Customized Photobooth Backdrop Ideas

Let's get some ideas and you can have a photo-booth backdrop customized specially for your wedding. Learn how to DIY here or hire a professional to do it for you (List of Wedding Decorators or List of Photobooth Providers). Photo-booth is now pretty much an essential part of a wedding because the precious memories should be printed out. I believe it is done there and then or never. You know, people procrastinate and all, after the wedding everyone will be busy with their daily routines. 

(The customised backdrop, dessert table below are creations of Luxe Photobooth | FACEBOOK, if not stated otherwise)

For the beautiful big 3D letters and artwork, get help from H&W Studio | FACEBOOK.

Chalkboard backdrop with 3D paper flowers. 
You can write anything you like on the board

Paper flowers and gold foil fringe curtain

All white background with colorful props

White translucent sheer drape with hanging flowers and dessert table of matching colors.

The entire garden is at your back
Garden themed dessert table, desserts shaped like flowers
Giant poster of flowers

Paper wheels are so romantic. 

Brick walls make perfect rustic photobooth backdrops. With some wooden boxes, brass cake stand, jute/ burlap fabric or rope, potted plants, it will look pretty rustic.
Crepe paper fringe curtain hung on a wooden stick

Fairy lights and hanging potted plants

The most common Chinese symbol to be used in weddings is (double happiness) which consists of two 喜 (happiness). To create the Chinese themed decor and photobooth backdrop, you can incorporate elements of a traditional wedding such as the red candles, tangerines, red cloth, red dates, ancient Chinese food basket. This is how Malaysian Chinese remember their roots and hope to pass these small but significant cultural practices down as much as they could. 

Cannot run away from gold and red the two most auspicious colors

Specially customized 2-tier cake with red fondant

You can have the 3-D version of the initials of you and your fiancee(e) in special font, characters in other languages, patterns, wedding logo, monogram, date, theme details, special message to your better half... in polyfoam (or EPS Foam). Send your request to H&W Studio and they make it according to the requirements -  bringing out the message for you. Photos below are taken from

Lovely 3D letters and monogram created by H&W Studio

3D letters with light bulbs

A sweet backdrop

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