Finding your Wedding Band or Engagement Ring

Platinum: Favoured for its natural silvery-white sheen and hypoallergenic properties, platinum rings are the perfect symbol of an enduring and lasting love. As the world’s densest material, it is stronger and more durable than gold, and provides timeless comfort especially for men who may not be used to wearing jewellery.
Rose Gold: The beautiful tinge of pink in rose gold jewellery is achieved by combining gold with metal alloys. The more alloy content, the deeper the rosy tones will be. Rose gold rings are a romantic style that suits many different skin tones.
White Gold: White gold rings consist of pure gold mixed with other metal alloys, and are often rhodium plated. This provides a dazzling appearance to the ring, and sets off a brilliant sparkle to the ring.
Diamond: (means "unbreakable" in Ancient Greek) is one of the most sought-after gemstones. The hardness of diamond and its high dispersion of light—giving the diamond its characteristic "fire"—make it desirable as jewelry. Combined with brilliant marketing strategies and slogan “A Diamond is Forever” by De Beers, diamond has since become an unbreakable symbol of love.

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Love & Co (

For elegant designs drop by Love & Co to check out their collection, and you will be amazed. A 0.3 carat near colorless costs almost 4K, not exactly cheap though.

love and co ring
LVC Precieux Collection

Tiffany & Co (

The brand that will sweep your fiance off her feet and at the same time burn a hole in your pocket.  It's high-end, luxurious and very pricey! Tiffany and Co. is a renowned jeweler with tip top workmanship. If you find hard enough you may stumble upon your gem at a high but reasonable price. For example an engagement ring with 0.2c, GVVS1 is selling at about RM12k. Platinum wedding band 3mm at RM8k for men, 2mm at RM7k for the ladies.

tiffany and co wedding band rose gold diamond
From Left:
Tiffany Grace™ Ring - Ring in platinum with a princess-cut diamond on a band of round brilliant diamonds.
Carat total weight .23. $3100

Tiffany Soleste® Ring - Shimmering diamonds surround an elegant pink sapphire. Ring in platinum with a round pink sapphire and a double row of round brilliant diamonds. Pink sapphire, carat weight 1.05; diamonds, carat total weight .45. $7,500

Tiffany & Co.® band ring in 18k rose gold with round brilliant diamonds. 3 mm wide. Carat total weight .08. $1050

Two-row band ring - Band ring in platinum with round brilliant diamonds and a milgrain edge. 4 mm wide. Carat total weight .01. $1,925

DeGem (

Lazare Kaplan became the first commercial-scale operation in 1903 to cut its diamonds to ideal proportions thanks to his mathematician cousin Marcel Tolkowsky, who came out with the mathematical formula for diamonds cut to "ideal" proportions, a formula designed to optimise the brilliance, fire and sparkle in a polished diamond. DeGem offers a range of Lazare diamond which is not only beautiful but also share a rich tradition in the diamond world.

Half-carat Lazare solitaire costs around 7.5K. DeGem promises that they will buy back the gem at the selling price if you bring it back in the future with the certificate intact (probably for certain products). The unique and fashionable looking ring designs are the reasons for its success in attracting the younger crowd. However you may have to be extra careful as the rings are said to get dented easier.  

3 rings stack box

Lazo Diamond (

Lazo is one of the most reasonably priced in town if you are shopping for a diamond ring. Their designs and quality may not be the best but you can check it out for yourself as they have a variety of choices.

Habib (

A popular and branded diamond collection, Habib's "Hearts on Fire" (medium-tier) has the quality and look that is distinctive. Some designs are up to date but others can be boring.

