Putrajaya Marriott Hotel

Nestled amidst a luxurious botanical splendour, Putrajaya Marriott with its majestic Mediterranean-Moorish architecture features the largest pillar-less Ballroom in the vicinity offering a maximum guest capacity of 1200/ 1300 pax banquet style. 

With friendly & helpful staff from the planning till the wedding day, Putrajaya Marriott takes good care of their customer's wedding needs. The overall taste of the food is not bad but the main selling points are the unique ways of preparing and serving the dishes in a simple yet elegant ballroom setting with more personalized service. The bridal suite is decorated beautifully with flowers, chocolates. Situated 25km from KLCC, guests were happy with the location due to the smooth traffic and ample parking spaces but can be far for those who live in the other part of the city. The hotel is also set beautifully for pre-wedding photo shoot. 

http://sixthseal.com/2015/01/chee-keong-mei-szes-wedding-summer-palace | Jan 2015 | Wedding at Summer Palace Chinese restaurant, Marriott Putrajaya
special menu
1. Deluxe Five Happiness Combination Platter
2. Double-boiled Chicken Soup with Baby Abalone, Top Shell & Chinese Herbs
3. Roasted Sesame Chicken & Roasted Chicken
4. Steamed Mandarin Fish “Unicorn” Style - The fish is totally de-boned and filleted. The fillets of fish is then wrapped around a long, tubular “fish ball” and presented on the carcass of the fish so it looks like rolled up fish flesh.
5. Chilled ‘Ming’ Prawns with Mayo & Stir-fried Prawn Balls with Butter Cream
6. Special Three Layered Fried Rice
7. Special Dessert Combination
8. Chilled Mixed Fruits with Avocado Cream
wedding lunch
lighted flower stand

http://n3production.com/3-live-feed-mcp-marriott-putrajaya | May 2013 | Wedding Reception
overview of ballroom
grand ballroom

Other photos:
Summer Palace - Palm inspired high ceilings and wooden-crafted windows is a great depiction of an oriental themed wedding.
best place for kids
Lagoon-shape pool

grand ballroom
Garden Ballroom - with a seating capacity of 200 banquet style and garden landscape backdrop.

big venue
Grand Putrajaya Ballroom
water fountain
Grand staircase

Jul 2015
Marriott Putrajaya has made our wedding reception a memorable and pleasant one. With friendly & helpful staff from the planning till The Day. The hotel is also set beautifully for pre wedding photo shoots. On the day, the overall food presentation, taste & arrangement of the ballroom exceeded our expectation. The decoration was also to our liking, simple yet elegant. The bridal suite was decorated beautifully with flowers, chocolates and scented sweetly. Guest were very happy with the smooth traffic and ample parking spaces which were very important to us. Guest was also very happy with the food served. In terms of the room, the pillows were fluffy, the bed was comfy and the bathroom was clean and spacious. We would like to thank Marriott Putrajaya for taking good care of us and recommend this wedding venue to other love birds too. This was just perfect for us.

Jun 2015
Our wedding dinner reception was hosted at the Putrajaya Marriott Hotel, which is located not too far from the city. We decided against a hotel in the Kuala Lumpur city centre as: The congestion! Parking may be a problem! Thankfully, Putrajaya Marriott gave us the luxury of being able to enjoy a delightful venue minus the KL prices and traffic jam. there are the standard decorative items provided by the hotel: Ice carvings, Our beautiful backdrop had cranes – our wedding theme. All done by the hotel’s vendors- fairy lights, our names and two paper cranes, generic wedding cake, Nicely folded napkin. Marriott Putrajaya’s Tety was also wonderful, the minute she took over from the previous Events Manager everything ran smoothly without a glitch. We are very blessed to have chosen venue that provided us with excellent service and catered to *almost* all our whims. 
Jan 2015
It’s a very nice place for a wedding – the scenery and service is the main selling points. The servers are very conscientious about changing your plates after every course. Steamed Mandarin Fish “Unicorn” Style is totally de-boned and filleted. The fillets of fish is then wrapped around a long, tubular “fish ball” and presented on the carcass of the fish so it looks like rolled up fish flesh. It is very easy to eat, and the fish ball inside makes it taste artificially good with lots of MSG! Chilled ‘Ming’ Prawns with Mayo & Stir-fried Prawn Balls with Butter Cream is the best dish that we had the entire night! There’s huge prawns done two ways, and they’re all de-shelled and de-veined. One is cooked in a sweet and wet butter/mayo sauce and the other is deep fried in butter. It’s very creamy and I love the huge, juicy prawns. The Chilled Mixed Fruits with Avocado Cream is the highlight of the dish and it was what we had saved up space for. It has a wonderfully rich mouthfeel and a nutty flavor that’s very morish. Delectable!

Putrajaya Marriott Hotel

front reception trees

Website: http://putrajayamarriott.com | http://Marriott.com/kulpg
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/MarriottPutrajaya
Add: IOI Resort City, 62502 Sepang Utara, Malaysia
Tel: Wedding Planner @ 03-89498888 ext.1690
Email: sales.hotel@marriottputrajaya.com

Chinese Restaurant: http://summerpalacerestaurant.com.my

Wedding Package 2017/ 2018:
Chinese: from RM1988nett/ table | Malay: from RM1600nett/ table | Indian: from RM1740nett/ table

Capacity: 1200 pax (banquet)
marriott putrajaya

ioi resort city mall

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