Venues for Small Wedding in Malaysia

More couples now prefer a small wedding because they want to celebrate that special day with people that they care about instead of distant relatives, friends whom they barely know. Moreover small weddings are more cost effective. You can go for a venue of your dreams, whether it is a place with an exotic view, a romantic resort tucked away on a remote island, or the restaurant with the most mouth watering dishes. There are more options because there is a huge difference in paying for a party of 30 compared to say 500 people. You can do so much organizing a small scale wedding, it is so much more personal. Having a small number of close friends and relative means you can design a menu that include their collective favorites. Invite them to participate in the fun, games, dance...

Here is a list of venues each with its own uniqueness. What you want is a private place for your guests to enjoy not only the food but the company of others. Hence big halls which require you to share the space are not ideal. Besides having the banquet indoor you can choose the outdoor venue such as poolside, terrace, garden, beach, deck and so on. Usually complimentary items/ banquet benefits come with 10 or 20 tables or more. With fewer tables, you have to arrange the additional stuff yourself or discuss with the person-in-charge about bundling them with extra cost.

Lakesight at Kelana Jaya

lake view white chair malaysia
Picturesque lake view wedding

Picture a pristine lakeside view as the scenic backdrop for your wedding, Lakesight in Plaza Kelana Jaya is a venue with a modern charm for civil registration of marriage, wedding celebrations, and private events. For a hassle-free event management, you can get their all-in package which comes with customized decorations, planning services, sound system, complimentary invitation cards, etc.
Capacity: 30-150 pax

Ciao Ristorante, KL

lanterns on the grass Ciao Ristorante
Already nicely decorated venue with a lawn for your romantic outdoor wedding

You will fall in love with this place the first time you see it. Ciao Ristorante has a very pretty, romantic environment and relaxed ambiance for weddings. The place is already beautifully decorated with a tinge of rustic Italian feel, you don't have to spend a fortune on decor. Their buffet dishes are actually quite tasty. The restaurant serves Italian food.

Outdoor Spaces at Ciao:
  • Canopy (300 pax) - A fixed covered stage (sized L18ft x D15ft x H10ft/centre)
  • Glass House - seating capacity of 80 pax theatre style. The Air-conditioned glass house is available only for R.O.M ceremony
  • Room C (30 pax) Overlooking the golf course, with folding glass doors connecting to room D.
  • Room D (40 pax) - with a rustic wine cellar.

Indoor: Room A (90 pax), Room V (Veranda, 40 pax), Room E (30 pax)

Westin Langkawi Resort

wedding aisle deck westin langkawi wedding
The Float

The Float at Westin Langkawi, a magical venue stretching into the ocean, will provide the most memorable experience as the bride and groom walk towards the jetty, exchange their vows and receive blessings from everyone surrounded by the spectacular view of the Andaman Sea. Couples may opt to have their wedding by the beach of the resort amidst the romantic sunset. Overlooking the sea, The Splash wooden deck is an ideal outdoor location to host private dinners or cocktail receptions. The Tide, alfresco venue with sea view, ideal for buffet or set menu

Capacity: Poolside, The Splash (40 pax), The Float (20 pax), Beach (30 pax and above), The Tide (80 pax)

Set within 10 acres of lush tropical gardens at the edge of a lake, Gita Bayu is available for your wedding ceremony, party and reception. The floating pavilion on the lake can be used for an intimate wedding if you have a small crowd. With the gardens, wooden structures typical of traditional South-East Asian architecture, Gita Bayu is the perfect venue for those who enjoy a peaceful environment out of the buzzing city. The wedding package is cheaper compared to other similar venues.
Capacity: 40 - 230 pax

Orchid Conservatory Room, Majestic Hotel KL

fresh flower wedding kl

Showcasing a hanging garden and orchidscape within a glass atrium, this botanical wonder is one of its kind in the country. The Orchid Conservatory features a seasonal range of phalaenopsis orchids; with thousands of stunning large-petaled blooms displayed in a re-creation of their natural habitat. Bookings may be made for Bridal Shower Tea, intimate wedding/ engagement lunches or dinners for up to 15 persons in this gorgeous setting which smells refreshing. ROM and wedding ceremony can be arranged as well. The food is simply yummy. Scrumptious menu with beautiful presentation.
Capacity: Up to 15 pax