4 prong solitaire ring
From Left:
Hearts on Fire Collection: Purely Bridal 4 Prong Solitaire Ring
Wedding Bands

Diamond & Platinum (

The Diamond & Platinum Estrella Collection is simply lovely. A 0.5c, colourless diamond ring is selling for about 10k. The sales assistant at Diamond & Platinum One Utama branch is very helpful in explaining their product and the difference between each metal. For wedding bands, consider their Unity Series with platinum and rose gold gracefully blended together.

colorless 10k
The Estrella Diamond Ring
rose gold platinum
Unity Series

Tomei (

Le Lumiere described as the diamonds of light, emphasizes three conceptual ideas- the "importance of light", "Diamonds are like people" and "Perfection. It is developed to satisfy the growing market demand of hearts and arrows (perfectly cut diamonds which display a pattern of eight hearts and eight arrows within the diamond). For better quality diamonds but not luxury brand, Tomei's medium-tier Le Lumiere is a good option. These are premium cut and supposed to be more shiny.

le lumiere
Tomei Wedding Collection
diamond of light
Le Lumiere - Diamond of Light

Wah Chan (

Wah Chan offers some nice designs and their price is ok and can be negotiated.

solitaire surrounded by 9 smaller diamonds
Wah Chan's Lady's Dream Collection - Set with a solitaire surrounded by 9 smaller diamonds allowing the wearer to channel delicate elegance and lady-like sophistication.

Apr 2016
Went to a few common jewellers like Wah Chan, Poh Kong and Goldheart and this is what I found.
Wah Chan: 0.70 E VVS2 3EX GIA RM25,000.
Goldheart: 0.5 D VS2 3EX GIA RM16,000.
0.62 I VVS1 3EX AGS RM14,000.
Tomei: 0.71 E VS2 3EX GIA RM31,000.
Poh Kong: 0.59 E IF 3EX IGI RM21,000.
0.70 F VS2 3EX GIA RM22,000.
All the above are diamond + casing. The casing got designs with side stones one, not solitaire. Price wise, only Wah Chan can nego. The rest is a big firm NETT.
Nov 2014
de gem [in house i forget the name] - 0.36c G VS1 RM6880
0.44c I VS1 RM8200
D&P Estrella- 0.35c E VS2 RM6590 (platinum ring)
D&P Forevermark similar as above RM5290

Lumiere 0.35c F VS2 RM5388
0.4c G VS2 RM6899
Jun 2012 - Jun 2013
  • Try check at Wah Chan. Nice designs and price is ok. if u got budget, go for wahchan lumiere collection, their design nice and diamond are certified.
  • Lazo quite cheap. Quality u need to check yourself. Affordable + various design, couple ring. Don’t go for lazo. their diamond not nice.
  • Tiffany for kaya raya ppls. If you're going for branded rings which you'd like to impress her, Tiffany is a good choice. But it will be a bit pricey. Tiffany & co's workmanship is flawless. engagement ring with 0.2c, GVVS1 is selling at RM12k. fancy wedding bands? platinum at 3mm RM8k for guys, 2mm RM7k for ladies. bought a pair of earrings the size of black beans for RM2k. Tiffany a bit pricey but it's a Tiffany, girls jizz hearing the name
  • If you're going for diamonds, go for the branded ones like Habib's Hearts on Fire. Habib- quality and up to date.
  • I just bought one from Love & Co. Le Lumiere also is good. Normally they all sell perfect cut. So the only left is how much carat u want ? then how colorless u wanna it be. Got mine only a 0.3 carat near colorless but almost 4K. Try love and co~ got mine there.. simply and elegent design with a cute nice leather box.
  • I like Diamond & Platinum estrella design. When i went shopping i saw this one 0.5c, colourless, the best actually, for 10k. But IF i have 10k, i might just topup and go to tiffany & co.
  • Angel cut- poh kong i think. that one also nice. but price is ridiculous.
  • Tomei is good.
Dec 2012:
Among all shops, we have chosen Diamond & Platinum at 1 Utama. We love the unity series of wedding band, mix between Platinum and Rose Gold. The salesgirl was very helpful and explained a lot the differences between White Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum.
Jun 2011:
Lazare-cut diamond, is claimed to be the world’s most ideal. Somewhere around the era of World War 2, Mr. Lazare Kaplan had a mathematician cousin, who claims that if a diamond is cut to follow such-and-such calculations, the result would bring out the brightest and most beautiful reflections of light the diamond could ever produce. Eventually me and my wife settled for a half-carat Lazare solitaire, which costs seven-and-a-half Ks. It’s small enough not to attract attention, and DeGem has promised us that anytime in the future, if we bring back the stone with all its certificates intact, they’ll buy back the gem for the selling price. Radical designs dominate DeGem’s main offerings – this isn’t the best dealer to go to if you’re going for traditional. Its use of different-colored gold, especially rose and white gold which are the ‘in’ metals at present (01/2011), give rise to very unique-looking jewelry. Men’s rings were OK. My only gripe is that their rings get dented and scratched a bit too easily.

