The Guide to Tailoring The Perfect Groom's Suit | Jeremy Tok Tailor

The guide to tailoring the perfect groom's suit, borrowing ideas from comments made on Malaysian forums and articles about bespoke suits - the first step is look at as many bespoke suits as possible to form a definite idea of your ideal suit. Do take note that Bespoke is Made-to-measure (MTM) not the Ready-to-wear (RTW) suits you see on fashion magazines and in shopping malls.
tailor made
Bespoke 3-piece suit by Jeremy Tok Tailor. #Notchlapel

Research on your preferred fabric. Wool is commonly used due to its wrinkle-resistance and versatility. Mohair cloths or wool-mohair mixes are recommended for our climate because they wear much cooler and are lighter. Top fabric brands with exquisite quality are the likes of Holland & Sherry (London) and Escorial by Standeven of England, which come with more hefty price tags. English cloth is much sought-after for its strength and smoothness. Vitale Barberis Canonico (VBC) from Italy is considered to be the best among the Italian goods at a lower price.
Holland & Sherry Dragonfly Supreme Super 160's at Jeremy Tok
on patung
Neapolitan cut (Sultan) in Holland & Sherry Crispaire. #Notchlapel
Neapolitan cut in Vitale Barberis Canonico (VBC)'s Revenge Super 140's with cashmere. #Peaklapel

Next, choosing the right tailor is important as a good tailor knows how to sculpt the suit to complement the wearer's proportions. Jeremy Tok's bespoke suits are carefully made by their skilled tailors to flatter and render a comfortable fit with the right combination of fabric, cut and details. In the first session, they provide expert assistance in helping you pick a cloth. Then the configuration of the suit is discussed. They create a unique personalized pattern based on your measurements. Customers are particularly impressed with Jeremy Tok Tailor's flattering cuts as well as how the suits feels and fits. On top of being knowledgeable, Jeremy is also very willing to share his experiences with others. 

If you have the budget, go for a good quality fully canvassed suit. At Jeremy Tok Tailor, traditional tailoring is practiced where the suit is extensively sewn by hand with hand padded lapels, collar and canvas. Hand stitching gives the garment more flexibility particularly on curved sections. The fronts of the jacket are mounted loosely to a multi-layered internal horsehair canvas allowing the cloth to drape properly and conform to your body shape over time for the perfect fit. Buttonholes, jacket edges, pocket flaps are also sewn by hand. This method will make the suit more durable as tension is distributed at various stress points. With longevity and fittingness factored in, though more expensive, it is a better investment for long term use.
hand stitching
The many stitches in black thread on the lapels have the function of imparting a graceful roll to the lapels. Without these hundreds of handstitches, the lapels would be loose and floppy, as opposed to having a sculptured roll. The pad stitching is very traditional to the tailored jacket, but completely absent in most lower grade tailored jackets and from RTW jackets. #fullycanvassed

In the shoulder region, there is a bias-cut piece of horsetail canvas. Each layer of canvas which form this composite of canvasses have cuts at specific places. When material is taken out at the cut, a dart is formed. When material is added, a vee is created. Both the dart and the vee, as well as the hand stitches which hold all the layers together give the canvas composite a shape typical of the traditionally made tailored jacket.

Fused Suit - The fronts are fused/ glued to a synthetic backing, with a horse hair chest piece and is largely machine sewn. The fused construction is ideal for infrequently worn suits. Though it does not have the high durability and flexibility of a fully canvassed number, the same high standards and fits are applied in constructing a made-to-measure fused suit. It is a much better option compared to ready-to-wear ones.

Jan 2018
I have been eyeing Jeremy Tok for sometime. I like his line and cuts
Dec 2016
I find that Jeremy Tok has excellent cuts and he even accounts for body imperfections thus hiding them in the form of a nice silhouette.
He is also knowledgeable on traditional tailoring and I find conversations with him always educational.
I'm hard pressed to find other bespoke tailors in Malaysia that can do one of the points mentioned above. I'm pleased with the way the suit feels and fits.
Aug 2015
Met up with Jeremy last Saturday, got my measurements done and ordered a 3-piece Navy Blue suit, can't wait to try it on. Jeremy was very patient and accommodating.