Bankers Club, Jalan Imbi KL

grand chandelier english wedding malaysia

The attraction of Bankers Club; at the lounge you will find the magnificent rich nyatoh wood handcrafted by local artisans, the graceful cantilevered staircase goes up to the elegant Gallery Dining Room. With precious crystal chandeliers, this luxurious venue exudes a soothing and gentle charm. Finding a parking space will be a challenge in that area. Food is delicious in good portion. Response of PIC can be improved.

Capacity: Gallery (100 pax), Gallery II (30 pax), Tang Room (150 pax), up to 300 pax

Top Hat Restaurant, KL

best food in town
Songket Room. Colonial design.

Top Hat is housed in one of the few colonial bungalows still remaining in the city, with a delightful garden and a pond. The restaurant, relaxed, stylish and classic, has a distinctive air of a graceful past. The menu includes classic Western dishes with a subtle touch of Asian flavors, local Malaysian and Nyonya dishes. They are famous for their tasty food. Top Hat was awarded Malaysia's Best Restaurants for five consecutive years by the Malaysian Tatler.

Capacity: Sutera Private Room (12 pax), Batik Room (25 pax), Pua Private Room (upstairs, 25pax), Kebaya Private Room + Balcony (upstairs, 40-56 pax), Garden/ Outdoor (200 pax)

Tropicana Golf and Country Resort

modern place for wedding klang valley
The Green Rooms cater for small weddings
spanish courtyard wedding malaysia
Spanish Courtyard

This golf resort is surrounded by lush greenery. There are various venue options to hold your wedding reception/ ceremony; Golf terrace, poolside, Spanish Courtyard, Green Rooms or the Ballrooms. You will be able to have the view of the golf course and the beautiful landscape with outdoor weddings. Highly recommended by other BTBs, the service provided has been excellent. The rooms are modern, comfortable and new with impressive lighting and equipments.

Capacity: Banquet: Spanish Courtyard (80 pax), poolside terrace, Greens I (80 pax), up to 900 pax

The Ming Room at Bangsar Shopping Centre

modern black and red wedding KL

The Ming Room Chinese Restaurant at BSC looks fairly new with modern Chinese artwork, design and nice table settings. The wedding food is good, the best part is, it comes with absolutely unique and pretty presentation. You won't get the boring same old menus at a regular Chinese restaurant, the dishes will surprise you. Some of the dishes are individually served. It provides private rooms for smaller guests reception. Food is Non-halal.
Capacity: Main Hall (150 pax), with 6 private rooms, total up to 300 pax

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Pullman KLCC (Previously Prince Hotel) Jln Conlay KL

I cannot comment enough about the super excellent reviews the Pullman KLCC's wedding planning team receives from their customers, particularly Mr Ardi Suardi who is extremely helpful. His funny and friendly personality makes the entire planning process relaxing and enjoyable. Prior to March 2016, many complimented Ellie the wedding coordinator who was amazing, experienced, very easy to work with, who has a lot of useful contacts. Friendly & helpful hotel staffs, servers, technicians, and managers, they are competent and professional. Top notch service!

The hotel food is great, very delicious in good portion, from the soup to dessert. Tai Zi Heen Chef Michael Wong and team try their best to maintain the taste of food prepared for all the many banquet tables. Not perfect but good enough. The Pullman Grand Ballroom setup & decoration is also quite magical with excellent AV system.

