Vivi Bridal Makeup | The Qualities of a Top Makeup Artist

Ranked number ONE in LookP - a website with reviews of professionals in Malaysia , Vivi garnered the highest score in the overall rating from a list of over 200 Makeup artists (MUAs). It is apparent that she is a helpful & friendly MUA with amazing skill according to the reviews.

Skills are developed through experience. You will have no doubt about Vivi's ample experience after viewing the gorgeous bridal looks on her Facebook photo album, the huge number of brides she has worked with, and the reviews that the clients have shared themselves. Every facial structure is different, the more you work on different features, skin texture and tones the more proficient you get.

Another significant quality you are looking for is the attitude towards a makeup job. Punctuality is an important aspect as wedding is usually packed with many ceremonial activities lined up, no time should be wasted. Vivi is punctual, speedy, a fun person and she produces great results. She has the patience in understanding what the client wants. A very common complaint I heard before was that the MUA did not listen and wanted her own way.  You can be assured that Vivi is not one of them. A professional MUA applies the techniques to cater to every individual needs and distinct features.

great result
Gorgeous bridal style that is suitable for the bride

great transformation
Vivi has the experience in understanding each person's features in order to produce the best result

in red
Nicely done curls in layers

nice features

A professional MUA applies the techniques to cater to every individual needs and distinct features.


big and outstanding

make you pretty


ballgown floral lace

Nov 2016
Vivi is very friendly, patience and punctual. Love her work result. She is very professional. I personally would like to thank her that she has made me so pretty today. Definitely a recommended make up artist.

Awesome make up artist who understood what I want and gave the best out of her. She is definitely a fun person who is also punctual and speedy ^^

I have a good make up experience with vivi. Make up Base on life style and look natural. Good job vivi.

Oct 2016
Vivi, have a good service and make a nice makeup for me, with a nice hairstyle .. Highly recommend to my friend bride to be - .. Thanks you

Vivi have the patience to understand what client really like and needed, And she can make everyone beautiful.....

Aug 2016
Thanks dear Vivi for your great skills on me. Your magic hands did a very good work which is it changed the way i look. The make up and hair do was amazing. Thanks again from me.


perfect makeup

FB Page:
Tel: +6012-555 3499

Work of Art by Jazz Wedding Photography

It's not easy to produce an eye catching image. It is from the hard work through proper control of the camera focus, lighting, composition and editing. In the pictures below created by wedding photographer Jazz, you could see a delicate balance of artistry and natural beauty. From finding the right background, determining the correct focus to directing the entire shooting, Jazz is able to document its aesthetic ideas beautifully and creatively.

jazz wedding photography
after editing photoshop, super nice
With creativity and careful execution, the details can be presented beautifully

Fine Art Wedding Photography is an approach where the image created is rich and sophisticated in an elegant way according to the vision of the art director/ photographer. It does not matter if the composition is more relaxed and uncluttered with clean colors or something filled with vibrant textures and tones. The photographer can be creative in carefully staging the outcome to make it unique. Instead of the usual bride-posing-sideway, Jazz choreographed and took this artistic picture of a stylish bride pose with both sides of the her gown flouncing like a butterfly. 

butterfly flounce wedding dress
Combination of creative art directing and photography
artistic shot of couple registration
Your ROM photos can be as artistic
kiss the forehead of bride
natural shot laughing at a field of green and flowers

Depending on what you want to achieve, Jazz can create an image that tells a story through a set of properly developed imagery. Together with some post-editing effort it can be further enriched. The post-processing done does not in any way intend to save a bad image but to make it more interesting. The original photo he captured was already in good quality straight out of the camera. By making sure that there is a good balance of realism and fantasy through control of natural light for example, the result is breathtaking.

dress with red hemming black shoes
A good balance of realism and fantasy
closing eyes in the bridal car
The image has been enriched by some editing
amazing walking on water
joss sticks hanging spiral
post editing done on bride sitting on bed
 contrasting background red

Jazz Wedding Photography
FB Page:
Tel/ Email
(中文) +6016-626 7880 or
(English) +6013-772 8363 or

Venus Bridal House in Johor Bahru

Described as the second most expensive bridal shop in JB after Enya Mareine, Venus Bridal Selection is a very popular choice for engaged couples who intend to make some pre-wedding photos. The shop's atmosphere is comfy and the sales assistants are attentive. Li Ling is nice, she provides excellent customer service. Clients complained about Amanda who was rude.

