Bublé Wedding Crooner

Michael Steven Bublé is a Canadian crooner who became well-known internationally after the release of his album, "It's Time" in year 2005.

In March 2011, Michael Buble married young and gorgeous Argentine actress/ model Luisana Lopilato. They had their wedding ceremony at a mansion in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Luisana looked absolutely stunning in the wedding gown designed by Sylvie Burstin. Her tall, slim yet busty figure pulled off the Argentinian flavored dress perfectly. 

The couple also celebrated their nuptials in the groom's homeland with 500 of their closest family and friends. The wedding was held at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver, Canada. This time the bride wore a dress by Argentinian designer Jorge Ibañez.

He co-wrote the hit single "Haven't Met You Yet" for his then girlfriend Luisana and she also appeared in the song's music video.

List of Wedding Songs

buble's wedding
Left: Wedding in Argentina. Right: Wedding in Canada

He was invited to sing at the wedding of Canada's former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney's daughter Caroline in 2000. Michael sang the song "Mack the Knife" composed by Kurt Weill at the wedding. However his wife asked him not to sing on their big day. Some of my pick which can be your wedding tunes are listed below.
  • Everything - This is a fun song
  • You and I - This was the song of my wedding montage
  • For once in my life
  • Song For You - Very touching!

Song For You - Lyric
I've been so many places in my life and time
I've sung a lot of songs, I've made some bad rhyme
I've acted out my life in stages with ten thousand people watching
But we're alone now and I'm singing this song for you
I know your image of me is what I hope to be, I've treated you unkindly
But girl can't you see, there's no one more important to me
So darling can't you please see through me, 'cause we're alone now
And I'm singing my song for you, you taught me precious secrets
The truth with holding nothing, you came out in front
And I was hiding, oh, but now I'm so much better,
So if my words don't come together, listen to the melody
'Cause my love is in there hiding
I love you in a place where there is no space or time, I love you for my life
You are a friend of mine, and when my life is over
Remember, remember, remember when we were together
And we are alone now, and I was singing this song to you
We were alone, and I was singing, yeah singing
We were alone, and I was singing this song for you
Singing my song, I'm singing my song for you 

References: wikipedia, justjared

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Planning Your Wedding Videography/ Cinematography

creative wedding cinematography
Videos by GMPS are Well-Edited (The best camera angle for each scene is picked incorporating creative effects), Contains Important Moments and Details (Touching vows, heartfelt speeches, emotions, shots of decor) and Special (aerial view footage, sun glare, rhythmic pacing).
proposal video
A well-planned proposal is a nice little surprise that you could give your spouse-to-be. Get your team together to brainstorm creative ideas, something that is personal, romantic and memorable. What you need for a marriage proposal are a ring, flowers and a plan.
Besides the usual scenes, there are other ways to make your wedding videos more unique. For example, the bride gets to be Cinderella in the fairy tale wedding video, and the couple will be acting and speaking in a movie that defines their love story.
Videos are a good way to store your wedding memories for keepsake. If you have the time, consider making more than one videos to create more dimensions to the big celebration.
A list of wedding Cinematographers or Videographers.
There are some videos and short films/ animated images all displayed on one page for your to get some inspirations from. Making a movie is not something you do everyday. So preparation beforehand is useful. Plan the background, theme, props, etc.
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Intercontinental Hotel KL

fresh flower centerpiece for all guest tables

Packages 2018: from RM2388 per table. Tao (Chinese Restaurant): From RM2888 per table | Capacity: 800 pax |  Located strategically in KL city center Jalan Ampang, with the iconic Petronas Twin Towers just steps away, the Intercontinental Hotel (previously Nikko) is one of the more expensive venues to hold your wedding reception. Your guests will get to indulge in their splendid oriental dishes from the Chinese menu. There is corkage waiver of two bottles of either wine or hard liquor for every confirmed table. Pre-dinner with tit-bits & soft drinks are provided.

They completed a two-phase renovation in 2012 debuting a brand new lobby and the signature Concierge Lounge. The first of its kind in Malaysia, this lounge features cozy sofas in an interactive seating design.