Left: The classic 3-piece tuxedo is worn to lend the wedding occasion an extra elegance. Cloth is a black twill worsted by Vitale Barberis Canonico, fully canvassed. The peak lapels are in genuine silk-wool by Drapers (a true rarity).
Right: This is for a wedding in Bali. Neapolitan style jacket with spalla camicia (bunching at shoulder seams), barchetta pocket, and three-roll-two button configuration and peak lapels. #Peaklapel
glam trendy suit
Customers are particularly impressed with Jeremy Tok's flattering cuts as well as how the suits feels and fits.


the great tailor

FB Page:
Add: C-19-06 Colonial Loft, Empire City, 8, Jalan PJU 8/1, 47820 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 014-332 4628
Rates: starts from RM2500


To search for registered ObGyn specialists visit this site:
In searching for the right gynae or hospital for your routine women's health check and if you are preparing yourselves for a baby bump, the factors to consider are the experience, working style, experience, affordability, knowledge, recommendations, distance from home...

Government hospitals have a more complete set of medical equipments to handle complications or emergencies. And best of all, their fees are cheap! The downside is the dreadful waiting time, for regular appointments, special tests like HSG, endocrine tests, or the various treatment. Generally private hospitals offer more experienced and capable doctors, better quality customer service, comfortable rooms, facilities (because their charges are high).

Can you recommend a good lady Obstetrician & Gynecologist if you have come across one? 

Klang Valley (Private Practitioners)
Ramsay Sime Darby Health Care | | 03-5639 1212
Subang Jaya Medical Centre
Sunway Medical Centre | | 03-7491 9191
  • Dr. Wong Chin Yuan (M) - Nov 16: Thankful to Dr. Wong Chin Yuan from Sunway Medical Centre who is an experienced doctor that saved my life - Cornual ectopic pregnancy. Nov 17: 1st time visit RM450. Rush attitude. Ask 1 question, get 1 answer.
  • Dr Jason Lim Meng Hock (M) - very good and packed, RM80 for checkup  
  • Dr. Balasundram Govindasamy (M)
  • Dr. Fan Poh Wah (M)
  • Dr. Lim Lei Jun (F)
  • Dr. Wong Pak Seng (M)
  • Dr. Wong Yat May (F)
Tropicana Medical Centre | | 03-6287 1999 - Pricy, service and facilities were top-notch (nurses very helpful and friendly), natural delivery: RM5K, RM200++ for single bed room one night, premium hospital, midwife teaches breastfeeding, charges are ridiculous:    
Gleneagles KL, (Ampang) | | 03-4141 3000 - very fast and efficient
Fetal Medicine and Gynaecology Centre (FMGC), Jaya One | | 03-7956 3887 (Hunting Line)  
KPJ Damansara Specialist Hospital | | 03-7722 2692
KPJ Specialist Kajang | | 03-8769 2999
KPJ Selangor | | Shah Alam | +603-5543 1111
  • Dr Hj. Mohd Nazri Bin Hj. Yazid (M) - Sep 13: Reasonable que time, Islamic for Muslim as he will play the Quran recitals in the labour room through his phone, professional, will wait for your time and not keen for c-sect, RM60-70 for consultation.
KPJ Tawakkal Specialist Hospital, Jalan Pahang | | 03-4026 7777 
  • Dr Foong Chee Hong - good and funny doctor, Jul 11: First visit about RM265, second visit: RM120 for consultation+procedure, a good surgeon, comfortable under his care 

Pantai Hospitals |
Pantai Kuala Lumpur @ Bangsar - HSG test: about RM1K+
Pantai Cheras - comfortable room, good overall experience, normal delivery (RM4.2K) 2 nights 
  • Dr Edmund Lai (M) | Pertama Clinic Cheras - Aug 16: good. if you dont ask you dont get anything. very quiet guy.
  • Dr Ee Ching Woo | Pertama Clinic - quite gentle but generalizes the situation  
  • Dr. Ho Choon Moy (F) 
  • Dr. Smita Sinha (F)
  • Dr Asokan (M) | Clinic at Tmn Connaught Cheras (ASOKAN SHAMUGANATHAN, KLINIK PAKAR WANITA CONNAUGHT - 03-9101 9160) - Jun 11: RM70 for consultation + ultrasound at his clinic, friendly, soft spoken, good overall experience
Pantai Ampang
  • Dr Tan Ee Peng (F) - consultation+scanning at RM60, delivery package of RM 1980 for natural birth
  • Dr Suhaimi Isa (M) - fatherly, soft-spoken, precise, 2K for normal delivery 

