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Situated in George Town, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008, the E&O Hotel stands at the intersection of Farquhar Street and Penang Road. The hotel is 20 kilometres from the Penang International Airport and within walking distance from the food havens, shopping complexes and entertainment outlets of downtown George Town. The hotel also arranges for transfers to E&O's sister establishment, the Lone Pine Hotel in Batu Ferringhi, Penang International Airport and Butterworth Railway Station.

For events and banquets, the E&O in Penang is a venue for prestige, with their classic heritage interior. At the Heritage Wing, the Grand Ballroom comfortably seats 400, complete with a full stage, royal boxes and gallery. There are also six function suites that can accommodate groups of 15 to 180 people. At the Victory Annexe, there is the 300-seating capacity Macalister Ballroom and five function suites that can be tailored to accommodate between 20 to 600 people.

Customers love the exquisite setting and amazing location. While most were satisfied with their wedding arrangement and services, there were still rare occasions where things could be improved particularly on the training of their serving staff.


http://www.mudframes.com/2013/01/06/a-garden-wedding-reception-at-eastern-oriental-hotel-penang | Outdoor wedding ceremony by the sea

http://www.wloon.com/2016/01/penang-wedding-ji-xian-emily-eo-hotel | Jan 2016

Garden wedding at E&O Hotel | 2014. Source

http://stories.my/wedding-in-eo-penang-arun-rani | May 2014


Heritage classic interior

Oct 2016
We had our beautiful wedding dinner at this very exquisite heritage hotel. We love the rooms. Service was personalized. Will be back for our anniversary.

Jan 2017
Amazing location for a wedding. Wonderful service and food. Well appointed rooms etc ... highly recommend

Oct 2016
Our whole family was at E&O to celebrate a joyous occasion - the wedding of one of our own. The event services, setup quality & service was a huge let down - for what is supposed to be the "best hotel in Penang". The red carpet was not laid out flat nor stuck down properly, basically bumpy all over from bad storage conditions, causing a tripping hazard; the linens on the chairs were not steam-ironed - which is a basic standard for a 5 star hotel. Service during the wedding lunch at Sarkie's Corner was buffet style. I must say, kudos to the kitchen; the spread was amazing and superbly delish. Service on the other hand was close to appalling. Junior staff and servers were left to serve and clear plates whilst none of the managers were seen to be serving or checking in (you would see them for a few seconds, just glancing at the party, and then popping straight into the kitchen. I guess that seems to be enough for Quality Control??) We were seated at the VIP table with the Bride & Groom, so the food was served Dome style. The servers were quite clueless as to how to serve a VIP table, not offering to plate up for the bride & groom, serving dessert without the proper cutleries, not checking to refill water and drinks (you had to wave them down - so there goes your VIP service). Overall, the servers were friendly and pleasant- they just lacked the proper training and guidance.

Jul 2012
Well, as my title has mention it, I was here for a wedding banquet. It was held in the ballroom with a cocktail reception at the garden. First of all, the lift at the car park was out of service. Thus, we had to use the staircase, with our heels and beautiful gowns and considering there are some folks with tongkat. Luckily my car was parked at level 1. Imagine my car is parked at level 3?
Banquet service was attentive. What we requested was delivered promptly. Air condition was a little warm. Probably I was sitting at the far end corner of the ballroom. Food wise was a little let down and was not fantastic. It was an eight course wedding dinner. This is my first time stepping into E&O and I hear a lot about the hotel. So, I thought the food must be awesome too. It was not. Quality was moderate and taste is fair. Just so so. The food is not comparable to the status of the hotel.

Eastern & Oriental (E&O) Hotel Penang

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