Experience an intimate wedding reception at the Tao Chinese Cuisine, featuring a distinctive peach blossoms setting for guests to celebrate their special day with a perfect blend of authentic Chinese touch and luxury with spectacular, cloud-like inspired ceiling that grants the momentous impression of dining under the stars, some of Tao Chinese cuisine’s most distinguishable and memorable feature are the carefully selected ornate Chinese teapots that have been collected from around Asia and are displayed for guests to enjoy.
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Shangri-La KL 1000+ Seater Grand Ballroom

Packages 2018: Malay/Indian: From RM2288++ per table | Chinese: from RM2788++ | Capacity: 1440 pax | Nestled in the heart of the city, Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur is just a short distance from the city's busiest business, shopping and entertainment district. The hotel offers strategic views of the Petronas Twin Towers and Kuala Lumpur Tower.

Get ready to be mesmerized by the great ambiance of the newly renovated (in 2017) luxurious and pillarless Grand Ballroom with three crystal chandeliers adorning its ceiling and a huge space. The organizers are very helpful in ensuring a wonderful wedding function for the couple. Some of the staff may require more training maybe.

Mar 2017
WITH three crystal chandeliers adorning its ceiling, Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur’s new ballroom is set to become the place to host events in luxury and splendour. Spanning 1,509sq m, the state-of-the-art, pillarless ballroom was designed by Hong Kong-based LRF Designers Limited, with the facelift completed after four months of renovation.

Aug 2016
Most ideal for wedding dinners, good location, ballroom that fits 1000 pax, impeccable food! Servicing staff needs more training, mostly foreign waiting staff, didn't quite understand English very well. Overall, still the best wedding venue

Dec 2012
Best wedding I've ever attended was my friend's wedding at Shangri-La KL. Great food, great deco and everything. and the best part was this friend did reserved the best table for all her closest friends.

I've just attended a wedding at Shangrila where the venue is transformed into a mesmerizing, dreamy candlelight dinner for 60 tables. Instead of just round tables, the bride and groom put their friends in long tables, which was a great way to save space. Every table was adorned with fresh purple and pink roses. The wedding favor for all the guests was an unusual choice but fits the dreamy theme - incense.

I attended a wedding banquet at Shangrila and the experience was mediocre I must say. Food is ok, ambiance is abit shabby. But it wasn't up to my expectations.
May 2012
My husband and I had our wedding reception here on a sunday and the service was impeccable! We stayed in the honeymoon suite for 4 nights and it was absolutely delightful.
we can only say we had the best service and the organisers were very helpful and gave us an upgrade for the projector size due to the fact that we were staying there for the weekend. the food served was EXCEPTIONAL and they did not scrimp on the ingredients when we made a comment about not scrimping on the trimmings during the food tasting/rehearsal dinner. Definitely will recommend it for any function!

Newly renovated ballroom in 2017:
Grand Ballroom banquet setting
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Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel

There is a newer newer blog post here.

Sheraton Imperial KL's extravagant Chinese wedding packages include a nine-course banquet and accompanied by a host of dazzling details to enhance your event, such as an eight-tiered ceremonial dummy wedding cake and individual gift cakes for every guest, free corkage for hard liquor and wine, a complimentary flow of mocktails during the pre-dinner reception, a complimentary overnight stay in the hotel's Bridal Suite inclusive of breakfast for two, a fruit basket and champagne, and food-tasting for 10 people. The wedding team will also adorn the banquet room with thoughtfully hand-selected decorations, including a floral bouquet for each table and a beautiful centerpiece for the bridal table, red carpet, ice carving, white chair covers with tassels, and a chiffon wedding backdrop with fairy lights.

It is an Old hotel, the ballroom has a sense of old charm and class. Customer loves the service, the hotel wedding staff delivered what they promised, and they took initiative and very attentive. Service is superb at Sheraton during the wedding reception. Everything was served into individual plates by the waiters and so, the guests were spoilt for the night. The food is good but not perfect, some dishes from the Chinese Menu lack flavor. The menu can be arranged to be slightly out-of-the-box and have a combination of Chinese, Western and Local flavors. 

