Fairy Tale Wedding Theme Ideas

Get ready to look like a princess with an elegant braided hair, modern tiara and accessories, together with a makeup that will knock your prince charming off his feet.

princess accessories grand
Princess bridal look by Nichole

Add a little creativity to your pre-wedding photoshoots to include elements from your favorite fairy tale like the Cinderella carriage, castle, princess gown...

palace carrying wife
By Tazbay Studio
edwin tan magnificent photography
Castle de France - Edwin Tan Photography
princess bride
Mon'liza Wedding Castle
monliza wedding castle

Here's an idea of a white castle dais on your wedding day. You can decorate it with some fresh flowers to add more color to the white theme.

wedding pelamin grand
White Castle Pelamin by De Classaflora
hanging flowers wedding
Venue: Royale Chulan Hotel
Wedding gown: Altelia Amani
Make-up: Sheng Saw
Hair: Olivia Ooi
Photographer: Avicenna Studio
Flowers: Pearl Cakes Events

Beauty and the beast inspired encapsulated rose

Now for the wedding invitation, a bit of stylish patterns, floral artwork, ribbon, rhinestone and your fairy tale printed in the card, it's the perfect way to inform your guests about the theme. Or maybe get them to dress-up as a fairy-tale, Disney character? 

invitation castle
Fairy Tale themed wedding invitation by bloomsinvitations
memorabilia candle
Other ideas (castle): cake, invitation, candle wedding favor

Ref: conectingwedding.blogspot.com, Save on Crafts
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Keeping Up With the Trends | Penny Long Makeup

2 Sessions from RM900 | The advantages of having graduated from a makeup academy abroad are the makeup artist (MUA) gets the exposure and learns techniques different from what is available locally. Penny not only took courses in Malaysia, she also went to Taiwan to further her skills, in particular airbrush, the latest hair grooming, and makeup techniques with fusion of Taiwanese and Korean trends. The practical workshops and interactions allow the students who consist of different cultural background to develop together. I believe in that way, you can pick the best parts the knowledge and apply it to the makeup scene here.

The way a bridal makeup and hair styling is different from a normal for instance dinner, party makeup is that the former is more intense but in a natural manner. The bride has to stand out from the crowd. If done incorrectly, the makeup will go out of control and it ends up looking too dense. Penny understands the need of a Malaysian bride to look like a million bucks, also elegant at the same time. She is good at applying the right style to suit the individual comprehensively with the right intensity.

When searching for a good MUA, always look for one who strives to achieve the best results taking into consideration the bride's requests. Penny is someone who works hard continuously to better her skill. She takes feedback constructively, positive or negative ones. Check out her FB page, you will see something that you like!

great bridal makeup
Penny is good at applying the right style to suit each individual as a whole

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Akma Sri Andaman Bridal, Taiping Perak

For bridal services such as makeup & styling, gown, pelamin, decoration, canopy, catering, etc in Taiping Perak, look for Akma Sri Andaman.

The makeup done by Kak Akma was good. The bride received lots of positive comments. Looking gorgeous is every bride's right, so make sure you go for the makeup artist who knows how to glam you up beautifully. The makeup also lasted the entire wedding day thanks to the special finishing protector she sprayed on the face. Unfortunately the gown that the bride picked could not be used at the last moment because it was torn by the previous bride who wore it and she had to select another one. Imagine how panicked she would be! Shouldn't the gown be returned earlier for cleaning?

bride with towel
With her brush, pencil, Kak Akma meticulously put on the makeup on the bride
blue wedding dress malay wedding
Makeup done by Akma
bride likes
The bride liked the pelamin very much
baju kahwin
The gown which was picked in the last minute was a tad too big and long.