Numerous comments were about the spacious bridal suite with breathtaking view of the KLCC skyline. It is a marvelous experience for the couple to spend their honeymoon stay there. Location is strategic of course. | Feb 2017 | Pullman Grand Ballroom

Other photos
golden very royal like
gold theme hotel foyer, red ball flower centerpiece

Mar 2017
Just had my wedding at Pullman KLCC on 19 March 2017.
Mr. Ardi was extremely helpful for us throughout the whole wedding planning and of course during the wedding day. The hotel food is great, from my guest feedback and my family was very happy about it.
Even after the wedding, Mr. Ardi personally come and check on us on our food and ask us how as everything.
We were very happy with the wedding package that includes suite and the food portion is huge and delicious.
The suite for this hotel is the best I ever had lived in. Room temperature is just nice, water pressure and temperature is great for shower, with bathtub. Huge TV, i think its around 60inch. Plenty of space in the suite and huge bed too.
Sep 2016
My wedding reception was held at Pullman KLCC's Grand Ballroom on the 10th September 2016, and it was indeed a successful one! All thanks to the hotel's Event Planner, Mr. Ardi Suardi. In short, let me just summarise my experience for the entire stay & reception here.
1. Location is strategic
2. Friendly & helpful hotel staffs
3. Thoughtful planning when they even provided me & wife with meals before and after my wedding reception. I enjoyed the supper alot! top notch service!
4. Bridal suite was spacious, or HUGE is the word. My room has a breathtaking view of the KLCC skyline. Marvelous!
5. Banquet team was professional.
6. Ballroom setup & decoration is PERFECT!
Thanks for making it a memorable experience for both my wife & I. Last but not least, SPECIAL THANKS to Mr. Ardi Suardi our wedding & hotel planner for making mine a successful one! Would definitely look forward to host celebrations & private functions here in the near future, but definitely not my wedding again!
Jun 2016
We just want to say a huge thank you to Ardi the wedding planner at Pullman KLCC. Ardi made the whole process so relaxed and enjoyable. Such a funny and friendly guy. He and his staff Lee Huey went the extra mile and we are confident that our wedding will be fantastic this coming December. Can't wait to continue our wedding journey with Ardi and the rest of Pullman staff. Keep up the good work guys. Cheers.
Feb 2016
My husband and I had our wedding reception at Pullman KLCC about a month ago on 22.1.2016. We had gone hotel scouting, seen about 10 hotels, and decided to go with Pullman KLCC based on how beautiful we found the ballroom (and the rest of the hotel) to be and a gut feeling after meeting the hotel's resident wedding coordinator, Ellie.
We have absolutely no regrets. Ellie was amazing throughout the whole planning process (putting up with me when I'm stressed and at my most OCD is not an easy feat, lol), and she and her team did a fantastic job on the day itself. Special thanks also goes out to Salim and Naresh who made my sister's (who was helping to coordinate on that day) life so much easier on that day. The ballroom looked magical and everything went smoothly. I also have to say, the the banquet team did such an amazing job. The food that night, from the soup right up to the dessert, was splendid.
All our guests had a lovely time, and we are so happy we made the decision to have our wedding reception at this lovely hotel.
Jan 2016
Ellie catered to my ideas of building my own Dessert Table or changing the table cloth. She printed our photos and placed them in photo frames for our Dessert Table. She also gave us a few plates for us to have candies and chocolates on them. Our table cloths were ironed and they were placed as how we wanted them to be. I thought that the hotel could be a little more modern for our liking but for the price we paid, we were satisfied. The service was great! We had a nice suite for the night too. The food during the wedding reception was from their Chinese restaurant, Tai Zi Heen. During food tasting, we were very satisfied with the food served. However, during the dinner reception, the crispy chicken did not have the skin which immitated the suckling pork even though that was what we had during food tasting. That night, it looked and tasted more like the roasted chicken one will get with chicken rice. Even the fish was overcooked! The chef did explain to us that it was due to the amount of food that was needed to be cooked.
