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Evelyn and her team from Moments can be the best decision of your wedding. They are very understanding when it comes to couple's budget and requirements, accommodating and willing to work with you to achieve the desired results even if it requires extra effort. If you are looking for a wedding planner, try checking them out. I fell in love in their ideas to make the wedding event more interactive and fun. The styling is very nice, modern, the colors and arrangement blend in together so well. Very creative thematic setup as well.

Theme: “Seaside Carnival Love Affair” | Purple and White | Reception: Redang Beach Resort Resort | Photography: Adam Ong | Mar 2015
During the “Jip San Leong”, the ladies were dressed in bunny suite bikini’s whilst the men were dressed in funky beach pants with sexy suspenders. Very cool modes of transport – the tractor, the scooter and the yacht! As for the table setting, the reception and the photo area, they were decorated with simple flowers, bulb lightings, rolls of tickets and DIY signages and props. The night ended with the groom singing live to his bride and awesome fireworks.
Show ticket wedding invite

Creative mode of transport - tractor

and a yacht

Towards Dinner, the sun began to set and the entire seashore turned into a magical fairyland as light bulbs were strung through the dinner area and Photo Corner.

Every individual that attended the wedding were given either of these following tags. Most of them were “Complicated”…LOL.
Wedding cum match making event?

A tractor and balloons

The night ended with the groom singing live to his bride and awesome fireworks.

Theme: Oriental Opulence | Wedding Planning, Coordination, Decor & Styling: Moments | Flowers: Star Garden Florist | Photography: Aaron Chin Photography | Jul 2017
The classic red flanked with dainty blue Chinoiserie elements best defines the pre-conceived notion of ‘oriental’. The couple wanted to bring in a little twist to the wedding and being inspired by their background as both pharmacists, Moments created the concept of a Chinese Medicinal Hall, otherwise known as ‘Yao Cai Dian’ (药材店) in Mandarin.

The 12 feet spread featured tit-bits from the past like preserved plum candies, white rabbit sweets, peanut brittles, hot pepper cookies, haw flakes and ‘Mo Fa Go’, served alongside an eye-candy of precious antique treasures and vintage collectibles. Guests can pick out their favourite nibbles, reminiscing their childhood with each bite.
Flowers: Star Garden Florist
With an old-school custom-build wooden shelving as the main feature, the mocha-coloured planks were decked with jars of assorted Chinese herbs and a distressed wooden table propped up in the front, lined with a vintage weighing scale, a classic must-have abacus, an overflowing rattan of snow white fungus with bits and pieces of rustic things here, there and everywhere.

The 12 feet spread featured tit-bits from the past like preserved plum candies, white rabbit sweets, peanut brittles, hot pepper cookies, haw flakes and ‘Mo Fa Go’, served alongside an eye-candy of precious antique treasures and vintage collectibles.

tit-bits from the past like white rabbit sweets

Aug 2017
Thank you evelyn for a job well done! The decor was beautiful and more importantly for being such a bubbly and super professional wedding coordinator and always going the extra mile. I am glad i chose your team for my big day
Jan 2017
Thanks Evelyn and thank you for your professional team. Really, while I walked in to the hall, I was surprised and touched by the making our wedding venue. It's BEAUTIFUL! You left us with a memorable, romantic, and classy wedding. You really have a great sense and great understanding to our request. Putting everything that we love together, making them happen harmoniously. Beside thank you we have other word to express our gratitude.
Jun 2016
one of the best decision that we have made in our wedding is to get Moments team for decoration as well as our wedding planning. They are nice people, very understanding when it comes to couple's budget and requirements and they were very accommodating throughout the whole wedding planning and very willing to work together with us. They are not calculative and very willing to spend extra effort to make our dream wedding come true. I believe they have the same drive and passion in each wedding as though its their own! On our actual wedding day, our wedding went on very smoothly and the everything including the decoration was even better than what we expected. We enjoyed our big day so much and a big thank you to moments team for all their hard work and support!


