Splendid Bridal Look - Eva | Glam Aurora | Penang MUA

Brides of Penang out there, if you are looking for a makeup artist, this one is for you! One of Top 10 Bridal Makeup Artists in Penang by TallyPress, Eva is a professional make up artist with over 10 years of experience.

Grateful for the fact that Eva takes the trouble to perfect the bridal look by searching for the right accessories, sometimes handmade, her bride feels like a queen on the wedding day. She understands what a bride needs and puts a lot of effort in creating a splendid makeup + hairdo. Highly recommended for her punctuality, professionalism, skill and friendliness by Glam Aurora's (more than 100s) clientele. Eva is also a makeup coach who has trained many students.

Eva strives to create a picture perfect look by making sure that every make up feels flawless, weightless and comfortable which lasts all day. The formula to a glam bridal style lies in the quality of the overall appeal. The look will immediately leave an impact. Curls and braid woven to create some volume to the hair add more sophistication. The layers of colors make the eye makeup appear 3D. I love the glamorous red lips and the well-defined eye lines.

eva glam aurora
Curls and braid woven to create some volume to the hair add more sophistication


outdoor shoot
love the glamorous lips

pink lips

outdoor flowers
Eva makes sure that every make up feels flawless, weightless and comfortable which lasts all day - perfect for outdoor shooting

glam aurora
She understands what a bride needs and puts a lot of effort in creating a splendid makeup + hairdo

perfect wedding
The glam hair for your stunning gown

red flowers
The tousled back pony gives the traditional outfit a modern twist

Sep 2016
Hi Eva, thank you for ur nice preparation for my wedding dinner make up and hairdo. You have special search for crown to match my hairdo and red gown which made me feel like queen in my Wedding Night. For my dotter , I like ur handmade wreath that really made my dotter very cute and pretty that night.

A very nice and professional makeup artist...a very friendly girl..she understand what I need what I want...Thanks Eva for the makeup and beautiful hairdo for my wedding..i like it very much.also let me be the most beautiful bride and helping me so much for my family member...strongly recommended..

You really good in what she does. I love her simple and elegant make up hairdo that make me look gorgeous in my co annual dinner. She is very professional and punctual. Highly recommended!!!

Nov 2016
I really love the hairstyle Eva help me to set , she put so much effort on helping me n follow feel that I want, thankss much

May 2016
My hubby and relatives love my wedding make up during actual day and dinner. Very natural and impressive. Thanks for make up artist evangeline lim for making me as pretty bride on that day. Will find her for make up in future for any function or company dinner. thanks

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/glamaurorastudio
Add: 22A , Jalan Pusat Perniagaan Raja Uda 1, Penang , Malaysia
Tel: 0164943380
Email: evangeline3355@gmail.com
Rates: starts from RM 600 for 2 sessions of makeup (morning and reception)

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Amazing Night Skies Full of Stars | New Zealand

New Zealand is one of only three countries in the world to have a Gold Rated International Dark Sky Reserve – the Aoraki Mackenzie Dark Sky Reserve on the South Island. This dark sky reserve is the biggest in the world, it includes the Aoraki Mt Cook National Park and the villages of Lake Tekapo, Twizel and Mt Cook. It is almost totally free from light pollution and one is of the best stargazing sites on earth to view planets, stars and solar systems. If you are lucky, and the conditions are right, you will be able to see the impressive natural wonder, an electric phenomenon, Aurora australis (also known as the southern lights) which takes the shape of a curtain of light, or a diffuse glow; which is most often green, sometimes red and other colors.

On clear dark nights, when the moon is thin or below the horizon, a band of what looks like white dust, the Milky Way, can be seen. The Milky Way is brighter in the Southern Hemisphere than in the North. Check out the amazing photos taken at Lake Tekapo (3 hours from Christchurch). I have not seen so many stars before in my life.

starry sky milky way
The starry sky with Church of the Good Shepherd as the backdrop at Lake Tekapo. Love the red green diffuse glow. The Milky Way looks like white dust. Photo: by International Wedding Photographer based in Malaysia WLOON Photography

new zealand wedding
Lake Tekapo with breathtaking view. Photo by: WLoon Photography
mountain lake
A helicopter ride to the peak of the mountain, totally freezing up there for this absolutely stunning shot. Photographed by WLoon Photography

New Zealand Pre-wedding Photography by Wooi Loon (WLOON Photography)
couple relaxing

great photo

stunning colors of the mountains

Lake Tekapo is 3 hours from Christchurch, far from all civilisation. Soon after, the sun set and the dazzling night sky too over Lake Tekapo. Untainted by any light pollution, it was a magnificent sight. The isolation and flat plains provided a beautiful clear sky that offers unparalleled views of the stars. Incorporate this with the famous historical Church of the Good Shepherd in the background, they present the perfect and most iconic backdrop for New Zealand.  Lake Tekapo is part of a UNESCO Dark Sky Reserve, this is probably the best spot for stargazing in the Southern hemisphere. 

