Music For a Romantic Event

It will be uplifting for friends and family to experience the joy and romantic element of your big day. Music is a very useful tool to set the right mood for this.

Jazz music is calm, smooth very suited for a romantic event. Jazz performer, Debbie (in the video below) improvises the song in her individual ways. The performance is successful because she collaborates well with the musicians and interacts with the crowd using her own interpretation of the tune. Jazz involves some alteration of melody, sometimes with conflicting and interruption of the rhythms. She is able to capture the emotions embodied in the music by swinging melodiously.

The effects created by Saxophone playing stir up strong feelings and go right to your heart. The way saxophone player, Sharil holds the note in a linear way for a while then vibrates the tone to increase the intensity is quite captivating. The approaches such as flutter tonguing - the effect that creates a growling, raspy sound, split tones, attack and release are what make sax music so sexy. It gets people to have profound and dramatic mood transitions.

A String Quartet is a musical ensemble of four string instruments consisting of two violins, a viola and a cello. The first violin which provides the melody is the leader. The second violin is quieter, it harmonizes well. To carry a more majestic tone, the cellist plays the base line. The viola has a thicker sound than the violin. It is able to fill in the harmonies between the crystal violin and forceful cello. The use of stringed orchestral instruments creates great intensity of expression. A piece like "Canon in D" can spark off the emotions of a blissful marriage.

When You Say Nothing at All - Debbie
A Moment Like This - Jyin
最浪漫的事 - Shin Yee
When you tell me That you Love Me - June
Have I told you lately - Saxophone by Sharil
Canon in D - String Quartet
They Can't Take That Away From Me - Debbie & Jon

They Can't Take That Away From Me - Debbie & Jon

妳的名字我的姓氏 - Chris

The Raw Note Entertainment

FB Page:
Tel: 016-207 0957
Contact Person: Janice

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Rumah Kebaya Malaysia

Puan Sitti Nurs is the fashion designer and the lady behind Rumah Kebaya Malaysia (RKM). This kebaya specialist studio not only provides custom-made services and rental of kebaya, it also caters to Pelamin decoration, Make up services and Photography. RKM wishes to deliver a very personal service to their customers and an appointment has to be made beforehand to arrange for a private session with them. For custom-made gowns, RKM will take care of the material such as the fabric and embellishments. Fabric from the clients will not be accepted. Usually the gown will be ready in about 6 months time.  

Sitti Nurs is a specialist in kebaya whose workmanship is absolutely neat, attractive and unpredictable, something really unique and refreshing. Some of her work are like a combination of modern and traditional Malay wedding gowns. Her taste is exquisite. You just have to tell her a rough idea about your dream gown and she will chalk out a classic design specific to your needs. She makes sure she receives the green light on the sketch before proceeding with making it. Her customers love the detailing, color, design of the dresses made by Sitti. The cutting and details make the bride looks slimmer and taller. You can also rent from their ready-made collection if you are not able to book the custom-made one in time.

