Oia, Santorini, Greece

Santorini is actually what remains after an enormous volcanic eruption. This island slopes downward to the Aegean Sea. Several towns are perched along the cliff.

Oia is a scenic and popular village on the northern edge of the caldera (a large volcanic crater) that forms the island of Santorini within the Cyclades (an island group in the Aegean Sea). The town has clusters of white washed buildings, blue domed churches, bell towers, charming shops/ hotels, traditional Cycladic and cave houses that are carved into the rock on the cliff. It is set in a location with breathtaking views of the sunset over the white houses and the caldera.

The bus from Central bus station in Fira to Oia takes about 30 min. From the Oia bus stop, walk to the main square where you will see Ekklisia Panagia Platsani Church and to the famous 3 Blue Domes. The Byzantine Castle Ruins (Fort Londsa) is the pinnacle point of Oia and famous lookout point with a complete 360-degree view. The passageways and stairways, mostly made of cobbles or grit are narrow, sometimes curvy and can be congested with tourists. There are 300 steps down to the port from Oia. Here are some of the famous photo spots: 

Photos by Valstasia Weddings (Lawrence and Benson) | Bridal makeup by Sharon De' Beauty
The traditional houses are perched along the cliff, with the view of the windmills at sunset in Oia. The walkways are narrow and curvy on the slope.

You can get the most beautiful sunset over the horizon in Santorini

Rustic rooftop

Byzantine Castle Ruins, once used as a fortress (Fort Londsa)

A typical white and blue Greek Orthodox bell tower on the Mediterranean island of Santorini

May 2017
Santorini has dozens of blue-domed churches, but there’s only ONE place where you can take that famous picture you see on virtually every Santorini postcard. First, you have to find your way to Oia (pronounced ee-yuh) which is a town in Santorini famous for its spectacular sunsets. To get there, I’d suggest taking a bus from the central bus station in Fira, which takes about 30 minutes and costs 1.80 Euro. The bus will drop you in a small square in Oia, and from there it’s a short walk uphill to Oia’s Main Square. You’ll know you’re at the Main Square because 1) There will be crowds of tourists and newlyweds taking photos, and 2) You’ll see the Ekklisia Panagia Platsani, a Greek Orthodox Church. With the Ekklisia Panagia Platsani behind you, you’ll want to turn RIGHT and head down the street. In about 50 metres, you’ll pass the front of a church which has a bell tower with 3 bells to your left. Keep walking until you see a Bulgari Alexandros signboard ahead of you, right across a Gold & Silver store. Right before the Bulgari store, there’s a small pathway to your left that’s almost unnoticeable from the main street. Turn left and follow the pathway down then turn right.
Jan 2015
If you walk a little farther East from the three domes, you'll find a rooftop in Oia. It makes for a great vantage point for sunset and you can capture the sun going down over the city. The cross adds nice foreground interest to the photo.
Every night at sunset crowds form at Oia Castle to watch the sun go down. It's a bit of a zoo and not the romantic experience one would hope for. But if you wait a bit and go to the castle after you've taken your photos at the domes, you can capture this magnificent view of the town of Oia lit up at blue hour showcasing the windmill. Don't look out towards the sun, instead look back at the city.;

Photos by WLOON Photography | Makeup and hair by: Wenxy Khor
The Three Blue Domes of Oia
Rooftop in Oia with the cross, blue domes and caldera makes a great vantage point
Beautiful Bougainvillea and rustic architecture in Oia
Majestic #spreadout #windblown shot with Gorgeous view of the caldera (volcanic crater)
The port at the caldera

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Holiday Inn Glemarie in Shah Alam

The spacious Grand Glenmarie Ballroom looks elegant and stunning with the lighting and decorations during the wedding reception. No pillars hence there is a good view of the stage. The ballroom has an LED screen right in the middle of the stage where it can be switched on to slide down or up as required. It is big and clear, additional projector screen is not necessary. There is plenty of space at the ballroom foyer during pre-dinner cocktail for guest to mingle around. The parking is free and there are lots of space.

The wedding food is the standard hotel wedding fare. Excellent and professional service particularly from young wedding planner Natalie Pereira and Banquet Manager Mhd Nor. Some Waistaffs require more training.

holiday inn glenmarie
Cenderawasih Ballroom
blue pink theme
Glenmarie Ballroom
pelamin with lighted backdrop
Decorated pelamin for a Malay wedding
with live band entertainment
http://tabmark.blogspot.com: Wedding at Glenmarie Ballroom
soothing decor
Top: Garden Wedding. Bottom: Wedding Decor
lovely flowers
Garden Wedding at Holiday Inn Glenmarie

Nov 2016
We attended a wedding reception. . Love the spacious venue and ample of car park...