FB Page:
Add: 16, Jalan SS15/2B, Subang Jaya, 47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: 03-5887 6359

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A New Chapter in Life begins at the Passion Road

For more wedding options, their package prices, review and details, follow the link here.

I would describe it as a modern private wedding venue. Passion Road offers wedding packages with Asian or Western menu. The food received very good comments, taste wise. Everyone loves the delicious mushroom soup, assam laksa and brownies. However the set menu food portion may be too small. If your relatives are comfortable with western or fusion food, this will be a perfect choice.

Alternatively go for the buffet where there will be plenty of food. The only problem is your guests may have to queue up for a long time if the group is big. With everyone walking around, it can be a little messy. Try not to max out the space.

The ambiance of this venue when lighted up at night will blow you away. Just by looking at the photos, I could already feel the excitement and the love in the air. Very pleasant environment no question. The guests will be surrounded by nature, they can see trees and greens and beautiful ornaments all over. Don't forget about the cooling system, have sufficient coolers/ fans to ensure a comfortable celebration that will be remembered for a long long time.

On the flip side, the PIC is hard to contact. Tables are scattered in different sections of the restaurant and not every guest could have a good view. There is no elevated stage. | Jul 2015
Source: | Jul 2011
passion road
Ryan + Joanna (Oct 2013) by JohnPoh
 A purple butterfly church solemnization ceremony at Passion Road outdoor

garden wedding shaded
Outdoor solemnization ceremony
nice photo
( Andrew and Penny's Wedding; photos by MunKeat

Jan 2017
My first time coming to passion for friends wedding. The decor is pretty but not very suitable for occasion as the hot weather. Food is fair not too bad.

Sep 2016
Lots of green and trees surrounding the restaurant. Impressive wedding theme deco. Simple but yet elegant. Table or seating arrangements might be in different direction to max the space. Guests may not get a good view of the couple on stage. Food is average (not impressive). Weather is warm because it is an outdoor dining concept. There are fans and coolers around, but it is still warm/ sweaty hot especially after some beers/ wine.

Jun 2016
The Passion Road is situated in city centre of Kuala Lumpur just a mere 15 mins from the KLCC. It is hidden in a back alley of the main road which provides the serene and the quietness of the buzzing traffic. The first impression when you set foot in the entrance is you are at your friend’s wedding. The decorations and the set ups are incline towards a wedding themed events. It is an open air concept with lots of trees and branches and flowers. This restaurant fits for romantic couple celebrating their anniversaries, proposals and weddings. the seating arrangements does feel at little cramped. But for those who likes romance..this is the place to go.
Apr 2014
We had our wedding dinner reception a year ago in Passion Road and was very happy with the food. While food tasting experience wasnt very positive, after some face to face discussion with Vinz I think their kitchen crew got it right. Laksa was simple awesome. Another commendable matter was how our concern on mosquito was handled. Fogging was done pretty thoroughly lol. Generally we are happy to recommend this laidback venue to anyone who prefers a more casual and homely environment for a wedding =)

Sep 2013
Gosh, my experience with Passion Road was so bad! Our wedding planner said she never worked with anyone THAT bad. The guy Vinz never calls back and will not help you to do anything. They just want you money! Do yourself a favor and don't use them!
Jul 2013
Passion Road was indeed beautiful but HOT. However the concept was brilliant. Instead of typical Asian-style of sit-down-and-wait-for-food-to-be served for the entire night, people are FREE to get rowdy, i.e. hovering around meeting other people, roaring with laughter, dancing to the music and eating heartily. Wall partition and pillars - blocking the view.