Prince Court Medical Centre - doctors are professional, friendly, explains what they are doing, caring nurses, good food.
Tung Shin Hospital - Dr Chuah Bee Poh (M) - he is the best compared to other gynae, experienced, nice, very thorough, understands patient's problems, much cheaper than private hospital, reasonable charges 

Columbia Asia, Puchong - Dr Ng Soon Pheng (M) | | 03-8064 8688 - good doctor, print pictures of baby FOC, give a CD with videos and pictures of baby, friendly, soft-spoken, patient, pricey

Columbia Asia, Bukit Rimau | | 03-5125 9999 - Dr Loo Suat Chin (F) - she is the champion, long queue, satisfied, visit her clinic at Klang (cheaper), superb, very helpful

Columbia Asia Cheras Selatan | | 03-9086 9999 - good customer service, polite, prompt, attentive, get a set of toiletries when you admit, HSG test: up to RM300
Assunta Hospital | | 03-7872 3000 - HSG test at RM200++
  • Dr Liew Fah Onn (M) - Aug 16: Knowledgeable Dr with experience. he doesn't do delivery starting this year due to insurance coverage issue. forcefully asking us to repeat what he has told us earlier.
  • Dr Catherine Loo Ee Ching (F)
  • Dr Cecilia Wong (F) - Jun 14: consultation RM60, spends a lot of time with each patient, sisterly, long wait time, RM3.6K normal delivery without epidural
  • Dr Chong Hon (M)
  • Dr Dev Kumar Menon (M)
  • Dr Jaswant Singh (M)
  • Dr Zaharuddin Rahmat @ Mohd Rawi (M)
  • Dr Menon (M): Retired - pleasant, very calm, a bit old, many years of experience 
UM Specialist Centre (UMSC) | - equipment not so canggih (outdated), not cheap, price same as Columbia Asia, they have good paeds ICU team
  • Professor Dr Tan Peng Chiong (M)
  • Professor Dr Vallikannu Narayanan (F)
  • Associate Professor Dr Khong Su-Yen (F) 
  • Associate Professor Dr Lim Boon Kiong (M)
  • Associate Professor Dr Noor Azmi Mat Adenan (M)
  • Dr Nuguelis Razali (F) 
  • Emeritus Professor Dr Sivanesaratnam V (M)
KPMC (Kajang Plaza Medical Centre) |
  • Kajang
  • Puchong
Annur Specialist Hospital | | Bandar Baru Bangi | 03-8926 6060m - Aug 11: RM120 per visit (consultation+scan), RM1990 for normal delivery with 2 beds in a room all to yourself.
KL Fertility Centre, Damansara Heights, KL | | 03-2093 3500
BP Healthcare |
  • Dr Eugene Leong (M) - gentle and friendly, considerate and nice, comfortable with him, was at UMSC 

Dr Mak Foo Sing (Women Specialist & Fertility Centre at Kuchai Lama Entrepreneurs Park)

Lourdes Medical Centre - satisfied, C-sect at RM4K

Dr Wong Choon Meng (M) - saved my baby's life with his professionalism, quite costly, Nov 13: experienced and patient, Delivers in Sunway Medical Centre
24 G, Jalan Radin Anum, Seri Petaling, 57000 KL

Dr Yus (F) of Klinik Syahirah in Section 7 Shah Alam | delivery at Umra maternity Home- She spends time explaining all your questions 

Bangsar Women Specialist Centre | Jalan Telawi | +603-228 21828 - Dr. Kamaljit Kaur Manocha (F) - Aug 13: She was kind, patient, knowledgeable, experienced, very comfortable in her care. Tough when she needed to be, and empathetic and supportive all along. 

