Planning Your Wedding Photography

Photographers have their individual styles and technique. Depending on what you prefer; photos that are artistic, attractive, stylish, natural, that capture emotions, touch your heart, make you happy, check out their work and find the one that hits the right note. Also read about how to plan your wedding photography and some useful tips.

Select your budget and requirements, we will send your the details of the best wedding photographers that suit your needs [HERE]

banquet grand white
Look at the work of WLoon Photography which captures the expression of love, special moment, emotions, portraiture, the environment and details beautifully, is creative, has unique color and lighting composition. 
Instead of letting the bridal shop assign any average photographers, why not hire a skillful photographer who produces the images that you love? Here's an example of a recommendable and reputable photographer, Hong (Fabulous Moments)
photographer Malaysia trainer
A great photographer brings out the happiness and best part of the wedding. Andrew Koh is the photography maestro, a trainer with a fabulous personality. He has the talent in getting the people he works with ready to fully enjoy the moment.
capture romance in photos
Candid or posed, human emotions are what bring out the essence of love. Wai Seng (Love Confession Wedding Photography) creates intimate shots where couple connects to each other emotionally. The background setting enhances the beauty and romance.
A List of Photographers (contacts, reviews...) with their own specialization and uniqueness. Members of [WPPM], [WPPI], WPJA, [MPA], etc.
List of Photography Locations for you to plan where to shoot.

Successful photographers continuously improve their techniques, and they have a big heart. Sometimes it is not just about how perfect the photo is technically, but its expressiveness portrayed through the photography concept and experience.
12 apostles victoria scenic
Planning where to photo-shoot? Here are some iconic and scenic locations around the globe for your consideration. From a trip to Bali's sacred temples in the mountains, the Twelve Apostles in Australia to the romantic gondola ride through the Canals of Venice, remember to plan ahead.
korean having tea pose
Not only have K-Pop and Korean drama invaded the hearts of Malaysians in recent years, now couples are seeking Korean concept wedding photography too. It is a good idea to incorporate a bit of drama and creativity in the poses. Pretend to speak on the phone, read a book, have tea or pose unconventionally.
gyeongbokgung wedding
Jeju Island is known for its volcanic landscape and flowers. The Autumn scenery in Seoul's Gyeongbokgong Palace is just too beautiful.  Bukchon Hanok Village, a residential area with traditional houses. Samcheong-dong street - stylish neighbourhood. Haneul Sky Park is home to silver Eulalia grass during October.
mr and mrs covered face
Get some inspirations before your photography session; how to pose, what to wear, where to shoot - gorgeous scenery and iconic architecture. Images with ideas for you to stir up your creative juices. Don't be afraid to be adventurous.
DIY: Select from a [List: Photographer], [List: MUA], the [List: Wedding/ Traditional Gown / Suit] of your dreams, with a unique photography style at a gorgeous [List: Photography Location)
All-in-one package: You get a big part of your wedding planning “settled” by paying a lump sum and live with what the [List: Bridal House] offers.
wife in front husband at the back
The moments of a wedding are emotional, hysterical, romantic and touching. Looking at the pictures on this post is like watching a romantic comedy. All the surreal moments you think only happens in the movies can now be part of you wedding album. 
contemporary artistic
Inspired by fashion-based photography, the contemporary photography approach can produce images that are photo-journalistic, filled with candid moments with an artistic touch. You will love the color contrast and correlation. 
cross dresser wedding
What does a photography award or certification mean? The process of becoming an MPA-UK licentiate for example, involved being guided by a mentor and the challenges of producing good quality photos. Award winning photos are handpicked by the experts.
wong fei hung stance
Things you can see in wedding pictures; your loved ones crying. Granny smiling like a cheshire cat. The brotherhood war dance. Wong Fei Hung pose, gangnam dance step, they are getting more creative these days. A plethora of photos. Close-up shot of the wedding rings in the most creative ways.
black white hugging
It's important to set your expectations with the photographer on the key things you like to capture. For example, sentimental moments, classy mix & match of small details, journalistic fun shots and posed portraits.  Be natural and enjoy the moment.

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