aurora at lake tekapo
Lake Tekapo - Beautiful Green aurora (southern lights). Photo by: kentyuphotography.com (photographer based in New Zealand)

red and green
The rare aurora lit up the entire night sky with an array of vibrant colors. Photo by: lovejournal.com.au (from Australia)

stars and jetty
http://weddingblog.net.au/new-zealand-love-journal-prewedding - Photo by LoveJournal.com.au

Ref: onethreeonefour.com, theartofnight.com

JW Marriott Hotel KL

Notice: JW Marriott KL is currently under renovation and the Reception will be temporarily relocated to LG Floor (Lower Ground) at The Ritz-Carlton, Kuala Lumpur lobby from 23rd March till September 2017.

The relatively big, 878sq Mayang Sari Grand Ballroom with high ceiling, is a classic, old English style space for weddings and social events. However there is no romantic intelligent LED lights, only warm yellow lights. There are 23 Function rooms which can be used for tea ceremony or other small events. The hotel provides a dedicated Bridal holding room with private washroom. It is located in the heart of the vibrant Golden Triangle, Bukit Bintang, KL's prime business and shopping district and adjoining to Starhill Shopping Gallery, opposite Pavilion Shopping Mall, very strategic indeed.

The wedding menu can be customized. Very praise worthy food, especially Honey-baked cod (JW signature dish) and western dessert. Efficient service from the wedding team, table arrangements, hall settings, PIC Rodney is helpful but may take a while to respond to your requests. The sound system is ok but not good enough, as guests at the end of the hall are unable to hear very well. I think we shall be able to see improvements after the renovation.

european style

https://www.facebook.com/197095007071832/photos/?tab=album&album_id=915780531869939 | Apr 2016
cheering for the couple
Classic hotel ballroom

wedding kiss

 http://wefreeze.net/2013/04/desmond-mizim | Apr 2013
stationery detail

bride is ecstatic

smokey shot

Jul 2015
Pro: High ceiling, big ballroom to accommodate bigger crowd, strategic for guests
Con: No romantic LED lights (only warm yellow lights), ballroom deco is a bit old-styled

Jan 2015 (review provided to wedresearch via email)
Food (taste, presentation, portion)
VERY GOOD - JW allows couples to customize the menu (with new Western dessert menu!), and my FIL's main priority is GOOD FOOD and he was willing to pay more just for that. I let him did all the choosing for the menu. During Food tasting, the chosen menu turned out great and JW promised consistency during dinner time, with the chef coming to greet us. Outcome? Every single guest praised the food (during and after banquet), especially Honey-baked cod (JW signature dish) and western dessert: A Story of Strawberries (Set of Strawberry Cheesecake, mousse, panacotta and ice cream). Honestly food wise, no complaints.
Management side: There was some mix-up between the waiters but all is small matter once guests keep praising about the food. We got the package in 2015 with free parking for guests, but in 2016 the hotel made the changes but we were not informed about it and they charged our guests. JW did apologized to us after that.

Rodney, sometimes you will expect him/his assistant to reply at least in 1-2 days but they don't. Took them more than 1-2 weeks to prepare the table layout. (probably busy with wedding couple of that week or lacking in staff). Other than that, he's good. No hiccups in food, sound systems, table arrangements, hall settings on AD is all you need.

Always opt for additional sound system from your live band/emcee and make sure they borrow you the mic for that good speaker behind (not JW mic). Although JW Marriott ballroom provides a standard sound system, the guests at the end of the hall are unable to hear ANYTHING. Really. No matter how loud you shout YAM-SENG on stage, they 100% cannot hear you. We only gotten the standard 1x projector, FH inspected the hall on AD and told Rodney that we needed to add another projector and they got it done ASAP.

It is unfortunate that this review came a lil late as I heard that they would be renovating JW for 2 years. I suppose this review will be more useful for those opting for JW Marriott/Ritz Carlton/Majestic as they are under the same management/kitchen. If you are willing to pay more for good food, you won't regret it.

Sep 2013
excellent and very efficient service from the start
Jan 2012
Ballroom looks good, food is good, package also good.