The dais or pelamin after being decorated with fresh flowers, looked classy and absolutely incredible. The bride let her Mak Andam, Akma Sri Andaman take full responsibility of decorating the pelamin and they did not disappoint. Though it comes with an expensive price tag, the result was excellent.

wedding preparation
The process of setting the dais outside the house
flower stands white purple
All done with the beautiful fresh flowers

in tiara songkok
Makeup by Ieda from Akma Sri Andaman

Jul 2012
akhirnya..hari pertunanganku ngn my mr "rio" tiba jugak akhirnya. amek full pakej dr akmasriandaman start dari pelamin, make up dan baju+ accessories...theme biru+cream. Baju warna putih jer...simple but nice....make-up pun mmg superb la...kirenyer..mmg sgt2 puas hati..ramai yang puji pelamin cantek sgt2.... ;)
Apr 2012
I luv the pelamin. Setelah Fresh Flower di letakkan, makin meletop pelamin nih. Baru lah Kelasss kau jah!  Sekali lagi BB serahkan bulat-bulat untuk menghias pelamin hebat ni ialah kepada mak andam BB iaitu Akma Sri Andaman. Sape-sape b2b area Taiping, boleh lah pertimbangkan vendor ni. Biar mahal tapi pueh hati.
Aug 2011
Untuk bertunang ni hani ambil pakej make up+pelamin+baju dengan Akma Sri Andaman di Taiping. Tentang make up, ramai yg kata ok...cantik...ye ker??? hani mmg request kak akma  yg make up kan hani, xnak pembantu dia...yang hani perasan lepas siap make up, kak akma akan sembur sesuatu mcm spray la, tp xtau nama apa..lupa nak tanya..make up akan tahan lama...xcair lansung walaupn dah penat berposing gambar outdoor..btul la, smpai ke mlm.

Pada asalnya hani dah pilih baju ni...tp last minit terpaksa cancel baju ni terkoyak sikit sebab ada pengantin pakai sebelum hani tu dah terpijak kainnya...hukhuk frustnyer !!! so, Kak Akma akan bawa baju yang lain...serius masa tu rasa risau jugak.

Pelamin juga dari Akma Sri Andaman...yg best semua tu bunga2 segar tau !!! hani sgt2 suka.

Akma Sri Andaman
Web: http://akmasriandaman.fotopages.com/
Tel: 012-434 0598/ 012-475 0598
Add: No. 37 Lorong 1, Taman Kuning Permai, 43000 Taiping, Perak

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Precious Bridal Galley SS2 PJ

Positive feedback: SA was very helpful during gown selection, assisted in finding the suitable gowns. Satisfied with the MUA and PG, went with their professional ideas. The PG and MUA worked hard continuously even though it was raining when shooting outdoor. Photographer Mr Chin and assistant were very patient, dedicated and funny. MUA was punctual. No rushing or pushing from the SA to buy more photos during photo selection. Experience with this bridal shop has been good, got a good package deal from the wedding fair.

Negative feedback: Gown selection is limited, especially outdoor evening gown. Took 5 hours just to choose 4 gowns. The shop did not call to confirm the appointments, the client had to call the day before to confirm. Improvement needed in this area. Shooting appointment was delayed twice.

KNOT Concept
Precious Bridal's KNOT concept photography is based on a special theme or a story that represents the couple. Was there a scene in the movie that you've watched which you wished you were in it? Or there's something that you always wanted to do but have not got the chance to do it yet? Now you can with KNOT by Precious. I first saw it during my cousin in-law's wedding. It's really unique. 

boy meets girl bridal shop
Boy meets girl - by fate?
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Wedding Emcee | Kelvin Sim

Experienced in emceeing since 1991, Kelvin has hosted more then 250 wedding dinners. That is a really impressive number. He emcees and coordinates weddings, liaises with the banquet manager to ensure things go smoothly. Language : English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Malay. If you are looking for a wedding emcee to add some sparkle to the auspicious celebration, hire this organized articulate master of ceremony. Check out his blogspot page. He is a detailed person, you can find his biodata, from work experience down to his vital stats! interesting guy. His spoken Chinese and English is good, but I am not sure about this "Ladies and gentlemens..."