Oct 2016
We hosted my daughter Caryn n Viks wedding at yr hotel on 15 Oct 2016. We were pleasantly impressed by yr very young planner Natalia Pereira who was very professional in her dealings with me. I was a bit apprehensive not seeing any of her senoirs but she proved herself excellent. Mhd Nor yr banquet manager was impressive also overseeing all that nite. He was a big help. If I had any complains it wld hv to be the AV which did not reach the end of the ballroom. Would I hold a function there again..... Yes I would. Bec i will know wht to rectify. Thank you staff of holiday Inn for a pleasant stay.
Dec 2013
Feedback for Holiday Inn Glenmarie Shah Alam: We had our wedding dinner reception in Holiday Inn Glenmarie. We had to deal with 2 wedding planner representatives from the hotel because one left the hotel half way and the 2nd one took over. However, due to internal miscommunication the handover was not done well. As a result, we had to arrange for a meeting to go through everything with the new planner Ang Wei Jing. Thereafter, all the further planning discussion was via email. It went well at the beginning as she confidently stated that all will be as per my request. However, on the actual day there were a few items that I’drequested earlier that did not go as discussed. In particular:-
1. The decorations it was not as per planned & discussed.
2. The guest signature book was changed last minute and we were not informed.
3. No bowl/paper bag was provided for keeping of red packets even though we'd asked for it.
4. Besides that, she also did not introduce my coordinator (my sister who is in charge of the flow for the day on behalf of the bride & groom) to the floor manager for the event day even though I had communicated to her earlier plus my coordinator purposely met her 2 days earlier from the event day. Hence, this lead to the floor manager was unaware who was the coordinator during the event. He was difficult to find during the event day and hence during second march in, after the emcee announce our march in, the entrance door was not open and we had to open it ourselves as we couldn't find the floor manager at that point.
5. Other service for the event that were not good was rude waiter, bridal cake was not served to VIP table, wine was not topped up promptly.
However, on the positive note the parking was free and there are lots of space, the arrangement for bridal suite and complimentary room was prepared and ready by the time we checked in. The grand ballroom was very big, spacious and looked elegant with the lighting and decorated tables during the event day. No pillars hence there is good viewing of the slideshows and videos. The hotel has an LED screen right in the middle of the stage where it can be switched on to slide down and switched to slide up when not needed. It is big and clear and not required to have additional projector screen. There was plenty of space at the ballroom foyer during pre-dinner snacks and for guest to mingle around. Not much to say about the food served as it was as per the hotel standard. The advice here is, if extra deco is required perhaps good to outsource on your own as the value of the money will worth more than getting the hotel to do so. Make sure your coordinator are included in your discussion with the planner from the beginning so that if anything does not appear as discussed, you can consult immediately with the hotel.

Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie

big space for parking

Website: http://holidayinnglenmarie.com
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/HolidayInn.KLGlenmarie
Add: 1 Jalan Usahawan U1/8, Seksyen U1, 40250 Shah Alam, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 603-7802 5232
Email: kulhi_info@ihg.com

Wedding Packages 2014:
Chinese: from RM1488++ per table
Malay/ Indian: from RM1388++ per table
Garden Menu: from RM148++ per table
Western Menu: from RM158++ per table
Garden Ceremony: from RM95++ per pax
Akad Nikah: from RM95++ per pax

Capacity: 350 pax (Glenmarie Ballroom). 500 pax (Cenderawasih Ballroom)


Oversea Restaurant Imbi

This restaurant is loved by all for its delicious food particularly the barbecue pork (char siew). The Oversea Imbi is a famous restaurant for treating guests from other countries/ states, located at a very busy spot at Jalan Imbi, KL, hence parking could be a problem. Here you can still see the self appointed "parking attendants" collecting money from car owners.

While it is a popular Oversea restaurant outlet, nothing much has been mentioned about its wedding services. There are some pillars in the banquet hall.

Oversea Imbi hall | Feb 2016
nice food
Banquet hall with pillars

Photo taken from the entrance | Jul 2017
glass door

Other photos:
Jul 2014
Jan 2015

oversea imbi

Jul 2017
Still preserved the quality of foods served. Price a bit high side maybe due to everything high cost nowadays. Still Recommended to come over but problems is car park as most car park been taken up by those Jaga kereta people which by right should not be as it is a public carpark and enforcement should do something instead of let them ( Jaga keteta) as they charge exorbitant rate Mushrooming
Feb 2016
Overseas is a chain restaurant having outlets all over Klang Valley however their most popular outlet is definitely the one in Imbi. The food there seems to be better than the rest. Famously known for their Barbeque Pork which has just the right ratio of lean meat to fat.