JW Marriott Hotel Kuala Lumpur

kl city

Add: 183 Jalan Bukit Bintang  Kuala Lumpur  55100  Malaysia
Tel: +60-3-2715-9000

Wedding Package 2013: RM1500++ per table (min 45 tables)

Capacity:770 pax for banqueting
mayang sari grand ballroom

bintang walk

My Dream Wedding Penang

My Dream Wedding is a bridal house brand based in Hong Kong. They have branches in KL, Penang and Singapore. This bridal shop is gaining popularity in recent years due to the gorgeous dresses they have in their store, particularly the ones with Swarovski crystal. The atmosphere of the shop gives out a high-endish vibe, with the packages offered one would immediately think that it is a great catch. Overall customers are fairly satisfied with the photography, makeup, styling and gowns. However here are a few things to take note. Having a huge number of customers who have signed up, the gorgeous gown you want may not be available as it might be booked already by another bride. Remember the things you have in your package, sometimes they forget to include them.

Overall, the service from My Dream Wedding, from the sales staff, makeup artist, photographer (Alan), assistant (Tiger), manager, tailor auntie, is satisfactory. Any special requirements have to be communicated in advance before signing the contract to be included in the package. Cost not included in the package are ampoule: RM35x5=RM175, eye lashes: RM38, sponge: RM12x2=RM24, body foundation: RM100.
yellow pattern
Bridal studio

The Gurney Paragon mall has incorporated the former St Joseph’s Novitiate chapel building (now a venue for special events) as its centrepiece. Photography is free.

wooden doors with gold sculpting
Peranakan Mansion Penang

Tomb of Francis Light in Penang's Protestant Cemetery

wedding photo
Chapel in Paragon mall

black and white
Bridal studio indoor

Mar 2016
Kuala Lumpur or Penang or any overseas location
Service of a professional photographer and a make-up artist
3 Deluxe wedding gown
1 Selected Swarovski wedding gown
2 set of tuxedos
1 hand bouquet (artificial flowers)
1 bridal make-up with 4 hairdos
All accessories  and hair veil available for photoshoot day only
Fake eyelashes (the only bridal shop at the bridal fair that includes this)
A selection of 40 poses from 150 shots
40 selected photos in digital file (soft-copy)
12' by 12' wedding album (10 pages - 40 poses) - Cover stand-alone album from HK
8' by 12' soft diamond album (19 out of the 40 selected poses)
24' by 30' printed photo with desired frame
10' by 14' table top photo with desired frame (2 pieces)
50 pieces of 4R (5 out of selected 40 poses)

Transportation service
Toll and bridge fee
Entrance fee to selected locations (if needed)
Body Foundation
Ampoule (acts like a primer, to hold make-up for a longer time)

1 Platinum wedding gown
2 Deluxe wedding gown
2 set of tuxedos
2 set of accessories
1 set of car decoration
20' by 30' signature roll for guest
1 DVD slideshows (chosen 40 poses)

Make-up and hair-do
Body Foundation.
Ampoule (acts like a primer, to hold make-up for longer time)
White bow shirt for groom
Nude bra for bride

I think they have accepted too many clients that they should because their dresses seems to always be very limited due to the reason 'someone else have booked it'. Just a look at their shops and you will feel like this bridal company confirm is well-to-do and with the price that they offer, you will feel like it's a good catch. They won my vote (in the beginning) because they took us to their shop and showed us all the fancy dresses and their 'quite-glamour' looking shop. Their swarovski gowns are nice. We actually have to fetch their crews around for the photoshoot. It wasn't difficult for us to choose only 40 photos because most of them were not of our preference. 

It is the most common thing that people shared with us and that would be on the extra expenses that you will find yourself having to pay, that ranges from a higher category of dress that you want or the more photos that you would want to have. Be very careful with all the extra charges because before you know it, it could mount up to the same cost with the package original price. However, we were told by Bennie on some of the things that is not given and will be charged if you choose to have it.
  • Extra soft-copy with touch up (RM100 per pose)
  • Request to change gown after confirmation (RM300 per piece)
  • Photo-shooting on Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday (RM250) - waived for us yay!
  • Extra poses into album and soft-copy with touch up (RM160 per pose).
  • Early collection of photos in advance (RM500)
TOTAL DAMAGE: RM4,988 (GST included)

We went down on Saturday morning and met with the photographer on Sunday morning. It was at that time only he told us that RMAF Museum is closed for good and that they are in the process of relocating to Malacca. We were shocked to the core. IT SUCKS BIG TIME. Apparently they found out about this a month ago, yet we did not receive any phone calls to this news. That same night, Bennie texted me with a long explanation of what happened and apologized. They gave us a free upgrade of album size, arranged for us to have the Penang photo-shoot that same week and have their Chief Photographer, Marcus to do it for us. That and we got ourselves an assistant, Boy to help us with everything else.

