Tropical Spice Garden, Teluk Bahang, Penang

Located 15km from George Town, Tropical Spice Garden is a tranquil space to explore and discover the beauty of herbs, spices and rain forests. Parts of the garden has been crafted and landscaped to form natural enclosures, perfect for intimate garden weddings and this includes gatherings, ceremonies and receptions.

It is a beautiful place with lush green jungle of tropical floral and fauna, an oasis of calm, greenery. The flavours of spices and scent of flowers, the hammock, giant swing are pretty inviting. Indeed a unique location for photography and wedding. Beware of mosquitoes so get your repellent ready. The Tree Monkey Restaurant offers a panoramic view of Teluk Bahang bay, natural breeze and fresh air as the restaurant is surrounded by trees.

The Water Garden
The wooden deck and green lawn perfectly complement the stunning view of the pond and towering canopy trees. Watch the rays of the evening sun peek through the tree leaves as the sounds of the jungle come to life in a tropical fairy tale wedding setting.
Standing: 10 pax | Seated: 40 pax | Total: 50 pax
Beautiful giant water lily on the pond decorating the wedding venue

The Bamboo Garden
The lush Bamboo Garden is located deep in the heart of Tropical Spice Garden. A tranquil, romantic setting complete with a bubbling man-made stream.
Standing: 20 pax | Seated: 80 pax | Total: 100 pax
Bamboo Garden

The Pavilion
The Pavilion makes dining in the jungle an experience! Rustic rattan and wood fittings in the covered air-conditioned Pavilion offer guests an opportunity to dine in cool comfort while enjoying the vast expanse of greenery on the outside.
Standing: 20 pax | Seated (theatre): 80 pax | Total: 100 pax | Dining Seated: 60 pax
an air-conditioned rustic hut in the midst of trees. Pre-wedding photography at the Giant Swing | Jun 2014

Other Photos (Unique backdrop and scenery):
1. Giant water lily, Victoria amazonica.
2. Silver Joey Palm. The indigenous communities used the leaf of this palm (Locally known as the "pokok payung") as a roof. It looks like a zinc roof.
3. Ginger flower under the Costus family, which look like rose.
4. Giant Bird of Paradise, Strelitzia Nicolai.
The colorful hammock
Sea view at Tree Monkey Restaurant
Giant Slides & Ladders (for a game of Snake & Ladder) | Apr 2012

Dec 2016
Great place to enjoy nature...the jungle feel...the flavours of spices and perfumes of flowers and mist from the heat!!!great to feel kid again if you have a go on the swing!!
Jun 2016
The only bummer was the countless mosquitoes which attacked us even though we had applied repellent. I recommend wearing long jeans there.
Jun 2016
A private and lush green jungle of tropical floral and fauna which is open to those seeking respite from the concrete jungle! It's precisely the kind of lush jungle backdrop that you can imagine a bride gliding down the garden path through the foliage like a woodland nymph to her groom! an oasis of calm, greenery.

Tropical Spice Garden, Penang

FB Page:
Add: Lot 595 Mukim 2, Jalan Teluk Bahang, 11050 Penang, Malaysia.
Tel: +604 – 881 1797, +6012 430 7795
Fax: +604 – 881 3794
Open 9 am to 6 pm daily. Last admission at 5.15 pm.

Ceremony Package 2017: from RM4888 nett
Capacity: Dining:- 60 pax. ROM:- 100 pax.
Pre-wedding photography fee: RM50



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