Habib - Affordable yet boring designs.

Ref: Wikipedia,,
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Wedding Favor Ideas

Here are some ideas for your wedding door gifts or favors. It is common that people give food such as chocolates or cookies as they are more practical. You can always package the gifts with personalized labels or tags of your own that display the couple's initials, wedding dates and pictures that match the wedding theme. There are shops (on and offline) which prepare the favors for you with a fee. However there's no harm adding a personal touch by purchasing the raw material and packing them yourself.

House of Favors |

Bride & Groom Square Glass Coasters (2 piece set) - As low as RM2.80/set
Teddy Bear Aroma Oatmeal Soap
Paper Hand Fan Wedding Favors - As low as RM1.80. Candle in the shape of a bridal gown.
Wine Set Favors
chrome heart wine bottle stopper and "tuxedo tie" heart corkscrew |
Cookies decorated with Royal Icing. Flavors: Chocolate, vanilla almond, vanilla with choc rice

happy wedding cookies
Personalized royal icing piping for your wedding
chocolate love box set
Hantaran kahwin - Pink themed chocolate love box set
icing cookie

Charles Home Bake |
Macaroons (12 pcs for RM35)

purple pink orange green
Lemon, passion fruit, raspberry, blueberry, green tea macs by Charles Home Bake

Ole Ole Manis |
Favors Specialist. Wedding Invitation. Event Organizer. Expert.

silk hand held fans
Silk Hand-held Fans
dodol door gift
Blue polka dots gift boxes with dodol inside from Ole Ole Manis
XO luggage tags as favors
wedding favors
Bride and groom shakers for door gifts

May 2011
for wedding favors of our wedding reception, early discussion with my mom, we want to give our generous guests 'hand fans'. I googled for few supplier until i found this item below in this blog: Both my mom and I so happy for it. However, after estimate the costs, we might not be able to give to all our guests the pretty hand fan. Sigh. and we might not even give the VIPs the hand fans. huhuhu. Reason being, we think it's lil bit pricey. I want to give the 'Luxurious Silk Fan' as the wedding favors to my close friends as it suits really well with our wedding concept. Plus the box provided is really pretty too that i don't need to buy extra paper bag to put the silk fan. Wedding day can be really tiring sometimes especially during sunny days.
This kind of lil favors will help to cheer up the day lil bit.
Jun 2012
Nad from Ole Ole Manis is easy to work with and she got lotsa ideas. I just said I want something that’s looks Tiffany-ish and she just get it. Tak payah describe lebih2. Banyak yang dia suggest for designs and materials. Also very organized and kept me updated. Sekali sekala she will tag me on FB or send picture messages of the things that they are currently working on. Kotak dah sampai tengah lipat or dodol dah masukkan dalam box, etc. I suka macam tu. Takde la senyap je and keep us wondering. She delivered the boxes on the eve of the kenduri straight to the hall. Another headache cured! Recommended! Enough said.

Event Cheerly |
EventCheerly was started by 3 friends who love arts, designs and bakery to make beautiful things with passion and love. They provide Desserts bar, Personalized Invitation Card , Personalized Label & Tag , Favor gift , Venue decoration.

home made chocolate chip
Delicious Home-made choc chip cookies
door gifts
Honey in jars
personalized labels
Oooh.. lemon curd with personalized labels

A chocolate truffle is a type of chocolate confectionery, traditionally made with a chocolate ganache center coated in chocolate or cocoa powder, usually in a spherical, conical, or curved shape.  

ooh lala
Chocolate truffles as wedding favors

Feb 2014
Cookies favors from Eventcheerly- ultimate delicious choc cookies

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