Aug 2016
First of all i wan to thank you for Candice. She really did well on my make up and hair do. She is humble and friendly as well. I really like her make up and hair do. She make me feel really beautiful. Second i wan to thank you for our photographer on duty. His name is Chris. He is funny and professional at the same time. By not wasting time, he teach us how to post correctly and snap our picture perfectly. The result is very natural and we both are very satisfy. And about the assistant-Yang. He is very helpful throughout the process. He did his very best to help us and photographer.

Thanks to Sammi for helping us to choose our dress & suit in KL. Thanks to Grace for such professional hair & makeup that is elegant yet still natural for each different look, very talented! Thanks to Forest and Tiger (Hor) who are so dedicated in helping us find the best spots and really helped us to be comfortable & natural eventhough we are so kaku!

May 2016
1)For a cute and friendly girl who served me very nice, during my gown testing for actual day, her name is Agnes..
2) Make up artist Sharon, photographer Marcus and helper Tiger, enjoy the time with U guys during my shooting
However I am dissatisfied with some of their staff servicing.

Jul 2015
Five stars rating to pretty makeup artist and professional photographer as I like my hairdo and photo shooting. Nice interior design for indoor shooting as well.
Two stars rating for service provided due to:
1) incomplete accessories provided such as missing ribbon to tie up wedding car and miss out envelopes when collect the 4R photos which need us to wait for 1.5 hours and given old style envelop as replacement.
2) 8R photo frame not assembled properly which cause it fallen when hang up for one day only. I used super glue to stick back.
3) limited photo templete design. We forced to select the wedding photos to fulfill the photo album template designer but not really meet our requirement.
4) not allow to view wedding gowns during fitting time as told that the store room is messy. Very limited wedding grown published in shop.
Hopefully My Dream Wedding will upgrade overall service.

gown display
My Dream Wedding Penang
wedding photography

fairy tale wedding

old case clock

My Dream Wedding Penang

bridal house

FB Pages: https://www.facebook.com/pages/My-Dream-Wedding-Gurney-Paragon/350959575007534
Add: Gurney Paragon, 163D-3-34 Persiaran Gurney 10250 Penang
Tel: 04-228 4118
Email: talk2us@mydreamweddinghouse.com

K' Seena House, Sungai Buloh

K’Seena House is a 100 year old Rumah Melayu (Malay house) made of Chengal wood which has been turned into an event space now. The 3,000ft² paved main yard can accommodate up to 300 guests (30 tables) whilst the property’s 24,000ft² lawn with luscious aged trees provides the perfect setting for activities or al fresco dining. The venue is peacefully tucked in an suburb about 30km from KLCC. It is perfect for a traditional Malay village/vintage wedding theme. The interior has a rather vintage classic feel.

For weddings, K’Seena House offers facilities and services such as a day-use bridal suite with attached bathroom; a second private room, a wide selection of canopy packages as well as choices of wedding decor ranging from simple yet elegant styles to elaborate modern settings. An extended menu of delectable Malay dishes is also available for your F&B needs.

mic wooden boxes
Indoor area

white long tables
paved main yard

white and black
al-fresco wedding reception

outdoor wedding

bride and groom
Wedding Photoshoot

Wedding of Rasyid + Tya | http://afnanomar.com/rasyid-tya | Apr 2016
great celebration
decorated with flowers
singing and dancing
Al fresco entertainment
team marching to the venue
seated on the floor
comfortable sofa and decor

choices of food station
Dec 2015: Garden wedding at K'Seena | POP CORN & CANDY FLOSS CART PACKAGE 2015 at RM800 by Pamabearlilangels

Google Reviews
Oct 2016
Nice and beautiful place for events especially weddings. Situated near suburbs, calming and breezing atmosphere. Got nice little kampung style house, suitable for photoshoot and area can accommodate moderate sized event.
Oct 2015
wujud lagi rumah tradisional yang cantik macam ni? Bukan sahaja cantik, malah kalau korang pernah berangan nak adakan majlis resepsi untuk perkahwinan korang yang akan datang juga boleh buat kat sini. Memang unik gila beb! Ikut tema Melayu tradisional la pula, macam ramai lagi yang tak buat kan. Hiasan dalaman rumah yang sangat vintage. Sediakan servis & kemudahan untuk majlis perkahwinan. tempatnya yang luas dan agak private. Siap ada private chef lagi beb!

K'Seena House
wedding bungalow

Website: http://www.kseenahouse.com/
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/kseenahouse
Add: Lot No 3035, Lorong Teratai, Kampung Gombak, 48050 Kuang, Selangor
Tel: 012-614 7554
Email: kseenahouse@gmail.com

Capacity: 300 pax


Ref: afnanomar.com