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The Hip List Wedding Photographers, weddingsmalaysia for the cosmopolitan and sophisticated bride 2012, The Wedding Book by Mindy Weiss, Be a Beautiful Bride by Henderson & Henshaw, Hamlyn, Bride in Bloom,

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Hilton Kuala Lumpur

hotel kl wedding

Packages 2018: RM3288 nett | Capacity: 1000 pax | Connected to KL Sentral transportation hub; Railway (LRT & Komuter, linked to MRT), bus and Nu Sentral Shopping Mall, Hilton Kuala Lumpur is located in a very strategic area, perfect for traveling to the airport and KL city. Wedding guests were impressed with the good service, lovely table setting with fresh flowers, decorations and the fine dining experience. Dainty appetizer, delicious food and dessert. They know how to create a memorable wedding party. The after party is good too.

Negative comments:  Couple was told on the wedding day the wine they had chosen more than a month ago was not available. The hotel informed the couple that the guests could adjourn to Zeta Bar for after-party. However the bar was not open on that night. Perhaps they have to be more attentive to details and manage disappointments considering the expectations from the customers.
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Very Taipei Wedding World 非常台北 Kuching & Taiwan

Very Taipei is a bridal shop originated from Taiwan, with 2 of its branches in Malaysia; SS2 Petaling Jaya (Micasa) and Kuching, Sarawak. Great service from the Very Taipei Kuching team (Yan and her team), they are very helpful and friendly. Natural photography not the posey type. The makeup artist is good too.

If you take the Taiwan package, you are in safe hands. The reviews about the photoshoot, gown selection experiences in Taipei are very positive. Popular pre-wedding photography locations and iconic structures in Taipei taken by Very Taipei Wedding World:

Yang Ming Shan - True Love Peach Blossom Garden 陽明山真愛桃花源
Website: | Different themes of indoor and outdoor photography backdrop: American country, European castle, Japan snow, Blue Greece-Santorini (蔚藍希臘) and the stunning white cathedral.
Add: No. 30 Hua Gang Road, Shihlin District, Taipei
church photo
Yang Ming Shan 真愛桃花源 white wash chapel

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Four Seasons Resort Langkawi

swing on beach

Packages 2018: Ceremony from RM12K | Capacity: 100 pax (indoor) | The huge resort has a nice private beach and great view, with a long clean beach-line. Its villas are really big and interior is nice and well designed. Service is excellent. Well organised wedding and the event planner did a splendid job. The food was tantalizing and delicious. Very relaxing environment.

However there are mosquitoes, though fogging is done a few times a week.

Celebrate your big day on a romantic island with mystical mangroves, pure rainforest air, and ancient rock formations at Four Seasons Resort Langkawi. You can make the most of the resort's mile-long Private Beach amidst the magical UNESCO GeoPark where its biodiversity in various habitats including mangroves, tidal flats, beaches, estuaries, coral reefs, caves, limestone is protected.
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Korean Concept Wedding Photography | Korea Artiz SS2

The selling point ok Korea Artiz Studio (KAZ) is the mood of the photos, Korean concept photography style, makeup and hair. However the packages are not exactly cheap. If you have the budget for it, you will be very happy with the results as there is a team of people specializing in different areas to help you create your most memorable wedding photos.

Customers complimented their Consultant - Evon who meticulously arranges all the appointments and keeps the clients updated when the dates are near. Helpful assistants Carmen and Ah Hao, Jasmine & Nicole - experienced gown consultants. Tze Pei's makeup is simple but clean and nice. Jina creates gorgeous Korean makeup and hair. Photographer Song is skillful in capturing the best moments. PG Youn produces excellent photos. Alan the photo album designer who is talented and very accommodating to the clients requests. (Reviews here)

To be improved: Their pictures look nice, but they should supply a bigger selection of gowns and have a proper gown tracking system.

korea concept bridal shop

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The Roof, First Avenue, Bandar Utama

Stratosphere is a luxury bar on a helipad rooftop open space, entirely covered in grass with some walkways which can be used as the wedding ceremony aisle. The garden wedding 'in the sky' offers your guests an unprecedented panoramic 360-degree view of the city and greater Klang Valley. You are able to enjoy the cool breeze at such height. The ariel view is incredible, looking down at the nicely curated lawn. They provide impressive sound system for your ROM/ wedding party/ ceremony.