Villa Danieli is housed on the 5th floor of the Sheraton Imperial Hotel. The restaurant is a fine dining Italian restaurant which can also cater for events and small cozy weddings. This place is as Italian as it gets! The seating arrangements are mostly a mixture of round and square tables but they mentioned that it could possibly be replaced with banquet tables for events. The choice for menu is either buffet or a pre-set menu and they would need at least a week in advance for reservations. To book up the whole restaurant, a minimum charge of RM20,000++ would need to be spent, however, they are quite flexible and open for discussion. There is a small space for a band if you would like to bring one over and they can help to setup a a platform stage for them. Weddings can be held there until 10.30pm where the restaurant will close. Parking is fixed at RM8 for functions at the restaurant. Villa Danieli serves excellent Italian wedding cuisine. (http://venuemenu.blogspot.com/2013/04/villa-danieli-sheraton-imperial-kuala.html)

Jan 2017
My wedding reception was held at the Nusantara ballroom, Ellie has been a great help to get everything on track throughout the preparation and actual day. She is a very attentive and thoughtful person.
Our bridal suite was lovely decorated, with an amazing KL view. Reception dinner was good. Everything seems perfect till I gotten 2 upset feedbacks.
First, one of my guest had Red Wine spilled on his shirt by a waiter who was pouring wine for him. No apologies was said, absolutely nothing. The waiter just walked off away. My guest was totally disappointed on this and he did not expect a 5 star hotel to treat guests that way.
Second, my dad was using the complimentary valet parking given to us. Upon getting his car, the valet was asking for the valet fees which my dad said it was supposed to be complimentary. The guy was very impolite persistently asking for it and my dad asked him to check his records.The guy gotten rude and unwillingly went to check only to realised that indeed our car plate details was given there. Once again, no apologies were given. My dad was infuriated with that kind of service, spoiling his day!
I thought that Sheraton Imperial would have been the best choice I would have made for my wedding, only to get this feedbacks back. I'm truly upset on this matters as it has affect my guest and my family.

Apr 2016
I m Sher from Weddings by Sher, wedding planner cum wedding decorator of the grand malay wedding on 2 April 2016 for Mahazir & Mala.
I want to give my compliments to the banquet team in charge which is Mr. Dheva and Mr Liam. Both of them attend to my requirement very fast and I have no issues whenever I need help on the coordination. I would also like to thank the kitchen department for arranging lauk pengantin for my bride and groom. The fruit carving is very lovely, thank you chef BoB for the extra effort to make my guest happy. Other that that my guest all complimented that the food is nice and delicious, especially the kuih koci with teh tarik ice cream!! Thank you for making this wedding a successful one. We will continue to recommend more wedding clients to sheraton imperial kuala Lumpur!! Keep up the good work! Ms Ellie Low &Angela thank you for your consistent follow up on the wedding and ensure all details are well passed on to your operations team. You guys did an awesome job!!
Dec 2013
We had our beautiful wedding in Sheraton.
Everything was perfect!!We love the service, they delivered what they promised, and they took initiative and very attentive to our needs. The rooms are very nice and comfortable, ballroom is perfect, and foods were really good, our family and friends were impressed.
Thank You Sheraton for creating the perfect day
Jun 2013
for this wedding, it was slightly out-of-the-box.  The menu was quite unique as it has a combination of Chinese, Western and Local flavours. I must comment how superb the service was at Sheraton.  Everything was served into individual plates by the waiters and so, we are pretty much spoilt for the night.  The good thing is, it gave us quality time to mingle with our friends and catch up with the good old times (as well as taking loads of pictures).
Four Hot Precious Combinations.
Stir Fried Fresh Top Shell with Capsicums:  the flavour was quite mild but the top shell was fantastically thick and fresh.
Deep Fried Almond Coated Ball:  Tasted average.
Steamed Prawn Dumpling with Supreme Sauce:  Flavourful and juicy, with the sweetness of the prawn meat but would have preferred that the prawn tail to be removed.
Vietnamese Yam Roll:  This was my favourite of the four!  It's like a palate cleanser to neutralise the heavy, complicated flavours of the other food.
I must say, this is a very good bowl of pumpkin soup.
Oven Roasted Pei Pa Chicken - the meat has quite a mushy not-so-fresh texture. A big no no.
Steamed Omega Barramundi with Japanese Soy Sauce - delicious
Braised Japanese Mushroom with Vegetable - not enough flavors
Nasi Minyak with Diced Chicken and Anchovies - disappointing
Sep 2012
Totally agreed with your posting here! I had my wedding dinner in June at this cosy yet gorgeous villa. Chef alessandro is very attentive to our request from appetizer, salad, mains to desserts. Even vegetarian dishes without eggs can be done nicely. Same credits goes to the pastry chef :) You can never go wrong with this restaurant.