This bridal studio is famous for its beautiful fantasy photos and their amazing photo editing skill. With unique backdrop and setting in the studio, the indoor photos turn out very captivating. Brides are satisfied with MUA Jimmy and PG Derrick. If you take the more expensive package, you can choose ALL the gowns, including designer gowns, otherwise only normal gowns from 'factories' can be chosen.

Oct 2013
i went with them and i did not regret it. they have a really good and wonderful selection of gowns. the atmosphere of the shop was also comfy. their service is also a plus since i was really given a personal attention the whole time.
Dec 2012
I was with Venus, their photoshoot was awesome but AD gowns CMI, they only have a small range of AD gowns. It's either e gowns are taken or the color of the gowns couldn't match your wedding theme.
Was utterly dissappointed after they recieve more than half of our money. Their service sucks and don't bother to serve us as compare to the first time.
Aug 2012
I'm with Venus, luckily my coordinator is really Patient & understanding. From wat u said, trying ard 7 EG & they alrdy show attitude, I can't imagine wat I would encounter as I tried over 20 WG & EG before deciding..& my coordinator is really nice to giv me 1 more EG coz I can't dEcide between the 2 that I've shortlisted. I agree w u, that JB BS do not have gd variety of WG & EG for selection. I almost wanted to source for another BS for my AD, so dun worry as u're not the only 1. My WG & EG are not my perfect 1, abit disappointed. Luckily my photos all came out better den what I expect.
Jun 2012
I just came back from photoshoot with Venus Bridal over the weekends and all I can say was their services are excellent(though i came back with sun burnt)! Thumbs up for Venus Bridal. My coordinator was Li Ling and she's very nice.
Jun 2012
Indoor was great, really thks to Venus team, esp my MUA Jimmy & PG Derrick. The whole process was fun & it's a nice experience w them.
Apr 2012
Jack is a good consultant and many things can be negotiated with him, he then told us he actually not sales person but designer, just come down n help sale department. We then sign our package with him since he offer us a good package rm 4888 with more than 30+ poses.
But unfortunately once we signed package, again we were refered again to the lady i dislike Amanda haihhh... every time she treat so rude, all requrement that we need she said can not.  after see my 1 selection result, i was really unsatisfy cos i thought their editing skill are great but once saw mine haihhh dun think their quality better than others bridal shop. They just keep repeating their standard editing. the only good point in venus is only their indoor.
Jun 2012
Indoor was great, really thks to Venus team, esp my MUA Jimmy & PG Derrick. The whole process was fun & it's a nice experience w them.
Jan 2012
AD gowns rental (with package)
~ RM 3,888.00 ( only normal gowns from 'factories' can be chosen )
~ RM 4,X88.00 ( ALL gowns, including designer gowns can be chosen )

vintage ballgown gorgeous english setting
white transparent curtains, flower basket
tailoring your own toy in casual wear
Beautiful studio photos

amazing color captured
very gorgeous night scene garden
with rocks red dress

nine pictures, aiming at center bride
pretend to be busy looking at watch

Real Bride 1:
Nov 2011
Breakdown of my RM4888 package (approx SGD2k) from Venus Bridal. One of the more well-know bridal shops in JB. I guess the only downside was that there wasn’t any any make-up artist included.
  • 7 signature collection gowns and coats for indoors and outdoors photo shoots (7 different hair-dos and so many scenes!)
  • 3 actual day gowns (1 wedding gowns and 2 evening gowns which are not the same as those for photoshoots)
  • 2 coats
  • 1 rom tea dress
  • 1 bouquet
  • Car decor
  • 15×24 or 12×30 24page album with 35 poses
  • 8×20 20 page album
  • 11×14 framed
  • 24×36 framed
  • 12×4 banner (quite a gigantic standee to advertise for them on the AD venue)
  • Cdr with 68 touched up shots
  • DVD montage with choice of 2 theme songs
  • 200 pieces of 4R giveaway photos
  • 1 musical box
  • 1 family frame
  • 1 actual day guest book
red black yellow gown
Dec 2011: "The indoor photoshoot went quite smoothly. Went to several bridal shops in Singapore but were not impressed. Shortlisted two in jb and signed up immediately with Venus Bridal when we finally visited because I love their style. Two of the many many gowns I tried!"

