JW Marriott Hotel KL, Old English Style Wedding

Notice: JW Marriott KL is currently under renovation and the Reception will be temporarily relocated to LG Floor (Lower Ground) at The Ritz-Carlton, Kuala Lumpur lobby from 23rd March till September 2017.

The relatively big, 878sq Mayang Sari Grand Ballroom with high ceiling, is a classic, old English style space for weddings and social events. However there is no romantic intelligent LED lights, only warm yellow lights. There are 23 Function rooms which can be used for tea ceremony or other small events. The hotel provides a dedicated Bridal holding room with private washroom. It is located in the heart of the vibrant Golden Triangle, Bukit Bintang, KL's prime business and shopping district and adjoining to Starhill Shopping Gallery, opposite Pavilion Shopping Mall, very strategic indeed.

The wedding menu can be customized. Very praise worthy food, especially Honey-baked cod (JW signature dish) and western dessert. Efficient service from the wedding team, table arrangements, hall settings, PIC Rodney is helpful but may take a while to respond to your requests. The sound system is ok but not good enough, as guests at the end of the hall are unable to hear very well. I think we shall be able to see improvements after the renovation.

european style

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Classic hotel ballroom

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Jul 2015
Pro: High ceiling, big ballroom to accommodate bigger crowd, strategic for guests
Con: No romantic LED lights (only warm yellow lights), ballroom deco is a bit old-styled

Jan 2015 (review provided to wedresearch via email)
Food (taste, presentation, portion)
VERY GOOD - JW allows couples to customize the menu (with new Western dessert menu!), and my FIL's main priority is GOOD FOOD and he was willing to pay more just for that. I let him did all the choosing for the menu. During Food tasting, the chosen menu turned out great and JW promised consistency during dinner time, with the chef coming to greet us. Outcome? Every single guest praised the food (during and after banquet), especially Honey-baked cod (JW signature dish) and western dessert: A Story of Strawberries (Set of Strawberry Cheesecake, mousse, panacotta and ice cream). Honestly food wise, no complaints.
Management side: There was some mix-up between the waiters but all is small matter once guests keep praising about the food. We got the package in 2015 with free parking for guests, but in 2016 the hotel made the changes but we were not informed about it and they charged our guests. JW did apologized to us after that.

Rodney, sometimes you will expect him/his assistant to reply at least in 1-2 days but they don't. Took them more than 1-2 weeks to prepare the table layout. (probably busy with wedding couple of that week or lacking in staff). Other than that, he's good. No hiccups in food, sound systems, table arrangements, hall settings on AD is all you need.

Always opt for additional sound system from your live band/emcee and make sure they borrow you the mic for that good speaker behind (not JW mic). Although JW Marriott ballroom provides a standard sound system, the guests at the end of the hall are unable to hear ANYTHING. Really. No matter how loud you shout YAM-SENG on stage, they 100% cannot hear you. We only gotten the standard 1x projector, FH inspected the hall on AD and told Rodney that we needed to add another projector and they got it done ASAP.

It is unfortunate that this review came a lil late as I heard that they would be renovating JW for 2 years. I suppose this review will be more useful for those opting for JW Marriott/Ritz Carlton/Majestic as they are under the same management/kitchen. If you are willing to pay more for good food, you won't regret it.

Sep 2013
excellent and very efficient service from the start
Jan 2012
Ballroom looks good, food is good, package also good.

JW Marriott Hotel Kuala Lumpur

kl city

Add: 183 Jalan Bukit Bintang  Kuala Lumpur  55100  Malaysia
Tel: +60-3-2715-9000

Wedding Package 2013: RM1500++ per table (min 45 tables)

Capacity:770 pax for banqueting
mayang sari grand ballroom

bintang walk

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