St Giles The Gardens Hotel and Residences Kuala Lumpur, Mid Valley

Located on Level 5 of The Gardens Hotel & Residences Kuala Lumpur, The Gardens KL Ballroom is quite a unique venue with a mezzanine level, the Ballroom Balcony, offers additional event space and views overlooking the main floor.

With stylish design, the main floor features a central chandelier, expansive floor space with green leafy design carpet that resembles a garden. The high ceiling allows you to be creative in the wedding decorations; for example ceiling draping, floating balloons, tall centerpieces or wishing trees. Carparks for The Gardens Hotel & Residences are located in zone B of The Gardens mall. Parking can be an issue as the mall gets busy during weekends.

ribbons on chair look like flowers
The Gardens KL Ballroom is quite a unique venue with a mezzanine level

leafy carpet
The Ballroom Balcony, offers additional event space and views overlooking the main floor.
vip table
The setup for a Malay wedding VIP seats

long tables
Western style wedding with long tables

parachute floating decor
With stylish design, the main floor features a central chandelier and expansive floor space. High ceiling for creative decor ideas.


Apr 2017
Was there for a wedding dinner last weekend. Was dissapointed with the service. Firstly, the waiteress spilled red wine over me and my friend and only handed us some serviettes! I asked for a wet towel but that did not turn up till almost after 40 mins. The waitress informed her supervisor who was equally blur and handed me some dry napkins and a bath towel! As it was a wedding I did not want to make a big fuss over it. Next the manager came and asked us to go outside. He mentioned he has febreeze to treat our clothes. He made us stand outside of the ballroom in one corner and started to spray febreeze on my skirt. My god if not for the wedding I would have turned the staff upside down. They didn't even bother to offer to laundry my clothes for me! I would have thought the very least to offer. I decided to go back to my seat and continue to enjoy the wedding party. Again I saw the same waitress serving our table. It really spoilt my night! I would have expected better trained staff to be on duty with responsible supervisors overseeing their services.
Apr 2017
I have attended a family's friend wedding there. The venue is a rectangular hall that spans deep into the hotel with a mezzanine floor. It is an interesting concept as you have two floors. What the couple did was allocated the younger guests upstairs (they drank and had fun without being watched by parents). Parents or friends of the parents of the newlyweds were all on the ground level where everything was more proper and less exciting. I would say it is a good intimate place for a wedding if you don't have much stage related programme lined up that requires guest's attention as the ones upstairs are just going to have blocked view to the stage. Cheap parking! as you can park in the Gardens but if it is on a weekend better check if mid valley convention centre is having anything on during that weekend to avoid the convention centres crowd (exhibitors and guests). My advice is to avoid baby fairs, travel related fairs. Weekends in Mid Valley. parking is a night mare.

St Giles - The Gardens Hotel and Residences Kuala Lumpur

mid valley

FB Page:
Add: Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +603 2268 1225

Wedding Packages 2016: from RM2388 nett per table

Capacity: 280 guests for banquet
the garden hotel

different entrance zones
Carparks for The Gardens Hotel & Residences are located in zone B of The Gardens mall

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Stunning Backdrop of Earth, Water, Fire and Air

I love the way Andrew makes use of the environment, nature, structure, the four elements; earth, fire, air, water, combined with the help of a few co-stars and pure photography talent to produce these beautiful images.

The fire element: The effects of the lights and the joy of the bride make it so captivating

water element
Water element: The couple stands out from the black and white background

water color wedding
Lovely painting-like photo

Geometry and contrasting colors that complement each other
wind that shapes the sand
Wind and earth: One of nature's most inspiring and ever changing art form - the desert

on a sandy beach
Fire and earth: Nature playing with colors

top of roof
Ariel view of the couple on the roof of Kellie's Castle.

water patterns
Water splashes created the perfect scallop pattern at Tukad Unda Dam, Bali

corridor bars
Things happen on the balcony

Trees are so serene

two sides of rocks
Mysterious natural wonders

underwater shot
Romantic kiss underwater

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Hotel Istana City Centre Kuala Lumpur

The 5-star, 23-storey Hotel Istana City Centre Kuala Lumpur is centrally located at Jalan Raja Chulan in Kuala Lumpur’s splendid Golden Triangle. Renowned shopping malls such as Pavilion, Lot 10, Starhill, Suria KLCC and the Bintang Walk are just a few steps away. Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) and the Petronas Towers are a 10-minute walk away via the Skybridge, while the KL International Airport is an hour’s drive away. It is indeed an excellent and convenient location for your wedding guests who are visiting from other places.

