Lively Cecilia Wedding Emcee, DaiKum & Chinese Wedding Specialist

With an impressive resume of having hosted more than 300 events, professional emcee Cecilia Emcee CC is the real deal. She has emceed weddings, corporate, private events, etc. articulating eloquently in Mandarin / Cantonese, English & Malay. Funny and lively, Cecilia is such a natural entertainer. I like the way she interacts with the crowd, which is honest and candid. She can sing very well too.

What sets her apart is her enthusiasm in executing each assignment with the intention to give the couple total peace of mind. She fills in the gap, assisting in any manner possible and required; coordinating the order of event, making sure that the aisle is obstruction-free, checking the sound system, arranging the background music, projector display, ushering the couple in greeting and thanking the guests, the list goes on.

To be able to do her job well as an emcee, Cecilia takes the time to have a thorough discussion with the bride and groom-to-be to understand their background and listen to their romantic experiences. It is crucial because she wants to present to the guests the message that represents the true wedding story.

Cecilia takes the time to listen to the couple's romantic experiences to present a meaningful message that represents the true wedding story. She creates a lot of laughter on this memorable day. 
She would assist in any manner possible and required; from coordinating the order of event to ushering the couple in greeting and thanking the guests.

Cecilia strongly believes that the virtues of traditional Chinese customs and practices should be preserved and promoted, hence CYL Events & Production Services is founded. She is also a professional Modern Master of Tea Ceremony, commonly known as Daikum jie (大妗). She would assist her clients in performing the momentous rituals in the most auspicious manner, with a modern twist, according to the knowledge she acquired from a traditional master.  

CYL Events is a complete one-stop wedding shop that provides, but not limited to emcee/ coordinating services, wedding gifts, traditional Chinese wedding ritual essentials, Chinese wedding attire, consulting and services, venue arrangement/decoration, stage design, photobooth, makeup, photography, videography, audio and lighting, entertainment performance. It holds true to the motto of CYL Events which fundamentally means:

"No stress, No worry, No need to search high and low"

Believer of virtues in traditional Chinese customs, Cecilia conducts the wedding rituals in an auspicious manner, with a modern twist.
From the most luxurious, gold embroidered 'King' kua (褂)to the more simple kua starting from RM500 for rental, CYL Events has got you covered if you don't know where to hunt for the wedding attire. 

Hassle-free, No need to search high and low - all the Chinese wedding essentials can be found at this one-stop-shop, packaged for specific ritual needs; Bethrothal, Bride's Return Gift, Bridal Bedroom Installation, Hair Dressing, Tea Ceremony, etc. Individual product from RM6.80.

The ultimate guide to Chinese Wedding customs and etiquette for modern couples - Cecilia Emcee CC DaiKum

Professional Emcee of weddings, corporate, private events, etc. articulating eloquently in Mandarin / Cantonese, English & Malay. 

Professional Modern Master of Tea Ceremony, commonly known as Daikum jie (大妗)

Cecilia emcee CC

Facebook Page:
YouTube Channel
Tel: 016-221 3799

CYL events 囍缘楼婚宴礼品以及活动策划完善服务中心 
FB Page:
Add: 181-4, Jalan Lancang, Taman Sri Bahtera, Cheras, 56100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 03-9134 1666

DaiKum (大妗) Service: from RM900
Wedding Emcee + Coordination: from RM1850
 Packages Details 

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Connexion Conference & Event Centre, Bangsar South

Located at the Bangsar South business hub, Connexion Conference & Event Centre is a huge, new, modern event space with over 1650 covered parking lots for guests, and connected to VE Hotel which has 672 rooms for accommodation convenience. 

[Reviews] Positive: Big ballroom with modern facilities and interior, sophisticated futuristic LED chandeliers this is a cool place for events. There is a lovely gazebo and garden with great view. Not forgetting the food, which is one of the most great-tasting in Klang Valley.

The negative comments are the complicated route to reach the venue and lack of signage to the carpark. The carpark tends to get too quiet during the night. 

You can customize your wedding menu from a list of dishes to suit your preference, vegetarian or non-vegetarian. There are 5 Ballrooms, 1 Junior Ballroom, 1 Auditorium, 1 Gazebo, and other meeting and functions rooms. 