two piece

golden blue white

blue white pink
RKM provide bridal make-up services

inspired by western bridal gown

long sleeve and skirt
Feb 2012

keris baju set
fitting kebaya
pre wedding shoot

Feb 2013
1st time masa memula dengar,masa di pameran pengantin (yang ke berapa tak ingat dah),masa tu macam, eh? Rumah Kebaya Malaysia? Jual baju kebaya ke di tengah-tengah pameran pengantin? Sekali bila masuk je,wah,ohsem! Serius cantik! Ni kalau ada rezeki lebih ni sanggup ku labur wang ni! Nama pun RKM, sah-sah mereka ni spesialis dalam pembikinan Baju Kebaya! Lebih-lebih lagi Baju Kebaya ni baju tradisional Melayu kita. Memang rugi sangat lah kalau xmerasa pakai sekali seumur hidup kan?
Berbalik pada bakal-bakal pengantin, kalau diperhatikan kebanyakan fesyen resepsi mahupun tandang, ramai memilih pakai chiffon / lace yang penuh beads / mutiara naga tu kan? RKM ni pun tak terlepas dari trend sebegini!
Jul 2012
Semalam I teman my friend pergi Rumah Kebaya Malaysia. saje nak survey2. dah lame teringin nak pergi actually tp dulu diorang buat kat usj. so, I slalu bertangguh utk pergi sbb I xtau jalan usj. heheh. now diorang dah bukak kat seksyen 7, shah alam. bile I pergi ya Allah cantik2 nye sume baju!!! tension I tau!! haha... dgn package2 diorang yg affordable. plus kat sitti n her staff tasha sangat la baiknye. lame jugak la lepak kat sane smlm. sembang2 gn kak sitti n tasha. they are sooo nice n peramah. kak sitti sgt lembut n chumel!
Feb 2012
Saya dan Rayza telah ke Rumah Kebaya Malaysia dan membuat tempahan dengan mereka. Founder adalah Kak Sitti yang kecil molek adalah specialist in Kebaya, mempunyai hasil kerja yang kemas, menarik dan unpredictable. Mempunyai citarasa dalam pembuatan kebaya yang tinggi and sangat komited dengan kerjanya.  I only mentioned to her yang saya mahukan sesuatu yang tradisional and saya mahukan warna emas. So she proposed us to go for classic gold and I HEART IT!! Kak Sitti sketch design untuk baju saya dan Rayza and we both agreed with the design. Apa yang saya suka adalah Kak Sitti akan meminta kebenaran sebelum sketch. Sama ada saya setuju dengan designnya. Saya suka hubungan yang begitu sebab kadang-kadang ada sesetengah designer yang sentiasa rasa diri betul and tak nak dengar pendapat and apa kemahuan pengantin. Kak Sitti turut memberi tips pelamin, solekan and aksesori bagaimana yang bersesuaian untuk menaikkan seri pengantin semasa memakai pakaian yang saya tempah. Saya SANGAT JATUH CINTA DENGAN BAJU SAYA. More than what I expected. She also gave me the shoes yang kena dengan baju saya. I LOVE everything about the dress and the shoes. The detailing, color, design. ALL. And as I mentioned before, saya nampak slim and tinggi. ACHIEVE!! hahaha. So anyone apa yang boleh saya cakapkan adalah it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Kamu akan rasa SUPER SATISFIED and tak sabar-sabar untuk memakainya. Seriously. Oh ye, Rumah Kebaya Malaysia mempunyai kuota mereka sendiri. Mereka hanya mengambil tempahan untuk baju baru sebanyak 5 tempahan sahaja. Kebiasaanya mereka akan fully booked dalam kadar yang cepat. That is why saya dengan cepatnya tempah baju SUPER AWAL hahahah.   

Rumah Kebaya Malaysia
FB Page:
Add: 26B , Jalan Plumbum N7/N,Seksyen 7,40000,Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: +6017-208 9044 / +014-620 0198

Kebaya Rental Price: from RM599 - RM3500 (Depending on material, design and workmanship)  

Package Ruby: RM5999
  • Pelamin Sanding (10-15 feet, backdrop, stage, chairs, alat merenjis, pelamin decoration, bantal tangan & kaki, kipas, payung & arch)
  • Walkway 4pcs
  • 1 x Make up & Hair-styling / Hijab
  • Gown/ Baju for the bride and groom (From the Ready-made collection)
  • Accessories (Groom: Tanjak, Sampin & Bekung, Keris Keronsang) (Bride: Inner, Korset, Rantai, Veil, Crown & Tudung)  
Make-up Service:
from RM450 (makeup done at Rumah Kebaya Malaysia)
RM600 (makeup done at another location; bride's home, wedding venue...)

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All the Topics in Planning a Wedding

This mind map contains all the topics in planning a wedding. Click on the + sign to enlarge and drag to the topics you are interested in.

Please add your comments!
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Groom's Suit/ Attire Knowledge

Men suits don't have the variety of and are not as fancy as bridal gowns. Nevertheless there are still many details to look into in finding the right suit for your wedding. If you want to look suave and sharp, choosing the right combination/ measurement of jacket, tie, #cravat, shirt, waistcoat (vest), pants that fits you is the way to go.

