Beach-fronting Garden Wedding at Lone Pine Hotel Penang

There's something magical about saying 'I do' against the backdrop of the sparkling sea with the setting sun as witness and tall, graceful trees as the audience. However walking on sand may not be too pleasant if you are all dressed up, particularly for ladies on heels. With its rolling lawn which fringes the sandy beach and sea beyond as the venue for wedding ceremony and reception, The Garden at Lone Pine Hotel is your perfect area.

Outdoor solemnization or al fresco ROM/  wedding parties, Lone Pine’s famous beachfronting stretch of lawn can seat up to 350 people (35 round tables of 10 each) where casuarina branches sway overhead and the ceiling is sky-high.

Their service and the wedding food received mixed reviews. Proper planning with the hotel's wedding personnel is very crucial. Benedict and his team has shown experience of hosting weddings, they provided excellent customer service.

Lone Pine is the first beach hotel on Batu Ferringhi Beach and it dates back to the 1940's. The colonial-influenced design of this white architecture creates a charming backdrop for photography. Amid Casuarina trees in the garden, white sandy beach and the scenic blue sea, couples who love the outdoor will find this place very attractive. | Jan 2014 | Aug 2016

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Classy Garden Wedding

Photos by Alex Tan
picture perfect
Beach front makes perfect photography spot
smells great
There's green everywhere
garden wedding
Serene garden wedding on the lawn with a sea view
sunset is amazing
great venue beach

Aug 2016
Dear Benedict & Team
We would just like to say thank you so much for all your helps and efforts in supporting us to plan and host our wedding in Lone Pine. Your swift response to emails and kind patience with us made planning a wedding from overseas as smooth as possible. We only met with you and all other suppliers a few days before the wedding day. Yet, it was a very good meeting to finalise our plan, as everyone came prepared and knew our requirement. The fact that you have worked with other suppliers previously meant that there was a very good team dynamism and good communications both during the meeting and on the actual wedding day - we cannot emphasise the importance of this! You have definitely shown experience of hosting weddings. We would like to thank you Benedict personally for your excellent customer service. You had been very understanding and considerate and definitely understood the stress of organising a wedding from overseas!
We love the tall pine trees of the hotel, which was the reason we picked this location for our small garden wedding :) the location was the perfect setting for all the decorations we planned with Antiga.
Also, special thanks to Elizabeth Chin who made the check-in of our special guests as smooth as possible. She knew the stress of final preps prior to the wedding and had been very considerate.
All in all, thank you for ensuring our stay and our big day as smooth, as pleasant and as memorable as possible.
Lydia & Hoon Keng
Aug 2016
It was a lovely weekend and one of the most magical moments in my cousin's life to cherish with her Prince Charming. It was really a memorable and romantic garden wedding with the sunset backdrop in the lovely evening. The setting of gentle wind blowing across the crystal clear sea, the trees swaying in the wind of idyllic spot
Jul 2016
Good for staying, but NOT recommended for a wedding reception dinner, poor judgement in allocating slide (it was crookedly presented), coffees were not served at last course according to menu, do not expect their fine dining is like restaurant.. So that you won't be disappointed.
Jul 2013
we planned our pre wedding shooting in lone pine and it was a fantastic view of ocean & pine trees. quick check in and check out process and the staffs were friendly and helpful. variety of breakfast at the bungalow was great. cleanliness and environment was superb. overall we are satisfied with the services and stay.
Apr 2013
The award-winning 5-star Lone Pine Hotel is infused with colonial spirit & idyllic charm. This lavish Batu Ferringhi property is the only first-class boutique hotel in the area & is one of Penang’s legendary hotels. Amid Casuarina trees along the beautiful garden, nature lovers will enjoy the flora, & luxuriant landscape of trees. The grand dame is also recognised for their outstanding garden weddings; with the Casuarina trees sheltering its luscious garden along the beach, it certainly attracts many couples to celebrate & share their unique event.   

banquet beach garden hotel wedding

Lone Pine Hotel Penang

white mansion

FB Page:
FB Page:
Add: 97 Batu Ferringhi, 11100 Batu Feringgi
Tel: +604-886 8686

350 pax (the Garden - beachfronting stretch of lawn)
Angsana Room: 110 pax for banquet