Dec 2015
It was great and lucky that we met Ellie Low as our wedding planner. She is a very responsible and helpful wedding planner that I have ever met. Even though we do not know each others prior to this. But she treat us like a friend and try her best to give us best solution to fulfill our needs/requests. You may fully trust her profession and expertise throughout your life time event. Special thanks to Ellie Low.
We have a memorable and successful full day wedding ceremony throughout the day with the help of Ellie Low and also the cooperation from the hotel staffs. They are superb. Hotel staffs are helpful during our stay with them. The only drawback that day was there are some rooms check in delay that caused some difficulty to my family and relatives.
Thanks to Tai Zi Heen Chef Michael Wong & team for the great food. They try their best to maintain the taste of food prepared for the full round tables. All our guests are happy and satisfied with the food served.
I would definitely recommend to anyone that wishes to plan for a wedding event to do it at Pullman KLCC with Ellie's wedding management!
Aug 2015
I use their grand ballroom for my wedding , may 2015 . And ms Ellie Low event planer very helpful on my wedding and settle a lot misc on the wedding day . Ballroom very nice and grand , thanks ms Ellie Low give us a lot advice to make our wedding look grand . the banquet staff service are good . And they serve vegetarian meal course too . Glad to know ms Ellie Low she is so friendly and helpful , 1 year before my wedding I always text her regarding wedding she give me a lot contact and advice prices .just remember my wedding day I was very hungry Ellie Low give me her bread to me eat she so sweet ! Ellie Low really a best wedding event planer she will plan everything for u.
Aug 2015
I had my wedding dinner reception at Pullman hotel. Overall, we had a great experience.
- Very competent, experienced, and accommodating wedding planner (Ellie Low). Very easy to work with. Has a lot of useful contacts.
- Great service from hotel staff during the wedding reception. Staff, including servers, technicians, and managers were competent and professional.
- Beautiful wedding hall, with excellent AV system.
- Good food. Hotel was even able to produce a 9-course vegetarian meal for our vegetarian guests.
- Hotel changed name on the day of our wedding, which caused some delays. We got our bridal suite a little late. However, this problem will probably not occur in the future, and the wedding planner helped us sort out the delays.
Dec 2014
It’s been exactly one quarter and I still remember the key people from Prince Hotel that made our wedding a perfect occasion. Being people who are constantly overseas and traveling, me and my wife felt that we found the perfect Hotel to host our wedding when we spoke to Ellie Low from the wedding banquet team. She was in fact one of the major contributing factors that made us decide on Prince Hotel. With both of our traveling schedules, we knew we needed someone who could help and guide us throughout the planning process, and indeed Ellie exceeded our expectations.
The entire hotel team was very approachable, accommodating and helpful with loads of ideas. These elements were very crucial to us, as we had a very specific theme, lot of overseas guests and a customized menu .We had more than 40 rooms booked for our guests and I have to commend the hotel for handling the arrival and check-in of our guests without a single complain, thanks Nance Ng, Evelyn Tan, Wei Wen and team.
We thought we had challenged the banquet team a little too much with our customized menu, but the food and presentation exceeded our expectations. They even did better than the food tasting session, which is surprising to me. Great thanks to Chef Yap Kim Hon for refreshing ideas. We would also like to thank Mr.Arun, Ijan and Haqqim, thanks a bunch for managing the banquet superbly.
Last but not least, we would like to convey our deepest gratitude and thanks to Ms.Ellie Low for assisting us all the way from the day we engaged with Prince Hotel till the day of our event, she has been nothing but helpful. Kudos to Prince Hotel for having such service a oriented team. Keep it up!