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Oversea.Imbi
Address: 84-88, Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 603 - 2144 9911
Fax: 603 - 2141 7741
Email: ovcimbi@oversea.com.my


Wedding Packages 2017/18: from RM933 nett per table

Business Hour: 11.30 am - 2.30 pm | 5.30 pm - 10.30 pm
Parking Facility: Street / Parking Lot

Map data ©2017 Google

 Ref: tripadvisor, google, kuala-lumpur.ws, foursquare

de Pré-mariage Photoshoot à Paris

I've been told Paris is the most romantic city in the world. Then again I remember my ex-boss telling me he found nothing "romantic" about Paris... it is simply a bustling city full of people. This city is definitely a popular location for pre-wedding photoshoot. I have not been to Paris but would love to experience it for myself one day if love is really flying all over the air of Paris and visit beautiful places like these:

La Tour Eiffel (Eiffel Tower)
Inaugurated in 1889 for the Universal Exposition, the Eiffel Tower ( La Tour Eiffel in French) was the tallest structure in the world then until the completion of the Chrysler Building in 1930. The man behind the Eiffel Tower was engineer Gustave Eiffel. Constructed with a mass of wrought iron, the lattice tower rises 300 meters tall (984 feet), is now an iconic tourist destination in Paris. There is a viewing area up the tower for you to enjoy the spectacular views of Paris. The pre-wed crew can embrace the impressive structure at night in a different way with the lighted tower. It is located at Champ de Mars (a large public greenspace) 7e arrondissement, next to the Seine River.
Add: Champs-de-Mars, Paris 75007

malaysia wedding photoshoot
From left: Eiffel Tower. the Lovre's main glass pyramid is surrounded by smaller pyramids

Musée du Louvre (the Louvre Museum)
Originally a royal palace, the Louvre became a public museum in 1793 with an exhibition of 537 painting. There are about 35,000 objects on display now, spread out over three wings of the former palace. The museum has a diverse collection mostly of European paintings and sculptures. It also contains Roman, Egyptian, Greek and Oriental art, clocks, furniture, china and tapestries. Some of the most famous works of art in the museum are the Venus of Milo, the Nike of Samothrake, the Dying Slave by Michelangelo and the most popular of them all; Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa.

There are three entrances, the main entrance at the glass pyramid, second entrance from the Carrousel du Louvre underground shopping mall and another entrance at the Porte des Lions. The Louvre Pyramid was built by American architect I.M. Pei in 1989. The Louvre museum lies in the heart of Paris on the Right Bank, the place is known as the 1st arrondissement adjacent to the Tuileries Gardens. Use of cameras and video recorders is permitted inside but the use of flashes is forbidden. Take a look at how our talented photographers shot in innovative angles and perspectives.
Website: www.louvre.fr
Add: Palais Royal, Musée du Louvre, 75001 Paris, France

Pont des Arts
Love Lock Bridge, Paris, France.
Tourists attach love locks with their names written on them to the railing of this pedestrian bridge, then throw the key into the Seine river, as a romantic gesture. Now this practice is discouraged as the bridge can no longer withstand the weight of the locks. Selfies and photoshoots are welcome!

Notre Dame Cathedral
Notre Dame de Paris (Our Lady of Paris in French), also known as Notre Dame Cathedral is an impressive medieval architecture marvel. This cathedral of the Catholic Archdiocese of Paris has a gothic exterior which is full of intricate details, two broad towers and many sweeping arches. The ornate interior is light and airy, with beautiful sculptures and stained glass. Construction started in 1163 and completed in 1330. You are able to capture a better view of the architecture in photos from the Square Jean XXIII Park behind the cathedral.
Website: www.notredamedeparis.fr
Add: 6 Parvis Notre-Dame, Place Jean-Paul II, 75004 Paris, France

beautiful paris
From left: Notre Dame, the Basilica of Sacre-Coeur in Montmartre Church & its door

Palais Garnier (Opera House)
Palais Garnier was built in 1861, well known for its exceptional opulence. The style is monumental and considered Second-Empire Beaux-Arts with axial symmetry in plan, elaborate multicolored marble friezes, columns, and lavish statuary, many of which portray deities of Greek mythology. It was used as the setting for Gaston Leroux's 1910 novel The Phantom of the Opera and, the adaptation in Andrew Lloyd Webber's 1986 musical.
Photo by WLOON Photography | MUA: Wenxy Khor. The Grand Staircase - a large ceremonial staircase of marble, which divides into two divergent flights of stairs that lead to the Grand Foyer.

Other attractions and photography spots
The French Open Tennis Tournament is one of four tournaments called the "Grand Slams" and is played by the best tennis players in the world. It is held in the Roland Garros Stadium Paris. The matches are played on clay.

Sacre-Coeur Paris - The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris Catholic Church is a popular landmark which is located at the summit of the butte Montmartre, the highest point of Paris.

Arc de Triumph is one of the most famous monuments in Paris - to honour those who fought and died for France in the French Revolutionary and the Napoleonic Wars.