White drapes, ceiling ball lights and mirrors helped to enhance the ambiance. No stage. Pork-free. Asian buffet menu would generally be loaded with really spicy dishes. There were positive feedbacks on assam laksa and brownies from some of our guests while roast lamb recived mixed reception with some commenting that it was awesome, some mentioning that it was not fresh. Two-line buffet queue for a crowd of 250 pax would take anything more than 30 minutes or even up to an hour. Otherwise, while table d'hote may save the irritation of human traffic jam, it may not be great option to ensure that the food served would be optimally warm, especially dishes that would be served at later times. Do take note that food tasting is not complimentary service but 50% discount is entitled for clients.
Ambience ia good but the mosquitoes spoil the environment. I was here for friends wedding. Food, ambience, decor, all ok, but the ventilation is quite poor. Maybe better if they install mist fans.
Attended wedding dinner here, poor service, left the place still feeling hungry.

Passion Road

FB Page:
Add: No.16, Lorong Yap Kwan Seng, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: (603)2166 7111
Email: /

Rental for outdoor solemnization ceremony: RM5000
Passion Road Wedding Packages details for 2017: from RM130+ per pax

Package includes: free-flowing RO water, free-flowing RO water, welcoming drinks, candlelights and basic fresh floral arrangement (gerberas and roses only), table runner, mosquito-fogging done a night prior to the wedding,
Does not include: wedding favours, invitation card, guest book, PA systems and multimedia equipments, Air coolers, Wedding dummy/ real cake

Buffet table set-up > up to 300 pax
Table of 10 set-up > up to 150 pax


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Love Birds Trail Petaling Street

Petaling Street is a popular tourist destination because of the various merchandise and food options this flea market offers. My ex-colleague from the Netherlands once told me he could get a reasonably priced  suit with acceptable quality from a local tailor here. I visited Petaling Street mostly for food; the Kim Lian Kee Hokkien Mee, Air Mata Kucing, Ikan Panggang (grilled fish) Portugis (junction of Jalan Petaling and Jalan Hang Lekir). New cafes/ coffee places are mushrooming this area in recent years due to the popular trend of sipping a cuppa coffee in a comfortable air-conditioned nicely decorated shop which is something I truly enjoy as well.

Let's track the footprints of these two love birds as they trail the famous Jalan Petaling stopping for a drink of the absolutely refreshing air mata kucing (Dried Longan drink) on a hot day in KL, for blessing and protection at the Guan Di Temple, and Cafe etc. where they can grab some lunch and coffee as their journey is captured by a journalistic photographer.

Map data ©2017 Google. From Jalan Petaling, Jalan Hang Lekir to Jalan Tun HS Lee where the Guan Di Temple and Cafe etc. are and finally back to Jalan Petaling to buy some yummy egg tarts.

Pre-wedding photos by Fabulous Moments (Hong).
Petaling Street also known as Chinatown
You can find counterfeit or low cost products at low prices which are not meant to be kept for a long time.

Petaling Street Air Mata Kucing ( which has a branch at Mid Valley Mega Mall LG Floor.
The famous Petaling Street Air Mata Kucing

Kuan Ti Temple
Kuan Ti Temple is a 121 year-old temple  dedicated to Guandi (also called Guan Gong or Guan Yu), the Taoist God of War and Literature

etc. Cafe, Bar, Event Space ( 
The classic black & white checkered floor

Nice effect of the reflection from the glass
Cafe etc. neon sign is quite a nice touch.

Lorong Bandar 20 near Cafe etc.
Lorong Bandar 20

Bunn Choon Egg Tarts (品泉) -
The old and rusty surrounding adds character to the photo collection

To have and to hold, for richer for poorer, in sickness and health, ....and for good food

Cafe etc.

Air Mata Kucing Mou Tak Ding
Kedai Biskut Bunn Choon

google map
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Hindu Wedding Malaysia - Checklist and Traditional Process

Many different wedding rituals and traditions are practiced in India. In Malaysia, the Hindus carry out the wedding ceremony according to their respective subcontinent in India. However some of these cultures have overlapped through time. Indian weddings are very vibrant, with extensive use of accessories, bright colors, and specific details in place. 