Pullman KLCC (Previously Prince Hotel)

Add: No.4 Jalan Conlay, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
TEL: +603-2170 8888

Wedding Packages 2016: fr RM2350nett per table

Capacity: Pullman Grand Ballroom: 420 pax (Banquet)

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The Indoor Garden at Royale Chulan KL Malaysia

The Royale Chulan KL's pillar-less grand ballroom has high ceilings and can be partitioned into 3 smaller meeting rooms as needed. It has a separate vehicular entrance plus 2 VIP holding rooms. Some 900 covered car spaces are available on 3 levels of onsite parking. Decors are by Pak Abu Gallery which is located in the hotel.

Positive reviews: The glass-covered open courtyard of Taman Mahsuri can be transformed into beautiful garden wedding. Unique indoor garden, a green setting with waterfall, sheltered by the glass ceiling. Lovely ambiance created by the venue and the dual LED large scale display screens. Strategic location within the golden triangle close to Pavilion Shopping Mall. Good quality food and service from the wedding planner, chef as well as the servers.

Negative reviews: Malay wedding dinner dishes were bland and tasteless. Tea coffee served with out teaspoons. 

Sep 2016
We hosted our wedding reception dinner at the Taman Mahsuri banquet hall which I believe was the most unique character of this hotel. It's actually a ballroom with an open garden concept with glass ceilings. The ambience, along with the dual LED large scale display screens were exactly what we wanted to create the perfect wedding reception venue in Kuala Lumpur for us. The location of the hotel is right within the golden triangle, close to Pavillion, KLCC and most tourist destinations. Our interaction with the in house wedding planner along with our banquet chef was faultless from day one. The food quality for our dinner banquet was exceptional. I was receiving praises from my guests about the food quality as well as the uniqueness of the venue. The food servers seemed to be experienced and were well trained to handle last minute guest requests. The drinks manager had always ensured that all beverages reached guests as per their request during our busy dinner reception. From a planning and value perspective, The Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur provided us with the most benefits and the best value for the wedding package offered compared to major hotels in Kuala Lumpur. Even the Director of Food & Beverage attended our final meeting to ensure that we were in good hands prior to our big day. Lastly, our guests and myself included were very happy with the room quality & comfort. As an added bonus, the daily breakfast was just stunning with amazing food choices. I would certainly recommend The Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur for wedding banquets, registration of marriage ceremonies as well as engagements and birthday functions. Looking forward to my next function with them!
Jul 2017
The wedding celebration party.
All was wonderful and went well.
Thank you to Royale Chulan KL organizer and management events.
Lively and luxurious atmosphere, .... good food but service is not satisfactory.
*Management attention, ...
Jun 2017
I attended the wedding banquet of my nephew, Dr John. The ambience was great and food was great. Lovely staff as well.
Apr 2017
Atmosphere at the wedding I attended was superb; good job
Jun 2012
The banquet dinner was rather disappointing, Malay wedding dinner, every dishes were bland and tasteless. Tea coffee served with out teaspoons for my table of 10.

indoor garden wedding Malaysia
Reception at the glass-in courtyard
hotel with KLCC view wedding
Nice KLCC view
indoor water feature garden KL
Water feature at the courtyard
huge ballroom KLCC

breath taking decor Malaysia
indoor garden wedding klang valley
holding bouquet purple shades flowers KL
red tie groom wedding reception grand entrance KL
green gown Malaysia

baju melayu wedding KL
decorated with purple wall, silver chair ribbon Malaysia
red tudung, bridal entourage, and white Royale Chulan KL
dinner reception royale chulan hotel

The Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur

hotel Royale Chulan wedding

FB Page:
Add: 5 Jalan Conlay, 50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2688 9688

Wedding Package 2017:
Chinese/ Malay: RM1600 nett per table (inclusive of 6% GST)

Taman Mahsuri open-space, garden, glassed ceiling Courtyard: 500 pax
Tamingsari Grand Ballroom (pillarless): 1000 pax

capacity royale chulan hotel banquet

map of kl hotel wedding

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The Royale Chulan Bukit Bintang

The Royale Ballroom is pillar-less and quite amazing, well suited for a romantic event such as wedding. Royale Chulan Bukit Bintang offers a value-for-money wedding package, the most reasonably priced in my opinion for a 4 star hotel with nice design like this one. Great personal service from well-trained staff. However one cannot expect everything to be smooth sailing all the way. Hiccups such as late setup of the venue or delivery due to last minute incidents for example, other human or technical errors happen, unfortunately. I am sure if you bring it up to the management, they will be able to rectify or compensate the mishap within reasonable bounds.