Brasseries are restaurants that serve alcoholic beverages, as well as food. A boulevard full of brasseries and European style shops would create a different mood to your pre-wed images.

http://www.wloon.com/2016/01/europe-pre-wedding-paris-to-london-with-love-ck-vindy | Jan 2016 | Make up & styling by Wenxy Khor (wenxykhor.com) | Gowns and suit by Obsidian Wedding Studio
Pont Alexandre III (Alexander III Bridge)
Pont des Arts (Love Lock Bridge, Paris)

the Louvre during the day
the Louvre dramatic

#timestoodstill - slow shutter speed to capture motion at Eiffel Tower Carousel

Eiffel Tower Korean concept photography

Notre Dame Cathedral

Photo by: Janis Ratnieks:
Arc de Triumph

edwin tan photo in paris
Sepia effect
view of the city of paris
Overlooking the city

Door to The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris by Robin Ng

daren chong photo
From down up
brasserie and paris
A brasserie is a type of French restaurant with a relaxed setting

Map data ©2017 Google. Pre-weding spots in Paris. Distance from Eiffel Tower to The Louvre Museum is 3.7km.

References: aviewoncities.com, easytourisum.blogspot.com, visitingdc.com, en.wikipedia.org, destination360.com, we-love-rv-ing.com, google.

Palace of the Golden Horses | Mines Resort City, Seri Kembangan

With its distinctive Moorish-Malaysian architecture resembling mythical and magical lands, with ceiling art and statues of horses, Palace of the Golden Horse provides couples with a unique setting for their weddings. The Grand Salon Lounge with a sculpture of horses as centerpiece is stunning, very grand and a popular wedding venue. As it is not a ballroom/ function room with privacy, other patrons can walk freely in and out if not properly managed.

Staff is helpful, friendly manager Franco did a good job on the wedding event arrangement. The huge 1200 seater Royal Ballroom can be divided into 3 sections for smaller wedding up to 450 pax. The ballroom looks lovely after decorations. Tasty Indian wedding dishes. Exquisite landscaped gardens, set against an immense 150-acre lake, form the backdrop for the grandiose garden ceremony at this luxury hotel.

Wedding Dinner | Feb 2017
grand wedding
The ballroom looks lovely after decorations.
western dinner setup

Wedding Reception at Royal Ballroom with 650 seated guests
dark wood
The huge ballroom can accommodate 65 tables comfortably with plenty of walking space
stage view

http://www.emotioninpictures.com/garden-ceylonese-tamil-wedding-ceremony-vik-ranjani | Garden Wedding Ceremony | May 2017
indian wedding

palace of the golden horses


Garden wedding - pink and orange theme

http://stories.my/proposal-horse-carriage-arthur-luisa | May 2017

nice saree

fairy tale
Horse carriage #fairytale


Other Photos:
grand pillars
Ceiling art of horses - very grand reception area
The Grand Salon Lounge

Oct 2017
Wedding one of our cousin. Resepsi dekat Grand Salon. Not a ball room yang ada pintu. Tiba² ada orang lalu lalang depan pelamin,although at that time majlis dah habis,tengah ambik² gambar je.At least kena la ada orang jaga because it is a private function. I don't think this hotel layak dapat bintang bintang bekerlipan. The accomodation was good,but the service was very lousy. 

Mar 2017
Wedding at grand salon lounge. Have my cousin wedding there on 11march. The place was stunning and very grand and exclusive place. Food was excellent for Indian cuisine. Staff was very helpful and fast service provided lead by very friendly and helpful manager name Franco besides his colleagues. The event arrangement was good.very happy!
Feb 2017
Beautiful wedding dinner. I was there during my friend's wedding at the hotel. At night we entered the ballroom..amazing huge ballroom with lovely decoration.ive been told that the ballroom can be divided to 3 parts which suitable even if you have small paxs. Thumbs up to to this hotel..

Feb 2017
Beautiful Wedding Dinner. Luxury and Charming hotel. Excellent service, breakfast and dinner was great. Service was brilliant with a good selection of food during dinners at Ballroom. Staff were efficient and friendly, two thumbs up to this hotel and will definitely stay here again.

Palace of the Golden Horses


Website: http://www.palaceofthegoldenhorses.com.my
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/PalaceOfTheGoldenHorses
Add: Jalan Kuda Emas, Mines Resort City, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: +603 8946 4888/ Mobile contact number: 019- 600 0483 
Fax: +603 8943 2666
Email: sales@pgh.mines.com.my

Wedding Packages 2017:
Chinese: from RM1588 nett per table
Indian/ Malay: from RM1388 nett per table

Capacity: Royal Ballroom Banquet - 1200 pax
seri kembangang

the mines

Ref: oyster.com, tripadvisor, Kow Kay Bin Photography