Real Bride 2: (Feb 2010)

Venus Bridal Selection

exterior of bridal house double storey

FB Page:
Add: No.95 & 97, Jalan Perisai, Taman Sri Tebrau, 80500 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Tel: 07-335 9919
Fax: 07-335 9919
Business Hours: 10.30 am to 8.30 pm (Closed on Wednesdays)


jalan tebrau, the store, shell, lucky crystal crown

Min Kok Chinese Restaurant (明佫鱼翅酒家) Seremban

As someone who grew up in Seremban, I have been to many weddings of friends, relatives in this town not far away from KL. Min Kok restaurant is famous for its breakfast dim sum; more often than not there's a big crowd lining up for a table in the morning especially during holidays or weekends. My experience with this restaurant in term of wedding food was very good. It has a pretty high standard taste wise, better than a lot of Chinese Restaurants in the Klang Valley. I am not talking about food presentation here.

Other than that, the decor is very very minimalist, and 90's. You definitely won't enjoy the noise from another wedding, the "yum seng" or karaoke singing, which is just a partition away. Parking is always full when there is a wedding happening.

the banquet hall
Wedding Banquet at Min Kok
90s old fashion wedding decor
Guests reception area
seremban banquet
Wedding reception
emcee groom opening champagne
Bean and Any (emcee, live band, entertainers) performing in Min Kok
big hall

Min Kok Restaurant

open parking to restaurant

Add: No 7645, Lot 5990, Jalan Labu Lama, (Terminal 2), 70200 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.
Tel : 06-7618458, 06-7619717, 06-7615157
Fax : 06-7615428

Opening hours :
7 days a week

Dim Sum: 7.30 am - 2.30 pm

12.00 pm - 2.30 pm
5.30 pm - 10.30 pm

Wedding Packages 2016: From RM598 nett per table
Capacity: 150 tables, 2 VIP Rooms

GPS Coordinates: N2 43 35.2  E101 55 49.1  (02.726450 101.930306)

sk puteri, jalan labu, terminal 2 acs

The Botanic Resort Club, Klang

Located within the Bandar Botanic township vicinity in Klang, Botanic Resort Club is a good option for your modern outdoor wedding. The poolside provides for a serene atmosphere for those who prefer being surrounded by lush greenery and landscaping. There is a garden in the midst of a large area of pools of different sizes. The Club also provides banquet amenities that cater to indoor wedding receptions.

Wen Wei + Meng Hoe (ROM & Reception) | Oct 2015 | Photos by (Benjamin)
stage backdrop decor

poms purple sashes

A Grand Hindu Poolside Wedding Ceremony. POOLSIDE of Botanic Club Resort. 
Video by Leonard Hon. Jan 2014.

Jan 2012
aku suka sangat konsep pool wedding. Aku pernah pergi survey pool di Botanic Club Resort, Klang. Kebetulan ada persiapan wedding di sana. Memang cantik dan perasaan sangat teruja! Rasa sangat best kalau dapat buat wedding disitu. Nampak mewah.
Jun 2013
Awesome place for a wedding. Love this place !!!!!!
wood flooring formal hall

club house wedding

s-shape swimming pool

pool full of flower petals
wedding ceremony

Bandar Botanic Resort Berhad (by Gamuda Land)

very scenic and nature

Add: No.1 , Jalan Ambang Botanic, Bandar Botanic, 41200 Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
GPL Location : 2.991870, 101.452910 (Botanic RC)
Tel: +603-3323 8222 (ext. 115)
Fax: +603-3324 8222

klang wedding