The basic difference between Tuxedo and Suit. Tuxedo shirts have pleated front and the jacket lapels are covered in satin material. Tux pants feature matching satin stripe going down the outer leg of the pants. It is suitable for semi formal events like prom, weddings, charity events, award ceremonies. Suit shirt has a plain front, long sleeves with full length buttoned. It is worn on more conservative and formal events like business meetings, weddings, funerals.

cummerbund front pleated shirt
Left: Satin strip on the tuxedo pants. Right: Tux shirt with pleated front and a cummerbund (waist sash).
notch peak shawl
Types of Lapels
satin puff floppy bow paisley ascot, cross tie
Tie and Cravat (neckband)
drawing of suits
Types of Pockets

2 1 or no vent blazer back
Types of Vents

korean slim fitting, bond charismatic
Left: Korean Slim men suit. Slim Peak Lapel.  A dart that contours to the body.
Right: Mr Bond is wearing a Tuxedo with Shawl Lapel. Padded shoulders. #Shawllapel

3-piece with tail, vest combined colors
3-piece suit. From Left:
Morning Suit Jacket with tail. Combination of a black suit, ivory waistcoat and cravat.
Black suit with brown waistcoat, tie and pocket square.
All grey suit, notch lapel #Notchlapel

white horse prince double breasted
Left: Two-button, Notch Lapel, non-vented white tuxedo features flap pockets and poly/wool blend.
Right: Double-breasted suit (overlapping front flaps and two columns of buttons), flap pockets, notch lapel

Here are some general rules of how your suit should fit. For instance, half inch of your shirt cuff is exposed, shoulder should be slightly sloping downward evenly, the width of the pants should be adjusted so they hang without any bulges, jacket is in the right length and should just cover the top of your rear end... 

syle guide shoulder pants length

The material to consider when tailoring a suit is Wool. Most modern suits are made of wool and it is perhaps the safest choice if you are unsure of the fabric to choose. It’s a very versatile fabric, comfortable, wrinkle-resistant, and has greater durability compared to others. Another characteristic that makes wool an ideal suit fabric is its ability to keep their wearers warm in cold weather and cool in warm weather.

Cotton can absorb sweat and keep you cool in hot weather. This fabric is quite practical as it’s machine-washable. However 100 percent cotton tends to crease and wrinkle somewhat easily.

A linen suit is lightweight and will keep you very cool but it creases very easily.

Tweed is a heavy fabric that makes it easy for the wearer to keep warm but you will be sweating in hot weather.

wool cotton linen polyester

tweed color cofort crease


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Amazing Night Skies Full of Stars | New Zealand

New Zealand is one of only three countries in the world to have a Gold Rated International Dark Sky Reserve – the Aoraki Mackenzie Dark Sky Reserve on the South Island. This dark sky reserve is the biggest in the world, it includes the Aoraki Mt Cook National Park and the villages of Lake Tekapo, Twizel and Mt Cook. It is almost totally free from light pollution and one is of the best stargazing sites on earth to view planets, stars and solar systems. If you are lucky, and the conditions are right, you will be able to see the impressive natural wonder, an electric phenomenon, Aurora australis (also known as the southern lights) which takes the shape of a curtain of light, or a diffuse glow; which is most often green, sometimes red and other colors.