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5 Things You Should Know Before Signing a Bridal Shop Package

1. Bridal Shop Haven

There are more than 25 bridal shops in SS2. If you plan to go bridal shopping, to look at the gown choices and talk to the consultants, you should go there, each shop has its own specialties and price range, for example:
  • Two Of Us Signature Studio | - This bridal studio is run by professional photographer Benson Yin and partner MUA Alexis, hence more personal service, many commented that they are more sincere, no hidden charges and focus on quality, value-for-money packages. Can find the gowns that you want. find out more [ PACKAGES ]
  • Korea Artiz Studio - Top Korean style photography, nice makeup and gowns, more costly.
  • Armanee Wedding Studio - Korean style. Cheaper than Korea Artiz. Their package is attractive. 
  • Absolute Bride - They were a gown specialist turned bridal shop, beautiful gowns especially Korean made range.
  • Manhattan Wedding (Moment's World) - Taiwanese bridal shop. Friendly staff. Taiwanese MUA with great skill. 
  • Enya Mareine Google - Really beautiful pictures, Photographer won many awards, expensive packages. Advanced photo-editing/ photoshop skill.
  • Annie Loiseau - They have some elegant gowns designed by French designer/owner and made in England. Packages not cheap.
  • Bridal Concept (BS from Singapore) - Gorgeous gowns. Consultants are pleasant. Some packages have too few poses. Check first before signing.
  • de Casamia Bridal Gallery - Overall experience is satisfying in terms of photos and service, but you may need to pay extra for gowns from a particular section.
  • Aspial Wedding - Creative photos. Try not to give in to the pressure to purchase more photos if you don't wish too. 
bridal shops in SS2 malaysia
SS2 PJ - Number one bridal shopping haven in Klang Valley

2. Bridal Trends

Bridal trends are moving towards naturalistic and rustic with influences from other cultures taking the best of each style,
  • European Vintage - Gowns and fabrics from Europe are some of the best, the lace element is absolutely romantic and gorgeous.
  • Rustic, Lifestyle, Natural - This photography style is journalistic, story-telling and full of character. The couple's interaction and intimacy are captured. 
  • Korean/ Taiwanese Concept particularly the natural and youthful makeup and hair. The photography combines playful portraits, props and unique framing.

European style (Annie L.)
best bridal shop photography SS2
Lifestyle & Rustic (TWO OF US Signature Studio) 

Korean wedding
Korean concept - Korea Artiz

3. You Will Treated Like a Princess in a Princess Chamber

Cozy environment, attentive consultants who will find the most suitable gowns for your preference and needs. It is truly a once-a-lifetime experience where your dream of getting that perfect (size, style, cut, details) dress will actually come true. Do your homework first to avoid stopping at the wrong bridal shop.

rustic bridal shop
Rustic cozy Set-up 7th Heaven (Subang)

Glitzy De Casamia Bridal Gallery
gorgeous bridal gown in malaysia
Elegant, classic set-up TWO OF US Signature Studio, SS2. Gowns with Romantic details

plus size bridal dress KL
Special discounts for Plus size brides. You can get a wider range of sizes from 7th Heaven Bridal Gallery, ready, custom made, or alteration. 

4. You will be Spoiled for Choice

Bridal shops have the most bridal products you will ever see. There are photo albums, framed photos, merchandise, gowns for display and the ones ready to be collected by their clients. The wedding photo album will eventually become the heaviest book in your house. Find out how the end products will actually look and weigh like. Are they what you want to keep as your wedding memorabilia?

elegant rustic pre-wedding photos
Many samples, style, material... Which one to choose?

bridal gown designed-in house
7th Heaven Bridal Gallery has a collection of more 200 gowns designed in-house for rental, and sales. They also do custom-made gowns. Enquire More [PACKAGES]

lovely packaging pre-wedding photography Klang Valley
Your reward after a hard day's work

Framed photos of different sizes from Lasposa Bridal

5. Special Discounts

There will be special promotions by selected bridal shops from time to time, do check out their social media pages for updates.

Check out their latest promotions [Here]. Special discounts.

Lasposa Bridal - Stock Clearance

Sign up now for your pre-wedding photoshoot
Enquire More [PACKAGES]

My Dream Wedding

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How to sleep when you’re dealing with pre-wedding jitters

sleep with prewedding jitters

Between coordinating the guest list, caterers and the venue, wedding planning can be very stressful. Many couples struggle to sleep when they are stressed out during the wedding planning process. If this is something that you and your partner are finding in your life, you aren’t alone.

Here are some things you can do to plan ahead and prepare yourself as best you can for your wedding while also getting as much sleep as you can.

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What Do Wedding Planners in Malaysia Do?

