronnie years back when I was a bridesmaid to a friend's wedding, and he was of course, the photographer then. I really liked his artwork and ever since then, I thought I will have him as my photographer when it's my time to get hitched (back then i was still single!). Years passed by, and as I have made up my mind, my husband and I chose Ronnie as our photographer. I must say, he definitely is very aesthetic in his work and definitely has his visions for what he wants his shots to turn out. I have always preferred something more unique and different , with a touch of elegance in my pictures, and Ronnie definitely brought all that to my wedding pictures. My husband and I are more than ecstatic upon seeing our pictures. Thank you for your professionalism and thank you for accommodating to my requests!
Dec 2015
Ronnie is absolutely professional and artistic. Our pre-wedding photo album received compliments from family and friends from both Malaysia and Italy . His is definitely one of those world-class photographers. Worth every penny that you spent for (perhaps he is under-charged @@). So, don't hesitate, if you are looking for stunning, world-class quality photos for your pre-wedding or actual day, Ronnie is the best photographer you can get. Thank you for coming all the way to Sicily, Italy and gave us the wonderful pre-wedding photos..
Sep 2015
He is a seriously awesomeness photographer that I ever known! His talent and skill are terrific!!! He is very responsible, committed and on time!!! He captured the moment ! The very important moment of your life and the moment that you'll remember and reminisce always.

RC Studio
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Rates: Starts from RM3800 wedding actual day, RM3300 for pre-wedding

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