On clear dark nights, when the moon is thin or below the horizon, a band of what looks like white dust, the Milky Way, can be seen. The Milky Way is brighter in the Southern Hemisphere than in the North. Check out the amazing photos taken at Lake Tekapo (3 hours from Christchurch). I have not seen so many stars before in my life.

starry sky milky way
The starry sky with Church of the Good Shepherd as the backdrop at Lake Tekapo. Love the red green diffuse glow. The Milky Way looks like white dust. Photo: by International Wedding Photographer based in Malaysia WLOON Photography

new zealand wedding
Lake Tekapo with breathtaking view. Photo by: WLoon Photography
mountain lake
A helicopter ride to the peak of the mountain, totally freezing up there for this absolutely stunning shot. Photographed by WLoon Photography

New Zealand Pre-wedding Photography by Wooi Loon (WLOON Photography)
couple relaxing

great photo

stunning colors of the mountains

Lake Tekapo is 3 hours from Christchurch, far from all civilisation. Soon after, the sun set and the dazzling night sky too over Lake Tekapo. Untainted by any light pollution, it was a magnificent sight. The isolation and flat plains provided a beautiful clear sky that offers unparalleled views of the stars. Incorporate this with the famous historical Church of the Good Shepherd in the background, they present the perfect and most iconic backdrop for New Zealand.  Lake Tekapo is part of a UNESCO Dark Sky Reserve, this is probably the best spot for stargazing in the Southern hemisphere. 

aurora at lake tekapo
Lake Tekapo - Beautiful Green aurora (southern lights). Photo by: (photographer based in New Zealand)

red and green
The rare aurora lit up the entire night sky with an array of vibrant colors. Photo by: (from Australia)

stars and jetty - Photo by

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JW Marriott Hotel KL, Old English Style Wedding

Notice: JW Marriott KL is currently under renovation and the Reception will be temporarily relocated to LG Floor (Lower Ground) at The Ritz-Carlton, Kuala Lumpur lobby from 23rd March till September 2017.

The relatively big, 878sq Mayang Sari Grand Ballroom with high ceiling, is a classic, old English style space for weddings and social events. However there is no romantic intelligent LED lights, only warm yellow lights. There are 23 Function rooms which can be used for tea ceremony or other small events. The hotel provides a dedicated Bridal holding room with private washroom. It is located in the heart of the vibrant Golden Triangle, Bukit Bintang, KL's prime business and shopping district and adjoining to Starhill Shopping Gallery, opposite Pavilion Shopping Mall, very strategic indeed.

The wedding menu can be customized. Very praise worthy food, especially Honey-baked cod (JW signature dish) and western dessert. Efficient service from the wedding team, table arrangements, hall settings, PIC Rodney is helpful but may take a while to respond to your requests. The sound system is ok but not good enough, as guests at the end of the hall are unable to hear very well. I think we shall be able to see improvements after the renovation.

european style | Apr 2016
cheering for the couple
Classic hotel ballroom

wedding kiss | Apr 2013
stationery detail

bride is ecstatic

smokey shot

Jul 2015
Pro: High ceiling, big ballroom to accommodate bigger crowd, strategic for guests
Con: No romantic LED lights (only warm yellow lights), ballroom deco is a bit old-styled

Jan 2015 (review provided to wedresearch via email)
Food (taste, presentation, portion)
VERY GOOD - JW allows couples to customize the menu (with new Western dessert menu!), and my FIL's main priority is GOOD FOOD and he was willing to pay more just for that. I let him did all the choosing for the menu. During Food tasting, the chosen menu turned out great and JW promised consistency during dinner time, with the chef coming to greet us. Outcome? Every single guest praised the food (during and after banquet), especially Honey-baked cod (JW signature dish) and western dessert: A Story of Strawberries (Set of Strawberry Cheesecake, mousse, panacotta and ice cream). Honestly food wise, no complaints.
Management side: There was some mix-up between the waiters but all is small matter once guests keep praising about the food. We got the package in 2015 with free parking for guests, but in 2016 the hotel made the changes but we were not informed about it and they charged our guests. JW did apologized to us after that.

Rodney, sometimes you will expect him/his assistant to reply at least in 1-2 days but they don't. Took them more than 1-2 weeks to prepare the table layout. (probably busy with wedding couple of that week or lacking in staff). Other than that, he's good. No hiccups in food, sound systems, table arrangements, hall settings on AD is all you need.