The Roof is a premium integrated F&B and entertainment hub offering patrons a classy experience offering  With over 50,000 square feet of dining, entertainment and event space, The Roof houses five distinct outlets namely; Stratosphere, Malt & Leaf, Signature by the Hill, Score and Play, located on the top levels of the 36-floor building.

metal bar across the bridge
Entrance to Stratosphere
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Imperial China Restaurant Subang Jaya (Tai Thong)

imperial china subang tai thong wedding

Packages 2018: from RM918 nett | Capacity: 750 pax | 

Positive Remarks: Good feedback from guest on the dishes. Food is delicious! especially the seafood soup and steamed fish. Beautiful decorations. Excellent wait staff that are courteous and professional. They were really friendly and made sure dinner is served well and delightfully. Wedding was well organized.

To be improved: In-house PA system and projectors can be further improved - screens not centrally connected, poor acoustics for tables far from the stage. The back tables are not ideally located to have a good view of the stage.

red gown

merry | Aug 2015
wedding hall

golden partition

Other photos:
pink tables and chairs
red lantern

Nov 2017
Nice Chinese wedding dinner spot. Excellent wait staff that are courteous and professional. Food was wonderful, especially the seafood soup (opted for no shark fin) and first course (see picture). The steamed snapper was excellent as well as the fish's natural flavor was allowed to shine instead of a flash condiment. Overall, I hope more of my friends have weddings here so I can eat the food again!
Jun 2017
Did my wedding luncheon at this restaurant. Good feedback from guest on the dishes. Well organized and arrangements from the staff which allows me and my husband less thing to care about. Beautiful decorations too. Overall good.
Jan 2017
Emcee-ed my friends wedding there, and the staff were really professional and friendly in making sure dinner is served well and delightfully. Food is delicious! In-house PA system and projectors can be further improved - screens not centrally connected, poor acoustics for tables far from the stage.
Jan 2017
Food quality is not too bad. Venue is also so-so for wedding as the back tables are not ideally located to have a good view of the stage.
Dec 2016
Had my wedding dinner here. All the staff were very helpful. Thank you for being a part of my memories.

Imperial China Restaurant Subang Jaya

Jaya Square

Add: 3rd Floor, Jaya Square, No. 7343, Jalan SS17/2, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: +603-5636 1266

Wedding Packages 2018: from RM918 nett per table

Capacity: 750 pax

Business Hours:
Monday-Friday: 11.30am - 2.30pm | 6.00pm - 10.30pm
Saturday: 10.30am - 2.30pm | 6.00pm - 10.30pm
Sunday & Public Holidays: 9.30am - 2.30pm | 6.00pm – 10.30pm

subang jaya

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Malay Wedding and Islamic Marriage in Malaysia

There can be many things to do in a Traditional Malay wedding. Some of the steps are omitted or combined depending on the arrangement of both sides (man/ girl and their family) taking into consideration time, cost, requirements and practicality.

Merisik (Visit and observe) - This custom is practiced to observe or see. The man's parents or representatives pay a visit to the girl's house, ensure that the girl is eligible for marriage, as well as to get to know her - what does she do, does she know how to cook, etc. It's also an opportunity for the girl's family to find out about the man. Normally this step is skipped because in this day and age they would already know each other well enough before deciding to tie the knot.

Meminang (Proposal) - The male side sends a propose delegation consists of immediate family members to propose and ask the girl's parents for her hand in marriage. 

Bertunang (Engagement) - Barangan hantaran (gifts) consisting of a ring, clothing, food... will be given to the future wife. The ring is put on the girl's finger as a symbol of engagement. Both families will discuss about the akad nikah/ wedding ceremony, wedding gifts, amount of money for the girl (mas kahwin)... A small feast will be held usually at the bride-to-be's home.