Kelvin hosting in Cantonese and English. The video also shows him as an event coordinator

Emceeing in Mandarin and English

Feb 2016
My emcee - Kelvin Sim. Super duper good..If you gals liking for emcee, i seriusly recommend look for him as he can speak English, Mandrin and Cantonese. And he will assured you that he will do the liasing with the venue wedding banquet manager to ensure things goes smoothly. He is well planned and organized too! Very experienced emcee.

Kelvin Sim Hun Beng Emcee

Website: http://kelvinsimhunbeng.blogspot.my
FB Page: https://web.facebook.com/kelvin.sim1
Tel: 016-206 6530

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H&W Studio 3-D Wordings and Artwork

wedding backdrop

More couples are adopting the "Simple and Nice" concept for their wedding decorations. Sometimes complicated designs may come off as too messy. Wordings for the backdrop for example can be arranged in more unconventional ways using earthy color tones for a rustic or natural feel. Use 3-D letters or artwork to make the words/ graphics stand out. There are many different styles to use them creatively. You may borrow some ideas here:
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Merchant's Lane 美真林 | Photography Location

A modern take on the heritage of Petaling Street, Merchant's Lane is a cafe and restaurant that sees the transversing of local charm and current culture. Getting there is easy enough, but finding the entrance could be a challenge. It is located in an heritage building in Petaling Street. The entrance is next to a stationery shop; Merchant's Lane is on the first floor. The way up the stairs you can see bright sunlight as the ceiling is transparent. The interior is the perfect backdrop for a rustic photoshoot, with rough unpainted walls (eroded wall effect), rattan chairs, stainless steel tabletops and wooden floors.

Photos by The Wedding Barn (more pics here)

round case

old time

rustic photography

petaling street
the blue entrance door

merchants lane

vase chair


green black

Sep 2015
The name of the cafe is quite interesting and I always thought is a name when i heard someone mention. ''mei zheng lin'' chinese of of Merchant's Lane. The cafe restaurant is situated at the second level, along the way up the stairs we see dark bright sunlight as the ceiling is transparent.  The buildings here are long and depth inside have several different corner for customers to pick on. Outdoors, indoors, sofa tables etc. I like the natural eroded walls but went there during noon, the sun is just right shinning on top of our head. Can't sit there for long.

Getting there was easy enough, especially on a Friday morning when school's out. I parked the car at a lot across a street, next to a police station. Finding the entrance, however... (Psst, look for the entrance next to a stationery shop; Merchant's Lane is on the first floor.) Pre-war chic, I call it, with rough unpainted walls, rattan chairs, stainless steel tabletops and wooden floors.

like old days
al-fresco seating

many people


Merchant's Lane 美真林

go up stairs

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/merchantslane
Add: No, 150 Jalan Petaling, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 03-2022 1736

Hours: 11:30AM - 10:00PM


Ref: angelinespongy.blogspot.my
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Adam Studio House

Adam Studio House was established in 2000. They offer professional photography services for commercial purpose such as product, company profile and advertising as well as wedding day, pre-wedding and portraiture. An apprentice of renown photographer Jen Siow, Adam fell in love with the art of shooting beautiful images and never look back. Through the years he acquired many skills and experiences involving himself in commercial and wedding photography, shot in various events, for fashion magazines like Icon, worked with local and international celebrities such as Amber Chia and Simon Yam.

Adam would shoot again and again until the desired outcome is achieved. His idealistic approach to  photography draws him away from being a businessman with a fixated set of ideas to generate the most profit in the shortest time. In 2004 and 2006, he organized wedding on board a plane to Thailand and Hong Kong respectively. The couples were selected through a series of interviews to have their dream wedding in a plane which would not have happen if it weren't for this event. His negotiation with the Hong Kong airline partner Cathay Pacific was not smooth sailing at all but he and his team made it through. This mega event which barely generated any profit for him was completed with a big smile on all the couples' faces. The experience is all that matters. The Malaysia Book of Records marked and featured the unique "wedding in plane" celebration in 2006. 

