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Annie Loiseau's main shop is located in the thriving Kemp Town area of Brighton, England, near the beautiful Sussex coastline. They also have branches situated in the World's Paradise island - Taipei, Taiwan and Bali, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Each one of their wedding gown is designed by their French designer, Annie Loiseau and is exquisitely handmade in England. Annie Loiseau’s couture encapsulates style, elegance and glamor. All the gown in the Malaysia's branch in SS2 are picked by the lady boss — Catherine, a graceful and elegant lady. Most of the fine European gowns are kept & displayed in a glass cabinet, with lighting. They also custom make attire for the grooms, and collaborate with photographers from Taiwan and online bridesmaids dress shop–Twenty3.

I think their photography style is romantic and honest. The package is not cheap but you will get better quality dresses and photos.

strapless simple On the shoot day, i was also wearing an AL’s wedding gown. Classy and simple, i love it!
Gown collection

[source] Lovely lace baby blue mermaid gown from Annie Loiseau Bridal for the world-famous "Frozen" theme
froze princess elsa

disney princess
nice detailing


Photos taken from their FB page:
intimate moment

bride and groom posing separately


dad and mom

bow tie

Oct 2017
It was amazing the work that they delivered in such a short timeframe, plus due to the fact that my wife and I didn't born with enough artistic DNA to form opinions on how the pre-wedding shooting or the gowns should be selected, the team managed to advise us and delivered a piece of work that is really very satisfying based on their observation of our personality. Overall, we loved the piece of work a lot (although we do not really show it, we are pretty much emotionless all the time, haha), the pre-wedding photo was natural, clean, and looks great after the 1000th time looking at it. The price is a little at the premium side, hence if the budget is right, the value definitely exceeds its price.
Oct 2017
Wedding dresses are beautiful but the indoor studio is quite small.
Sep 2017
First of all, other than the few unique pieces which attracts me, the rest of their gowns were only okay and choices may seem to be a lot until you really try them on. The consultant who was with me chooses gowns that are current in trend rather than what suits me most, which is quite upsetting. I was unlucky not to get the Taiwanese photographer whom was partnering with Annie Loiseau, PJ Malaysia because he was back in Taiwan when I needed my pre-wedding photo shoot. They have this arrangement that Malaysian and Taiwanese photographers will switch between these two countries on a monthly basis. I had a really bad experience with the local one.
Jun 2017
We just took our wedding pictures, and would like make a comment for Annie Loiseau. First, we would like to say a BIG thanks to the photography: Aaron and Jef, consultant: Aileen, Carmen and Ceapo, disgner: Bee Hong.
As we‘re from Vancouver, Canada. Annie Loiseau had a good communication with us during we still in Canada; until we arrived to Malaysia, when my wife picked her dress. The staff was so patient and professional. Also, when the day we taking our wedding pictures, the crew team made us enjoy every moment. The most important part, we‘re able to select our pictures on the next day, and they also provide us the pictures soft copy for our dinner tomorrow. On the other hand, due to I‘m rush to Malaysia, Carmen borrow me a bow tie for my dinner as well. We believe that we made a right decision to pick Annie Loiseau to take the wedding pictures for us.
Dec 2015
They have the most prettiest dress among all but mostly pretty design are for petite size..For plus size mostly are tube design and not really so beautiful… Their picture are more toward natural theme. You are only allowed to try 3-4pcs only. Their price starts from RM7k and up…Not cheap at all for pretty gowns…
Nov 2015
RM2500 for 2 gowns of your choice from Annie Loiseau Bridal House in SS2. Pick ANY TWO gowns for rent (can either be wedding gowns or dinner gowns) from their wide collection!
June 2014
All the gown was picked by the lady boss — Catherine, she is a graceful and elegant lady. Most of the fine selected European gown were carefully kept & displayed in the glass cabinet, with the lighting, all the gown was such a beauty that you would have toe urge to try them all! they custom made attire for grooms, they also collaborate with a few famous photographers from Taiwan. In addition, Annie Loiseau collaborate with famous online bridesmaids dress shop–Twenty3, you would find the popular Marilyn Monroe dress displayed in the shop.

Annie Loiseau Bridal


FB Page:
Add: 95 & 97, Jalan SS 2/75, 47300 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7865 1942


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