Islamic Pre-wedding Preparation and Marriage Application (see below)

Adat Berinai - The bride and groom will have henna applied on their hands the day before akad nikah. 

Akad Nikah (Ijab & Kabul/ Offer & Acceptance) - Enactment of the contract to make the marriage valid according to Islam. The groom sits facing the wali (father of bride)/ the imam. They hold hands in handshake manner. The imam will say the words as to offer the bride in marriage and the groom replies to accept the offer. He prays and advices the couple. Marriage contract is signed and the man provides mas kahwin (gift money) to the bride.

imam shakes hand groom
Photo: any event Photography. Ijab & Kabul ceremony: Imam and groom holding hands in handshake manner. akad nikah (solemnization)

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e.City Hotel @ One City | Subang Jaya

Package Chinese (2015): RM1288 | Capacity: 1200 pax | The e.City Hotel Grand Ballroom has excellent sound system, gorgeous environment and grand ceiling lighting with plenty of glass structure. There is a couple of big LED screens. The large event space layout can be customized and set up creatively according to request. Food is ok. Improvements required for service and toilets.

Being part of the One City integrated development, e City Hotel offers their guests an even wider repertoire of dining choices beyond the hotel. A short walk via a covered indoor walkway leads to One City, a foodies’ haven that offers a host of interesting eateries, as well as other retail outlets.

black wall
Grand Ballroom | Location: The Place @ One City, Rooftop Level R

cute door gift
multicolor crystal ceiling
Multi-Color changing ceiling lighting

elegant ballroom

many guests
The Event Place
executive lounge
Perched at the top of the hotel, SKY 360° (Rooftop Level R) offers a breathtaking vista of the Southern Klang Valley. Celebrate your special day against a backdrop of urban bustle and rolling hills in the day or twinkling city lights as dark falls. Indoor or al fresco. Sit down dinner: 200 pax.

infinity pool
Sky Pool can be configured for cocktail receptions, standing or sit-down casual dinners. Menus can be customised according to request. Location: Rooftop Level R. Cocktail: 180 pax. Dinner: 100 pax.

integrated city
One City @ USJ 25

Apr 2017
I datang dr ipoh untuk perkahwinan anak saudara...highly recommended utk yg nk buat knduri khwin, birthday celebration etc- on The Event Place One City
Jan 2017
The ambience was excellent but the food was nothing to shout about. Sound system was surprisingly above average as well. Service was rather half-hearted. Many of the waiters just stood there not properly doing their jobs - on One City Grand Ballroom
Dec 2016
The food served is ok and have ample of space. Had fun during friends wedding dinner. - on One City Grand Ballroom

e.City Hotel @ One City | USJ 25
FB Page:
Add: Jalan USJ 25/1, 47650 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan. Malaysia
Tel: 03-5115 1111

Chinese (2015): RM1288 per table

Capacity: Grand Ballroom-1200 pax | The Event Space- 550 pax
e city hotel

one city

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Infrared Photography | Redfeel Wedding SS2

Infrared, or “IR” photography, offers photographers the abilities to explore the world of the unseen. Our eyes cannot see IR light, as it is beyond what is classified as the “visible” spectrum which human eyesight can detect. When we take photographs using infrared-equipped film or cameras, we are exposed to the world that can look very different from that we are accustomed to seeing.

Reflected IR light produces an array of fascinating and unique effects; vegetation appears whiter. Skin takes on a very milky, smooth texture. Black clothing can appear gray or white depending on the fabric. Blue skies become more dramatic.

Pre-Wedding photos by Redfeel Bridal Studio. Now you can have winter scenery in Malaysia, kinda reminds me of The Chronicles of Narnia.
pink blue peach photos
skin takes on a very milky, smooth texture

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Royale Chulan | Mutiara Damansara

Package 2018: RM1999 nett (Malay) | Capacity: 1200 pax | Set in the heart of the Golden Triangle of Petaling Jaya, The 5-star Royale Chulan Damansara is a 15-minute drive from downtown Kuala Lumpur and has easy access to various key places of interest in Petaling Jaya.

