Unique Bridal Hairstyles

We are seeing more creative bridal hair designs these days. The sky is the limit when it comes to hair innovation. Inspiration comes from anything like a weaved mat, flower bouquet, cartoon characters, movie actress and celebrities, a tribe.

1. Weaved Mat (Tikar) Hair
amazing skill
Multi-plaited boho hairdo by Penny Long. #crownbraid innovation

2. Grace Kelly's Braided Bun
Inspired by style icon the Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly
sophisticated hair
Elegant braided bun created by Penny

3. Mohawk (Mohican) Braid
Voluminous braids are created by Penny on the top section of the head across the crown creating a nice texture on the forehead. Add a bird cage hair piece for a vintage look.
vintage crown

4. Hair Style That Looks Like a Cascading Flower Bouquet
This hair design is perfect for a garden wedding where your curls are put into place with visible tendrils in the shape of a cascading flower bouquet.
rose white
Cascading rose and orchid bridal bouquets
cascading hair
The V shape cascading curls with tendrils by Penny. #cascadinghair

5. Frozen Elsa's side swept long braid
For more volume, back comb the front to create a bump to the height that you desire. You will look like a princess in a fairy tale wedding. Hair styling by Penny Long Makeup.
frozen hair
The back webbing is a nice touch complementing the Elsa hairstyle

6. Rose Hair
Instead of using a hair accessory why not create a big rose out of the hair at the nape to make a fashion statement.
statement hair

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