Usually the priest would officiate the Hindu wedding ceremony. He holds a curtain between the bride and the groom and chants songs. The guests shower rice and other grains over the couple to bless them with a prosperous married life. As rice is thought to ward off demons, it is poured into the wedding fire. After the curtain is removed the bride's father would give her to the groom. He takes his daughter’s hand and places it on the groom’s. The bride applies sandalwood paste to the grooms forehead, the groom then applies a red mark on the bride's forehead. 

indian marriage ceremony sandalwood malaysia
The groom applies a red mark on the bride's forehead

As a sign on union, the groom takes the bride’s hand – often this occurs in the presence of fire, the flame is a sign of a new household. The two exchange vows during this ritual, sometimes referred to as the Seven Step ritual. Sometimes the vows are read as the bride and groom walk around a fire with pieces of each other’s clothing tied together or the groom holding his bride's hand. 

exchange vows seven step walk around fire
The couple walk around the fire

The groom places a floral garland around his bride's neck... this represents love. Finally the tying of the Thali necklace which signifies the inseparable union of the married couple. The Thali (also known as Mangala sutram) is a sacred necklace the Hindu groom ties around the bride’s neck, often bought by the groom’s family and the custom originated from the South of India.

tyling of thali sacred necklace
Highlight of the ceremony; The groom ties the Thali necklace around the bride's neck to signify that they are married

Hindu Wedding Ceremony Checklist
  • Set the date and Book the Venue - temple, resort, hotel, hall, etc. What does the venue provide?
  • Book your marriage officiant (priest)
  • Verify wedding ceremony details and the items to bring - Pooja thali, flowers, rice, grains, sweets, fruits, coconut, etc.
  • Hire Decorator, planner - Kolam, statue, mandap, flowers, theme, funiture overlay/ Sashes
  • Discuss about the process
Kolam is a form of auspicious painting that is drawn by using colorful rice, fresh flowers or polystyrene. Wedding kolam is elaborate and befitting for an auspicious occasion. Usually done at the doorsteps, courtyards, pooja/ prayer room for Hindus, Kolam together with the classical Indian entrance art work can be a visual treat for incoming wedding guests. Mandap is a temporary porch or platform setup for a wedding ceremony which is part of the decoration.

visual treat for guests
Mandap- a temporary porch for the wedding ceremony
metal tray wtih red rice grains for prayer
Pooja thali - a tray containing items for prayer. Verify with the priest.

  • Inform your family and bridal team (bride's maids, coordinators...). Send out invitations.
  • Hire Photographer and Videographer - Brief them about the particular photos or scenes you want to be captured
  • Reserve Makeup and Mehndi artist, hair stylist
  • Provide your service vendors a detailed timeline for the process
complicated paterns drawn on hands feet of bride
Mehndi or Henna - Designs or patterns are drawn on the hands and feet of the bride as decoration

  • Rent or buy wedding garments- saree/lehengha, shawl, shoes (for the bride)
pink fabric full ankle length skirt with bling
Left: Lehenga (full ankle length skirt). Right: Saree or Sari

  • Pick the accessories/ jewellery color and type that complements your wedding gown
  • Headpieces, Necklace, Earrings, brooches, armlets, bangles, hip chain / saree belts, anklets, rings
fan shape head piece plait
Left: Jhoomer - a fan shape hair-piece usually worn on the left side of the head.
Right: Choti - hair jewellery along the plait

white big flowers veil chain
Left: Gajra- floral hair garland
Right: Matha patti - head jewellery with a central chain and attached chains that flow along the hair line

For the groom, get matching sherwani, dhoti. Dhoti (also known as veshti, pancha, mardani) is a traditional Indian men garment. It is a piece of cloth wrapped around the waist. Sherwani suits which more formal is a long coat-like garment with high neckline. Purchase Chappal (sandals)/ shoes, accessories such as headdress, brooches, studs, shawl.

long drape with scarf groom
Left: Sherwani. Right: Dhoti

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