Always opt for additional sound system from your live band/emcee and make sure they borrow you the mic for that good speaker behind (not JW mic). Although JW Marriott ballroom provides a standard sound system, the guests at the end of the hall are unable to hear ANYTHING. Really. No matter how loud you shout YAM-SENG on stage, they 100% cannot hear you. We only gotten the standard 1x projector, FH inspected the hall on AD and told Rodney that we needed to add another projector and they got it done ASAP.

It is unfortunate that this review came a lil late as I heard that they would be renovating JW for 2 years. I suppose this review will be more useful for those opting for JW Marriott/Ritz Carlton/Majestic as they are under the same management/kitchen. If you are willing to pay more for good food, you won't regret it.
Sep 2013
excellent and very efficient service from the start
Jan 2012
Ballroom looks good, food is good, package also good.

JW Marriott Hotel Kuala Lumpur

kl city

Add: 183 Jalan Bukit Bintang  Kuala Lumpur  55100  Malaysia
Tel: +60-3-2715-9000

Wedding Package 2013: RM1500++ per table (min 45 tables)

Capacity:770 pax for banqueting
mayang sari grand ballroom

bintang walk

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Types of Wedding Dress Neckline

For the style of neckline, you generally need to consider the width/ length of your neck, bust size, shoulders and how modest you want to look. Besides that you want it to go well with the cut of your dress as well.

Bateau neckline/ boat neck 
wedding dress
Wide neckline that follows the curve of the collarbone to the very tip of  shoulders. This style is recommended for brides with smaller bust and any lengths but well-proportioned neck.

In May 2004 Danish Crown Prince Frederik married Mary Donaldson, an Australian girl he met at a bar during the Sydney Olympics. Mary's dress was a creation of designer Uffe Frank. It was made of ivory duchess satin with a simple fitted bodice and bateau neckline that just touches the shoulders before descending into the 3/4 sleeves.

princess mary, victoria beckam bateau neckline
Bateau neckline: Audrey Hepburn in the movie "Funny Face", Princess Mary's wedding and Victoria Beckham
Off-the-shoulder neckline #off-shoulder
Sits below and not covering the shoulders. This shape is bad for wide shoulders. It will flatter a full chested bride with thick neck and proportionate shoulders.

Designer Georgio Armani fashioned Katie Holmes' custom-designed wedding dress which was styled with white Valenciennes lace in an off-the-shoulder neckline and a slim silhouette. It required more than 350 hours of work by hand sewing on the Swarovski beaded crystal embroidery. Power couple Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise were married in Nov 2006.

ann katie
Off-the-shoulder neckline: Katie Holmes and Tom's wedding and Ann Hathaway in the movie "Bride Wars"

neckline of strapless dress
Without strap; straight across, with slight curve or #sweetheart shape. It is suitable if you have a wider neck and straight shoulders. Good choice for busty brides.

Renee Zellweger wore a pearl-colored, form-fitting, strapless, mermaid Carolina Herrera wedding gown on her marriage to country singer Kenny Chesney in May 2005. The dress is perfect for sand-and-surf beach wedding. The ceremony was held in the Virgin Islands. Sadly, they had their marriage annulled four months later.

Victoria Adams wedded English soccer player David Beckham donning a #A-line, strapless, ivory colored silk Vera Wang gown. Also known as Posh Spice of British pop girl group the Spice Girls, Victoria poses with her signature sophisticated stare.

victoria, renee, avril
Strapless: Victoria Beckham's, Renee Zellweger's and Avril Lavigne's weddings

Modest Neckline (with sleeves)

religous wedding high neck, sheer covering
Covered, high-neck, sheer net or lace. Recommended for thin, long neck, small bust. Other factors such as modesty for religious ceremonies or disguise of scar on the upper body will result in brides picking a covered neckline.

Leaving behind a successful acting career, Grace Kelly married Monaco's Prince Rainer III in April 1956. The antique Valenciennes rose point lace decorated upper bodice, high-necked, long-sleeved wedding dress, designed by Helen Rose was worked on by 36 seamstresses for 6 weeks. Grace Kelly really looked princess-y on the fairytale wedding day and had since become a great inspiration to modern brides.

