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most beautiful ROM in Malaysia
Andrew brings out the happiness and best part of the wedding

bride laughing

interracial marriage Indian and scottish
He captures the moment beautifully

romantic moment

horse is the witness of love
This horse wants some tender loving care too.

pusher of kiss

suspender and heels
The couple enjoying the time together

couple in the glass window
The majestic night scene

matching white shoes

all white wedding Malay
Every step of the wedding ritual is something precious to be cherished

silhoutte shot

tears of joy
Daddy you are making me cry. (reflection from the window)

umbrella at night

a kiss in a foreign country

reflections of lights

oh whats next? ang pow?

and thats for fertility
I wanna jump too!

funny scene
Wow, you are so going to get pregnant! It is a Chinese tradition that a boy jumps on the bridal bed to bring fertility.

tighten the corset
what should I say?
The sacred moment

kissing the forehead

you better don't watch this

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