http://de-views.com/wordpress/index.php/michelle-kah-sing | Feb 2012
The outdoor wedding ceremony of Michelle + Kah Sing Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel
outdoor wedding at sheraton kl
exchanging rings
Outdoor wedding

high ceiling, combined divided to meet your space needs
Magnificent Nusantara Ballroom, six meters high ceiling, flexibly combined or divided to meet your needs
private dinner
do@M - dinner set up
Villa Danieli Italian Restaurant

shiny lights
Wedding at Sheraton Imperial KL by DD Image Photography
golden coins as backdrop
http://f11photobooth.com/2013/11/05/linda-jwin-hxen-sheraton-imperial-kl: Wedding Photobooth at Sheraton Hotel

food was so so
Great four-combination platter, pumpkin soup, fish but the chicken was a no-no
combination chinese western local flavors
Unique wedding menu with combination of Chinese, Western and local flavors
cheese cake and braised mushroom
Chinese vegetarian dish, Malay Nasi Minyak and Western dessert - http://foodjourney4me.blogspot.com/2013/06/wedding-banquet-sheraton-imperial-kuala.html

Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel

hotel in kl

Website: http://www.sheratonimperialkualalumpur.com/weddings
Add: Jalan Sultan Ismail Kuala Lumpur, 50250 Malaysia
Tel (Wedding Team): ++603 27179823 / 27179817
Email: catering.imperial@sheraton.com

Wedding Packages:
Villa Danieli Italian Restaurant:
Capacity: max 100 persons inside and 50 at the balcony pool area

Packages 2016: from RM2318nett per table

Celestial Court Chinese Restaurant Capacity: 100 pax

ballroom nusantara langkawi


jala raja laut

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DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Kuala Lumpur

grand chandeliers

Packages 2018: Chinese: RM2688 nett. Malay: RM2088 nett per table. Indian: RM2188 nett. | Capacity: 650 pax | Conveniently located in the heart of the Malaysian capital city and connected to The Intermark office and shopping development, this Kuala Lumpur hotel is within 10 minutes’ walk of Petronas Twin Towers and Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. The Grand Ballroom, located on level 10, features a 8-metre-high ceiling. Advanced audio visual system including built-in ceiling speakers, a wireless projection system, live streaming capability and state-of-the art lighting presentation for different staging requirements. You can also hold your wedding function in the Hibiscus Ballroom which is fully equipped with LCD projectors, motorised screens and an advanced sound and lighting system. Hibiscus is located on level 10 and has a capacity of up to 100 guests for banquet setup. The Hilton HHonors™ Event Bonus program allows you to earn hotel points and airlines miles with every event booking you make.

This fairly new hotel has a contemporary design with a big and well decorated ballroom. Being attached to The Intermark retail outlets, the ballroom is located on the 10th floor instead of the ground level as at most landed luxury hotels. Some guests may not like the escalators which are right in front of the ballroom entrance as it feels less exclusive. The swimming pool in front of the ballroom is something very unique which allows your guests to hang around before dinner starts. The parking might be slightly expensive you may want to check the rates for your visitors during reception for discounts. There are elevated parking and basement parking. As for the food, the taste is good for hotel food standard. The chef is very accommodating and takes the clients comments seriously. Canapes/ snacks are provided for the pre-dinner cocktail session. The hotel can be slow in responding to inquiries during peak/ busy seasons.

Oct 2016
Doubletree Hilton, kudos to you on the food.. Thank you Chef David.. everything came in warm, and reviews were good on the taste of the food… service was also good!

Dec 2013
Also, the hotel is attached to The Intermark, which is a part retail and office property. But personally, I don't like the idea of having a hotel attached to a mall because it somehow doesn't feel as exclusive for a brand like Hilton.
Jan 2012
New hotel. Contemporary design. Ballroom is big and new. But i didn't like the escalators right in front of the ballroom entrance.
Jun 2012
I had my wedding dinner at Doubletree a couple of months ago, however, I have not had the time to leave my comments here since then. But I think I need to give my tumbs up here for Doubletree for the excellent effort that they had done for my wedding.
I am very happy with the whole process with them, from day 1 on the enquiries till the big day of my wedding.The wedding planner is nice and attentive and the rest of the crew make sure that everything flows smoothly. I like their professionalism.
Apart from the excellent service, the venue and the ballroom itself is magnificient, with swimming pool infront of the ballroom is something very unique and my guests can sit around the pool side while waiting for the dinner to start. The ballroom is new, spacious and it was decorated very well, with inputs from the crew on the colour theme and the table cloth and chair colours combination, the whole atomosphere were beautiful and classy. Most of my guests commented that the wedding is very beautiful.
As for the food, it comes in generous portion and the taste is good for hotel's standard chinese food. The chef is very accommodating and take our comments seriously.
Initially, I was worried on the comments here, but overall, I am very happy and satisfied with Doubletree !! I am glad that I choose Doubletree over the rest of the hotels. Highly recommended !