Wedding Planners are like the directors of weddings. They control the wedding's artistic, creative aspects, timeline, and turn the couple's inspiration board into reality. After finding out the customers' requirements, they will select the most fitting vendors for the job, that meet the budget and quality. The most time-consuming and difficult part of wedding planning is the following-up. Couples are usually busy with work and can't allocate that much time to make sure that everything is according to plan, then comes the Wedding Planner.

Flower bouquets of specific colors held by the bride who is wearing a gown which she designs herself, and her bridesmaids, posed for photos in certain mood, after the groom arrives, every event order and detail has to be planned precisely.

1. Kathleen Events | | 012-260 2893 | Taman Maluri, Cheras: Attentive to details.

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The Real Crazy Rich Asians' Wedding

The news of 'The Crazy Rich Surabayans' wedding have been circulating in various social media platforms. The extravagant pre-wedding photography, proposal, invitations, engagement party and the rumored door gifts of Jaguar sedan and gold coins on the wedding of Jusup Maruta Cayadi and Clarissa Wang, have caught the attention of netizens, comparing it to the wedding in the movie "Crazy Rich Asians".

real crazy rich asians wedding

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Wedding Beneath the Glistening Stars | GLAMZ at Genting

GLAMZ is a very unique glamping (glam camping) and event venue in Genting Highlands. They have big tents for events; one shaped like a dome and another one named Green House, all transparent! Customers were really impressed by their set up, supportive team and friendly boss. It is an ideal event space, the only concern is the distance, 45km from KLCC. 

Quiet, peaceful, with slightly cooler temperature, and arrangements that allow campers to sleep under the stars, no wonder it keeps the people who visited this place wanting more.

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The Most Instagram-Worthy Wedding Photos | Benson Yin

With more than 10k followers on Instagram, Benson Yin captures the most remarkable Instagram-worthy wedding photos. His signature masterpieces bring out the elegance of the little things in life, making use of every object, emotion and effect to enrich the beautiful stories conveyed by the images.

Wedding photography is about the celebration of a relationship and love. The camera captures something completely different through the eyes of an experienced photographer. When the rays of light are caught at the exact perspective, in that moment of intimacy, there and then magic happens. It is like an adventure that allows people to connect and bring their personal feelings into the photos Benson produces.

What stands out, I think is the cohesiveness and theme in each shot. The mood of autumn is warm and loving. Landmark architecture is captured with style matched by a fashion-magazine-pose and artistic framing. The snowy mountain gives out a composed and mystical mood. Rustic photography is a blend of country, ethereal, vintage styles.

The mood of autumn is warm and loving

Rustic photography is a blend of country, ethereal, vintage styles

Wedding photography is about the celebration of a relationship and love. 

Landmark architecture is captured with style matched by a fashion-magazine-pose and artistic framing. 

Benson Yin captures the most remarkable Instagram-worthy wedding photos.

Benson's signature masterpieces bring out the elegance of the little things in life

The snowy mountain gives out a stylish and mystical mood. 

The destination pre-wedding photo is like an adventure that allows viewers to connect and experience the location

When the rays of light are caught at the exact perspective, in that moment of intimacy, there and then magic happens. 

He makes use of every detail, interaction and effect to enrich the beautiful stories conveyed by the images.

Benson Yin Signature Masterpiece

FB Page:
Tel: 012-222 2519
Find out more:  Packages 

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Laman Sutera Kajang

Wedding Packages 2019: RM25 per pax (min 1000 pax) | A great, well-organized and cozy place for garden wedding. The white ceiling draping joined by classic chandeliers and the all-white tables/ chairs at the outdoor canopied area are really beautiful. They have their own in-house caterer. This spacious venue is easy to to locate as it is just beside Surau Saujana Impian. Some complained about the toilets' water pressure and doors. Parking is rather limited, but your guests can park at nearest mosque. 

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Must-Know Before Getting Married

When you first meet her, it is love at first sight.

Dating is very romantic but you can't avoid the "conflict over what to eat". Here's the solution.

Then comes the proposal. Be creative! (inspired by Jet Li?)

Finally she says YES. Planning a wedding can be over-whelming. Staying calm is key.

Going on a diet before the wedding

If it fails, there are always tricks that you can use

The Pinterest wedding might break the bank, so be more practical in the wedding budget planning.

Make sure you have a photobooth, plenty of photo opportunities and good food

In Asian wedding, working out the guest list involves the parents' and your lists because family, close relative and friends are a big part of the wedding.

Last but not least

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