Royale Chulan Bukit Bintang (formerly known as The Royale Bintang Kuala Lumpur) is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s Golden Triangle, within a short walking distance to the monorail stations and major shopping centers including Sg. Wang Plaza, Times Square, Lot 10, Starhill Gallery, Pavilion and the entertainment hub along the famous Bintang Walk.

Wedding Reception at the hotel

Apr 2016
This hotel is not as what i heard before ,i had read so much of terrible reviews about it. I have to say that it was excellent value for money for us to stay here to attended a wedding at The hotel ballroom, The Royale Ballroom was so make me in love and on duty staff very friendly .The location is excellent , i left my dress it only take me less than 5 minute to the nearest shopping mall -this hotel is a right choice. make me so surprise with the wedding package offer by the hotel. when i attended the wedding, seriously i just like the ballroom so much, with pillar less and just nice to fit for 300 guests of mine. i ask the wedding package from the waiter and if possible send to my room, unbelievable the staff is so helpful once i step in to my room the packages all on the table with lovely notes, i would say this make me so touch with the service provide by this hotel. The price is reasonable for 4 star hotel.
Nov 2014
My brother had his wedding dinner here last night. They were late at setting up - Cocktail at 6 became 630! Our guests had to linger around or be ushered to another room because the waiters were cleaning. That was the beginning.
Despite being briefed 4 times, the couple's first dance was in darkness. No follow-on spotlight, no lights, nothing! We even pre-warned them that it was happening! Worst part is, food came so so so so late, the last dish ended at 11pm!
So they started late, ended late, and yet wanted to charge us for ADDITIONAL USAGE of the BALLROOM! Ridiculous!
We spoke to the sales person Farah the next day, and she had the nerve to not only blame it on others (Raj the F&B Manager mostly), but even raised her voice to us saying she did her level best!

Royale Chulan Bukit Bintang

FB Page:
Add: 17-21, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  
Tel: 603-2147 9898 (Sales Department)

Wedding Packages 2017
The Emperor Wedding Package RM1188nett
The Tajmahal Wedding Package RM988nett
The Royale Wedding Package RM908nett    

Capacity: 450 pax (sit down)


Ref: tripadvisor
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Sunway Putra Hotel, KL

Sunway Putra Place is an integrated three-in-one mixed use asset which encompasses a retail mall (Sunway Putra Mall), a hotel (Sunway Putra Hotel) and an office tower (Sunway Putra Tower). In 2014, Sunway REIT invested about RM1 billion to refurbish Sunway Putra Place which it acquired in 2011. Sunway Putra Hotel’s refurbishment involves modernisation of the lobby, ballroom, function and meeting rooms, restaurants as well as upgrading of rooms and suites.

Situated on the fringe of KL, directly opposite the iconic Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), Sunway Putra Hotel is within easy reach of the country’s busiest financial and shopping district. The hotel is located next to the all-new Sunway Putra Mall. The classic pillarless Grand Ballroom has a contemporary design, big wide stage and a giant LED screen backdrop. The food is fresh and tasty, with generous portion of serving. 

Complimentary ceremonial wedding dummy cake, "Champagne Fountain" with 2 bottles of sparkling juice.

Red carpet with complimentary six flower stands for the Bridal couple's wedding march

Special floral centerpiece arrangement for the bridal table
A specially designed ice-carving display in the foyer
Fresh flower wedding arch at the Grand Entrance of the ballroom is inclusive the package

Bridal suite

Jun 2017
Great Grand Ballroom. Staff are well trained and able to take large groups (1000+pax) for events
Mar 2012
For a hotel wedding, this set of dishes is the best that I have ever had. The food is fresh and tasty, with generous portion of serving. That's why I chose Sunway Putra Hotel out of 20 enquiries that I made to other hotels and restaurants in Klang Valley.

Sunway Putra Hotel Kuala Lumpur (previously Legend Hotel)

FB Page:
Add: 100 Jalan Putra, 50350 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
TEL: + 603 4040 9888
FAX: +603 4043 0700

Chinese: 1988nett per table
Malay: 1488nett per table
Indian: 1750nett per table

Capacity: 800 pax (Grand Ballroom)


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