Wedding Packages (2017):
Chinese 8-Course From RM1,388.00nett per table of 10 persons
Western Course From RM178.00nett per person
Malay Hidang From RM1,288.00nett per table of 10 persons
International Buffet From RM138.00nett per person
Seafood & BBQ Buffet From RM198.00nett per person
Wedding Ceremony Deluxe Package From RM5,288.00nett
Wedding Ceremony Premier Package From RM8,788.00nett

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M Boutique Hotel Ipoh

M Boutique allows their hotel as a premise for Pre Wedding Photography but is limited to one couple from Sunday to Thursday daily. All couples who would like to use the Premise for Pre Wedding Photography have to take a room (Superior Room). Keep Gallery Wedding Studio is a Preferred Partner of M Boutique Hotel Ipoh.

The concept of the place is called urban vintage. The idea is that this is a property that would gel with the heritage and culturally rich city that surrounds it. Many of the fixtures, such as chandeliers and even the furniture, were specially customised.

Bridal Portrait by Jeto Photography | | Jul 2016

Small space for ROM/ Akad Nikah

Aug 2016
Had wedding photography at M Boutique Hotel, Ipoh.
The environment, design, ambient and facilities are outstanding.
Overall is great and above my expectation.
Thing to improve: Morning breakfast shall be improved as the variety and quality are below expectation.
Sep 2015
“The concept of the place is called urban vintage and is the result of plenty of research and help of a visual merchandiser we work closely with,” says general manager Lloyd Gan. “We wanted something that would gel with the heritage and culturally rich city that surrounds it.” Gan says many of the fixtures, such as chandeliers and even the furniture, were specially customised.
Jul 2014
I love the design & atmosphere of the hotel!! There are a lot of unique furnitures and different from any others hotel. This is really suitable for those who loves the loft style environment! Overall is awesome. #This was a memorable occasion in my life, because I took my pre wedding shoot in M boutique hotel. That was fun, crazy & special for me.

M Boutique Hotel Ipoh

FB Page:
Add: 2 Hala Datuk 5, Off Jalan Leong Boon Swee, 31650 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Tel: +605 255 5566
Fax: +605 255 1777

Please be informed that you will have to book your time slot with them directly, else wise they reserve the right to turn down your request for Pre Wedding Photography - at +6 05 255 5566 or drop a message via the contact page.

Capacity: 60 pax (theater)


Rental (2015):
RM600 for half day
RM900 for full day


Rustic Photography @ Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) Serdang

From a small agricultural school in 1931, UPM is now a leading learning and Research University in Malaysia. Previously known as Universiti Pertanian Malaysia, UPM offers studies in agriculture, agro-bio and science. The Serdang main campus is huge. In it there is never ending land area for various agricultural farms. Some of the places for photography include: cow grazing and dairy farm, Bukit Ekspo UPM, mosque, deer farm, Equestrian Centre, Muzium Warisan Melayu UPM, pine tree farm, Faculty of Engineering.

Charge for any shooting activity is RM100 per hour with minimum 2 hours session. Any inquiries and booking can be made through official letter to Chief Executive Officer or phone call and email to En. Abdul Rahim at 03-8947 1161 or email at With the convenience of email, who writes official letter anymore these days, right?

Photos taken by the master of rustic photography himself Duncan Mak (The Wedding Barn)
The iconic big tree

This off-road section is covered with laterite

The rustic section of the grazing farm


Muzium Warisan Melayu UPM [source]

The Engineering students in UPM get a really nice view [source]

Feb 2015
The main roads are tarred. The off-road section should not be missed as it takes one through rustic sights. Most of this section is laterite with the tail end section being grassy. Lembu Tenusu is a cow farm where cows are bred for milk. Deers at the Deer Farm are fairly tamed, in fact they are more afraid of people than people of them. Still do not go too close to them and view from a safe distance. The horses at the Equestrian Centre are friendly but sometimes can be over-friendly, biting and pulling on your clothes. The heritage Malay kampong houses at the Muzium Warisan Melayu (Malay Heritage Museum) are old houses from other states that had been dismantled and rebuilt at the new location. They can be viewed by the public from the outside only.
Mar 2015
Then we drove to the farm ( ladang) not far away from the main campus. At first, we wish to enter the farm area to look for the famous tree ( so famous in MVs and drama, especially ghost drama I have no idea why), but the fence was locked up so we ended up to visit the ladang ternakan with cows.