Very grand wedding setting and impressive food at this classic hotel's Grand Mahkota Ballroom which can accommodate more than 1000 guests. The hotel receives fairly consistent reviews about their friendly and helpful staffs. | Mar 2017 | Solemnization and Wedding
pink backdrop
Grand and classic wedding setting

classic chairs
simple and nice VIP table setting

dome setup

getting ready to enter wedding hall

groom team
intimate moment | Dec 2016
parquet and carpet

red carpet

Other photos:

Pre-dinner area

grand ballroom
Mahkota Ballroom

May 2017
I going here for an event at they hall, it fantastic and big almost 1 thousands people can fit here, and they have a dining hall and the food here is delicious. Classic hotel.
May 2017
This is an excellent hotel with friendly staff, and in an excellent locality (5 minutes walking distance to Bukit Bintang area, Sungi Wengi Plaza, 10 mins. to Aquariu m or if you would like to walk down to the Petronas Twin Towers its 20 mins.).
Jun 2013
We attended a wedding reception there recently and it had an Arabic theme that night. The occasion was very grand and the settings and food were impressive. The only drawback and the saddest point was when we had to perform our prayers at the hotel's surau. Despite the grandieur of the hotel, the surau was pathetic. It had the most basic facilities and even those were old and worn out. Being a Muslim in a Muslim country, it saddens me that the hotel management did not bother in upgrading the rooms in line with the rest of the building. The rooms were not to be proud of and definitely not a "talking" or profitable feature of the hotel.

FB Page:
Add: 73, Jalan Raja Chulan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +60(3) 2141 9988

Wedding Packages and Menu 2017 (no price)
Normal Price at RM1888 nett per table:

Capacity: 1200 pax (reception in GMB- Grand Mahkota Ballroom)
banquet tables


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Tips for Wedding Photobooth/ Stage Backdrop Wordings

Whether it is a fabric (curtains), fairy lights, cardboard, poster, artificial grass, brick wall or nature base backdrop, there are different tricks and ideas to make the wordings stand out. One also must take into account the source of lighting such as ballroom lights which will be dimmed and brightened, inconsistent natural sun beam, spot lights, ambient or decorative lighting. Fonts and wordings by H&W Studio.

1. Get the names and logo die-cut if possible for fairy lights backdrop
These days, couples are keen to put their names and logo as part of the wedding decoration on top of the fairy lights. However, when the lighting of the event hall is dimmed, the words are likely to be out shadowed if they are not presented in die-cut format.
event backdrop

2. Use cursive/ joint wording for fabric base
Fabric material is always preferred and used in the backdrop or photo booth decoration, with certain degree of folding on it. Unless the separated letters are attached on a supporting material at the back, it is always recommended to use cursive word instead as the letters are joint. When the decoration items are installed on the fabric separately, they can appear uneven due to the folding of the fabric.
joint cursive

3. Make use of 3D and emboss element
The emboss element has become a trend in the backdrop decoration.
trendy backdrop
The 3D wordings and flowers enliven the entire setup.Venue: V E Hotel & Residence, Bangsar South, KL | Concept by: Time Lock Decor & Event | Wordings by: H&W
couples initial
Embossed fonts on a wedding poster, banner. Venue: Tropicana Golf Resort

4. Design your own wedding logo first using the initials for example, then engage H&W Studio to create the 3D Wording
3D letters
Cardboard base
yellow lighted words
Names and Logo with ambient light, artificial grass as the background @ Imperial China Restaurant, Subang SS17. Concept & setting by: Kisskiss Wedding/Event Decoration Services.
red curtain
wedding backdrop
Fabric base

5. Contrasting colors for higher readability - for the backdrop with uneven tones and textures
uneven texture
Yellow words on green tree leaves make it easier to read
Red fonts on a white base with the backdrop of nature
cascading flowers
Ivory White wordings on red-brick-wall with the natural sun beam. Simple & Sweet backdrop at Glasshouse Seputeh.

6. Match the base and wedding theme
One of the benefits of using foam cut logo is you could design according to your decoration needs.
board back
The embossed red glittering logo elegantly blends in with the soft pink tone of the base. Venue: Bukit Jalil Golf Club, KL
fairy tale stage
Purple theme
candles and flowers
Silver and grey

7. Big scale couple's initials with LED light bulbs in foam material, which is more cost efficient.

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