Kate Middleton wore a classic lacey wedding gown designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen fashion house. The gown had a V-shaped, sweetheart neckline with long sleeves, a bodice which is narrowed at the waist and padded at the hips.

Inspired by Grace Kelly, Ivanka Trump, the daughter of billionaire Donald Trump worked together with much-sought-after celebrity designer Vera Wang in creating her wedding dress which was overlain with delicate #Chantilly lace. It has a modest but elegant bateau neckline with elegant elbow length sleeves to follow the Judaism Orthodox practices. Ivanka married Jared Kushner, son of a real estate magnate and head of the magazine New York Observer in Oct 2009.

sheer covered with sleeve wedding gown
Modest lace: Princess Grace's, Princess Kate's and Ivanka Trump's weddings

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Where to Buy Your Dream Wedding Dress Online -

When I was looking for my wedding dress I was clueless of the various sources available, hence I went straight to the bridal shops, which is the most standard option I guess. Little did I know that online shopping can be not only easy, but there are also more choices and the price is very attractive. My concern was the reliability of making a purchase on the Internet. Now more and more people are open to this method and the experience can be a wonderful one. Make sure it is not a dodgy website with a load of pop-up ads and check the reviews from other clients.

transparent lacy top belt
You can be as choosy as you want and search for your favorite design

Looking for your wedding gown in bridal boutiques is a lot of hard work. You have to browse through racks of dresses, shop by shop. Now take a look at how shopping on can make your life so much easier. You can view by category then narrow the search by price, back details, color, array, fabric, train, neckline, season, silhouette, sleeve length and waist to get the design of your dreams. Mouse over for back view.

click on the one you like

When you click on a specific item, you will be directed to a page that allows you to select Production Time, Color and Size. For reference click on the COLOR/SIZE CHARTS and MEASURING GUIDE buttons. I am particularly intrigued by the big variety of color choices. By selecting "Custom Made", your dress will be personally tailored to your exact measurements. Mouse over the picture to zoom in.

measuring guide, return policy shop online

Next, register and enter your shipping address.  Before finalizing your order, the Shipping method/ cost, Payment method (Amazon Payments, Credit Card, Paypal or Bank Transfer) and Details of the order will be displayed. Their Online Customer Service can be reached at: for other queries and assistance.

Aug 2014
I literally had 3 weeks to get a dress and Tiger assisted and made This possible! My family cannot believe the price that was paid for such an amazing dress!! I'm so excited for my wedding in Santorini, Greece! Thank you so much for making my special day, that much more special! (The dress fit like a glove! I just have to get some small alterations that piece everything together!) thanks again!

Jul 2014
Very good services! Five star to Tiger. The hole "finding you're perfect dress" thing went so well, I would never have the patient to go through all the styles without their help and I'm so glade that I have find the best one for myself. Can't wait to wear it.

May 2014
This place is amazing! I bought a wedding dress from cocomelody and couldn't be more thrilled about everything.  I checked in and they saw me promptly at appointment time. I looked through  several their wedding dress books and  try some on. Tiger,the manager who worked with me yesterday,he picked some really nice dress that exactly what I want to, i know this guy knows their stuffs very well and can trust. . I was worry about the price, because the dress is quite hight quality and looks really gorgeous, but after I asked the retail price ,I decide to buy that immediately, the price can even more cheaper than I was expect !
Dec 2014
I ordered a wedding dress and it corresponds to one hundred percent of my expectations. it was in the time made that was given.I can only recommend the shop.

Aug 2014
Hello, I ordered from Germany a dress here. It's just wonderful. The service is absolutely great and the contact is super cute. Great quality and super fit. I had my dress not as great as it is actually presented. Really amazing. Many, many thanks again!

May 2014
I received my dress, it is so beautiful and suitable for me and lets me have to admire this company's business,and they offer a friendly as well as professional service.
Originally, I only want to buy the dress, but now I think I'll order the wedding which my own with them

dense lace sleeveless side bun
looking side down, purple bouquet

logo pink

California Store:
Netherlands Store:

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