The Royale Ballroom features an exclusive skylight ceiling. Mutiara Ballroom is located at the balcony on Level 1. The hotel's ambiance is very pleasant and the wedding banquet Chinese food is good. Some banquet staffs need more training. Projector screens are too high up for the guests to view properly.

orange sach
The huge ballroom

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Crystal Crown Hotel Harbour View, Port Klang

Packages 2018: Chinese: from RM688 | Capacity: 550 pax | Crystal Crown Hotel Harbour View, Port Klang is situated in the Central Region of Malaysia, a short drive to the Royal Township of Klang and about 3km from Westport in Port Klang. It takes 50 minutes by car from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport and 35 minutes from Kuala Lumpur. Comfortable wedding hall, and tasty food. Parking may not be sufficient in the hotel itself but there are many parking lots available around the hotel. Inconsistent service. | Jan 2015
Ballroom, sit down dinner: 550 pax

Other photos:
Crown Hall - 270 pax sit down dinner

Crystal Hall 1,2,3. Sit down dinner: 50 pax

Sep 2017
Attended relative wedding dinner. The hall very comfortable and foods really good taste. Im loving it. Humbly request to follow up on your toilet cleaness always. Request more street light around outdoor parking area to avoid any circumstance in future. And the receptionist staff, it's would nice if you smile to us even we just attend the dinner and not your regular customers.,1,,,
Nov 2017
Went to the Ballroom for a Malay wedding reception. If u wish for a rather "small" reception probably u should consider this (about a 1,000 guests). Parking not sufficient but there are many many parking lots available around the hotel.

Sep 2017
Wedding dinner was disappointing Untrained servers and food was mediocre

Crystal Crown Hotel Harbour View, Port Klang

crystal crown klang

FB Page:
Add: 217, Persiaran Raja Muda Musa, 42000, Pelabuhan Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
Tel : 03 – 3165 4422
Fax : 03 – 3165 8408

Wedding Packages 2017/ 2018
Chinese: from RM688 - RM1088 nett per table

Capacity and Hall Rental rates 2017: Ballroom 550 pax Sit down dinner
crystal crown klang


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D'gio Bridal Cafe Johor Bahru | Wedding Photography Techniques

Here's another bridal studio in Johor Bahru worth a visit, D'gio Bridal Cafe. Besides providing bridal services, it is also a cafe that serves delicious western food. Customers love their gowns, and friendly sales assistants. The Makeup artist & stylist pays attention to small details and makes sure that the bride looks her best. This bridal shop in JB is also a popular choice among the Singaporeans due to its location, price and quality.

D'gio is quite adventurous in executing creative photography techniques and ideas:

Bride in the ring - making use of distance

3 in 1 with some planning and Photoshop skills


#fineart. Photo to Art. Photo to Painting.

#timestoodstill - capturing motion


heart shaped sun set

Lens flare

Levitation photography
Primary school students

Message in a bottle

Paint party

Dec 2016
Love the gowns, the expert make up artist and friendly shop attendant. The photographer was somewhat rude, sarcastic.
Nov 2015
This person pays attention to all the small small details to ensure that I look flawless in front of my guests but yet natural. She style my hair to suit my look and grown without overdoing it. In addition, she went beyond her duty without any comment. The praises I received during the dinner all goes to none other than Dgio make up artistic - YI WEI. Thank you!
Jul 2014
I signed up with dgio Bridal cafe as I am very comfortable, had did the PS with them so far I am quite happy.

D'gio Bridal Cafe Johor Bahru
FB Page:
Add: 43, Jalan Serampang, Taman Sri Tebrau, 80050 JB
Tel: 07-333 3223
Operating hours: 10am - 8pm daily (closed on Thursday)


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