Jun 2011
(1) This hotel is still consider new, so u get all the new things eg. venue, chairs, table etc. The hotel is located in a Class A Building. You would expect everything to be in high quality. However, please note there are quite a number of staffs who are new which you need to bear with them if their service is not superbly good. They might not be very familiar yet.
(2) The parking might be slightly expensive even for 1st hour or within is RM5 - more expensive than KLCC & Pavillion. You may want to check rate for your visitors during reception night itself (flat rate or if any complimentary etc.). For your knowledge, there are elevated parking and basement parking. For elevated parking, you need to drive up to Level 5 onwards (or sometimes Level 4) minimum.
Circulation at the entrance is turning in from the left and drop off from the right instead. You need to be careful if you are not heading into the parking but only want to drop off. Once you miss the turning, you have to make another big turning. You would understand if you drive there.
(3) The Ballroom is located at Level 10th if im not wrong, if all your guest head directly to the venue or pre-cocktail outside your ballroom, they will overlook a swimming pool which is nice. If they intend to hang around retail at Level C to Level 3 --> there is nothing much to walk as the retail are only few.
(4) Due to the location, the package for wedding is consider extremely high compared to Hilton. In KL city, you can also find many other 5 stars hotels which could give you about similar package with their guaranteed experience of holding past weddings compared to this new hotel.

May 2011
I personally felt the events/wedding planning team in Double Tree isn't that great. They're slow in getting back with proposals, requests and etc. I've always wanted to sign up the wedding package with them because the hotel is new and looks great, but their servicing skills are really a disappointment. I was the one who called them up and chased for answers, and they really didn't bother to follow up with me. Is that the service we want as a consumer?
It's a massive let down.

Apr 2011
Yes they did provide the canapes. I can;t really remember what they provide ..i think they are 4 types of snacks provided. You should be able to try it when you have the food tasting.

Feb 2013

lighting can be dimmed
opening the wine

grand chandeliers
The Grand Ballroom looks magnificent with grand chandeliers
smaller function room
Hibiscus Ballroom
connected to the shopping mall
mingle and chit chat
Nice poolside area for pre-dinner snacks and drinks

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Kuala Lumpur

double tree by hilton building

Website: http://doubletree3.hilton.com/kl/event/index.html
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/DoubletreeKL
Add: The Intermark 348 Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur, 50400, Malaysia
Tel: 60-3-21727272
Fax: 60-3-21727270
Email: KULDT.DoubleTreekl@hilton.com

Wedding Packages 2018:
Chinese Wedding Packages: RM2688 nett per table.
Malay Wedding Menu: RM2088 nett per table.
Indian Menu: RM2188 nett per table

Capacity: 650 pax (banquet)

ballroom seating


jalan tun razak

Ref: streetdirectory.com.my, makan-moments.com

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Mandarin Oriental KL

Packages 2018: Chinese/ Western Menu from: RM2688++ per table | Malay: RM2886nett | Capacity: 1800 pax | Five-star Mandarin Oriental Hotel, located in the heart of KL (adjacent to the Petronas Twin Towers) is one of the most luxurious wedding venues in town. With two ballrooms and 16 function rooms, including the largest pillarless ballroom in the city, it provides all the necessities for a lavish wedding. The hotel caters for the needs before (massages, therapies and so on), during (from ceremony arrangements to wedding cakes) and after (a stay in the exquisite honeymoon suite, breakfast, tea or dinner) the big day.

The top 5 most luxurious ballrooms in KL, do you agree?
  1. Grand Hyatt KL
  2. Mandarin Oriental KL
  3. Westin KL
  4. Shangri-La KL
  5. JW Marriott KL
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Cyberview Resort & Spa

Cyberview Resort & Spa has one of the nicest views of a lake in town. Environment is relaxing, windy and picturesque. It will be a truly beautiful and memorable garden wedding. Mr Kumar and team are able to anticipate the customers' needs, he was helpful from the beginning til the end of the wedding event. Excellent food with great presentation as well form the F&B team. Guests were impressed by the setting, wonderful cuisine and attentive service from the hotel.