Striving to be innovative, Adam is always looking for new inspirations. For him each experience is a learning step. He appreciates the beauty in things and people and it shows in his  photos which connect to people, they captivate their senses. He loves capturing the emotional moments and important details of weddings.  

bride sitting on the fence
Captures at the right moment
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Chinese Wedding Door Games

      Part of the Chinese wedding ritual includes the groom entourage fetching his bride from her parents home. The bride's maids aka "ji mui" would block the way and present some challenges for the boys before opening the door. No pain no gain! Some games can be crazy, giving the gate crashing groom a super hard time before he can get his wife. SAVE the Groomsmen Facebook page detests silly door games and advocates that they should be stopped. I think the girls should not go overboard, opt for some fun and light-hearted games just to cheer up the event. Also watch the time. Besides having to go through all these tests, the groom has to prepare a red packet (ang pow) for the ji mui team. No money no honey. **Evil laugh**    

      Pick the ones that you like. Other suggestions are welcome. 

      When you ask your boyfriend/ husband does he mind if you go out in sweat pants, t-shirt with no makeup, he would say "It's ok, dress however you feel like honey." But in fact it does actually bother him. Men want their women to look good yet they complain the girls take too much time getting ready. Ladies require more time (sometimes), "Get used to it!". So LESSON 1: Compromise and wait for your wife while she spends a little time trying to look presentable. 

      To prove his love, dress the groom and his 'heng dai' in bra, knickers, sexy dresses, wigs and stilettos, on top of that put on some striking makeup (hehe) and then sing a song or perform a dance. To get a pair of silky smooth legs for the short dress, they need to be waxed first! Another idea: Let the boys experience how pregnancy feels like by putting a weight wrap around their tummy.
        wig cute funny
        Photo thanks to cuz in-law Lilian. (Police and Cinema themed Wedding)
          heart shape ouch
          Wax the shape of heart - to test the boys pain endurance

          Marriage is about going through the good and bad together; sweet happy moments, challenges in life which have to be faced by the couple together and a bit of pleasant surprises from time to time to spice up the relationship. Be creative and whip up some drinks or food that have each flavor. Prepare some water for the "heng dai" just in case the concoction becomes too strong for them.

          sweet sour bitter spicy
          The sweet, sour, bitter and the spicy
          honey lemon juice, bitter herbal tea, spicy drink
          4 "poison" concoctions; honey, lemon juice, bitter herbal tea, spicy drink (wasabi+cili)
          "How does it taste like?" Eeeekk...

          Hang a gigantic furry cardboard around the neck, get wedding wishes on post-it-notes from neighbors.

          looking for messages

                  EATING SKILLS
                  Eat a packet of dry rice crispy in one go.

                  pops in your mouth
                      Tie some bananas to a string. The boys have to peel off the skin using their mouth and eat the banana.

                      eat with moutch
                      failed attempt
                      Btw they are not supposed to bite the banana together with the skin. This is a failed attempt!

                      PASSING GAME
                      Line the boys up, The first guy must pass a piece of seaweed to the next guy with his lips until it reaches the last guy in line. You can also place an orange (or other fruits) under the groomsman's chin. He then passes the fruit to the next guy without using his hands.  

                      passing seaweed with mouth
                      Passing seaweed (to test their kissing skill?)
                        without hands

                        FLEXIBILITY TEST
                        Show some pictures of partner yoga poses and the groomsmen have to follow them.

                        for chinese wedding door game
                        wedding gate crashing
                        Photo by Brendon Liew

                        PROFESSION OF LOVE
                        Ask the groom to prepare a romantic message to his wife-to-be in the form of a poem, love letter, love song, 10 reasons why does he love her, or his promises to her. He will read or sing it to his bride before access is granted.

                        http://www.carmenweddings.co.uk, http://www.beautifullifeuk.com, http://jimkangphotography.com, beautiful life film and photography
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