Public Hospitals 
Sungai Buloh Hospital - full, quite new facilities, cheap, less than RM100

Gleneagles Medical Centre, Penang |
  • Yeoh Chee Lim (F) - Jan 11: She's extremely caring, gentle and patient, firm and decisive during delivery, skillful at stitching back tear  
  • Dr. Ooi Kah Chuan (M)
  • Dr. (Mrs.) Gan Kam Ling (F) - Aug 13: Friendly, knowledgeable, fee is high
  • Dr. Somaskandar Sivasuntharam (M)
  • Dr. See Ewe Beng (M)

Seremban, NS
Columbia Asia Seremban | | 06-603 3988
  • Dr. Norintan Zainal Shah (F) - Jul 12: Great gynae
  • Dr. Khoo Kong Beng (M)
  • Dr. Pang Mei Foong (F) 
KPJ Seremban | | 06-767 7800
  • Dr. Ivan Lee Kick Kit (M)
  • Dr Subramaniam A/L Nachimuthu (M)
  • Dr. Rosy Anak Jawan (F) - Jul 13: very nice gynae
  • Dr. Ishak Abdul Samad (M)

Columbia Asia Nusajaya JB | | +607 233 9999

Regency Specialist Hospital (Bandar Seri Alam) | | 1800-222-505
  • Dr. Thokha Bin Muhammad (M) - Sep 12: People are queuing up to see him
  • Dr. Alex KH Ooi | 黄君贤医生
  • Dr. Hon Sook Kit | 韩淑洁医生 (F)
  • Dr. Hoo Woon Ping | 何文彬医生 (F)
  • Dr. Terence Teoh Guan Khung | 张源康医生 (M)
  • Dr. Hoo Sing Nguang | 何盛源医生

Dr Tan Jui Seng | Tel: 07-2762925 - Jul 13: O&G for over 20 years, Clinic at Taman Century Garden JB, highly recommend, fees are reasonable

Elizabeth Women's Clinic | Sutera Utama, JB | - Dr Hon Sook Kit

Hotel Jen by Shangri-La Penang

Hotel Jen Penang’s central location in Georgetown makes it a convenient base for exploring the city’s diversity and vibrant culinary scene. The Ballroom is a very spacious one which can accommodate 80 tables, guests can move freely, there's plenty of space. The food prepared was very delicious, friendly staffs made sure that the customers are satisfied. However the service is not efficient enough to handle a big crowd such as delay in the food being served. | Nov 2015 | 80 tables wedding reception at Pinang Ballroom
simple ballroom
Pinang Ballroom

Chinese Set Menu:
1. Fresh Prawns Salad & Fruit Cocktail | Shredded Roasted Duck with Jelly Fish | Steamed Spinach Oyster Roll with White Sauce | Deep Fried Prosperous Money Bags | Batter Fried Fish with Mayonnaise
2. Emperor's Soup with Fish Lips, Sliced Mushrooms and Crab Meat
3. Deep Fried Boneless Chicken with Chinese BBQ Sauce and Fried Onion
4. Braised Sea Asparagus with Black Mushrooms and Broccoli
5. Fried Prawns with Mayonnaise & Ginger Flower
6. Steamed Red Lion Teow Chew Style
7. Fried Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaves
8. Honeydew Sago Melon

 Other photos from hotel's website:
pool side dining

modern pool

colorful lounge

Nov 2017
The Hall where the event took place was spacious enough, everyone of us can move freely. The food prepared was very delicious, and the staff were very friendly and have concern for customer satisfaction.
May 2016
Wedding hall is really big one, good for big number of people, the drinks.finished in the middle of the wedding they bring from somewhere as they were not ready to handle this big crowed, the staff were friendly but not serving the guests in an acceptable time.
Outside the hotel not much of things to do as a foriegner in penang, maybe I just needed a good orientation, there is seven eleven store just cross the road, a mall next door, taxis are avilable infront of the hotel.

Hotel Jen Penang by Shangri-La (formerly Traders Hotel)


FB Page:
Add: Magazine Road, George Town, Penang, 10300, Malaysia
Tel: (60 4) 262 2622

Capacity:  800 pax

penang city


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