The hotel is situated in the heart of Cyberjaya’s technology, business and commercial districts, only 25 minutes from downtown Kuala Lumpur and Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and 15 minutes from Putrajaya, the federal government administrative centre.

Room for improvement: Handover of responsibilities in the event of wedding planner absence/ resignation.

Remark: for garden weddings, extra arrangements needed for bad weather, cooling system, mosquitoes repellent, mud and so on.

http://jonc.my/div-kat-indian-wedding-cyberview-resort-spa-putrajaya | Hindu garden wedding | Jun 2107
Lots of trees and green environment

The groom walks down for the first part of the ceremony
Here comes the bride

The religious ceremony on the floating pavilion

and some bubble gun fun

Aug 2017
Had a wedding here and it was a memorable one! I recommend this venue for any future brides & grooms!

Oct 2016
Just a short note to say a BIG THANK YOU to the F&B team in Cyberview Resort for churning out one of the best wedding dinners our guests have attended. Our VIP guests congratulated us the wonderful cuisine and the attentive service from the hotel. That was definitely a load of our shoulders as guests normally prefer free standing restaurants. I personally want to give credit and thanks to your Banquet Chef and culinary team for the beautiful food presentations and quality. A benchmark to follow. Heartfelt thanks too to Mr Kumar who went out of his way from the start of our wedding preps to the end of the event, he is a gem. He and the team were able to anticipate our needs and requests and helped lessen the wedding stress. First class to you Kumar and the F&B Service Team! With appreciated Iain from the Mother of the Bride
Jun 2015
Came here twice to attend garden wedding. Is really a beautiful place for wedding. Everything looks so fairy tale. And, MUST remember to apply mosquito repellent.

Feb 2015
We had our wedding reception at Cyberview Resort & Spa as this 5-star resort could offer our family and friends with its uniqueness and location in Kuala Lumpur. Upon our arrival at the resort, we were charmed with the green beauty of the surroundings. Shortly, we encountered with our worst nightmare of our dream wedding which was just two weeks away. We were informed by the Sales and Marketing Director that our wedding planner has apparently resigned from her position. We were totally shocked as the Department should have the courtesy to at least inform us beforehand. On the day of our wedding reception, we thought that things would work out smoothly but unfortunately, not. We spotted our names were written wrongly at the VIP parking lots and even the ‘floating name on the ground’.  The wedding backdrop design was placed beautifully but it was missing with our names and wedding date. Flower decorations on the tables and corsages were not fresh.  No proper signage from the main ballroom to the Chinese tea ceremony’s room. Worst still, our tea ceremony’s room air-conditioner was not functioning. My husband, the very important person of the day, contracted with food poisoning during the wedding.  A night before of our important day, we had buffet dinner at the resort’s restaurant.

http://www.alexmoi.net/blog/actual-day-weddings/guna-shaleena-wedding-at-cyberview-lodge-resort | Aug 2012
It was a Hindu-Muslim, inter-cultural wedding with the Indian wedding ceremony held at Cyberview Lodge. They had their akad-nikah sometime back. Then a western wedding reception at the magnificent ballroom. 
outdoor wedding garden
in front of pond decorated with flower bed
white chairs and purple blue ribbon strips tied
fil giving speech
wedding hall purple dim romantic lighting

http://www.grantcorban.com/cyberview-lodge-wedding-photos/?nggpage=3 | Jan 2012
outdoor wedding crowd gathering to witness solemnization
bride holding paper containing vows
cyberjaya kl
stage is wooden floor
stand up from seats

Cyberview Resort & Spa
Website: http://cyberviewresort.com/wedding/weddings-cyberview-resort/
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/cyberviewresort/
Add: Persiaran Multimedia 63000 Cyberjaya Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: (603) 8312-7000
Email: hotline@cyberviewresort.com

Wedding Package (2015): from RM1688
ROM Package 2017: RM8500

Cindai Ballroom: Up to 400 pax, 40 tables
Min: 20 tables
Garden banquet: Up to 150 pax

The hotel is situated in the heart of Cyberjaya’s technology, business and commercial districts, only 25 minutes from downtown Kuala Lumpur and Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)
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