Photo-shooting at UPM Campus
Photography session info:
Official website:
Add: Jalan Upm, 43400 Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: 03-8947 1161 (En. Abdul Rahim)


Ref: district51tli.PBworks

Planning Your Wedding Photography

Photographers have their individual styles and technique. Depending on what you prefer; photos that are artistic, attractive, stylish, natural, that capture emotions, touch your heart, make you happy, check out their work and find the one that hits the right note. Also read about how to plan your wedding photography and some useful tips.

banquet grand white
Look at the work of WLoon Photography which captures the expression of love, special moment, emotions, portraiture, the environment and details beautifully, is creative, has unique color and lighting composition. 
hay wedding umbrella
Instead of letting the bridal shop assign any average photographers, why not hire a skillful photographer who produces the images that you love? You can scrutinize their work and do a background check beforehand. Here's an example of a recommendable and reputable photographer, Hong (Fabulous Moments)
black white hugging
It's important to set your expectations with the photographer on the key things you like to capture. Pix Image Studio is truly inspired in photographing the sentimental moments, classy mix & match of small details, journalistic fun shots and posed portraits. 
LOL at orchid conservatory
A great photographer brings out the happiness and best part of the wedding. Andrew Koh is the photography maestro, a trainer with a fabulous personality. He has the talent in getting the people he works with ready to fully enjoy the moment.
capture romance in photos
Candid or posed, human emotions are what bring out the essence of love. Wai Seng (Love Confession Wedding Photography) creates intimate shots where couple connects to each other emotionally. The background setting enhances the beauty and romance.
A List of Photographers (contacts, reviews...) with their own specialization and uniqueness. Members of [WPPM], [WPPI], WPJA, [MPA], etc.
A List of Photography Locations for you to plan where to shoot.
laidback rustic love story
The laidback elegance shown in the images gives out a very warm feeling. Amazing country scenery, rolling hills, a rustic setting and two snugly love birds. It is the stylish mood created by the colors and beauty captured, that makes these photos so memorable.
12 apostles victoria scenic
Planning where to photo-shoot? Here are some iconic and scenic locations around the globe for your consideration. From a trip to Bali's sacred temples in the mountains, the Twelve Apostles in Australia to the romantic gondola ride through the Canals of Venice, remember to plan ahead.
korean having tea pose
Not only have K-Pop and Korean drama invaded the hearts of Malaysians in recent years, now couples are seeking Korean concept wedding photography too. It is a good idea to incorporate a bit of drama and creativity in the poses. Pretend to speak on the phone, read a book, have tea or pose unconventionally.
gyeongbokgung wedding
Jeju Island is known for its volcanic landscape and flowers. The Autumn scenery in Seoul's Gyeongbokgong Palace is just too beautiful.  Bukchon Hanok Village, a residential area with traditional houses. Samcheong-dong street - stylish neighbourhood. Haneul Sky Park is home to silver Eulalia grass during October.
mr and mrs covered face
Get some inspirations before your photography session; how to pose, what to wear, where to shoot - gorgeous scenery and iconic architecture. Images with ideas for you to stir up your creative juices. Don't be afraid to be adventurous.
DIY: Select from a [List: Photographer], [List: MUA], the [List: Wedding/ Traditional Gown / Suit] of your dreams, with a unique photography style at a gorgeous [List: Photography Location)
All-in-one package: You get a big part of your wedding planning “settled” by paying a lump sum and live with what the [List: Bridal House] offers.
wife in front husband at the back
The moments of a wedding are emotional, hysterical, romantic and touching. Looking at the pictures on this post is like watching a romantic comedy. All the surreal moments you think only happens in the movies can now be part of you wedding album. 
contemporary artistic
Inspired by fashion-based photography, the contemporary photography approach can produce images that are photo-journalistic, filled with candid moments with an artistic touch. You will love the color contrast and correlation. 
cross dresser wedding
What does a photography award or certification mean? The process of becoming an MPA-UK licentiate for example, involved being guided by a mentor and the challenges of producing good quality photos. Award winning photos are handpicked by the experts.
wong fei hung stance
Things you can see in wedding pictures; your loved ones crying. Granny smiling like a cheshire cat. The brotherhood war dance. Wong Fei Hung pose, gangnam dance step, they are getting more creative these days. A plethora of photos. Close-up shot of the wedding rings in the most creative ways.